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					                                                                            August 2008

Fox Company Family and Friends:

We are currently two months into our training program in preparation for deployment and Fox
Company has never been busier. This is a critical developmental stage in the training cycle when
we learn proficiency at the variety of tasks we are going to need in support of the mission. The
Marines have arduously completed numerous “field” and classroom training events learning a
variety of skills useful on today’s battlefield. In June Fox Company completed a month long
training event near Bridgeport, CA at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
(MWTC), where we were exposed to the physical and mental rigors of wilderness survival and
high altitude operations. The Company completed over 25 miles of hikes at MWTC, including a
company hike to the 11,000ft top of Lost Cannon Peak. This is in addition to the over 51 miles of
hiking we have completed here at Camp Pendleton, CA since May 1st.

Over the last four months we have joined the last Marines/Sailors to the Company and we now
have all the right people in the right places for deployment. As I look across our rosters I can
honestly say that in 12 years in the Marine Corps I have never seen a higher quality collection of
talent, leadership, and professionalism than I see in Fox Company today. From the youngest
Private First Class to our twenty year veteran First Sergeant, they are as mentally, physically, and
morally strong as any Company in the Marine Corps today. Our Marines are definately our most
precious resource.

We would like to congratulate the following personnel on their recent promotions (from 1 May
2008 to 1 September 2008):

To the rank of Sergeant:
Sgt Christian O. Ortiz       Sgt Cody R. Waldroup
To the rank of Corporal:
Cpl Warren R. Johnson        Cpl James P. Zuniga             Cpl David Gutierrez
Cpl Cameron M. Landon        Cpl Michael J. Levesque         Cpl Jeremy A. Wolcott
To the rank of Lance Corporal:
LCpl Joseph D. Knight        LCpl Corey A. Hamm              LCpl Federico E. Freire
LCpl Charles E. Holtsclaw LCpl Joshua D. Homp                LCpl Phillip T. Koruschak
LCpl Ryan O. Lamson          LCpl Elliot G. Lauritzen        LCpl William E. Lechter
LCpl Chad A. Leigh           LCpl Seferino E. Martinez       LCpl Justin M. Miller
LCpl Rees J. Odonnell        LCpl Kyle T. Olson              LCpl Christopher Perez
LCpl James K. Perritt        LCpl Michael R. Reed            LCpl Jeffery A. Renn
LCpl Presley B. Ritchie      LCpl Brandon W. Robinson        LCpl Christian B. Smith
LCpl Philip E. Smith         LCpl Thomas J. Stancil          LCpl Taylor C. Baisch
LCpl Rory J. Visser          LCpl Wesley G. Jones
To the rank of Private First Class:
PFC Ronald W. Adams JR PFC Kyle M. Armour                    PFC Baldemar A. Barba
PFC Anthony K. Broyles       PFC Nicholas S. Butler          PFC Joseph E. Comeau
PFC Miles E. Cooley          PFC Johnathon D. Dennison       PFC Adam P. Sweeney

As we look to the future the Battalion is preparing in the near term for a week long Battalion
training Field Exercise (Bn FEX) in October. On the long range horizon we still expect to
participate in a month long training and certification near Twenty-nine Palms, California at the
Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Center from the end of October to late
November. December still looks to be an opportunity to spend some of the holidays with family
and friends on some well deserved leave.

Every day we build capability that will serve us well in our trials to come. I couldn’t have more
confidence in these Marines or this unit. Thank you for all you do to support them and our

                                             Semper Fidelis,
                                             Capt Roach

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