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									                      INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT
                     THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION AND
                    DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DoD)

This Interagency Agreement between THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION and the
Department of Defense (DoD)/ Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), sets out
the conditions under which a project of joint interest to the THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION and DoD will be conducted. This agreement will enable the
THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION to take advantage of the technological capabilities of
the DoD’s Information Analysis Center (IAC) pertaining to chemical and biological
defense. Specifically, this agreement will take advantage of the Chemical and Biological
Defense Information Analysis Center (CBRNIAC), located at the Edgewood Area of,
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.


It is the policy of the United States to deter, defeat, and respond to all acts of terrorism
attacks on our territory and against our citizens or facilities wherever they occur.

The United States considers all such acts of terrorism as a potential threat to national
security as well as a criminal act, and will apply all appropriate means to combat it.
In doing so the United States shall purse vigorously all efforts to deter, preempt,
apprehend, and prosecute all individuals who perpetrate or plan to perpetrate such acts.

The President of the United States has declared in Presidential Decision Directive 39
that it is the responsibility of all Departments and Agency heads to ensure that their
personnel and facilities, and the people and facilities within their jurisdiction, are fully
protected against acts of terrorism.

To ensure compliance with Presidential Decision Directive 39, the THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION will utilized the CBRNIAC to assess the health and medical
effects to radiological, chemical, and biological exposures on the THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION Atlanta area personnel and facilities; conduct a
comprehensive review and analysis of security protection programs, including personnel
security information security; and implement security awareness training for radiological,
chemical and biological exposures; develop and maintain contingency SOP’s that clearly
define security emergency response protocols. In addition, as required, the CBRNIAC
will provide technical and scientific support to the various Centers, Institutes, and Offices
that comprise the THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION as it pertains to activities relating to
public health, toxicology, emergency operations, laboratory, and medical issues involving
chemical and biological terrorism.
The CBRNIAC has provided similar support to DoD and other government agencies
(OGAs), including state and local government agencies, as well as first responders.


DTIC provides technical and information support to DoD and OGA components to
minimize the unnecessary expenditure of resources on the performance or research,
development, test, engineering, and other activities already being undertaken within the
DoD and its components. Each DoD IAC undertakes basic IAC functions and provides
scientific and technical information products and services from funds provided by DTIC
and other DoD sources. Contracted and some Government operated IACs also undertake
additional Technical Area Tasks for all DoD and OGA components. Technical Area
Tasks are tasks that are analytical and technical in nature which are funded by DoD
components, other U.S. Government agencies, DTIC, or other approved users. These
tasks must be relevant to the specific IAC’s primary field of interest and are separately
funded by the requiring agency.

The establishment of DoD IAC’s by DoD charter was intended to consolidate DoD
resources to support all DoD scientific and technical information analysis requirements in
a discipline or mission area under one umbrella organization. Use of DTIC resources
and/or chartered DoD IAC by the THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION to meet needs for
scientific and technical information collection and analysis avoid the establishment of
additional requirements and procurements. Use of these DoD resources thereby reduces
opportunities to duplicate unnecessary DoD and the THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION
initiatives and to require additional funds to cover the information repository facilities
and analysis activities for either DoD or the THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION.

ARTICLE III - Statement of Work

       Part I - Applicability

This agreement applies to THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION and the DoD CBRNIAC.
The stated applicability of this agreement provides for THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION
to use the capabilities of CBRNIAC, provided the desired activities conducted on behalf
of THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION are within the scope of this agreement.

       Part II - Scope

DTIC shall provide scientific and technical information collection, analysis services,
training, and products to THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION through CBRNIAC. Such
studies, analysis, surveys, training, and technical assistance services shall involve the
following: (1) collection, (2) analysis, (3) synthesis, (4) dissemination of scientific and
technical information related to systems used by DoD, under development of DoD,
development of mutual interest to DoD and THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION, or
involving science, technology, and/or analytical methods, data, and other subjects
specifically described in the OSD-approved Charter for the CBRNIAC. Such efforts shall
be undertaken to assist THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION in the performance of their
assigned functions with respect to the research, development, test, evaluation, training,
support, operations, and employment of THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION programs, and
their integration into U.S. Government or commercial chemical biological activities,
provided that in so doing, the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement shall be
adhered to.

