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					                SHARON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, SHARON, MA 02067                                                                 Revised 1-27-10
                    School Facilities USE - Cost Planning                                                       Planning Page 1 of 2
Non-profit groups, comprised primarily of Sharon residents and whose funds are entirely managed by the Town of Sharon (and not by the
Sharon Public Schools) or groups voted as Town Events by the Board of Selectmen, may use school facilities with no charges for rent.
In June, July and August, a 50% reduction in rental fees will be granted to non-profit groups comprised primarily of residents, who rent a
school facility. During other months of the year, the reduction in rental fees for the same groups will be 40%.
PROCEDURE: When a renter requests use of a building, the building secretary should provide the renter with a copy of the rental policy. The
renter fills out the paperwork and returns the completed form to the school they are interested in renting. The secretary and principal sign off on
the form and the school secretary schedules the event in the FirstClass calendar. The form is then sent to the Maintenance & Operations Office
located at Cottage Street School (781-784-1570 X 9020) at least two weeks in advance of the event. The Maintenance and Operations
Administrative Assistant (Beckie Osborne) will:
    • Serve as the contact person for all outside building use requiring custodial, cafeteria, supervisory or other help.
    • Collect and file all completed forms and information required.
    • Collect and/or bill for funds owed in advance of the event and send deposits & forms to 1 School Street.
    • Communicate with the building-level calendar person and the Central Office Business Manager, as needed.
    Confirm the scheduled event is in the First Class school calendar and the Facilities Use calendar
    • Post and arrange for all work requested by the rental.Any questions in RED are "autofilled" when this is completed on computer.
What is the event that is planned? Describe what you are planning (concert, play, small/large meeting, sporting event, food, etc.)?

 1 Contact Name:
 2 The Group's name:
 3 Building or space needed:
 4 Date of planned use:                                                          Hours of actual event:
 5 Time you need to get in:                               Time you estimate that everyone will be out:
 6 How many people might show up?
 7 Do you have a copy of the School Committee Facility Use/Rental Policy? -------------->
√ Define the group:
  School Schools group or event                           Town group, committee or event
  Non-Sharon Residents group or event                     Sharon Residents group or event
 9 How much is the group charging for admission?
# IF your group is charging admission or any other fee to cover costs or for profit, you will need to provide insurance.
  Exception: Where are ALL the funds deposited? If they are ALL in a fund controlled by the Town of Sharon, the group
  does not need separate insurance.                 YES
  Does the group need insurance?                    NO
What spaces do you plan to use? (NO USE allowed of Early Childhood rooms. NO ROOMS will be unlocked if not rented.)
  Auditorium: $50/hr.                          (If operators are required, there are additional costs.)
  Classroom: $25 hr.                           Do you need:
  Library (room only) $50 hr.                       Need event manager or providing own? ($25 hr Required)
  Cafeteria WITH kitchen use: $50 hr.               AV equipment? ($25 hr Operator Required)
  Cafeteria no kitchen: $25 hr                      Theatrical stage lights? ($25 hr Operator Required)
  Gymnasium: $50 hr.                                Choral risers? (7 available-setup required)
  Computer Lab: $80 hr.                             Follow spots? ($25 hr Operator(s) Required)
  Fields or parking lot areas only: $45 per hr      Fly bar? ($25 hr Operator Required)
  Field Lights: $35 hr.                             Sound system? ($25 hr Operator Required)
                                                    Hand-held microphones needed? (for SCHOOL EVENTS ONLY)
  Food Planning required?                           Screen& video projectors (for SCHOOL EVENTS ONLY)
  Serving or selling food?                          Rehearsal room? (room rental charges apply)
  Access to the kitchen?                            Digital Baby Grand piano? ($25 hr)
  Cafeteria services are REQUIRED if the kitchen is used for any purpose: additional $25 per hour.
The facility must be returned to the School Dept clean, neat and ready to start school. This usually requires custodial cleanup.
  Setup & Cleanup: Custodial charges Mon-Sat: $35/hr; Sun. & holidays $45/hr. (+10% for non-Sharon residents)
   Facility Supervision: These services are REQUIRED during non-school hours
   Setup Needed? Do you need tables, chairs, AV equipment, access to any other specialized items? ATTACH INSTRUCTIONS.
   People are needed to set up Auditorium?      Police will be needed if crowds are expected.
   Custodial services for setup/cleanup         Custodial or other services are needed for site supervision.
              SHARON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, SHARON, MA 02067                                                 Fees page 2 of 2
                    SHARON Schools' Facilities FEE AGREEMENT                                             Revised 1-27-10

   Please Note: In establishing estimated costs, include any of the following personnel:
   Facility Supervisor(s), custodian(s), cafeteria workers, trained stage lighting or sound systems staff.
   For PTO events, custodial fees are paid by Sharon Schools for one major fundraiser per year.
Person/group requesting use of School Facilities [Please print]
   Name of Contact Person                                                                               0
   Name of Group:                                                                                       0
   Building Requested:                                                                                  0
   Address of contact
   Phone Number of contact:
   Describe the activity:

Date(s) requested:
      Mondays-Fridays                Saturday                         Sunday (double time)                          Total Hours
Indicate # hours facility is needed. (Include setup time not just hours for the event itself.)
                                Total Hours Needed Fee Charged per hr
   Arrival Time to Departure Time                                                                           Total Estimated Cost
                                                     X                                                                 $0.00
   Personnel Fees                  Total Hours Needed Fee Charged per hr                                    Total Estimated Cost
                                                     X                                                                 $0.00
   Other Fees                      Total Hours Needed Fee Charged per hr                                    Total Estimated Cost
                                                     X                                                                 $0.00

