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									                                 Lloydminster Chapter
                                 Lloydminster Chapter

                       4419-52 Avenue, Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 0Y8
                        (780) 871-0513 (phone) ; (780) 875-1284 (fax)

                      Fall 2008 Newsletter
                      Fall 2008 Newsletter
Spend a Niight Wiith The Legends
Spend a N ght W th The Legends
 and Joiin the Fiight Agaiinst MS
 and Jo n the F ght Aga nst MS
     Llloydmiinsstterr Chaptterr Gearrss Up
     L oydm n e Chap e Gea Up
           fforr Fallll Fundrraiisserr
             o Fa Fund a e
The Lloydminster MS Chapter is proud to
bring the Alberta Country Music Legends
to the Border City for an inaugural Fall
Fundraising Event.
Featuring outstanding country music and
lots of laughs, this is a show fit for the
whole family.
Net ticket proceeds will go to the
Lloydminster Chapter of the MS Society, to
help fuel local programs and services for
individuals and families touched by MS.
Our goal is to sell the show out, but we
need your help! Buy your tickets, and
encourage everyone you know to do the
same in support of our wonderful cause.

     Alberta Country Music Legends
             Live In Concert
       Friday, September 19th, 2008
       Vic Juba Community Theatre
                 7:00 pm
             Tickets: $25 each
     Contact the Vic Juba Box Office                              Special thanks to Kurt Price,
(780) 872-7400 www.vicjubatheatre.ca                                 Lloyd FM and NewCap
   Box Office Re-Opens September 2nd                                                    support.
                                                                  for their promotional support.
        MS                                     NEWCAP EARNS
                                               NEWCAP EARNS
    GAME NIGHTS                                 TOP HONORS
                                                TOP HONORS
    HITTING THE ICE THIS FALL             Locall Broadcastiing Company
                                          Loca Broadcast ng Company
YOU LIKELY ALREADY KNOW ABOUT                   Wiins MS Sociiety’’s
                                                 W ns MS Soc ety s
   THE TREMENDOUS SUPPORT                         Allberta Diiviisiion
                                                  A berta D v s on
 EXTENDED TO OUR CHAPTER BY                 Communiicatiions Award
                                            Commun cat ons Award
    DURING OUR 2008 WALK.                  Every year, the Alberta Division of
                                          the MS Society calls upon Chapters
  NOW, THE BOBCATS HAVE SAID               to nominate individuals, groups &
    THEY WANT TO DO MORE.                  community partners for awards in
                                                  various categories.
 HAS OFFERED UP TWO SEPARATE              We are proud to announce that our
   GAME NIGHTS THIS SEASON                Lloydminster Chapter’s nomination
     DEDICATED TO RAISING                   of NewCap Broadcasting for the
 AWARENESS AND FUNDS FOR MS.                      2008 Alberta Division
                                           Communications Award has beat
DATES ARE STILL BEING FINALIZED,            out all other media outlets in the
 BUT EXPECT A GAME IN THE FALL,                province, and won the title!
     WE’LL LET YOU KNOW…                        Selected by a panel, the
                                          Communications Award is given for
  OUR SINCERE THANKS TO THE               outstanding presentation of multiple
    LLOYDMINSTER BOBCATS                  sclerosis issues, continued interest
 MANAGEMENT, PERSONNEL AND                 in the Society’s goals and special
PLAYERS FOR THEIR OUTSTANDING              assistance in promotion of events.
                                          NewCap’s commitment to providing
 TOGETHER WE RE HITTING                      extensive television and radio
        MS HARD..                            coverage of MS events clearly
        MS HARD                             captures the spirit of this award.
                                            So too do the efforts of Lloyd FM
                                             morning show personality Kurt
                                          Price, who went above and beyond
                                              this year in raising funds and
                                            awareness for the MS WALK. He
      It’s time. Give now.                truly embodies the essence of what
                                                  it means to give back.
 On Monday,, September 15tth,, our
  On Monday September 15 h our