       Part III - Technical Area Definition

Either party to the agreement may propose tasks of joint interest to THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION and DoD. Technical area tasks will not be undertaken unless
both parties signify agreement by signing modifications to this basic agreement in the
format of a THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION Statement of Work (Attachment 1)
concerning specific Technical Area Tasks. Proposed task areas shall address one or more
of the following categories:

       a. Chemical/Biological Warfare or Terrorism operations, equipment, procedures,
       training methods, or other aspects of chemical, biological, explosive, and
       radiological incidents perpetrated by terrorists.

       b. Public health, medical, toxicology, physical security, emergency operations,
       and/or laboratory operations, equipment, procedures, studies, training methods,
       analysis, or other aspects pertaining to chemical, biological, explosive, and
       radiological incidents perpetrated by terrorists.

       c. Weapons of Mass Destruction information gathering, including, but not limited
       to, sources such as Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency,
       state and local law enforcement offices.

       Part IV - Technical Area Tasks

Technical area tasks are incorporated into this basic agreement by modifications signed
by both parties. Technical area tasks performed in accordance with this agreement are to
be established using the Statement of Work format. Funding and appropriate data are to
be provided as technical area tasks are identified.

       Part V - Agreements

  A. DTIC shall:

       1. Perform program oversight of the CBRNIAC.

       2. As necessary attend meetings, conferences, and workshops at which technical
       area tasks under this agreement or work-related to tasks under this agreement are


       1. Ensure adequate oversight of THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION use of DTIC

  C. THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION shall in coordination with the CBRNIAC COTR
  and the DoD Contracting Officer:

       1. Designate a point of contact for each technical area task, who shall serve as a
       technical monitor for each technical area task. In doing so, the task technical
       monitor shall:

              a. Develop a Statement of Work (SOW).

              b. Initiate a technical area task work plan for review and approval of the
              CBRNIAC COTR and the IAC Program Manager (DTIC-AI) in
              accordance with the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
              Standard Operating Procedures for Ordering Information Analysis Center
              Technical Area Tasks, dated 21 February 1997.

       2. Provide technical area task funding in conformance with DoD and Federal
       procurement rules and directives.

  D. The DoD IAC Program Contracting Officer shall perform all required contracting
  functions as described in the CBRNIAC contract.

ARTICLE VI - Deliverables, Packaging, Inspection and Acceptance

Products of technical area tasks performed by CBRNIAC within this agreement can be
reports, surveys, training plans, test plans, or data summaries.

      Part I - Technical Reports

Technical area tasks performed by CBRNIAC for THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION that
require scientific and technical information collection and analysis will generally be
delivered in the form of a written technical report, unless specified otherwise in the
technical area task description. THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION shall include all
requirements in the SOW. When required by a task description, CBRNIAC shall furnish
a draft report to THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION. The draft report shall include the
results of the work conducted in accordance with the specific task. Unless otherwise
specific, the draft reports shall be submitted by CBRNIAC to THE THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION at least 45 calendar days before the task completion date.
THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION will require 30 calendar days to review the draft report
and make changes. All reviews and changes shall be coordinated with the CBRNIAC
COTR. A distribution limitation statement shall be included on all technical reports.

      Part II - Status Reports

Unless otherwise specified in the technical area task description (all requirements must be
included in the SOW), two copies of a status report shall be submitted by CBRNIAC to
THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION each month, commencing the 15th day of the following
month for the preceding month after tasks are initiated under this agreement. Status
reports shall discuss the results and conclusions drawn to date, expenditures to date,
problem areas, and plans for the next reporting period. Projected travel for the next
reporting period, and planned material expenditures are also included.

