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									                                                           Address Correction Required

                                                                                         Madison, WI 53704
                                                                                         2901 Portage Road
                                                                                         Foundation Realty LLC
                                                                                                                            Foundation Realty LLC
 A la Carte Real
                                                                                                                 Flexible Choice Program
 Estate Services
Don’t want to pay a big commission to sell your
house? Are you willing and able to do most of
the leg work yourself?

It’s a new age, and homeowners are more
involved than ever before. If you’d like to sell                                                                  Sell your home, your way.
your house yourself, with just a little help,
then our Flexible Choice program is for you!

Pick and choose only the professional services
you need, and pay individually.

           “For Sale By Owner”

             Foundation Realty LLC
                  2901 Portage Road
                  Madison, WI 53704

               Phone: 608-446-1067
                 Fax: 866-877-9082

    Foundation Realty gives 15% of our gross
    commissions to charities in South Central
     Wisconsin. See our website for details.

   If your house is currently listed with an agent, this
       mailing is NOT meant to solicit that listing.
Menu of services                                              Talking House Transmitter
                                                              Talking House is a radio transmitter that you place discreetly
                                                                                                                                 Full Service Listing
                                                                                                                                 We take care of everything for you, from soup to nuts.
                                                              inside your home. It broadcasts a sales message that you           Added services include: Customized marketing plan, print
                                                              record describing the most exciting features of your home          ads, unlimited professional consulting, 3-hour staging,
Market Analysis & Pricing Recommendation                      over the airwaves 24/7. House hunters simply tune their car        digital photography, catered Broker open house, Agent e-
We will prepare a comprehensive report listing all homes      radios to hear your message complete with instructions to          flyers, FREE home warranty, and buyer pre-qualification.
sold, expired, and active in your neighborhood for the        phone you to schedule a showing. Your fee includes a 6-
past six months. From this report we will provide a           month transmitter rental, instructions, and a yard sign.           Hourly Consulting
pricing recommendation. Free!                                                                                                    Our agents are available to consult on a wide range of
                                                              Showings                                                           real estate matters. This service includes but is not
MLS Listing                                                   We will show your property for you when you’re not available       limited to topics concerning the purchase, sale,
6-month limited service listing in South Central Wisconsin    to do it yourself. We arrive 15 minutes early to turn on all the   exchange, or investment in real property. A retainer is
MLS (seller can cancel anytime), lockbox, blank offer &       lights and straighten up for you, and will discuss your            required. Hours are pro-rated in 10-minute increments.
disclosure forms, digital photos and room measurements        property’s best features with the prospective buyer. Then,
                                                              we collect feedback, turn off all lights and lock the doors.
taken, posting to and,
professional yard sign installation with brochure box
(optional). A property visit by one of our licensed real              Buyers feel free to take their time and look               All services must be pre-paid, and will be refunded
estate agents is required.                                             carefully at your home when you are not                   back to you if you decide to convert to our full service,
                                                                       there. Having a professional agent show                   3% listing. You will be credited at the close of escrow.
Property Staging Consultation                                             your home is highly recommended!                       None of these services include a buyer’s agent
This includes a 45-minute tour of your property by a                                                                             commission.
professional real estate agent, who will provide you with
                                                                                                                                      Market Analysis                                FREE
a “How to Stage Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar” 55-
minute DVD and customized suggestions for your home.          Showing Coordination                                                    6-month MLS Listing                         $495.00
                                                              Don’t want to bother with showings? Use our phone number!
                                                              We will field all inquiries, schedule showings, and show your           Property Staging Consultation               $100.00
Marketing Kit
                                                              property an unlimited number of times as part of the
Full-color jumbo (6” x 9”) “Just Listed” postcards will be                                                                            Marketing Kit    1
                                                              coordination fee. Includes collection of feedback after the
mailed to 100 homes in your neighborhood, and you will
                                                              showings – from buyers and their agents.
receive 100 reproducible full-color flyers and 100 door-                                                                              Custom Website                              $175.00
hangers. Includes customization setup fee. You provide
the pictures and we do the rest! ($50 surcharge if we         Paperwork & Negotiation                                                 Public Open House                              FREE
take the pictures.)                                           Do contracts make your eyes blur? We will prepare all of the
                                                              documents related to your home sale, including the offer to             Talking House 6-month Rental                $ 95.00
                                                              purchase, addenda, amendments, required disclosures,                    Showings (each)                             $100.00
Custom Website
                                                              counter-offers, and notices. We will present and explain the
You will receive a complete website with up to 20 photos
                                                              terms of all offers and counter offers between buyer and                Showing Coordination                        $995.00
(which you provide), unique property address domain
                                                              seller. Sorry, we can’t give legal advice.
name (eg., web hosting for 1 year,                                                                                 Paperwork & Negotiation       2
and a domain rider sign (to fit on standard yard signs).
Also includes an information request form for prospective     Closing Coordination                                                    Closing Coordination2                             1%
buyers to email you if they’d like more info, a property      We will assist you with selection of your title company,
location map, and website statistics. If you’d like a link    scheduling the closing with the buyer and buyer’s agent,                Bronze Package                            $1,195.00
to your website from your MLS listing there       follow up with appraisers, inspectors, lenders, attorneys, and
                                                                                                                                      Silver Package3                               1.75%
is a $25 surcharge. A Spanish version of your website is      contractors to ensure all contingencies are removed by the
available for a $25 surcharge. See sample website at          deadlines specified in the contract, and attend the closing             Full Service Listing   4
                                                                                                                                                                                        3%                                         with you to ensure all goes smoothly.
                                                                                                                                      Hourly Consulting Rate                      $125.00
Public Open House                                             Bronze Package
                                                                                                                                    TO ORDER, CONTACT US or VISIT OUR WEBSITE.
You do the advertising & one of our agents will hold a 2-     Includes the MLS Listing, Custom Website, and two Public
hour open house for you! We will discuss your property’s      Open Houses.                                                             1
                                                                                                                                           Additional quantities can be ordered separately.
best features, and will also collect feedback from visitors                                                                                  2
                                                                                                                                               Minimum $1,000 charge will be applied.
to provide to you. Free! (Limited availability)               Silver Package                                                                 3
                                                                                                                                               Minimum $1,750 charge will be applied.
                                                              Includes Paperwork & Negotiation, and Closing Coordination.                      Minimum $3,000 charge will be applied.

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