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					       Volume 7, Issue 7
                                   The EmpACT Connection
      Monthly Newsletter
                                   Connecting people around the world to the latest news and events in staffing
        October 2005

                                     e E m p A C T I n t r o d u c e s H i g h e r L e a r n i ng
   Upcoming events:
                                     eEmpACT Software recently announced the launch of their new eEmpACT University class
   • New User Training Sessions      offerings to all current customers. The variety of classes offered covers everything from
     Oct. 3-7 Atlanta                product-based front office and back office teaching to service-based customer sales
     Oct. 3-7: Minneapolis           education. eEmpACT University was created to help customers work more independently and
     Oct. 10-14: Minneapolis         leverage a greater understanding of the software. Allowing customers to experience in-depth
     Oct. 17-21: Atlanta             hands-on learning of certain features in eEmpACT cultivates a more thorough understanding
     Nov. 7-11: Minneapolis          of its extensive software functions and capabilities, which customers often don’t fully utilize.
     Email Jen for more info at:     “By providing our customers a classroom-style learning environment for a specific area of our           software empowers users to run their staffing business more cost-effectively,” said eEmpACT
                                                                                           President and CEO Tim Giehll.
                                                 Fall 2005 Course Offerings
   • eEmpACT Annual User                                                                   eEmpACT University has a full portfolio of
     Group Meeting: Oct. 19          Class                      Date     Location          course offerings scheduled throughout
     Orlando, FL                     UltraDay                   Oct. 26 Atlanta, GA        the fall. The first class, focusing on
                                                                                           Microsoft Query report writing, was held
   • American Staffing Associa-      eEmpACT as a Sales Tool Oct. 27 Atlanta, GA           in September in Minneapolis and Atlanta
     tion National Conference                                                              and proved very successful.
                                     Advanced Express Day       Oct. 28 Atlanta, GA
     Oct. 19-22 Orlando, FL                                                                “Who would have thought queries would
                                     UltraDay                   Nov. 16 Minneapolis, MN be exciting!?” said Query student Lauren
   • National Assoc. of                                                                    Horton from Discover Staffing. “It was
     Computer Consultant             eEmpACT as a Sales Tool Nov. 17 Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                           great to learn that once you know what
     Businesses (NACCB):             Advanced Express Day       Nov. 18 Minneapolis, MN information you need and where it comes
     Nov. 2-5 Los Angeles, CA                                                              from, that you can design almost any
                                     report you can imagine! The classroom experience was very positive and I'd give our trainer,
                                     Kathryn, a 10!” Additional one-day classes scheduled in October and November include
                                     UltraDay, eEmpACT as a Sales Tool and Advanced Express Day. Discounts are available for
Inside this issue:                   multiple registrations. Contact Jennifer Palmer at 800-456-5660, ext. 254 or email
                            More information can also be found by visiting our website at:
CEO Remarks              2
                                     Suppor t Tips and Reminders
Preferred Partner
                                      Upgrade & Support Updates– Is your system up-to-date?
eEmpACT Celebrates
15 Years
                         3            • Microsoft will end support for Windows NT 4 and SQL Server 7 as of December 31, 2005. If
                                        you are using either of these products in conjunction with eEmpACT products, it is to your
Helping Out              3              advantage to upgrade to Windows 2000/2003 servers, Windows XP and SQL 2000 prior to
                                        December 31, 2005.
Hurricane Response       3            • In addition to support changes for Windows 2000, NT 4.0 and SQL Server 7.0, eEmpACT
                                        will no longer support the integration to Quickbooks for customers after December 31,
                                        2005. Customers will not be able to get assistance through eEmpACT for Quickbooks
New Employees            4              software or the Quickbooks interface. eEmpACT highly recommends you transition from
                                        Quickbooks to eEmpACT’s very own Express in order to fully utilize and benefit from eEm-
                                        pACT’s integrated software and superior customer support.

