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									                    FINDER’S FEE OF AGREEMENT (NON-EXCLUSIVE)

Date: ______________

Mr. John Doe
Need Money Corp.
123 Main Ave.
Equity, CA 00000

Dear Mr. Roberts:

RE:     Introduction of party or parties interested in providing funding to Need Money Corp.


        This Letter of Agreement shall serve as the understanding between Need Money Corp
located at 123 Ave., Equity, CA 00000 (hereinafter referred to as “NMC” and/or the “Company”)
and Get Money Inc. located at Summer, CA 00000 (hereinafter referred to as “Finder”), also
referred to collectively herein as "the Parties."


       NMC currently requires equity and/or debt financing for working capital, acquisition of
assets and to accomplish its business plan. Further, NMC is seeking introductions to parties
that can fund, or that can facilitate funding NMC’s capital requirements.

      NMC is desirous of engaging Finder to introduce interested parties to facilitate funding
on behalf of NMC, in return for cash and/or other compensation as specified herein.

        Finder believes it has numerous financial contacts, and may identify additional contacts
in the future, to which Finder intends to introduce NMC’s investment story and its financing

        Finder is desirous of making these financial contact(s) known to NMC to facilitate
financing in return for cash and/or other compensation as specified herein.


        The following shall be considered the description of services (henceforth referred to as
“Services” or “the Services”) to be performed by Finder on a “best efforts” and non-exclusive
basis, under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

A.) Equity and/or Debt Financing. Finder has and shall identify prospective sources of equity
    and/or debt financing, including potential underwriters for a public offering of the
    Company’s stock, initiate contact with them and introduce management to source

Need Money Corp.
Finder’s Fee Agreement (Non-Exclusive)
Page 2

       The following are the various considerations to Finder, and/or Assigns, which
correspond to the Services rendered as described in Section III above:

   A.) Lump Sum Advisory Fee. In the event any equity or debt financing transaction, public or
       private in nature, is consummated between NMC and a Funding Party introduced to
       NMC through or by Finder, over a period of time extending two (02) years from the date
       of introduction, then NMC shall pay to Finder, and/or Assigns, cash consideration in U.S.
       Dollars in an amount equal to Six Percent (6%) of the “Total Financing” received by
       NMC through an equity or convertible funding, and Three Percent (3%) of the Total
       Financing received by NMC for a non-convertible debt funding. The above-described
       fees shall be paid to Finder, and/or Assigns, directly from escrow at the time of closing of
       any financing transaction with NMC where Finder had introduced the Funding Party to
       NMC, either directly or indirectly, and such funding party provided financing for NMC.
       “Funding Party,” as referred to herein shall be defined to include without limitation, a
       lender, an individual investor, investment or merchant bank, or an investment fund
       introduced by Finder and whom which NMC, through its employees, consultants or
       advisors, has not previously discussed its financing needs. "Total Financing" shall be
       defined as the gross financing amount, in any installment or lump sum amount, not net
       proceeds to NMC.

   B.) Non-Specified Transaction. During the course of its activities under this Agreement
       Finder may introduce to NMC a party that does not fund NMC, but establishes some
       other business combination, such as a joint venture, acquisition, distribution
       arrangement, or strategic alliance. In such instances, NMC recognizes that Finder is
       entitled to a finders fee for orchestrating such a business relationship, and both Parties
       recognize that it may be difficult to value such an arrangement, and therefore NMC and
       Finder agree to negotiate in good faith an appropriate compensation structure for Finder
       relating to that transaction that is typical of the type of fees generally charged for such


       This Agreement shall continue in effect for one (1) year from the date of execution
hereof. Notwithstanding, the obligation by NMC to pay Finder the consideration outlined in
Section IV will continue as stated in Section IV beyond the expiration of the term of this


      Finder, at its own expense, will cover the cost of telephone, e-mail, facsmile,
photocopies, postage and other sundries related to the Services provided herein. Other
expenses such as travel, entertainment, general printing, and other costs will be the
responsibility of NMC; however, Finder will not incur any such costs without approval of NMC.
Should Finder pay any of these costs on behalf of NMC, Finder will rebill NMC for these direct
expense without markup, and such invoices shall be due and payable upon receipt.

Need Money Corp.
Finder’s Fee Agreement (Non-Exclusive)
Page 3

        Finder agrees to make diligent efforts in performing the services agreed upon herein and
similarly, NMC agrees to make diligent efforts in assisting and supporting Finder in so rendering
such services.


        NMC agrees to hold harmless Finder, its managing principals, members, and employees
and release the same from any and all liability, loss, damages, costs or expenses which Finder
may suffer, incur or be required to pay arising out of NMC’ acts, including without limitation,
negligence, misrepresentation, or any other action causing the initiation and pursuit of legal
action brought against Finder.

         Finder agrees to hold harmless NMC, its directors, officers, employees, and
shareholders and release the same from any and all liability, loss, damages, costs or expenses
which NMC may suffer, incur or be required to pay arising out of Finder’s acts, including without
limitation, negligence, misrepresentation, or any other action causing the initiation and pursuit of
legal action brought against NMC.


Confidential and Proprietary Information. NMC’s business profitability and good will are directly
dependent upon the confidential development, implementation and use of various marketing,
management and operating techniques, designs and systems and other matters of a similar
proprietary nature. Such activities include, without limitation, accounting records, customer files,
financial data, business plans, projections, service provider material, presentation or sales
materials, materials regarding NMC’s website, materials regarding NMC’s products and lists or
other compilations of information concerning aspects of the NMC’s business and existing and
prospective business opportunities. All such information is proprietary in nature, and NMC
strives to keep such information confidential (hereinafter collectively referred to as NMC’s
"Confidential and Proprietary Information").

To enhance Finder’s effort, NMC has agreed to and will provide Finder with access to, and the
right to use its Confidential and Proprietary Information. Finder acknowledges that such
information is, and must be treated as, confidential. Finder further acknowledges that access to,
and knowledge of, NMC’s Confidential and Proprietary Information will give it/him a competitive
advantage in any future endeavors.

Confidentiality Maintained. Finder is or will be engaged in a position, which is directly involved
in the development and success of NMC’s business, and in such capacity Finder will be
provided access to and will gain knowledge of the NMC’s Confidential and Proprietary
Information. Finder shall, both during and after its engagement by NMC, preserve, protect and
hold in strictest confidence NMC’s Confidential and Proprietary Information.

No Use of Information. Finder shall not, either during or after its engagement with NMC, use for
itself or disclose to or use for any other persons, directly or indirectly, any of NMC’s Confidential
and Proprietary Information, except in carrying out its duties and responsibilities as a Finder of
NMC or as such disclosure or use is expressly authorized by NMC in writing.

Non-Removal of Records. All Confidential and Proprietary Information and all files, reports,
computer files or other computer records, materials, designs, records, documents, notes,
memoranda, specifications, equipment and other items, and any originals or copies thereof,
Need Money Corp.
Finder’s Fee Agreement (Non-Exclusive)
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relating to the business of NMC which Finder is eithe
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