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									                     Rural Utah Single Family Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Application
                                                             State of Utah
                                       Division of Housing and Community Development - DHCD
The Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund is the umbrella for Federal and State funds. The Single Family Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program
is administered through local housing agencies on behalf of DHCD. You may call DHCD toll free at 1-877-488-3233 for further information.
Rehabilitation and reconstruction is housing for 1-4-family residence, condominium unit, cooperative unit, combination manufactured and lot.

Funds may be used to reconstruct, or rehabilitate non-luxury housing with suitable amenities, site improvements, conversion, demolition, and other
The housing must be modest and not exceed the county HUD's FHA Mortgage and Subsidy Limits.
An applicant must own and occupy the property as a principal residence upon completion of the project.
Housing that is constructed or rehabilitated must meet all Federal and State requirements including applicable local codes, rehabilitation standards,
ordinances, and zoning ordinances at the time of project completion.
Please refer to the Rural Utah Single Family Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Guidelines for detailed information.
The application is formatted into tabs at the bottom of your screen.
Blue areas of the application are automatic calculations and/or information shared with another cell. White cells are your information input areas.
Inserted information may automatically carry forward to another cell for your convenience and accuracy.
Use the TAB key to get from one cell to another.
A small red flag in the top-right corner of a cell denotes pop up comments that will assist the users as to what is required at that point.
Enter an "x" where applicable or leave blank. Use "numbers", not "one", "two" etc.
Application Part 1: START HERE
Input the general information. FYI: In the Total Debt section: The "Monthly Debt Payments" will automatically carry forward to the Part 2
Print the form. Instruct the applicants to read and sign where indicated on the certification. The agency will sign below in the agency signature
line. Applicants will receive a signed copy.
Proceed to Eligibility Release Form.
Eligibility Release Form: (Before proceeding with this form, complete the Application Part 2, IRS 1040).
Input the remaining information and print the form.
Note: Third party verifications are required on items marked and good for a six month time period. Forms are available from the housing program
specialist. Make income/deduction corrections once verifications are received.
Have the applicant’s read and sign form. Applicants will receive a signed copy.
Proceed back to the Application Part 2.
Underwriting Part 2:
On the IRS 1040 form, mark an X next to each type of income/deduction the applicant has. Insert the income/deduction. The Annual Adjusted
Income will automatically carry forward to the Income to Debt Ratio section.
Return to the Eligibility Release form and follow the above instructions. Return to Part 2.
Credit Score: Insert information after reviewing the credit report.
For Area Median Income: Use the HUD income limits current for the date of the application.
Underwrite to the interest rate indicated in this section however, lower interest rates may be acceptable on a case-by-case basis. The rehab loan that
is requested should stay approximately within the 30/38 % ratio.
When verifications have been received, information corrected, bids/construction costs determined, and underwriting has been finalized, this form
will be used for your approving committee.
Mark the items that apply to this project. The project file will contain all the documentation and be organized as indicated in the checklist.
General Agency Information:
The general information includes information which may be helpful in filling out this application as well as useful website addresses and DHCD
Conditional Commitment Agreement:
The SFLRC Request Summary Tab is for our use with your approving committee as a summary of the project.

Single Family Application Part 1 - To be Completed by Agency
Utah Site Address
Street                                          City                            Zip Code                   County

Mailing Address             ( x if different)

                                            0   0                                                0

Street                                          City                            Zip Code

Borrower Name:                                                            Co-Borrower Name:
Age:                           Birthdate:                                 Age:                         Birthdate:
SS#                                                                       SS#

Phone #       W                                 H                         Phone #       W                          H
Marital       Married             Divorced                                Marital       Married        Divorced
Status        Separated           Single                                  Status        Separated      Single

Full Name                                                                   Age         Social Security Number         Relationship

Others- List all others living in the home or may be living in the home in the next 6 months
Full Name                                                        Age     Social Security Number                        Relationship

Family or Friends not living with you                  Phone #                  Address                                      Relationship

Is your home on a permanent foundation?                          No       Yes

Have you applied to the Weatherization program
Do you have a rehab loan with the State?                         No
                                                                 No   x Yes
                                                                        Yes        Year home built
                                                                                   If yes Date                  12/31/2005
Disclosure:   Are you employed by this agency?                   No       Yes

Property Type:        1 unit property
                      2 - 4 unit property

TOTAL DEBT- For Loan Underwriting

Debts/Recurring Monthly Bills                      Account Number and Business Name                               Monthly Payment          Balance
loan:                     yr.
loan:                     yr.

