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									                 MUTUAL CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT
                    FOR SALE BY BOND FOR DEED

THIS MUTUAL CANCELLATION AGREEMENT is entered into at __________
____________________, Louisiana on _________________________ by and between
__________________________________________________________ Hereinafter
referred to as “Vendors”, and ______________________________________________
of, and ________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Vendees”:

WHEREAS, the Vendors and Vendees, in good faith, have entered into a Bond for
Deed agreement this same date, which was recorded and register in Louisiana
__________________________ Parish public records as Entry No. _____________ in
COB____________, folio ________________, and in MOB ________________, folio
________________ regarding the following described property:

A CERTAIN PORTION OF GROUND, ____________________________________
City of _________________________________________________ State of Louisiana,
__________________________ registered in COB ____________ folio ____________
designated as Lot _________ of Square ______________________________________

The improvements thereon bear the Municipal number ________________________

Whereas, the Vendees have agreed that upon the circumstances and event that any
installment is not paid when due, or if the Vendees shall in any other manner
default with respect to any other stipulation of the said Bond for Deed Agreement,
them in such events the Vendees agree that the Vendors shall have the right to
cancel the said contract upon giving the Vendees 45 day prior notice by registered
or certified mail in accordance with law, and particularly La. R.S. 9:2945, and the
Vendees specifically waiver the provisions of La. C.C. 2013 as pertains to additional
time for performance of obligations. The Vendees agree hereby that in the event the

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                                C & S Escrow Services, Inc.
Vendors elect to cancel this contract after due notice to the Vendees, the Title to the
above described property shall be free and clear from any and all claims by the
Vendees, their successors, assigns, and legatees; and the possession of said title shall
be peaceable and promptly surrendered to the Vendors.

WHEREAS, C & S Escrow Services, Inc., by agreement of the Parties, has been
designated to perform the Escrow Agent Services, the said Escrow Agent is herby
instructed to hold this dormant agreement in private portfolio, to be produced and
recorded in public records- only upon the event of the conditions of default as above
described, and upon receipt f written instructions form the Vendors after due
consideration of their remedial options.

UPON THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, the Vendors hereby agree to pay the expenses
of $20.00 as provided in the Escrow Service Agreement to provide “Certified
Default Notice” to the Vendees; and further the Vendors agree to pay the costs for
the public records fees for registry and recordation of this Mutual Cancellation

NOW THEREFORE, under the circumstances mentioned, the Vendors and the
Vendees request and direct the Clerk of Court, Registrar of Conveyances, and
Recorder of Mortgages to make notation in their records of this Mutual
Cancellation of the said Bond for Deed Agreement and to record same to serve as
occasion may require.

FUTHERMORE, the Vendees specifically request and direct the Recorder of
Mortgages to cancel and release the inscription of the “Special Mortgage” that was
to have been in favor of the Vendees that was granted by the Vendors on the herein
described property to secure the obligation of delivery of Merchantable Title.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto se our hand in signature on the day,
year and place first above written.

SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF:                             VENDORS:

______________________________                         _____________________________


_______________________________                        _____________________________

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PARISH OF ________________________

BEFORE ME, The undersigned Notary, Personally came and appeared:

Both person of the full age of majority and residents of and domiciliaries of the
Parish of ______________, State of Louisiana, who, after being by me Notary, duly
sworn, declared that they have been married but once during their lifetime, and
then to each other, and that they are presently living and residing together at:

Both of whom, being by me first duly sworn, did declare and acknowledge to me
Notary, in the presence of the undersigned competent witnesses, that they have both
executed the above act of Mutual Cancellation Of Contract For Sale By Bond for
Deed; further declaring that they have heard me, Notary, read the document
completely, have understood the conditions expressed therein and have signed of
their own free will and for the uses and purposes therein set forth.

In Witness Whereof, the said Appeared, Witnesses, and I, Notary, have hereunto
signed in the presence of each other at __________________, Louisiana, on the

WITNESSES:                                           APPEARERS:

_____________________________                        ______________________________

_____________________________                        ______________________________

                        LOUISIANA NOTARY PUBLIC
                        PARISH OF __________________

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