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  Bringing hope to a hurting generation
                                                                                   Belarus                         September 2007

Surprises all around                                                Discipleship continues
Very few people knew we had
                          of the  Mark’s mum while in Australia,    A  t the end of every camp our       and that of the church.
planned trip to Australia         which has delighted the kids staff and volunteers hear a
scheduled. After a 3 1/2 year and grandma alike.                   common teaching from us, “it is       For others, like Arsenia the
absence, a number                                                  easy to make Christians but           transformation is easy. He has
of people were                                                     difficult to make disciples”.         already started to witness to his
asking the question                                                                                      friends and has asked his leader
of when they might                                                 It is a challenge and reminder to     for 3 bibles to give to his
see us and the kids.                                               not stop short of Jesus’              friends.
“Towards the end of
the year”, was the                                                 commission. In Young Life,
common reply.                                                      seeing our non-Christian              Not only are friends noticing a
                                                                   friends make a life changing          difference in him, but teachers
This avoiding the                                                  decision to follow Christ is only     are too. Arsenia has stopped
question was to                                                    half of what we do.                   throwing paper in class and
ensure a nice                                                                                            other things like that!
surprise for Mark’s                                                The moment camp finishes
brother, Corey who                                                 leaders are inviting kids to          Continue to pray for kids like
was getting married                                                small groups to discuss what          Arsenia who have recently
at the end of                                                      the bible has to say about a          become Christians, that they
August. The stunned looks on
everyone's faces the night before It is shaping up to be a busy myriad of topics.                        will grow their faith and
the wedding made the effort of time as we plan to speak at a                                             become future leaders.
keeping the surprise well worth dozen churches, many small Some kids can take up to 6
it.                               groups, and with individuals as m o n t h s
                                  we look to raise prayer and before they
                                  financial support for the work are ready to
                                  in Belarus.                      share their
                                                                   new found
                                  Adding to the surprise theme is faith
                                  the news that Lera is pregnant s t a r or     t
                                  again, expecting in late April.
                                  Mikah and Holly are hopeful for  attending a
                                  a boy and a girl, but we will c h u r c h ,
                                  have to see about that.          such is the
                                  We appreciate your prayers and c h a s m
                                  support for the work of reaching b e t w e e n
                                  teenagers in Belarus. You are an their world
                                  integral part of this mission!

                                                                     We want you!
                                     Mark, Lera, Mikah & Holly
                                                                     Because the work in Belarus is You will need thetoability
                                                                                                    self-motivated, have
                                                                     growing so rapidly, we are          to raise your own prayer and
It was a great wedding. Seeing                                       looking for college aged
Mikah in his 3 piece suit and                                        individuals (or the young at        financial support and be willing
Holly dancing all night was but a                                    heart) to join us on a short term   to learn how to effectively reach
few of the great highlights.                                         mission trip for 1 to 3 years.      teenagers by volunteering with
                                                                                                         Young Life in Australia or the
After the wedding, we have been                                                                          USA before departing for
busy getting our Australian life                                     We are looking for someone          Belarus. To Learn more, send us
up-to-date. 3 years of mail,                                         who has a heart for                 an email or write to us
doctors          appointments,                                       non-Christian youth, loves          expressing your interest.
vaccinations,      kindergarten,                                     Christ and has the ability to
primary      school,    mission                                      train and equip others There is also a need for a nanny
debriefing, sermon preparation                                       cross-culturally           in to help Lera with the kids.
and ministry reports are but a                                       incarnational ministry.
few things that have taken up
our time.
We are planning on staying with

 Invest in a kid and you invest in a lifetime. Become a Young Life Belarus sponsor today and make a difference!
 YoungLife Belarus                                                                                     September 2007

Training and conferences                                        Prayer Requests
2007 is shaping up to be    within     the     “Asian”          - Praise God for Belarusian leaders who sacrifice time to
                                                                disciple teens like Arsenia. Continue to pray for wisdom
the year of conferences and geographical map!
training.     Shortly after                                     for the leaders and for the Holy Spirit to continue the
returning to Australia After this time, Mark is                 transformation process in the lives of kids who became
Mark spent 6 days with heading to Belarus with                  Christians at camp.
staff and committee folk Bill Maston for an all staff
enjoying        fellowship, and volunteer conference            - Pray for the up and coming conferences and training
teaching and exploring in Belarus.                              times for Mark and Lera to gain wisdom and insight in
God’s word.                                                     leading the mission and for the Belarusian team.
                            We have been privileged
Next month Lera and to have Bill visit Belarus                  - Pray for an increase in staffing and volunteer numbers
Mark are off to the twice a year to help train,                 in Belarus to meet the growing needs of the ministry.
Philippines to attend the equip and inspire our
Asian conference for team. God has given Bill a                 - Pray for the Hamilton family’s health, especially for
Young Life and Young Life unique ministry across the            Lera during her time of pregnancy.
like-ministries. Somehow globe        of      training
Belarus and Australia fall indigenous leaders.                  - Pray for Mark and Lera as they visit churches and
                                                                individuals to grow awareness for the ministry.

                                                                - Continue to pray for the bi-weekly ministry Young Life
                                                                volunteers are conducting in one of Minsk’s orphanages.
                                                                Pray for the relationships that are formed, that they will
                                                                lead to sharing the Good News.

                                                                - Praise God for the volunteer leaders he has drawn to
                                                                the ministry of Young Life in Belarus. Continue to pray
                                                                for them as the reach teens. Pray for wisdom, boldness
                                                                and success.

                                                                Mark your calendar
                                                                14 - 19 SEPT: Young Life Australia summit
                                                                SEPT - MAY: Church and small group visits
Dima leaves YL                                                  11 - 16 OCT: Trip to conference in Philippines

We      are saddened to        Because of his sudden
                                                                17 - 23 OCT: Trip to Belarus for staff and volunteer
announce that Dima has         departure he has left a
made some choices that         large gap to be filled by        DEC: Hamilton family to take annual leave.
mean he will no longer be      other staff and volunteers.
on the Young Life staff.                                        14 MARCH: Fundraising dinner - to raise funds for
                               We ask that you will pray        mission expansion in Belarus.
Dima was helping us with       for the Lord to give us
the national ministry of       wisdom as we find a              20-25 MARCH: Trip to Belarus for staff and volunteer
Young Life in Belarus by       replacement and strength         training.
helping us establish the       as we find ourselves
ministry in new areas and      short-staffed at a critical      17 APRIL: Pray for safe and healthy delivery of
connect with the local         time of growth.                  Hamilton family baby.
 Young Life financial policy: Young Life is a faith work depending on the faithfulness of God's people. Each worker looks
 to God to inspire interested individuals, churches & businesses to provide prayer and financial support. If you would like to
 be a part of this work, tax-deductible gifts can be made to Young Life with a notation "X701 - Belarus - Hamilton"

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   //   USA: PO Box 854, Webster NY 14580 / Phone (585) 787-4078 (Debra O'Dell)
   //   Belarus: PO Box 516, Minsk 50, Minsk 220050
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