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                       SAMPLE – MENTOR CONTRACT

Whereas the undersigned _______________________, Social Security No.
____________ hereby enters into this agreement with Stephen F. Austin State
University to provide the following designated services and/or products on the dates
agreed to below.

          Attend mentor training at SFA*, local ESC, within your district or provide
           documentation of previous training.
          Serve as support person to the ________ Intern.
          Jointly mentor the beginning teacher along with the campus administrator and
           the University mentor.
          Maintain weekly contacts on the Interactions Contact Log Form.
          Assist the _________ Intern with problem solving as needed.
          Confer with the University mentor during scheduled visits.
          Submit completed Mentor Checklist and Conference Log.

Stephen F. Austin State University will provide the above stated contractor with the
following materials to complete the task:

            Intern Handbook
            Mentor Checklist and Conference Log forms.

*Mentor training is provided at SFA each semester free of charge. If the consultant
chooses not to participate in SFA’s mentor training, he/she will be responsible for any
expenses incurred in obtaining mentor training from another source.

This contract shall begin on ______________, and shall terminate on ______________.
Reimbursement is dependent upon the contractor submitting 1) proof of Mentor
Training, 2) completed Mentor Checklist, and 3) completed Conference Log.
Reimbursement will be made at the rate specified, subject to satisfactory performance
and progress having been determined by the _______ Manager, designated below.
Contractor will be paid no later than two weeks after all documentation is received.


The contractor shall be paid at the rate of ___________ dollars ($___) per ______


This contract may be terminated by either the Contractor or SFA upon thirty (30) days
written notice or immediately by SFA if the prime award is terminated by the sponsor. If
this contract is cancelled, terminated, or suspended by SFA prior to its expiration date,

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the Contractor will be reimbursed for all allowable, approved costs and non-cancellable
commitments incurred prior to notice of termination in accordance with the terms of this

(NOTE: The following paragraphs are mandatory and cannot be altered.)

As an independent contractor, Contractor understands and agrees that he/she will not
be entitled to any benefits generally available to Stephen F. Austin State University

This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any
and all prior agreements, arrangements, and understanding, oral or written between the
parties relating to this agreement. This agreement may not be modified except by
mutual written agreement of the parties executed subsequent to this agreement. Any
disputes under this agreement shall be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in
Nacogdoches County, Texas and governed by Texas law. To the extent that Chapter
2260, Texas Government Code, is applicable to this Contract and is not preempted by
other applicable law, the dispute resolution process provided for in Chapter 2260 and
the related rules adopted by the Texas Attorney General Pursuant to Chapter 2260,
shall be used by SFA and the Contractor to attempt to resolve any claim for breach of
contract made by Contractor that cannot be resolved in the ordinary course of business.
The Vice President for Finance and Administration of SFA shall examine Contractor’s
claim and any counterclaim and negotiate with Contractor in an effort to resolve such
claims. The parties hereto specifically agree that (i) neither the occurrence of an event
giving rise to a breach of contract claim nor the pendency of a claim constitute grounds
for the suspension of performance by Contractor, (ii) neither the issuance of this
Contract by SFA nor any other conduct, action or inaction of any representative of SFA
relating to this contract constitutes or is intended to constitute a waiver of SFA’s or the
state’s sovereign immunity to suit; and (iii) SFA has not waived its right to seek redress
in the courts.

_____________________________, Project Director                Date: ________________

_____________________________, SFA President Date: ________________

_____________________________, Contractor                      Date: ________________

Mentor’s Street Address                    City       State      Zip

Mentor’s Email address

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__________________________          ____________________________
Mentor’s Work Phone                 Mentor’s Home Phone

Mentor’s Cell Phone



Street Address                     City        State       Zip

________________________________         __________________________
Email address                            Work Phone

Programmatic Matters                   Contractual Matters
INSERT: Project Director Name          Dr. Carrie H. Brown
INSERT: PD Title                       Director, ORSP
INSERT: PD Address 1                   PO Box 13024, SFA Station
INSERT: PD Address 2                   Nacogdoches Texas 75962
INSERT: Telephone No.:                 Telephone No.: (936) 468-6606
INSERT: Fax No.:                       Fax No.: (936) 468-1251
INSERT: E-mail:                        E-mail:

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