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Welcome to the 2008 MPH Newsletter. As always, we have enjoyed receiving news
of past students and encourage you all to keep in touch.

MPH Course News

The 2008-9 intake on the MPH is the biggest for many years – we have 23 full time
students – from the UK and overseas countries such as Nigeria, China, Japan,
Bahrain and Kuwait. There are also 13 part time students as well as the 13 part time
students continuing from the 2007 registration.

Professor Stephen Palmer continues as Director of the MPH with Dr Shantini
Paranjothy as Deputy Director and Dr Sarah Jones, Hannah Broughton and Christine
Pritchard as the MPH Team. The MPH Office remains on the 4 th floor of Neuadd
Meirionnydd , which is also where students now have a dedicated room fitted with
eight new computers. Dissertations submitted by students in previous years are also
available there for students to read.

This is the second year of the revised MPH course. The course was modified in 2006
to fit with the syllabus of the Faculty of Public Health and to take account of the
changing nature of public health practice globally.

MPH Graduate News

Vernon Grosvenor (1994-95) is presently an adjunct professor at Florida Hospital
College of Health Sciences, teaching Epidemiology and HIV/AIDS.

Leonie Roberts (neé Richards) (2000 -1) gave birth to a daughter in October.

Ciarán Humphreys (2002 -03) became a proud father to a son in October.

Charmaine Jansen (2004 -5) is working for the Polytechnic of Namibia lecturing
students on the Bachelors degree for Environmental Health Science.

Yayoi Tanaka (2004 -5) known as March, is working at the Kasuya Public Health
Center, Fukoka, Japan, and married in the autumn 2007.

Satyamurthy Anuradha (2004-6) continues with her lecturer job at the University of
Queensland and hoped to start her PhD in Ophthalmology and Public Health.

Yolanda Robles (2004 -6) is working as a salaried GP in Nottingham, in a practice for
vulnerable people, asylum seekers, drug addicts, homeless, etc. She is finding it
very challenging and interesting.

Alastair Tomlinson (2003/5) expected to join the environmental health course team at
UWIC as a lecturer from April 2008.

Amanda Edgeworth (2004-6) gave birth to a daughter on 5 March 2008, Cerys
Evelyn Williams. Congratulations to Mandie and Rhys.
The School of Medicine Graduation Ceremony was held on 9 th July 2008 in St
David’s Hall, Cardiff, on one of the wettest days of summer. Graduating with the
MPH students were also some members of staff from the department; Mark Kelly and
Jessica Read have both been involved with the MPH and both received PhDs. The
MPH students who attended the ceremony were Andrea Gartner, Maggie
Heginbothom and Anne Hinchliffe (all distinction), Geinor Jones, Helen Jones, Tony
Kofoworola-Kuti, Sion Lingard, Stephanie Peaper and Maria Uren.

MPH Staff News

Dr Norman Vetter, who taught on the MPH module Health Policy and Management
module, and also supervised a number of dissertations, retired in September 2008.

Ann Allen (previous Director) is enjoying the challenges of her new role in the
Division of Medical Education, but retains her interest in public health. She is Chair of
the Quality Assurance and Educational oversight group for the modules in public
health developed by international teams for the Peoples-Uni initiated by Dick Heller
(previous MPH external examiner). This is an internet based resource that aims to
build public health capacity in low / middle income countries. For more information
visit http://pe .

                      We wish everyone a happy and peaceful 2009.

Stephen Palmer    Shantini Paranjothy         Sarah Jones
      Hannah Broughton         Christine Pritchard
MPH Office, Dept of Primary Care and Public Health, Cardiff University, 4 floor, Neuadd Meirionnydd,
Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4YS. 029 2068 7227

December 2008

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