  Chapter wiillll be holldiing a Press
   Chapter w be ho d ng a Press           We extend our deepest thanks and
     Conference at 10 am iin the
     Conference at 10 am n the              congratulations to NewCap.
   Boardroom of the Communiity
    Boardroom of the Commun ty
 Serviices Centre,, to announce the
 Serv ces Centre to announce the            The award will be presented to
    onlliine llaunch of the Natiionall
    on ne aunch of the Nat ona              NewCap at the Alberta Division
 endMS network.. Joiin us for thiis
  endMS network Jo n us for th s            Annual General Meeting in Red
           event as we mark a
           event as we mark a
    groundbreakiing phase iin MS                Deer on November 1st.
    groundbreak ng phase n MS
  research & the fiight to endMS..
   research & the f ght to endMS
 To llearn more,, contact the offiice..
 To earn more contact the off ce
                            2008 Fall Programs
                                  MS ActiveNOW

           WALK, TALK &                                           KEEP FIT
                                                              SWIM, GYM & TRACK
           Tone Group                                              PASSES
     Are you looking for a way to fit exercise
 into your weekly routine, but wish you had some       EXERCISE HAS BEEN PROVEN TO HAVE MANY POSITIVE
         company to keep you motivated?                      BENEFITS FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH MS.

                                                         FREE SWIM AND FITNESS PASSES TO MS SOCIETY
    The WALK, TALK & Tone Group meets at the           MEMBERS WITH MS AND THEIR SUPPORT PARTNERS.
        Common Wealth Centre to walk the              FITNESS PASSES – GOOD FOR 10 USES AT THE COMMON
   indoor track, work out in the Fitness Centre                        WEALTH CENTRE’S INDOOR WALKING
           and socialize in the process!                               TRACK OR GYM
    This Fall, we’re pleased to be offering a new     SWIM PASSES – FOR USE AT THE LEISURE CENTRE POOL
       EVENING SESSION, to help cater to the                        FOR UP TO 4 TIMES/MONTH
   schedules of those who work during the day.
                                                      EITHER PASS GIVES YOU THE FREEDOM TO EXERCISE AT
 Admission costs are covered by the MS Society,           NO COST AT TIMES THAT FIT YOUR SCHEDULE.
   and water & a healthy snack are provided.
                                                      CALL OR VISIT THE MS OFFICE TODAY TO GET YOUR PASS.
             Registration is not required.
Just join us inside the main entrance at the Common
        Wealth Centre & we’re off & moving!                    ADAPTED YOGA
                                                               ADAPTED YOGA
                                                               FOR BEGINNERS
                                                               FOR BEGINNERS
                   10-11:30 am                         JOIN US FOR THIS VERY POPULAR PROGRAM, LED BY
                                                           CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR DALE FOSS.
          Begins Thursday, Sept. 18 and
         runs each Thursday until Dec. 11               SPECIALLY ADAPTED TO MEET EACH PARTICIPANT’S
                                                       UNIQUE MOBILITY NEEDS, THIS YOGA CLASS IS BOUND
                   7-8:30 PM                            YOU’LL WORK ON IMPROVING MUSCLE STRENGTH &
                                                        TONE, BALANCE AND MAXIMIZING RANGE OF MOTION
          Begins Tuesday, Sept. 23 and                     THROUGH VARIOUS STRETCHING EXERCISES.
          runs eachTuesday until Dec. 9
                                                        FALL SESSION BEGINS TUESDAY, SEPT. 23RD AND
                                                             RUNS EACH TUESDAY UNTIL DEC. 9TH.

                                                         CLASSES ARE FREE FOR MS SOCIETY MEMBERS.
                                                            COST OF MEMBERSHIP IS $10 ANNUALLY.
                                                              REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY.
                                                           CALL MYRNA AT THE OFFICE TO REGISTER.
    SOUP & SANDWICH                                     Games, Crafts &
     INFO SESSION                                        Conversation
It’s a fresh take on an existing program,    Whether you’re into crafts, or just like socializing with
designed to keep you up to date on all the   others over a game of cards or dominos, this program’s
   latest MS information & research.
                                                              right up your alley!
                                              Open to individuals with MS and their support partners,
  Formerly known as the ‘MS Brown Bag        our Games, Crafts & Conversation Program allows you to
    Lunch’, this session will give you an     work on seasonal craft projects, enjoy themed snacks
 opportunity to hear from exciting guest       and refreshments, and have some laughs and a little
 speakers on various MS-relevant topics.            ‘friendly competition’ over various games.
    You’ll also have a chance to discuss        All sessions are held from 10:15 to 1:00 pm in the
  common experiences with others living       Workshop Room of the Community Services Centre.
   with MS and their support partners,       We ask that you bring your own lunch, and we’ll provide
       within a confidential setting.                       snacks & refreshments!

