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									Newsletter of the German Embassy Ottawa - September 2006, issue 2
Sep 15, 2006

Pope wraps up tour of homeland

Pope Benedict XVI is back in Rome after completing his six-day visit to his
native Bavaria with a visit to the Cathedral in the Munich suburb of
where he was ordained as a priest in 1951. The visit is more likely to be
remembered as a sentimental stroll down memory lane in what the 79-year-old
pope himself admitted may have been his final major visit to his homeland.
Benedict was paying the second visit to Germany of his year-old papacy,
concentrating this time on a trip to well-remembered places in Bavaria, the
region where he was born, taught theology and was archbishop of Munich for
years until moving to Rome in 1982.
During his trip, Benedict had told the congregation in the open air at the
Munich trade-fair grounds that there was a "deafness towards God" in the
"People in Africa and Asia admire our scientific and technical prowess, but
the same time they are frightened by a form of rationality which totally
excludes God from man's vision," he said. (dw)

Rabbis ordained in Germany

Three rabbis have been ordained in Germany, the first since the destruction
the Nazis of its Jewish seminaries during World War II. The Central Council
Jews in Germany has welcomed the ordination in Dresden as a "return to

More than 100,000 Jews now live in Germany but there is a lack of rabbis.
years the country has had to rely on rabbis from abroad. The three rabbis
studied at the Abraham Geiger College in Potsdam.

The last seminary, the Berlin-based College of Jewish Studies, was destroyed
the Nazis in 1942, at a time when Germany was home to some 600,000 Jews.
Germany, Turkey launch dialogue initiative

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his Turkish counterpart
Abdullah Gul recently launched an initiative to promote greater dialogue
between cultures and religions. The Ernst-Reuter-Initiative was announced as
the two ministers wrapped up talks during Steinmeier's visit to Istanbul on
way to a trip to the Middle East. Gul told Turkish television TRT 1 that the
goal of the initiative was to counter prejudice and intolerance. Steinmeier
recalled that Ernst Reuter - a legendary mayor of post- war West Berlin - as
well as numerous scholars and artists had found asylum in Turkey when the
were in power in Germany. Last February, Gul and Steinmeier had co-authored
article in response to the violent protests in many Islamic countries
the publication in a Danish newspaper of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed
which many Muslims deemed to be blasphemous. Gul and Steinmeier called for
common efforts to establish tolerance and mutual respect between cultures
religions in their article.
The Ernst-Reuter-Initiative was expected to spawn a series of projects in
Germany and Turkey to promote understanding of each others' cultures,
said. Along with the initiative, Germany's foreign radio broadcaster
Welle announced plans to expand its media activities in the Turkish market,
with programmes in the Turkish language to be broadcast throughout Turkey
starting in October. ( dpa)

After 15 Years of Planning, Construction Begins on Berlin’s New Airport

Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Transportation Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee,
Brandenburg State Premier Matthias Platzeck joined business leaders in
a few shovelfuls of the sandy soil at the site of the future Berlin
International Airport. The groundbreaking ceremony was the culmination of
nearly fifteen years of planning aimed at establishing a single airport for
Germany’s capital that can compete with the current hubs in Frankfurt and
Schoenefeld Airport, which formerly served East Berlin when it was the
of the Communist German Democratic Republic, will be transformed into
Germany’s third largest airport to the tune of about € 2.2 ($ 3.1 billion
Cdn). The new airport is due to open its doors and jetways to about 22
passengers annually by 2011.
The 2,400 acre site will include an underground rail station which the
Bahn says will halve the time it takes travelers to get from Schoenefeld to
new central train station to twenty minutes. Passengers will also be able to
catch high speed Inter City Express trains at Schoenefeld.
One of the last large scale infrastructure projects of German unification,
new airport will take over for the airports Tegel and Tempelhof as Berlin’s
only major international airport.
The current distribution of air traffic in Berlin among three airports is a
legacy of the city’s division during the Cold War. Berlin’s busiest airport
today, Tegel, which once served West Berlin when it was an enclave in East
Germany, is due to close in 2012. Berlin Tempelhof, the airport closest to
city center that is famous for the role it played during the Berlin Airlift
1948-49, will close in 2007. (GIC)

Berlin Brandenburg International Airport:

New Canadair regional jets for Lufthansa

More seat comfort, better environmental data and high efficiency:
Bombardier CRJ900 starts flight operations at Lufthansa CityLine.

Lufthansa CityLine, a partner in the Lufthansa Regional group, is
introducing a
new aircraft type. The 84-seater Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) from Canadian
manufacturer Bombardier will become the new flagship of the CRJ fleet of
Lufthansa CityLine. The first new member of the fleet was officially
at the Munich airport this fall. In a ceremony the jet was named after the
Bavarian city of Pfaffenhofen.