Credit Card

Credit Card
Other (Describe)
Health Insurance

Property Tax                                       Included in house payment?                   yes          no

Property Insurance                                 Included in house payment?                   yes          no

Land Payments

1st Mortgage

2nd Mortgage

Other (Describe)

                                                                          Monthly Debt Payments                    $                   -
If large medical/dependant care bills are being considered as any ongoing debt, please attach
documentation to substantiate reason. Include the account #, business name, address, monthly payment,
                                                                                                                  Total Debt
and balance.                                                                                                      Balance                  $                 -

EMPLOYER INFORMATION: List additional employers information on separate page
                   Name of Employer                                                                                                        How Long At Job

                   Address of Employer
                   Name of Employer                                                                                                        How Long At Job

               Address of Employer
Homeowner's Insurance                                                     Address:                                          State          Zip
Company:                                                                                                                                   Code
                                                                          Agent Phone #
Insurance Agent:
Policy #:                                        Policy Type:                                        Insurance Paid By    Owner        Mortgage Holder

Please complete if you are related to anyone working in this agency.
Name:                                                                                Relationship:

Agency:                                                                         0 Position held:

Head of Family            White          Black           Asian/Islander              Native American           Hispanic       Other
Is the Head of Household over 62 yrs. Of age                    No        Yes        Are you a Single Female Head of Household                 No        Yes
Does a Family Member have a mental disability                   No        Yes        Does a Family Member have a physical disability           No        Yes
Is the loan to provide any accessibility improvements on the home                      No       Yes
If yes, Please Explain:


1. HAVE ANY OUTSTANDING UNPAID JUDGMENTS                                                      No           Yes
2. DECLARED BANKRUPTCY WITHIN THE PAST TEN YEARS                                              No           Yes

3. BEEN PARTY IN A LAWSUIT                                                                    No           Yes

   If yes to any of the above list, please explain when, where, and why.

Were any adult household members exempt from filing a federal income tax return last year?              No          Yes
   If so, list which members were exempt:

Are any adult household members exempt from filing a federal income tax return this year?               No          Yes
   If so, list which members were exempt:

The applicant certifies that all information in this application and all information furnished in support of this application is given for the purpose of
obtaining financial assistance under the applicable program(s) and is true and complete to the best of applicants knowledge and belief.

The applicant understands and agrees that if false information is provided in this application, the State of Utah, Division of Housing and Community
Development may hold the applicant ineligible to apply for any program funds for a period of 1 year or until any issue of restitution is resolved and may
terminate the applicant's contract and recapture all funds expended.
The applicant will not, in the provision of services, or in any other manner, discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex,
national origin, age, familial status, or handicap.
Verification of any of the information contained in this application may be obtained from any source named here in.
The applicant will at all times indemnify and hold harmless the State of Utah, Division of Housing and Community Development or it's agencies against
all losses, costs, damages, expenses, and liabilities of any nature directly or indirectly resulting from, arising out of, or relating to the State acceptance,
consideration, approval, or disapproval of this request and the issuance or non-issuance of program funds herewith. In accepting this loan, I/We will pay
property taxes, homeowner's insurance, and keep liens off property as long as the loan is in place.
I/We certify that the property will be our principal residence for the term of the loan.
WARNING: Section 1001 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code makes it a criminal offence to make willful false statements or misrepresentations to any
Department or Agency of the U.S. as to any matter within it's jurisdiction.
The information provided above is true and complete to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I/We consent to the disclosure of such information for
purposes of income and verification related to my/our application for financial assistance. I/We understand that any willful misstatement of material fact
will be grounds for disqualification.

1. Applicant signature                                           date          2. Applicant signature                                              date

3. Applicant signature                                           date          4. Applicant signature                                              date

For Agency Only
I have explained the above application and certification to the applicant(s)
                                                                               Reviewed by:

Name of Agency:                                                                Date:


Eligibility Release Form:
Organization requesting release of information                                     Information Covered: Inquiries may be made about items
Name:                                                                            0 initiated by applicant.
Address:                                                                                                                        Borrowers
Phone:                                                                                Required Verification:                      Initials
Purpose: Your signature on this Eligibility Release Form, and the
signatures of each member of your household who is 18 years of age or
older, authorizes the above-named organization to obtain information from
a third party, relative to your eligibility and continued participation.