  We know your lunch hours are busy, so            Registration for this program is mandatory.
we’ve taken the brown bag lunch out of the
                                                   Please call Myrna at the office to REGISTER.
                                                     We ask that you register no later than
 program, and are providing free soup &
                                                       one week before the Program date.
  sandwich lunches for all in attendance.
We’ve also shortened up the program to a                         SEPTEMBER 26
    one-hour maximum, so you can get                 Thanksgiving Candy Holder & Games
          back to your busy day!
                                                                   OCTOBER 17
      Open to individuals with MS &                             Games Session
         their support partners.
       Registration is not required.                             NOVEMBER 28
                                                           Christmas Card Making
SESSION #1 – FITNESS & NUTRITION                       Guest Presenter: Scrapbooking
Alberta Room, Community Services Centre
     Guest Speaker: Lynn Trimble –
            Personal Trainer                  It’s another installment of our ever-popular
                                                        Fun Bowling Family Event!
     Muscle Beach Health & Fitness
                                                        Join us at Border Bowl on
   SESSION #2 – MS TREATMENTS                            Sunday, September 28th,
                                                  from 3-5 pm for an afternoon of non-
  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH – 12-1 PM                 competitive bowling, snacks & prizes!
Alberta Room, Community Services Centre          Admission costs and shoe rental will be
       DVD Viewing & Discussion –                 covered by the MS Society. Snacks &
          ‘To Repair & Protect:                    refreshments will also be provided.
     The Future of MS Treatments’            Call Myrna by                       to
                                                 Sept. 22                      Register.
                                                      Notiice of annual
                                                      Not ce of annual
       President’s Message
                                                      general meetiing
                                                      general meet ng
   Hello. I hope you all had a good summer.
     This time of year has us gearing up for       The Lloydminster Chapter of
    another exciting season of fundraising,       the Multiple Sclerosis Society
                                                   of Canada will be holding its
      awareness and continued services in
                                                    Annual General Meeting on
support of all those affected by MS, of which
                                                   Monday, October 20th, 2008.
    there are many, in our Chapter. We see
    more people affected by this disease at         All Members are invited and
every function we host. I think there are two          encouraged to attend.
   reasons for this; one being that there are          Meeting to be held at:
people being newly diagnosed with MS on a                 OTS Room (South)
  continual basis, and the second is, I think,        Common Wealth Centre
  that the increased awareness our Chapter           (2nd floor) – wheelchair &
  continues to build is allowing for people to          scooter accessible.
feel more comfortable coming out to events.
                                                  Pot Luck Supper – 6 pm, with the
This is something we are constantly working
                                                        meeting to follow.
   to improve on, as reaching more affected
 people is certainly one of the goals laid out       Proceedings will include a
     in our Strategic Plan. We hope that by          re-cap of our 2008 season,
     reaching more people, it means we are              and elections to the
  helping more people, but also that we as a            Board of Directors.
 Chapter will draw more people in to help us
    in some way. The more people we have
   working towards the Society’s Mission of
 ‘being a leader in finding a cure for multiple
  sclerosis and enabling people affected by
     MS to enhance their quality of life’, the
better, and the more likely we’ll be to in turn
              achieve that mission.
Our Annual General Meeting is coming up in            CALL FOR NOMIINATIIONS
                                                       ALL FOR OM NAT ONS
October, and we would love to see each and
      every one of you there to get a good         The Lloydminster MS Chapter is currently
    perspective on our Chapter’s incredible         accepting nominations for its Board of
 accomplishments of this last season and to                      Directors.
   enjoy the camaraderie of a great group of
people, all beginning with a pot luck supper.      Board commitment includes attendance at
 As well, if you’re at all interested, we would   monthly meetings held the first Wednesday
   welcome your name to stand for election        of every month beginning at 6:00 pm, as well
           onto the Board of Directors.              as assistance with various fundraising
One last thing…if Earl’s still in the Canadian             events throughout the year.
       idol competition when you get this,
            DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!                    Board members need not have an MS
                                                      connection, and no previous board
                  Sincerely,                       experience is necessary – just a desire to
              Darrel Frisken                                 make a difference!
             Lloydminster Chapter                     For more information or to receive a
     Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada              nomination form, contact Johanna.
       EMBERSHIP                               MS Christmas Party
        ENEWAL                             You are cordially invited to attend our
         REMINDER                            Chapter’s 2008 Christmas Party,
 2008-2009 MS Society Lloydminster                     to be held on
Chapter Memberships are NOW DUE.
                                              Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at
      MEMBERSHIP DUES                         Forester’s Hall in Lloydminster.
     $10.00/year – Individual                       Doors open at 4 pm
      $15.00/year – Family**
                                                       Dinner at 5pm
 **Family memberships include a
  spouse & dependant children.             To be followed by our popular Chinese
           BENEFITS                                   Gift Exchange.
                                           Each member is asked to bring a $5.00
    Membership grants you FREE                  unisex, male, or female gift.
  access to all Lloydminster Chapter
       Programs & our Popular                We also ask that you bring a non-
    Christmas & Summer Socials.
                                             perishable food donation for our
    You will receive our quarterly
    Chapter Newsletter, as well as
                                                  Chapter Food Hamper,
    regular publications from our             to be given to a family in need.
     Alberta Division & National
  offices, bringing you up-to-date on     Myrna will be calling members later this
  MS research, programs & services.            Fall to confirm attendance.
   You’ll be entitled to vote at our
  Annual General Meeting held each
                                             We hope you’ll join us for this very
    Fall, giving you a say in our            special celebration of the season!
   As a Member, you’ll also have an
   opportunity to help sustain and               LLOYDMINSTER CHAPTER
  grow our Chapter by volunteering                   OFFICE HOURS
      at one of our many events.
                                                Monday – Friday 10am - 3pm
  TO BECOME A MEMBER OR                            (including over lunch)
 Fill out the enclosed Membership       **If these hours don’t work for you, give us a
    Application/Renewal Form,               call and we’ll do everything we can to
      including your Volunteer                        accommodate you.
  preferences, and return to our
Chapter Office, along with your fee
 no later than October 31st, 2008.             Lloydminster MS Chapter STAFF
                                                         Johanna Green
       WE VALUE YOUR                                      Executive &
        MEMBERSHIP                                    Development Director
Help us ensure our Chapter remains
                                                          Myrna Jezowski
     vibrant by renewing your
                                                         Client Services &
       membership TODAY!                               Program Coordinator
                                                   MS Summer Kids Kamp
    It’s been a summer packed with                This summer, our Chapter once
  excitement here at the Lloydminster         again offered a Summer Kids Kamp
  Chapter. Take a look at a few of our        for children with a parent or relative
      most memorable moments…                 living with MS. During three full-day
                                                  sessions on July 29, August 5 &
                                                August 12, the kids learned about
2nd Annual MS Colonial Days Float
                                                MS through a series of fun games
     Thanks to the tireless efforts of        and crafts, and spent the afternoons
     Bob and Kaye Bower, generous              enjoying each other’s company on
  sponsorship from Denham Chrysler,            various field trips. On the final day,
 and assistance from Darrel and Myrna,          parents were invited to join us for
we were able to once again enter a float         lunch, and a discussion of all the
into the Colonial Days Parade. Bob and         children learned during the course
   Kaye dedicated countless hours to          of their Kamp experience. We were
  preparing the float and taking on the       also fortunate to once again receive
meticulous task of gluing on carnations         media coverage of the Kamp, with
 – a beautiful addition, and an effort we        both the Booster and the Source
          are most grateful for!               publishing great photos of the kids.
                                                A special thanks to Myrna for her
                                              hard work in planning this program.

