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									                FAIRLANE MEADOWS

                                                              Volume 11, Issue 12               2009

       CONTACTS:               Annual Meeting
                               AN EDITORIAL BY PEG ZIMMERMANN
        Jan Warner             Fairlane Meadows Cooperative offers you the very best low
         889-1685              to moderate-income alternative to individual home ownership.
                               We are not renters. We communally own the property and as
      Vice President:          such each possess a share of stock that entitles us to rights
       Kevin Segard            and responsibilities. These include the responsibility to vote
    3515 Fairwood Ct.          for your choice of Board of Directors who govern the
         890-4872              community on your behalf, the right to claim certain tax
Kevin.Segard@Diebold.com       deductions when available to you, the responsibility to share
                               the costs involved in running the community, the right to
                               enjoy comfortable housing at an affordable cost in return for
                               participation in the process.
   Newsletter Editor:
   Peg Zimmermann              How we participate varies. Some choose to pay carrying
   3519 Fairwood Ct.           charges in return for being left alone. Some choose to pay
     (616) 531-2234            carrying charges in return for being actively involved. Others
  margaretzimmermann           lie in between. Each month the commonality of paying the
        @att.net               carrying charges assessed pools our efforts to cover costs
                               and hopefully keep living in a well cared for community
  Pet Committee Chair          affordable for those of us who make less then median
      Donna Betras             income.
  3490 Fairmeadow Ct.          The key is sharing. There are forty eight units on the
  745-4107 (after 5pm)         property and each of us contributes monetarily to the well
Donna.betras@yahoo.com         being of the community. The board that is elected by the
                               membership calculates those carrying charges into a budget
    Member At Large            that pays for the wants and needs dictated by HUD, the state
      Ron Losse’               and local governments, and the membership.
                               Your opportunity to contribute by voting for members of the
                               board occurs at the annual meeting. Please mark your
                               calendar and attend. It is March 23, 2009. Doors open at
                               6:00 PM for registration of proxies. The meeting begins at
    Office Manager
                               7:00 PM.
  Regular Maintenance
      Paul Proctor             This year we are also giving those who attend a chance to
    (616) 530-9257             respond to a Satisfaction Survey. This short survey gives
Fairmeadows590@sbcglobal.net   you an opportunity to let us know how we’re doing. It gives
                               you the opportunity to let us know your concerns in addition
 Emergency Maintenance
                               to giving us a way to evaluate your satisfaction with Fairlane
      (After Hours)            Meadows Cooperative. Please clear your calendar to allow
     (616)890-4872             you to attend in person or via proxy through another resident.
                               We choose to be affordable. In order to do so, we need to be
                               48 units strong. The current economy has us with empty
                               units. It is important for members to understand that if costs
See you at the next            are being controlled and the number of memberships
     meeting:                  decreases, the individual costs to maintain go up for those
                               who remain.
February 16, 2008              We need to advocate for our cooperative and fill those
 Doors Open at 6PM             vacancies. We each need to become marketing experts
   Meeting starts              among our family, friends, and associates to work together to
                               fill those empties and those that are surely coming.
promptly at 6:30 PM
                               This is a wonderful place to live and your opportunity to
                               contribute your ideas and vote for your choice of board
 ANNUAL MEETING                members is on the horizon. See you at the meetings, both
  March 23, 2009               February 16th and March XXth.
  Meeting begins
     7:00 PM
  The Community
  Office Building
                                         FAIRLANE MEADOWS