Privacy Act Notice Statement: The Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) and the State of Utah, Division of Housing and
Community Development are requiring the collection of the information
derived from this form to determine an applicant’s eligibility in a Housing
Program and the amount of assistance necessary using Federal and/or State
funds. This information will be used to protect the Government’s financial
interest; and to verify the accuracy of the information furnished. It may be
released to appropriate Federal, State, and local agencies when relevant, to
civil, criminal, or regulatory investigators, and to prosecutors. Failure to
provide any information may result in a delay or rejection of your
eligibility approval. The Department is authorized to ask for this
information by the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990.

Authorization: I authorize the above-named Participating Jurisdiction and
HUD to obtain information about my household and me that is pertinent to
eligibility in the Housing Program.
Instructions: Each adult member of the household must sign an
Eligibility Release Form prior to the receipt of benefit.


I acknowledge that:
1       A photocopy of this form is as valid as the original
2       I have the right to review the file and the information received using
        this form (with a person of my choosing to accompany me)
                                                                                          Full time student
3       I have the right to copy information from this file and to request                Disabled family member
        correction of information I believe inaccurate.
4       All adult household members will sign this form and cooperate with
        the owner in this process.
Head of Household- Family Member Head                                              Other Adult Member of Household- Family Member #2
Printed Name:                                                                    0 Printed Name:                                                0

Signature:                                                                        Signature:

Date:                                                                             Date:
Other Adult Member of Household- Family Member # 3                                Other Adult Member of Household- Family Member #4

Printed Name:                                                                     Printed Name:

Signature:                                                                        Signature:

Date:                                                                             Date:
Single Family Application Part 2 -                                           Underwriting: To be completed by agency
Return this page completed with your calculations
Format for computing IRS 1040 Series Anticipated Annual Adjusted Gross Income
FYI:    Enter Hourly Wage Here:                   Mark with    Joint Return?                 Family Member                                     Subtotal
Based on the above hourly wage,                   an X if
your yearly salary is:           $           -    applicable   A.                     0B               0 C.                  D.                (add A-D)

1. Wages, Salaries, Tips                                                                                                                                   -

2. Taxable Interest                                                                                                                                        -

3. Dividends                                                                                                                                               -
4. Taxable refunds/credits/offsets of state & local
income taxes                                                                                                                                               -

5. Alimony Received                                                                                                                                        -

6. Business income (or loss)                                                                                                                               -

7. Capital gain (profit/loss)                                                                                                                              -

8. Other gains (profit/loss)                                                                                                                               -

9. Taxable amount of IRA distributions                                                                                                                     -

10. Taxable amount of pensions and annuities                                                                                                               -
11. Rental real estate, royalties, partnerships,
      trusts, etc.                                                                                                                                         -

12. Farm income (or loss)                                                                                                                                  -

13. Unemployment compensation                                                                                                                              -

14a. Total Social Security Benefits                                                                                                                        -

14b. Taxable amnt. of Social Security benefits                                        -                -                 -                -                -

15. Other income                                                                                                                                           -

16. Subtotal (lines 1-15)                                            $                - $              - $               -   $            -                -

17. IRA deduction                                                                                                                                          -

18. Medical savings account deduction                                                                                                                      -

19. Moving expenses                                                                                                                                        -

20. One-half of self-employment tax                                                                                                                        -

21. Self employed health insurance deduction                                                                                                               -
22. Keogh and self-employed SEP and SIMPLE
plans                                                                                                                                                      -

23. Penalty on early withdrawal of savings                                                                                                                 -

24. Paid alimony                                                                                                                                           -

25. Subtotal (lines 17-24)                                           $                - $              - $               -   $            -                -
                                                                         Subtract line 25 from line 16. This is Annual Adjusted Gross Income               -
26. A. Child Support received                                         B. Other untaxed income
Chapter 3 - Definition 3: IRS FORM 1040 Adjusted Gross Income: that will continue for the next 12 months, unless there is verifiable evidence to the
contrary. The HOME program permits verification dated no earlier than 6 months prior to eligibility. Households must qualify as low income at the time
funds are invested.
1 Child support
2 Money or property that was inherited, willed, or given as a gift
3 Life insurance proceeds received as a result of someone's death
Borrower Name                                           0   Credit Score                             good         fair              poor             unacceptable
AREA MEDIAN INCOME - HUD Income Limits Guideline Year:                                                            Total persons living in home
50% of County AMI                                  100% of County AMI        $           -               % of AMI (Eligibility)                #DIV/0!