                                                                                                                    Please see tips, page 2
                                                                                                      Volume 7, Issue 7

Tips, continued from page 1
Payroll Corner– Did you know?            Express Tip: Check Re-issue Fee
New Jersey has announced that the        You can now configure your Express system to allow for a             eEmpACT will
taxable wage base for unemployment       check re-issue fee. Simply create a reissue fee code in
                                         eEmpACT Administration and then enable the re-issue
                                                                                                        continue to provide
insurance and temporary disability
insurance will be $25,800 for 2006.      fee key under "Manage System Keys."                             customer tips and
Visit the New Jersey Department of                                                                          reminders on a
Labor and Workforce Development at       Express Update 17-B6 is now available! You must be on               monthly basis.      eEmpACT Express version 12 to install the update. To
006.html for more details. Don't         get complete details on how to set up the Automatic
forget to update your eEmpACT            Updates, go to:
Express state tax settings as needed.

e E m p A C T S e t s t h e L e a r n i n g Cu r ve H i g h
                                                                                                     “It is one thing to have
                   With many     dilemma that leaves a           addressing just one area of
                   technology-   software developer like         the software, so that a more            the best tool buried
                   based         eEmpACT is to decide how to     thorough understanding can
                   industries,   educate our customers to        result and customers can                 somewhere in your
                   the rate of   keep them current with our      fully appreciate and utilize
                   developing    latest and greatest improve-    the capabilities of that           software, but what good
                   and           ments. It is one thing to       certain feature. Often the
                   introducing   have the best tool buried       skills learned result in large      is it to our customers if
  Tim Giehll, CEO new            somewhere in your software,     cost-savings; customers no
                                                                                                        they don’t know how
                  products       but what good is it to our      longer have to pay someone
and services into the market     customers if they don’t know    else to do the skill they now                 to best use it?”
is often done at a faster        how to best use it? With the    know and can perform them-
pace than most consumers         introduction of eEmpACT         selves. With benefits like                -Tim Giehll, CEO
can keep up with. Looking at     University classes, we are      this, the University classes
the software industry, this      combating this challenge.       will prove to be a powerful
trend is especially true. The    Each class is targeted at       tool for our customers.

P r e f e r r e d Pa r t n e r G r ow t h – T r a n s F o r m A d d e d
Partnership continues to         special needs people have       TransForm. “We look forward
grow with addition of            regarding printed products.     to what the future holds in our
TransForm Group                  Headquartered in Atlanta,       partnership with eEmpACT and
                                 GA, TransForm has been in       their family of clients!”
eEmpACT’s second                 operation since 1985,           TransForm Group is known for
Preferred Partner recently       serving over 4,500              its excellent customer service
joined the team as a value-      customers nationally. They      and provides customers with
added, trusted partner for       specifically can provide        these three guarantees:
eEmpACT customers.               eEmpACT customers with          1. We will reduce your cost for
As an eEmpACT Preferred          products such as payroll        printing, forms and cartridges.
Partner, TransForm Group         checks, invoices, tax forms,    2. We will provide excellent
provides business forms and      timesheets and more.            customer service
commercial printing, tailored    “TransForm Group is excited
to meet the specific needs                                       3. If we ever fall short in any
                                 to be teamed up with            area we will not stop our
of the staffing industry.        eEmpACT as a Preferred
TransForm deals with                                             correction procedure until you     The team from TransForm Group
                                 Partner; we enjoy serving       are 100% satisfied.                stand in front of their headquarters
nearly 500 staffing-related      the eEmpACT clients and                                            located in Atlanta, GA.
companies all across the                                         For more information about
                                 building loyal, long lasting    TransForm Group, please visit
country; they are                relationships as we provide
experienced and know what                                        our Preferred Partner page at:              Page 2
                                 a full line of print services
forms customers need for         and related products,” said
specific software and what                                       transform_technology.html
                                 Gary Smith, President of
                                                                                                          Volume 7, Issue 7

