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					                                       Resources Reviewed in Development of Draft Aerospace Industry Competency Model

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                                        CONTENT-RICH AEROSPACE RESOURCES (Publically available KSA detail)
CA Employment Development
Department                               Manufacturing Careers - Aerospace Engineers

CA Institute of Technology               Caltech Aeronautics Catalog            
CA Polytechnic State Univeristy          Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering Catalog           rs2007.pdf
CA State Polytechnic University,
Ponoma                                   Cal Poly Pomona Aerospace Engineering  

Chandler-Gilber Community College        Aviation & Aeronautics (Course Descriptions)

Civil Air Patrol                         Aerospace Dimensions (Academic Standards)

Electronics Technicians Association      Avionics Electronics Technician        
                                         Embry Ridddle Aviation Maintenance Management
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University     Bachelor of Science                    
                                         Embry Riddle Aerospace/Aviation Industrial
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University     Management                                       ustrial.html
                                         Embry Riddle Aircraft Maintenance Associate of
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University     Science                                

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University     Embry Riddle Aviation/Aerospace Safety 

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University     Embry Riddle Master of Aeronautical Science
                                         Embry Riddle Professional Aeronautics Associate
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University     or Bachelor of Science                

Enterprise-Ozark Community College       Program Descriptions                   
Federal Aviation Administration          Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology            s/media/FAA-S-8081-26.pdf
                                         Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics General
Federal Aviation Administration          Handbook                                         AdvisoryCircular.nsf/0/A563729E3DAAC121862569F1005F80F1?O
                                         Aviation Mechanic Airframe Practical Test
Federal Aviation Administration          Standards                                        s/media/FAA-S-8081-27.pdf
                                         Aviation Mechanic General, Airframe, and
Federal Aviation Administration          Powerplant Test Guide                            edia/faa-g-8082-3.pdf
                                         Aviation Mechanic Powerplant Practical Test
Federal Aviation Administration          Standards                                        s/media/FAA-S-8081-28.pdf
                                     Resources Reviewed in Development of Draft Aerospace Industry Competency Model

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Florida Department of Education        Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineer                  er_career_info.pdf

Florida Space Institute                Course Descriptions                    
Georgia Department of Education        Georgia Fundamentals of Aviation                 als%20of%20Aviation.pdf?p=6CC6799F8C1371F6F2190A9B02545
Georgia Tech                           Georgia Tech AE Undergraduate Curriculum         um_General.htm

Ivy Tech Community College             Aviation Technology                    
                                       Aviation Technology Associate of Applied Science
Ivy Tech Community College             Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Powerplant)
Kangan Batman TAFE                     Certificate IV in Avionics                       info/index.php?fldCourseID=1325

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Avionics Engineering Technology      

O*NET                                  Aerospace Occupations                  

PDRI                                   Aerospace Sector for Advanced Manufacturing      hard copy
                                       FAA Airframe & Powerplant Certificates (A & P
Southern Illinois University           Rating) Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)

SpaceTEC                               SpaceTEC Certification                 
                                       SpaceTEC Certified Aerospace Technician
SpaceTEC                               Certification Readiness Course         

Spokane Community College              Aviation Maintenance Technology Program
States' Career Clusters                Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics uments/STEMFinal.pdf
TAFE New South Wales                   Avionics Competency Units                      urseCompetencyUnits&CourseNo=7123&RowNum=0
Tennessee Department of Education      Introduction to Aerospace Course Description   ace.doc

United States Air Force Academy        Aeronautical Engineering Program       
                                       U.S. Army 15Y: AH-64D Armament, Electrical,
US Army                                Avionics Repairer                      

                                       Resources Reviewed in Development of Draft Aerospace Industry Competency Model

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US DOLETA                                DRAFT STEM Competency Model                         hard copy
                                         Framework of Competencies by the Advanced 
US DOLETA                                Manufacturing Industry                              dvanced-Manufacturing.pdf
                                         Individual Occupational Requirements for Aviation
US Office of Personnel Management        Series 1825 Aviation Safety Inspector GS-9/15
                                         Career Prospects in Virginia Aerospace    
VA Department of Education               Engineering Technician                              D/AerospaceEngTech.shtml#education

                                                 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT AEROSPACE INDUSTRY

Career Voyages                           Aerospace Industry Overview               

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University     Degree Program (Course Descriptions)      
Massachussets Institute of Technology Building the 21st Century Aerospace Workforce          %20March%2028%202002a.ppt
North Carolina State University          Aeronautical Engineering Curriculum                 r_key=14AE%20%20%202036%20&title=AEROSPACE%20ENGINE

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center    Aerospace Engineering Overview                  
Texas Workforce Commission ; Texas State of Texas Aerospace and Defense Cluster    
Workforce Investment Council       Assessment                                                AerospaceandDefenseCluster.pdf
                                   The Aerospace Engineering Major at the U.S. Air
United States Air Force Academy    Force Academy                                   
                                   Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
US Bureau of Labor Statistics      (NAICS 3364)                                    

US DOLETA                                High Growth Industry Profile              
Workforce Florida, Inc. -- Aerospace
Resource Center                          Needs Assessment Aerospace Industry Cluster

                                                    RESOURCES without publically-available KSA Detail

Aerospace Industries Association         Standards (for sale)                      

Aerospace States Association             Industry Info -- no competency resources  

Aerospace Systems Education Cohort       NASA Airspace Systems Education Cohort    

                                       Resources Reviewed in Development of Draft Aerospace Industry Competency Model

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                                         Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology --
Air University                           Degree Requirements                    
Brainbench                               Aerospace Industry Knowledge                     testId=9
                                         Aerospace Technology Assocate of Applied
Calhoun Community College                Science                                          f

Community Learning Center                Aerospace Industry Training Partnership (AITP)

Del Mar College                          Aviation Maintenace Program Information

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University   Aviation Maintenance Technology Certificate
                                       Computer Testing Supplement fo FAA-CT-8080-
Federal Aviation Administration        4E Aviation Mechanic General, Powerplant,          edia/faa-ct-8080-4e.pdf
FLATE -- Florida Advanced              Engineering Technology Curriculum Reform in        http://www.fl-
Technological Education Center for     Florida                                  
                                       Welding Training and Certification for Aerospace
Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Applications                             

Long Beach City College                  Aviation Maintenance Career Certificate
                                         Aerospace Engineering Graduate Study Program
Mississippi State University             Description                                      g.htm
National Aerospace Development
Center                                   No competency resources on Web site    
SAE International with PAMA
(Professional Aviation Maintenance       Aviation Maintenance and Production Safety and
Assocition)                              Quality Certification Program (Page 3)           PAMA%20Maintenance%20and%20Production%20Certification.pdf
UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering        MAE Curriculum Plans and Career Check            ace

United States Naval Academy              Aeronautics Course Matrix              
                                         Department of Aerospace Engineering and
University of Alabama - Engineering      Mechanics Graduate Programs            

Weber State University                   Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)     
                                         Community Learning Center, Inc. and its
Working for America Institute            Aerospace Industry Training Program    


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