   $                 -     +       $               -        =     $                  -                   % of AMI             #DIV/0!
 AGI (From 1040)                   Un-taxable Income             Actual Income

The applicant is not guaranteed a loan with the stated interest rate.
Interest Rates may change without notice.     Special cases may be 0% deferred or with an interest payment only.
  # 50% or less AMI is 2%     # above 50% and 60% or less AMI is 2.5%    # above 60% is 3%
  Loan is for:             Rehab           Refinance             Replacement

        The maximum property value after rehab must not exceed the FHA 203 (B) mortgage limit of                                                                  in

  Davis                                  county.    The maximum subsidy is                                                           $                   -

  "as is value"                                                              Submit your calculations along with your copy of appraisals or
  (from tax evaluation notice)                                             comparables
  All liens will not exceed an "after rehab" loan to value ratio of 95%.               #
  "After rehab value"                                                    95% of "after rehab                 value"             LTV            #DIV/0!
  (from appraisals/ sold comparables)                                        X 95% =             $                -             loan to value ratio (LTV)

  “IDR” Actual Income                          $                  -

                         divided by 12         $                  -                                           Refinance Calculations:
                                     X 30%     $                  -   X38%       $                       -    X30%        $                    -    X38%     $         -

          Monthly House Payment PI             $                  -              $                       -                $                    -             $         -

          Monthly Land Payment                 $                  -              $                       -                $                    -             $         -

          Total monthly debts                                                    $                       -                                                   $         -
          Monthly taxes & insurance
          payments                             $                  -              $                       -                                                   $         -
  Possible state & RD combined loan
  payment                                      $                  -              $                       -                $                    -             $         -
                                                                (Original)                           Mortgage                  Remaining term
                                                                  Term                               Balance                  in months
  Original Mortgage Amounts $                      %rate         (months) Payments
  1 Mortgage                                                                 $               -       $                -
  2nd Mortgage or
  Equiline                                                                   $               -       $                -
  Construction amount                                                                                                         bid amount       contingency closing costs
  requested                                                                                          $                -                    -
  Rural Development Loan
                                                                             $               -       $                -
  Olene Walker Housing Loan
                                                                                             0 $                      -
                           Total monthly payments and debt after                                                              Front End        #DIV/0!
                           OWHLF request                                     $               -       $                - Back End               #DIV/0!
      Refinance- Mark with an X (If payment above is too great)
                                                       Term     Construction  Balance                                     Monthly
                                          %rate       (months)     Costs     Refinanced Loan Amount                       Payment
   Remaining original loan(s)
   Construction and Refinance
                                     Total monthly payments and debt after OWHLF request                              $             -
General Items to be completed on rehabilitation of home or on construction of replacement home:
Site Construction                               - Foundation                               - Flooring                                       -
Demolition                                      - Roofing                                  - Interior Walls/Ceiling                         -
Parking                                         - Windows                                  - Cabinets                                       -
Heating                                         - Exterior Walls                           - Finish                                         -
Electrical                                      - Insulation                               - Appliances                                     -
Plumbing                                        - Doors                                    - Building Permit                                -
LBP Abatement                                   - Handicap Retro                           - Other                                          -
                                                                                Total (Sub-Total if replacement)                        -

General items to be completed on replacement of home (in addition to above items):
                                                                                                 Set-up                                     -
                                                                                                 Utility Hook-ups                           -
                                                                                                 Transportation                             -
                                                                                                          Total                         -

List Liens or judgments and what arrangements have been made to correct them.

                                 CONDITIONAL COMMITMENT AGREEMENT
                                                                                             3) Committee Review
1) Date Application Received:                          2) Specialist:

4) Loan Purpose:                 0 Rehab              0 Refinance          0 Replacement             1St Mortgage                2nd Mortgage                Other

5) Applicant:                                                                            Street                  0
                                                  6a) Property/Project Location:
                                              0                                          City/County                             0 / Davis

                                              0 6b)
                                                             Comparison Value                Date                   Tax Notice Value                  Date

7) Household Income:                    $                          -         $                        -                #DIV/0!                  #DIV/0!
                                             AGI from 1040                        Untaxable Income                         AMI              AMI (eligibility)

                         Employment                   Social Security                  SSI                          SSDI                      Other
8) # in Household:                                9) # Disabled:

                                                                            Perm.              Temp.                                 Perm               Temp.
  Total            Adults         Children                Adults            Disabled           Disabled         Children             Disabled           Disabled
10) Credit Status:               The credit report was reviewed, no concerns noted.
11a) Existing Mortgage:
                                                                                             Fixed             A.R.M.
             Principal Balance                P/I              T/I         Rate                                              Remaining                 Lender
                                                                                             Fixed             A.R.M.
             Principal Balance                P/I              T/I         Rate                                              Remaining                 Lender
11b) Other Debt:
                                                                            Fixed              A.R.M.
                  Balance                     P/I           Rate                                             Remaining                       Lender
                                                                            Fixed              A.R.M.
                  Balance                     P/I           Rate                                             Remaining                       Lender
                                                                            Fixed              A.R.M.
                  Balance                     P/I           Rate                                                                             Lender
11c) Requested Amount:
    $                               -          0           0.00%            Fixed              A.R.M.             0
                  Balance                     P/I           Rate                                                Term

11d)      TOTAL:
    $                               -             0            0                   #DIV/0! /      #DIV/0!
                  Balance                     P/I              T/I                       Ratios
General Items to be completed on rehabilitation of home or on construction of replacement home:
Site Construction                                       - Foundation                                      - Flooring                                                 -
Demolition                                              - Roofing                                         - Interior Walls/Ceiling                                   -
Parking                                                 - Windows                                         - Cabinets                                                 -
Heating                                                 - Exterior Walls                                  - Finish                                                   -
Electrical                                              - Insulation                                      - Appliances                                               -
Plumbing                                                - Doors                                           - Building Permit                                          -
LBP Abatement                                           - Handicap Retro                                  - Other                                                    -

                                                                           Page 9 of 12
                                                                                        Total (Sub-Total if replacement)                                -
General items to be completed on replacement of home (in addition to above items):
                                                                                                         Set-up                                             -
                                                                                                         Utility Hook-ups                                   -
                                                                                                         Transportation                                     -
                                                                                                                   Total                                -

12) Project Narrative and Recommendation:

All information has been verified. Documentation is on file and available on request.                                         0
                                                                                                                  Housing Program Specialist

Committee Attendance:

     Approved             Denied           Attach Committee Minutes

Upon loan approval, funds will be requested for the applicant in the amount of           $ $             - . If this
amount is to be a loan, the commitment is valid only when the applicant executes a Note and other documents securing an
interest in the property.

                    (title)                                                        (signature)                                                 (date)

                    (title)                                                        (signature)                                                 (date)

                    (title)                                                        (signature)                                                 (date)

Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement, the parties hereto agree and acknowledge that this Agreement does not constitute a
commitment of funds or site approval, and that such commitment of funds or approval may occur only upon satisfactory completion of
environmental review and receipt by the State of Utah, Division of Community Development the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund of a
release of funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development, or the State of Utah, Division of Community Development
under 24 CFR Part 58. The parties further agree that the provisions of any funds to the project is conditional on the State of Utah, Division
of Community Development determination to proceed with, modify or cancel the project based on the results of a subsequent
environmental review. (The environmental review applies to any Federal HOME or Rural Development funds, or any State funds that are
going to be used as match for the HOME program.)

The Agency/Developer may not undertake or commit any funds to physical, or choice-limiting actions, including property acquisition,
demolition, movement, rehabilitation, conversion, repair or construction prior to the environmental clearance.
Violation of this provision may result in the denial of funds under this agreement                                                             SF03232006

                                                                   Page 10 of 12
                                                                   File Checklist
TAB 1 Funding Request With Agency Submittals
      Complete application                                                                   RD Documentation
        Before and after pictures                                                            RD Budget Page
        Weatherization approval letter                                                       Copy of Driver's License or State ID card
        Community support letter/ volunteer commitment letter                                Copies of Social Security card or other proof of citizenship

TAB 2 Income Verification With Support Documents
  All household adult annual anticipated income is examined.