The CRJ900 Regional Jet has a larger cabin than its predecessor model in the
CRJ200 series. Passengers enjoy much more space on board. "With the new
aircraft model, Lufthansa CityLine is taking major steps forward
and technologically and is thus ideally prepared to face up to the future
the competition", said Dr. Thomas Draeger, managing director of Lufthansa
Cityline GmbH. "The jet engines, which are particularly quiet and have low
fuel consumption, improve both the environmental values and the efficiency
economy of our flight operations", Draeger added.

The CRJ900 complies with Lufthansa's high standards in terms of economic
efficiency and environmental compatibility. Emissions and noise are well
international limiting values, fuel consumption has been reduced
"A level of fuel consumption of only 3.5 litres per passenger and 100
flight-kilometers is possible under optimal conditions", according to
Such an excellent figure is usually only possible with longrange operation
wide-bodied aircraft.

Lufthansa CityLine will introduce a total of twelve new CRJ900s by the end
the year. They will replace older models of the 50-seat CRJ200, which are
phased out gradually.

Lufthansa CityLine has a total of 2,500 employees, the majority of them at
the company's headquarters in Cologne. In 2005, Lufthansa CityLine
transported around 6.5 million passengers with its 80 regional jets.

Boehringer Ingelheim expands its R&D facility in Quebec

Boehringer Ingelheim recently announced that it plans to invest $ 36 million
over the next three years in a major expansion of its Laval, Quebec research
and development centre, already one of the largest of its kind in Canada.
is the second major expansion of the centre since its acquisition by the
Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation in 1988. The expansion will create 40 new
for highly trained researchers at the centre which currently employs 160
scientists and support staff.
The R&D facility at Laval is one of four major Boehringer Ingelheim research
centres worldwide, and it is the company's global Centre of Excellence for
Antiviral Drug Discovery. It works on developing new therapies for the
and life-threatening chronic illnesses caused by HIV and the hepatitis C
It is said to be Canada's biggest HIV/AIDS research location. The
Ingelheim group is one of the world's 20 leading pharmaceutical companies.
Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, it operates globally with 143
in 47 countries and almost 37,500 employees. (Boehringer Ingelheim, Canada)

Baroque Beauty: Gruenes Gewoelbe Restored to Old Glory

The ornate walls and cabinets of the baroque treasure chambers in Dresden's
Royal Palace have been lovingly restored and are now on display for the
time in postwar history.
"This is an important moment for our entire country and also a happy day for
Europe," German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after a recent private preview
tour of the newly restored rooms, which are filled with some 3,000 precious

The Gruenes Gewoelbe (Green Vault), the treasury of the Saxon electors and
kings, opens its doors to the public September 15. One of the richest
treasury's in one of the oldest museums in Europe, it was built by August
Strong and first opened for viewing in 1729. But it was hit hard by the
1945 wartime bombing of Dresden that demolished most of the historic city on
the Elbe river. Three of the eight rooms that have now been fully renovated
were totally destroyed, while the others lay in unrecognizable ruin.

Now, after more than four years of painstaking restoration, eight rooms
magnified by countless mirrors sparkle again in their old glory. They
the amber room, the white-and-silver room and the jewel room. All objects on
display are free-standing on consoles or tables, almost as they would have
shown off in their baroque heyday.(GIC)

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, the Green Vault:
Galaxy of Indian literary stars for Frankfurt Book Fair

Germany's publishing and book-selling industry is currently in an upbeat
and showing no signs of slowing down, according to Juergen Boos, the
of the Frankfurt Book Fair which takes place October 4-8.
"In the past three years we have also seen a number of people establishing
publishing houses in Germany. So the business renews itself," he said.

Boos also referred to an encouraging growth of "emerging publishing markets"
elsewhere in the world. China, he said, would be doubling its presence at
year's Frankfurt Book Fair, and Taiwan's presence would be up 40 per cent on
last year.

The Book Fair spotlight this year focusses on Guest Country India, which
to present itself with a panorama of programmes all over Germany. Some 70
Indian writers, poets and playwrights are lined up to descend on Frankfurt.
Formally India's presentation kicks off with an inaugural gala at the
Opera House on October 3, entitled "Dhwani: The Resonance of India." Its
organisers say the show will be a mix of traditional, folk and modern
performing arts.
Famous Indian artists Nimaidas Baul, Aruna Sairam, Anupriya Devtale, Astad
and Rabbi Shergil will star in a synchronised version of different streams
Indian dance and song during the two hour Frankfurt concert.
Among 70 top Indian literary figures expected in Frankfurt next month are
children's writer Anushka Ravishankar, poets Indira Goswami and Shashi
and playwright Vijay Tendulkar. ( dpa)

Frankfurt Book Fair:

Canadian writers honour German prof

The Playwrights guild of Canada recently appointed Professor Albert-Reiner
its honorary member.
This honour has been bestowed upon very few non-Canadians so far. Professor
Glaap has spent many years researching and publishing on Canadian drama. He
presently prepares a work on Canadian Dramatists of Jewish descent.
He is a former professor of English literature at Duesseldorf University.
(German Embassy with files from the Playwrightsguild)