Number of parking spaces required for event.
The renter understands that tickets may be issued to any attendees who park illegally or on public streets without specific police
permission. Max. parking spaces: HS Front/side 138, back 36, Pond St student lot 135; MS 120; Heights 90; Cottage 56; East 95
                                                         Signature:                                         date:
Signature, Renter who has completed this form:
                                                         Signature:                                         date:
Signature, Secretary who scheduled the event:
                         PRINT NAME BELOW of person who scheduled the event in the calendar at the school: date:
Person who scheduled this event in the building calendar -->
By signing below, the principal is indicating that the building is available and can handle the rental on the proposed dates and that based on
numbers provided on this form together with all other renters on this date, an overflow of the parking lot is not probable.
                                                         Signature:                                         date:
   ** Signature, Building Principal :
   ** Bring a COPY of this completed form TO Chief of Police-- Receiving Officer initials:

   Waiver of Custodial Fees is requested because the event occurs within normal custodial working hours and there is no
special clean up required. (Examples include governmt. mtgs, events of building occupants, PTO meetings, or other school-related
events that occur during normal operating hours of the building. If additional cleanup is needed, custodial fees will be charged.)
   Waiver of Rental fees is requested: This non-profit event directly benefits the Sharon School Community, classroom activities,
students or staff and/or the users contribute financially to the Sharon School Community. Examples include: professional developmt
speakers, events that support classroom activities, Town govt. meetings, Boosters, FAME, other non-profit civic groups that directly
  benefit the Sharon Schools. Except for these groups, NO WAIVER IS GRANTED for groups charging admission, tuition, etc.
  REQUEST for WAIVER is APPROVED ONLY if signed below by the Superintendent of Schools:
                                                 Superintendent's Signature:               date:
                                SHARON PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                          Revised 1-27-10
                                      SHARON, MA 02067
              Indemnification Agreement and Covenant
   For and in consideration of a license to use:
  Name of school to be used:                                 0
          Address of school:                                                                   Sharon, MA, (the premises),
   and other good and valuable consideration, the payment, receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged,

                        Name:                                                                    0
                     Address:                                                                    0
                  Telephone #                                                                    0
               Organization:                                                                     0
   ** If the TOWN of SHARON (Town Hall) handles all of the accounting and finances for the group, sign here and do not
   complete the remainder because you are covered by Town insurance:
                                                     Signature:                                      date:

   hereby referenced as (the licensee) hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Sharon Public Schools, Town of Sharon,
   and all their past, present and future officers, officials, agents, servants, employees, attorneys and their respective predecessors,
   successors, assigns, heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators hereinafter collectively referenced as the (licensor) against
   any and all injury, loss or damage and any and all claims for injury, loss or damage, of whatever nature caused by or resulting
   from, or claimed to have been caused by or to have resulted from any act, omission or negligence of the licensee or anyone
   claiming under the licensee (including, but without limitation officers, agents, servants, invitees, guests, students, volunteers,
   of the licensee and employees and contractors of the licensee), at or about the premises.
   This indemnity and hold harmless agreement shall include indemnity against all costs, expenses and liabilities incurred in
   connection with any such injury, loss or damage or any such claim, or an proceeding brought thereon or the defense thereof.
   If the licensee or anyone claiming under the licensee or the whole or any part of the property of the licensee or anyone
   claiming under the licensee shall be injured, lost or damaged by theft, fire or steam or in any other way or manner, no part of
   said injury, loss or damage is to be borne by the licensor or its agents unless caused by the negligence of the licensor.
   Licensee shall maintain commercial general liability insurance, with respect to the premises and its appurtenances, issued by
   insurance companies authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, naming the Town of Sharon and the
   Sharon Public Schools as additional insureds, in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) combined single
   limit for both bodily injury and property damage. Licensee shall deliver to licensor prior to commencing use of the licenses
   premises the policies of such insurance, or certificates thereof. Each such policy shall provide that the same shall not be
   modified or terminated without at least ten (10) days written notice to each named insured. (Licensee is advised that failure
   to maintain such commercial general liability insurance may result in licensee being subject to potential liability for claims
   arising under or through the use of this license.)
   Licensee shall, at its own cost and expense, with counsel approved by the licensor defend any and all suits and actions
   (just or unjust) which may be brought against the licensor or in which the licensor may be impleaded with others upon any
   such above-mentioned matter, claim or claims, unless such other suit or action is the direct result of licensor's negligence.
   The licensee agrees that it shall not file any claim, complaint, charge or lawsuit against the Town for any matter, claim or
   incident, known or unknown, which occurs or arises out of licensee's use of this license.
   Licensee acknowledges the provisions of Section 37H of Ch.71 of the Acts of 1993 which prohibits the use of any tobacco
   products within school buildings, school facilities or on School grounds by any individual. Licensee shall comply at all times
   with such provisions. No use of alcohol is allowed on school grounds.
   LICENSEE (person renting):                         (Title)                                        Date:

   The Certificate of Insurance is attached, designates the location covered as the Town of Sharon or the Sharon Public School
   in which the event is held, and indicates coverage is for the period of the event.
TOWN OF SHARON/LICENSOR: (duly authorized signature indicating receipt of insurance certificate)

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