Safeway Proves They Truly ‘Care’
    With $16,444.41 Donation
     After three dedicated months of        First Ever Client Trip to Camp Health,
fundraising for the MS Society during its
    2008 ‘We Care Campaign’, at our
                                                     Hope and Happiness
   Appreciation Evening on June 19th,       This summer, thanks to grant funding from the
  Lloydminster Safeway presented our        City of Lloydminster, for the first time ever, our
 Chapter with a cheque for $16,444.41.      Chapter was able to send one of our MS clients
                                             living in long-term care to Camp Health, Hope
This was a tremendous result, given the
                                                        & Happiness at Seba Beach.
  short time-frame for fundraising, and       The 6-day excursion provided this individual
     proof of the outstanding level of      with a rare getaway from her living setting, and
 commitment on the part of Safeway to             an opportunity to connect with other
      supporting our organization.          individuals faced with physical disabilities, in a
A huge thank you also goes out to all MS     relaxed, social atmosphere. We’re so pleased
  Society volunteers who helped at the      to have been able to bring some joy into the life
      store and contributed baking                       of a person living with MS.
          during the campaign.
      Other Services Offered by the                                New Resources
         Lloydminster Chapter
                                                                Meeting the Challenges of
  Handivan Service                                            Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
  Provides 18 trips per month for eligible                                BOOK
  members with MS.                                       Available for Loan from the MS Office
  Funding provided by United Way.
                                                                MS ActiveNOW Packages
  Special Assistance Funding
                                                       Extensive packages detailing the benefits of
  If the costs associated with MS are too much
                                                           physical activity for those with MS.
  for you to bear, we may be able to help. Special
                                                                     Includes 2 DVDs:
  assistance funding is available for individuals
                                                                        1. About MS
  who qualify. Call the office for more details.
                                                                     2. MS and Exercise
                                                          Also features a list of exercises specially
  Information & Resource Library
                                                             recommended for persons with MS
  A wealth of pamphlets, books, videos, dvds &
  newly diagnosed information packages are
  available at the Lloydminster Chapter.             WEBSITES