        Latest Federal and State Tax Return                         Taxable refunds, credits, or offsets of state and local income taxes
        IRS Form 4506 "Request for Copy of                          Untaxable income
        Tax Form (when requesting copy from IRS)

  Choose the following that apply to your applicant
    Alimony/Separation payments received                       Divorce decree
     Third party employment                                    Other income shown on the IRS 1040 not listed above
     Rental income w/ the copy of the lease                    Rental real estate, royalties, partnerships, S corps, trust, etc.
     Taxable amount of social security                         SSA, SSDI, SSI with copy of benefit from Social Security Administration
     Recurring cash contribution                               AFDC (aid/families w/ dependant children)
     Taxable pension and annuities                             Taxable individual retirement account of (IRA) distributions
     Tribal income                                             Royalties                                                    Farm income (loss)
     Taxable interest                                          Veterans admin. Benefits                                     Capital gains (losses)
     Income from military service                              Workman's Comp.                                              Other gains (losses)
     Unemployment compensation                                 Income from Business (loss)                                  Public Assistance income
     Full-time student status for students 18 or older, continuing their education
  Deductions from income- choose the following that apply to your applicant
    IRA deduction (head of household & spouse)             Penalty on early withdrawal of savings                           Paid alimony
     Self-employed health insurance deduction                  One-half of self employment tax                              Moving expenses
     Medical savings account deduction                         Keogh & self-employed SEP & SIMPLE plans
TAB 3 Work Description and Contracting
    Inspection                                        Lead based paint inspection documentation                             Current Homeowners Insurance
     Work description                                 Lead based paint abatement documentation                              Contractor Bids/ AOG Analysis
     Agency cost estimate                             Confirmation of receipt of lead paint pamphlet                        Copy of Contractor license
     Contractor questionnaire                         If asbestos identified, abatement documentation                       Copy of contractors insurance
     Minority or Women Owned Business                 Energy Conservation Measures                                          liability/ workmans comp
     Reporting (MBE/WBE)                                                                                                    Copy of results of debarred list

TAB 4 Debt documentation & underwriting
    Mortgage Verifications                                                         Mortgage trust deeds or title to mobile home
     County abstract title (review before ordering title report)                   Letter supporting how applicant has resolved liens
     Property tax evaluation form (before rehab)                                   Credit Report (compare to debts listed)
     "After rehab" appraisal or comparables(attach calculations)

TAB 5 Loan approval documents
    Loan approval letter                                    Decline letter (if applicable)                                  Project contract
     Agency environmental review                            Minutes                                                         Amendments (if applicable)
     State environmental release letter                                                                                     Proceed order

TAB 6 Loan Documentation After Closing
    Trust Deed                                              Trust Deed Note/ Promissory Note                                Truth in Lending/Disclosure
     Prelim Commitment for Title Insurance                  Request for Notice                                              Right of Recision
     Property ins.with OWHLF as "mortgagee"                 Title Co. Settlement Statement                                  Flood insurance
     Escrow Accrual Sheet                                   Instruction letter to Title Company                             Amortization schedule
TAB 7 Completion Documents 10% Hold Rule
    Statement of final completion                                               Final inspection or certificate of occupancy
     Request for final payment (Request for funds "RFF")                        FHA 203 (b) mortgage limits
     Monitoring documentation                                                   Income limits
     Payment records and lien releases                                          HUD 221 (d) 3 subisdy limits
AGENCY INFORMATION (do not return this page)
The Single Family Loan Review Committee meets once every month, schedule permitting. Refer to the allocation plan for
dates and application deadlines. Please make arrangements with your Housing Program Specialist for their preparation time
and the next available meeting.
Specialist                              Description of service           Phone Number                   E-mail
Patricia Maltsberger                    Project development              (801) 538-8636
Sherrie Brinkerhoff                     Project management               (801) 538-8713
Mary Jacobs                             loan servicing                   (801) 538-8790

Monitoring and Reference Material
Technical Guide for Determining Income and Allowances for the HOME Program - January 2005

ICF – BUILDING HOME -HOME Program Training Manual – Dec 2002 or last updated
Division of Housing and Community Development Allocation Plan 2005
Federal Regulations- Final Rule 24 CFR Part 92
HUD Regulation on Controlling Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing Receiving Federal Assistance and
Federally Owned Housing Being Sold (Federal Register (24 CFR Part 35) Homes                             HOME Program statute, regulations, notices, and waivers            or                 Federal regulations, HUD handbooks and notices, mortgage
                                                             limits- limits are updated regularly by local HUD staff, you
                                                             can contact personnel at Community Builder at (801) 524-
                                                             6011               Income guide limits                                               Census publications, including sample forms and instructions                                          IRS forms, instructions and other publications                                                  Debarred lists- Complete the privacy act- you'll get ELPS
                                                              main menu - go to search menu- then search by name.
F.Y.I. Monitoring- file and site review included but not limited to:
  Applicant/contract between applicant and contractor Change orders                       Work description
  Lien waivers                                        Site inspection                     Property site
  File documentation                                  Property Dispute Resolutions

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