1 5 Ye a r s a n d G o i n g S t r o n g
eEmpACT celebrates 15th          needed innovative software        Muller said. “Looking back I        “There's a feeling here of
anniversary and looks            solutions. They were not          realize it's about people. Our
                                 alone in their struggles to       success has always come as         more than just producing
forward to future growth         meet the unique challenges        a result of the hard work,
With a solid 15 years under      of their indus-                          dedication and              a software package; it's a
its belt and many more to        tries, and the                           attitude of our staff.
come, eEmpACT’s experience       product born                             There's a feeling here          feeling of ‘how can we
in the staffing software         of this frustra-                         of more than just
                                 tion has built                           producing a software             make our customers
industry has earned itself the
respect as an industry           up a well-known reputation.       package; it's a feeling of ‘how      successful?’ and in turn
leader. Earning this status      Founded by Manpower               can we make our customers
has been a continual work in     franchise owners in 1990,         successful?’ and in turn                make us successful.”
progress, as technology has      these recruiting experts          make us successful.”
heavily influenced a booming     formed eEmpACT Software.          Looking to the future,                          -Jeff Muller,
staffing market and              Today the customer base of        ongoing product and service
                                 eEmpACT has grown to over         improvements will continue               eEmpACT Product
eEmpACT has seamlessly
responded and answered to        1,000 who can now enjoy a         to be facilitated by regular
                                 completely integrated front       meetings with eEmpACT                 Developer & founder.
the changes along the way.
Professionals just like our      and back office system.           users and a formal online
customers were once faced        Product Developer Jeff            process for submitting
with frustrating staffing        Muller is a founding              product enhancement
problems. Staffing               eEmpACT employee and has          requests. eEmpACT looks
companies, consulting firms      witnessed first-hand the          forward to whatever changes
and corporate recruiters         changes over the years.           the next 15 years bring!
                                 “What an amazing 15 years!”

Helping Out                       Response to Hurricane Destruction

eEmpACT Donates to               American Personnel &              “eEmpACT walked us
Charity Auction                  Temps Affected                    through the problems and
                                                                   helped us resolve a very               “eEmpACT walked us
DVD player raises money          First Hurricane Katrina; then     serious issue. We were able
for Boys & Girls Town            Hurricane Rita. It is hard for    to pay our employees on
                                                                                                          through the problems
In August, Account Manager       many of us to imagine the         time while utilizing the            and helped us resolve a
Mike Wolbrink attended           instantaneous effects of          software for the first time.”
MAPPS (Mid America Assoc.        such powerful storms. For                                                   very serious issue.
                                 American Personnel &              American Personnel is
of Personnel & Staffing                                                                                We were able to pay our
                                 Temps in Beaumont, TX,            currently operating its
Services) in Missouri. While
at the conference, items were    Hurricane Rita left the local     Beaumont office out of                    employees on time
donated and auctioned off to     staffing business scrambling      Houston until power and
                                                                   services are restored, which      while utilizing the software
help raise money for the Boys    to their ParkWest Staffing
& Girl Town. eEmpACT             location in Houston to            could be another month.                    for the first time.”
donated a portable DVD           maintain and continue             Although there was some
                                                                   exterior damage to the build-                -Steven Hines,
player for this event and the    services for its clients. A new
winner was Jerry Hellebusch,     eEmpACT customer,                 ing, the office will be ok.          American Personnel &
cpc, owner of Morgan Hunter      American Personnel had yet        “This has been a very                                Temps.
Companies in Overland Park,      to run payroll for the first      difficult time for all of us;
KS. “The Board of directors of   time on the new software.         many of our employees in
MAPSS would again like to                                          the Beaumont Port Arthur
                                 Together with eEmpACT,
express our thanks for the                                         area have been displaced
                                 Network Partners (who is
portable DVD player which                                          and greatly affected by
                                 temporarily hosting
eEmpACT provided for our                                           Hurricane Rita,” said Hines.
                                 American Personnel) was
charity auction,” said MAPPS                                       “Thanks to eEmpACT and
Treasurer Alice Pollock. “This
                                 able to take the conversion
                                 data and transfer it to           NPI we were able to assist
item received a lot of bidding                                     many of our employees with
and we are happy that we         eEmpACT. “We were able to
                                 run five payrolls last week,”     much needed cash through                    Page 3
were able to raise money to                                        a timely payroll.”
give to charity.”                said Steven Hines of
                                 American Personnel.
eEmpACT Software, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN             Atlanta, GA                             Grounded with over 15 years of experience in the staffing indus-
2051 Killebrew Drive        1355 Terrell Mill Road                  try, the team at eEmpACT has developed a solid understanding of
Suite 520                   Building 1482, Suite 150                the needs of recruiters, consultants and staffing professionals.
Bloomington, MN 55425       Marietta, GA 30067
                                                                    Founded by staffing firm owners in 1990, these recruiting experts
                                                                    formed eEmpACT Software, currently the industry’s largest
            Phone: 800-456-5660                                     staffing software company. The software was specifically
                                                                    designed to empower recruiters in making it easier for people to
                                                                    find the right jobs and companies to find the right people!