  Peer Support
                                                     www.msdiscuss.com – MS Discussion Forum
  Our Peer Support Program matches trained
  volunteers who have MS with partners dealing       EQUIPMENT FOR LOAN
  with MS and looking for some support. This
  program is open to those who are newly             ROHO Wheelchair Cushion (with pump)
  diagnosed as well as those looking to speak with     - available at the MS Office
  someone sharing the experience of MS. If you
  are interested in being matched with a             Vehicle Hand Controls
  volunteer, contact our office.                        - also available at the MS Office

            LIVING WITH MS?
      WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!                      Lloydminster & Area 24 hr Crisis Line
                                                     Call collect at (306) 825-8255.
We know you spend most of your time giving
        of yourself to your loved one,               HEALTH Link Alberta Health advice 24 hours
      but we want to ensure someone’s                a day. Call toll-free 1-866-408-5465.
            looking out for you, too.                Canadian MS Network A support telephone line
However, it’s challenging to plan programs or
                                                     run by volunteers across Canada, by people with
     meeting sessions around your busy
                                                     MS, for people with MS. 1-877-714-2469
  schedules. So, we’re asking you to let us
 know the types of things you’d like us as an
 MS Society to do to help you in your role as           Would you like to receive this Newsletter
   caregiver/support partner. Whether it’s             electronically? If you’re connected to the
                                                         internet, you can help save us postage
 casual get-togethers to connect with other
                                                        costs by requesting your newsletters be
  support partners, or fun getaways to give                        sent to you by email.
  yourself a rare break, just let us know and              Call our office or send us an email at
     we’ll do our best to make it happen.               info.lloydminster@mssociety.ca to have
Please also indicate the times that work best          your name added to our electronic mailing
for you. We’re looking forward to your input!         list. You can also check out our Newsletter
Give Myrna or Johanna a call at the office, or          on our Lloydminster Chapter website by
          send either of us an email.                  logging on to www.mssociety.ca, clicking
                                                            on Alberta Division, then selecting
                                                                  Lloydminster Chapter.
      We Are A United Way Member Agency

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