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									                              Bookkeeper Job Description
Expectations:            This is a part-time position that performs duties of an accounting nature,
                         requiring good judgement. Needs to be an accurate, detail-oriented
                         person with basic accounting knowledge. This organization operates in a
                         “can do” environment and rewards team achievers. Additional
                         responsibilities may be added as deemed appropriate by the

Responsibilities:        The responsibilities of the bookkeeper include accounts payable,
                         accounts receivable, and basic financial reports. Duties may include
                         analyzing accounting documents for accuracy, investigating
                         questionable data, and taking corrective action when necessary.

Requirements:            The Bookkeeper must be able to utilize software tools such as Intuit
                         products (Quicken or Quickbooks), Outlook, ACT!, and Microsoft
                         Office. The candidate must have three to five years experience that
                         includes knowledge of basic accounting policies.
                         Salary range depends on experience

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