                                                                    A complete front and back office solution, eEmpACT offers
                                                                    comprehensive support. It is the crucial interaction with our
                                                                    respected customers that ensure the software we develop is
                                                                    precisely targeted to fit your needs.

                                                                    Integrated with Microsoft technology, eEmpACT provides a
     The Staffing and                                               complete order-placement and resume search system along with
                                                                    powerful accounting and business management technology and
    Recruiting Software                                             can be used in a variety of networking environments.

          Visit us on the web:
                                                                                                         Upcoming ASA
We l c o m e A b o a r d N ew E m p l oy e e s !
                  Rochelle                                Melissa                           This fall    The American Staffing
                  joined the                              joined the                        Maureen      Association Annual
                  Minneapolis                             Atlanta                           joined the   Conference is quickly
                  eEmpACT                                 eEmpACT                           Customer
                                                                                                         approaching! If you are
                  team in July                            team in                           Support
                  as a Recep-                             July as a                         team at      planning to make the trek
                  tionist for                             Territory                         the Min-     to Orlando, be sure to stop
  Rochelle Reis   Corporate                                Manager                           neapolis    by and visit us– Booth 207!
                                         Melissa Sauceda                   Maureen Olson
                  Services.                                in the                            location.
She previously was                     Sales Department. She            Beginning in September, she      If you are still thinking
employed in the accounting             previously worked at Capital     will work as a Support           about attending the Annual
office at Sam’s Club for the           Business Solutions for a         Specialist. Before coming to     User Group meeting,
past five years. Rochelle              year and a half. Melissa is      eEmpACT Maureen worked           contact Jennifer Palmer
grew up near Northfield, MN            from Louisville, Kentucky        for Kontron Mobile Comput-
and graduated from Dakota              and attended Ball State          ing for six years, until the     (800-456-5660, ext. 254)
County Technical College               University where she earned      company moved to                 as soon as possible to
with a degree in General               a bachelor’s degree in           California. She is originally    reserve your spot today!
Auto Care. She is also a               Political Science and History.   from South Dakota and also
                                                                                                          Also, you don’t want to
Certified Nursing Assistant.           She has lived in Atlanta for     lived in Iowa, before settling
Rochelle has lived in the              over five years and in her       in the Twin Cities suburb of     miss the eEmpACT Cocktail
Twin Cities her entire life            spare time she enjoys            Minnetonka where she has         Reception being held on
and in her spare time enjoys           cooking and reading.             lived for the past 38 years.     Friday, Oct. 21 from 5:30–
scrap-booking, sports,                                                  Maureen enjoys doing crafts      7:30 p.m. at Marriott’s
movies, music and reading.                                              in her spare time.
                                                                                                         Solaris Restaurant. See you
                                                                                                         soon in sunny Orlando!

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