      Part III - Training

Unless otherwise specified in the technical area task description (all requirements must be
included in the SOW), CBRNIAC will conduct training and provide technical support for
various training programs. Subject Matter Experts (SME) will prepare all training
materials utilizing all existing Department of Defense, THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION
and other national and international references for the preparation of all course material.

      Part IV - Test Plans

Unless otherwise specified in the technical area task description (all requirements must be
included in the SOW), a test plan shall be submitted by CBRNIAC to THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION within 20 working days of the milestone/effective date of the
specific task. Test plans shall include the general sequence of events and highlights of
the critical path for the specific task. The test plan shall also include, but not be limited
to a test objective, test schedule, a list and description of any test equipment, test staffing
requirements, and a description of the test hypothesis.

      Part V - Data Summaries

Copies of raw data, test observations, calibrations, and calculations shall be tabulated and
made available from CBRNIAC to THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION electronically upon

      Part VI - Packaging and Marking

Copies of all required data and reports shall be mailed to the THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION Technical Representative with a copy of the cover letter to
THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION’s Contract Administrator. All technical reports will
contain a standard CBRNIAC report cover acknowledging the report was generated by
the CBRNIAC under the auspices of the THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION
      Part VII - Inspection

Inspection and acceptance of a deliverable under a technical area task depends on the
terms of the delivery order. THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION’s Contracting Officer and
THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION Technical Representatives shall be permitted to make
on-site inspection of the test or training facilities and to observe.

      Part VIII - Security

Access to materials and information classified up to and including SECRET is


The duration of this agreement shall be 2 years from the effective date of this agreement.
This agreement may be terminated by either party in accordance with subparagraph B.
below. Any additions, deletions, or changes to this agreement shall be by written
modification agreed upon by both DTIC and THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION, signed by
THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION Contracting Officer and the DTIC IAC Program
Manager, and shall outline in detail the exact nature of the change and effective date.
Such modifications may be initiated by either party.

The parties agree and recognize that the performance of the terms and conditions of this
agreement and orders placed hereunder is extremely important to the parties’ respective
mission, programs, and obligations, and that any interruption or termination in the
performance of this agreement and orders placed hereunder may have adverse effects on
the parties and other third parties not signatory to this agreement.

Therefore, the parties agree to endeavor in good faith to notify the other as soon as
possible, but in no event later than 30 days prior to the date upon which a party proposes
to terminate this agreement. A written notice of Intent to Terminate shall be sent to the
other party specifying the proposed effective date for termination.

The receiving party shall assess the potential impact of the termination of its own
organization, mission, program manpower, facilities, and financial resources. The parties
shall meet upon a mutually agreed location and date to affect an orderly termination of
this agreement. The termination will take the form of a written modification, which shall
include the following, as appropriate: The effective date; the settlement of all outstanding
claims and liabilities; disposition of financial, facilities, and other resources; and
resolution of existing orders as to deliverables, future obligations, and support. Any
unused THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION funds shall be returned to THE
DoD warrants that the work called for under this agreement is within the scope of the
contract between DoD and CBRNIAC.
The parties hereto will endeavor in good faith to mutually resolve, amongst themselves,
any dispute arising under or relating to a particular order planned hereunder. In the rare
event it becomes necessary to elevate dispute resolution beyond the signatories to this
agreement, the parties will endeavor nevertheless to resolve any dispute at the lowest
possible level within their respective agency’s chain of command, without resorting to
outside agencies or other authority. If successful resolution cannot be reached, the
dispute shall be grounds for termination of this agreement, pursuant to subparagraph b.
above. It is recognized, however, that either or both of the parties may chose to request a
decision from the U.S. General Accounting Office when they are unable to resolve a
dispute involving the availability and/or expenditure of appropriated funds.




