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Sunday School Certificate Template - PDF


Sunday School Certificate Template document sample

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PACP 00325182-01

                    These beautiful, large four-color Sunday School — it's for life! posters are             ● lifelong
                    a wonderful way to say to your congregation that Sunday school is impor-
                    tant. Place them in hallways, classrooms, and fellowships halls. Size, 10.5"
                    x 16.5". Twelve full color posters in a shrink-wrapped set.                             ● life-giving
                    Order Number 0687334527 $15.00 per 12-poster set

                                                                                                          ● about    real life

                    For more information about Sunday school, go to

                                                                                                   ● connected   to the Source of Life
                   store, web, phone             1.800.672.1789
                                                                                   DOOR HANGER
                                                                                   These door hangers are printed with
                                                                                   the Sunday School — it's for life! mes-
                                                                                   sage on one side and are blank for a
                                                                                   custom invitation from your church
                                                                                   on the back side. A FREE available
                                                                                   template makes creating a custom
                                                                                   message simple and easy. Using the
                                                                                   Sunday School — it's for life! logo                                  Join us in
                                                                                   communicates a clear message that
                                                                                   Sunday school is an exciting place                                 Sunday School
                                                                                   and a place where newcomers feel at                                  We meet for
                                                                                   home.                                                                 fellowship
                                                                                   Package contains 10 sheets with four                                 and to study
                                                                                                                                                        God's word
                                                                                   door hangers per sheet (40 total).                                at 9:30 a.m. each
                                                                                   Order Number 0687491509                                           Sunday morning.
                                                                                   $8.00 per pkg of 10 sheets, 40 hangers
                                                                                                                                                       Asbury United
                                                                                                                                                     Methodist Church
                                                                                                      (Back of doorhanger shows                        1234 Central
                                                                                                                    sample copy)                          Street
                                                                                                                                                      Yourtown, USA
CERTIFICATE                                                                                                                                           (123) 456-7890

                                                                                   BUSINESS CARDS
Sunday School — it's for life! Certificate of Appreciation is a wonderful way to
recognize the outstanding work of persons in your Sunday school. Recog-            Sunday School — it's for life! Business Card. Promote your Sunday school
nize a teacher, coordinator, Sunday school superintendent or any volun-
                                                                                   with customizable business cards. Printed with the Sunday School — it's
teer in the Sunday school. These flat 11" x 8.5" certificates are suitable for
                                                                                   for life! logo on one side, each business-size card is customizable with a
hand lettering or to fill out on your computer using the FREE available
                                                                                   message from the church, a particular Sunday school class, or an individ-
                                                                                   ual. Print the name of the church, or Sunday school class, with address
Package of 12 certificates.
Order Number 0687491703                                                            and contact on the backside with any laser or inkjet printer. An attractive,
$8.00 per pkg of 12 certificates                                                   simple, and non-threatening
                                                                                   way to invite persons to
                                                                                   Sunday school. Create your
                                                                                   custom message and print the                                Come join me in the
                                                                                   reverse side using your com-
                                                                                   puter, printer, and the free
                              This Sunday School — it's for life! postcard is a                                                                Sunday school class.
                              quick and easy way to drop a note to a teacher,                                                                  First United Methdist
                              child, class member or potential member to let       Package of 10 sheets with a                                        Church
                              them know they were missed or to let them            total of 100 cards.                                            123 Main Street
                                                                                                                                                   Anytown, USA
                              know about an upcoming event. The engaging           Order Number 0687491401
                              front side is in four colors and communicates        $5.00 per pkg of 10 sheets,                                      We meet in

                              the message that Sunday school is lifelong, life-    l00 cards                                                     _____________
                              giving, about real life, and connected to the                                                                                  at
                              Source of Life.                                                                                                         _____________
                              25 postcards to a package.
                              Order Number 0687491606                                                                 (Back of business card shows
                              $3.50 per pkg of 25                                                                                     sample copy)

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