Pet Registrations                    TAX TIME Three Places to Find Help
were due in                          Paying to have your taxes done is one way to get them done. But there is
                                     help out there for those looking to economize. There are many tools to
January                              help get the job done and this year there are lots of ways to prepare your
                                     own tax return for free, some of which you can take advantage of no matter
                                     what your income.
Fairlane Meadows allows
common household pets defined        The newest is from the IRS – Free File Fillable Forms service
as follows:                          Pluses:
                                              No limit to the income you can report using these forms
BIRD – including canary,                      You can enter data, save it and come back to it later and add
                                                  more data
parakeet, finch, and other
                                              Lots of forms available as part of the package, including
species that are normally kept                    business income, capital gains, employee business expenses
caged. Limit 3. Birds of prey                     a variety of credits and more
are not permitted.                            You can produce your estimated tax vouchers 0 but can’t
                                                  transmit payment from the system
FISH – in tanks or aquariums.                 They will do the math
Not to exceed 20 gallons in                   You can get your refund directly deposited to your bank
capacity. Poisonous or                            account
                                              If you owe back taxes, child support etc., you will be notified
dangerous fish or turtles are
                                                  about monies to be withheld from your refund and why
NOT permitted.                                You can transmit your completed return directly to IRS and
                                                  get proof of filing or print it out and mail it in
CAT – male or female must be         Minuses:
neutered/spayed, and de-                      You can’t file your state form electronically from the system
clawed. Limit one.                            There are no error messages or automatic prompts telling
                                                  you to add forms
At NO time will Fairlane             The Free File Alliance (FFA)
Meadows approved exotic pets         Due to the practice of some online tax software companies of pushing the
including: Snakes, monkeys,          costly and profitable refund anticipation loans (RAL) in the past, IRS
and game, etc. Only one type         prohibited FFA members from offering RALs a couple of years ago.
pet will be allowed per unit.        Several companies dropped out, since they still reap profits from
Every pet must be registered at      encouraging files to pay exorbitant fees to get their refunds in less than 10
                                     days. This year, the IRS also cut off any upsell products whatsoever. That
the time it is acquired and
                                     reduces the chance of impulse buys. However, you may still prepare and
renewed annually with the office.    file state returns for a fee.

Registration is required each        FFA members provide you with regular tax software so there is no trouble
year in January. Payment is $20      with calculations and forms, as you would with the IRS’s new service.
                                     Most of the services provide interview based input pages. As in the past,
annually. You must complete a
                                     you will be able to deposit your refund electronically and get confirmation
new Pet Registration form.           from IRS that you have e-filed your federal tax return. Three services are
Proof of shots, spaying or           available in Spanish this year. Not all services support all states or have all
neutering, and de-clawing for        forms from this free service. You will want to shop the members to see
cats is also required along with a   which one offers the forms you need.
photo of the pet.                    To use this service your income cannot exceed $56,000. And not all the
                                     services wills tore your data to carry over to future years.
Those who did not register by
                                     You can tap into the service at the main IRS website: http://irs.gov/efile
the end of the month have
received a fine letter. All fines    TURBO TAX Free Version
are taken out of payments            What’s the difference between the FFA Free Service and the Free Edition
before monthly carrying charges.     offered by Turbo Tax on their home page? Plenty!
If you no longer have the pet in
question, you need to contact                     A new, intuitive question/answer path
the office or the Pet Committee                   Live Community support – you can research a database of
for review. Having a pet is a                      questions and answers or post your own questions and get
responsibility we take seriously.                  help
Please remember that you need                   Free audit support: If you get an audit letter from IRS,
to let us know when you bring a                    TurboTax will help you identify which form letter it is. The
                                                   service provides you with a template to use for your response
new pet into your home and
                                                   and tells you what documents to gather to prepare for your
when you no longer have a pet                      audit.
on the premesis.                                The data you enter in your file stays in the system and carries
                                                   over to next year, without re-entering it.
                                                You can prepare your state return for a fee of $25.95 per
                                     Of course, none of the premium services are included in the free version –
                                     like ItsDeductible that helps you value your charitable contributions or
                                     Gainskeeper to provide basis data for stock sales.
                                     However, most of us filing 1040A or 1040EZ and other simple returns using
                                     the standard deduction can use this service.
                                     Although it may be fun to file online, especially for free, those who find
                                     computers frutstrating and impersonal can take advantage of IRs’s VITA
                                     program (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (call 1-800-829-
                                     1040 for a location near you) or the Tax Counseling for the Elderly
                                     program (call 1-888-227-7669 for site locations.

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