The parties agree that they shall take appropriate measures to protect proprietary,
privileged, or otherwise confidential information that may come into their possession as a
result of this agreement.

The parties shall ensure that all information provided to each other or resulting from the
performance of tasks under this agreement requiring protection from public disclosure
under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act shall be fully protected in accordance
with DoD and THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION regulations. In all cases, information
shall receive the greatest protection available under either THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION or DoD regulations until it has been determined by the
Cognizant Officials that lesser restriction on the dissemination of information is


Under this agreement, THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION will reimburse DoD costs
incurred up to the initial technical area task funding of $___________ for FY 2002. The
DoD shall not exceed the THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION funding allocation. All
funding is pending the availability of funds for the fiscal year. The dollar amount limits
for accomplishment of all future tasks not specifically addressed in this agreement shall
be negotiated by both parties and incorporated into this agreement by a modification in
writing by both parties.

Transfer of funds shall be requested on a Standard Form 1080 or an equivalent document
supported by a detailed itemized schedule of funding expenditures for each task,
including material purchased (any material purchased under this agreement shall have
prior approval by the technical representative for THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION and
DoD). Travel expenses, personnel labor house, and contractor support, and citing
Interagency No. ______________________ and the Funding Citation No. _____. These
references shall be cited on all correspondence related to fiscal and contractual matters
under this agreement. The DoD Contracting Officer shall be notified and the THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION Funds Certification Official shall provide written
certification that funds are available as soon as a statement of work is finalized on a task.
 The Standard Form 1080 or equivalent shall be submitted to the following address:
Under the conditions of this Agreement, THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION will transfer
$___________ to DTIC for the activities previously delineated. Transfer of these funds
will be made using the following information:

Agency Location Code:      THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION:________
Appropriation Number:      THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION: _______
Accounting Code:           THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION: _________
Business Partner Number (BPN or DUNS): THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION:________
Trading Partner Number (TPN or DUNS): THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION:________

DTIC agrees to perform work under this agreement up to the point at which the total
amount already reimbursed when added to the total amount reimbursable by THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION does not exceed the liability of $_________. Upon
notification of the CBRNIAC contractor the DoD Contracting Officer shall notify the
THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION Contracting Officer in writing whenever it has reason
to believe that the costs it expects to incur in the next 60 working days, when added to all
costs previously incurred, will exceed 75 percent of the funds obligated by THE
CLIENT/ORGANIZATION. This notice shall state the estimated amount of additional
funds required to continue performance for the period specified in the current task


The development of all materials, technical reports, journal articles, drawings, raw data,
etc., will reflect and shall be titled by the Chemical Warfare/Chemical and Biological
Defense Information Analysis Center, Defense Technical Information Center and
electronically maintained in the CBRNIAC Library. Information shall be incorporated
into the CBRNIAC data base for dissemination, as appropriate to other government
agencies. As a result of this agreement, materials prepared shall acknowledge this
sponsorship of the work with the following statements:

               “This publication was prepared by the Chemical and Biological Defense
               Information Analysis Center (CBRNIAC); a Department of Defense
               Information Analysis Center sponsored by the Defense Technical
               Information Center (DTIC) and co-sponsored by the Center for Disease
               Control and Prevention”


This interagency agreement is entered into under the authority of Section 807 of the
Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, as amended, 42 U.S.C. Section
3788. The Economy Act of 1932 as amended 31 U.S.C. 1535, and complies with FAR
subpart 7.3, FAR 6.002, FAR 17.503(b), and other applicable Federal laws and
regulations. Both THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION and the Department of Defense will
adhere to its provisions as indicated by the signature of their duly authorized officers.

Both THE CLIENT/ORGANIZATION and the Department of Defense will adhere to the
provisions of this agreement as indicated by the signature of their duly authorized


Client Name                                           Terry Heston
Director                                              DoD IAC Program Manager

Date                                                       Date

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