Playwrightsguild of Canada:

What's ON? - a preview of events
September 16 - October 3, 2006 - Oktoberfest in Munich
"Ozapft is (It's tapped)!" exclaims the Lord Mayor of Munich after broaching
first barrel of beer to officially open the world-famous annual Oktoberfest
noon. For sixteen days, the citizens of Munich and hundreds of thousands of
visitors from around the world will flock to the Wies'n, the Oktoberfest
grounds at the feet of the Bavaria statue in Munich. "Live and let live-eat
drink well!" is the maxim that most people have in mind at this time of

If you want to experience this popular German event closer to home, then
the Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo. It offers everything that one might
expect from this unique Bavarian festival. The 2006 Oktoberfest will take
from the 6th to the 14th of October. Please visit the October page in our
online event calender for more information. September 17 at 7 p.m., 2006 -
Industrial and innovative Germany featured on Discovery Channel
In the international arena German technology has an excellent reputation. It
a land of ideas and inventions with a well qualified workforce. See how the
engineering crew at Frankfurt Airport works while the world sleeps, find out
why it takes only one worker to unload a ship with 9.000 containers at the
of Hamburg and accompany one of Europe's best fighter pilots, Chris Warning,
when he is testing a new super fast jet. Discovery Channel's "MegaWorld:
Germany" is an all new one-hour special premiering Sunday, September 17 at 7
p.m. (also simulcast on Discovery HD).
September 20 - 24, 2006 - German films at Ottawa International Animation
The Ottawa International Animation Festival is the largest festival of its
in North America and one of the most respected animation festivals in the
world. Bringing art and industry together, the Festival attracts production
executives, artists, students and animation fans from across Canada and
the world. For further information regarding the Festival, please visit the
website or call 613-232-8769.
The films include:
Short Animation:The Runt (2006) Andreas Hykade / Studio Film Bilder /
Germany /
10:00 World Premiere
Graduate Student Animation: Dachau Near Munich (Dachau bei München) (2006)
Frederik Ring / Filmakademie Baden- Württemberg / Germany / 9:16 Canadian
Loko Mare (2005) Angela Steffen / Germany / 2:30 Canadian Premiere
Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker (2006) Stefan Mueller / FH Wiesbaden
University of Applied Sciences / Germany / 7:40
Short Children's Animation: The Big Question (Die große Frage) (2005)
Bruhn / Germany / 3:21
Canadian Premiere Children's TV Animation: Tom: Tom in the Woods (Tom: Tom
Wald) (2005) Andreas Hykade / Studio Film Bilder / Germany / 5:00
October 3, 2006 - Day of German Unity celebrations
On October 3rd, 2006, the 16th anniversary of the German Reunification is
celebrated throughout the country. Germans and their guests celebrate the
of forty years of separation after World War II and the restoration of
Unity in 1990. This year's central event is held in Kiel, the capital of the
Province of Schleswig-Holstein.
October 6 - 14, 2006 - Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo
Experience this popular German event in Kitchener-Waterloo. It offers
that one might expect from this unique Bavarian festival.
Meanwhile, until October 3rd, the citizens of Munich and hundreds of
of visitors from around the world will flock to the Wies'n, the Oktoberfest
grounds at the feet of the Bavaria statue in Munich. "Live and let live-eat
drink well!" is the maxim that most people have in mind at this time of
Recent events

A new German Kindergarten in Ottawa

This September saw the opening of the new kindergarten of Ottawa’s
Martin Luther congregation. As the Luther congregation itself does not have
needed space, some rooms were rented at St. Matthew's Anglican Church in
Ottawa’s Glebe neighbourhood (217 First Ave.)

The opening was attended by Rev. Christoph Ernst of the Martin Luther
congregation, Rev. Jim Beall of St. Matthew’s Church, Minister Counsellor
Joern Rohde of the German Embassy and Mrs. Christina Hoepfner, the wife of
Ambassador Hoepfner, who opened the new instituion by cutting the red
The kindergarten program will be in German, while at the same time preparing
children for Canadian elementary school. Children do not have to speak
to attend the kindergarten.
As the last big wave of Germans arrived in in the 1950s, most
German immigrants are now senior citizens, while their children and
grandchildren often have fewer links to their German heritage. Many German
associations and institutions are therefore struggling to keep “in
business“. The opening of this new kindergarten is therefore even more
encouraging. (German Embassy)
contact:, (613) 748-9745

Coming up!

In our next newsletter issue - Oct 1, 2006 - you will be able to read about
group of German entrepreneurs who recently travelled to Alberta in the
of German Ambassador Hoepfner.

Oktoberfest in Munich:
Ottawa International Animation Festival:
Day of Unity:
Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo:

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