These vendor links bypass the iCONN federated search portal and by lonyoo


									                                             Direct Vendor Links to iCONN Databases

 These database vendor URLs bypass the iCONN federated search portal and authentication.
 For these URLs to work properly: you must register your library’s IP range(s) with each vendor’s technical support department.
 Vendor contact info can be found at:

 For non-IP authenticated access: Contact each vendor’s technical support about set-up options.
 -- EBSCO and Gale URLs allow library barcodes.
 -- ProQuest can accommodate library barcodes, but libraries must contact ProQuest tech support to set up.

Library Type   Vendor/Database                      URLs

               EBSCO (IP, proxy and barcode authentication)
 College       CINAHL Index          ,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=cin20
 College       PsycINFO                        //,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=psyh
 All           EBSCO Database Menu                        //,uid&profile=ehost

               GALE (IP, proxy and barcode authentication)
       Note re: Gale URLs -    To correctly format the Gale URLs, replace "LOCATIONIDHERE" with your library’s Gale Location ID.
                               If you don't know your Gale Location ID, contact Gale Technical Support (open 24/7) at 800-877-4253 option 1.

 All           Academic OneFile                                //
 All           Business & Company Resource Center              //
 All           Christian Science Monitor (1988 –


 All           Educator’s Reference Complete                   //
 All           Expanded Academic ASAP                          //
 All           Gale Virtual Reference Library                  //
 All           General (InfoTrac) OneFile                      //
 All           General Reference Center Gold                   //
 All           Health & Wellness Resource Center               //
 All           InfoTrac Junior Edition                         //
 All           InfoTrac Student Edition                        //

                                                                                                                                   Updated April 2010
                                           Direct Vendor Links to iCONN Databases
 Library Type Vendor/Database                              URL

 All            Informe                                    //
 All            Kids InfoBits                              //
 All            LegalTrac                                  //

All             London Times
 All            New York Times


All             What Do I Read Next?                       //

College         International Newspapers Only                //
                Major Newspapers Only (Christian Science Monitor, London Times, New York Times)
                U.S. Newspapers Only                         //

 Public & K12 All Newspapers                               //
 Public & K12 Biography and Genealogy Master Index         //
 Public & K12 Biography Resource Center                    //
 Public & K12 Discovering Collection                       //
 Public & K12 International Newspapers Only                //
 Public & K12 Major Newspapers Only (Christian Science Monitor, London Times, New York Times)
 Public & K12 U.S. Newspapers Only                         //

                ProQuest (IP or proxy -- for barcode authentication: call tech support to set up)
College         ABI/Inform Complete      //
College         Hoover’s Company Capsules and Profiles

                                                                                                                           Updated April 2010
                                 Direct Vendor Links to iCONN Databases
Public   HeritageQuest Online //
All      Hartford Courant (1992-current)         //
All      Historical Hartford Courant (1764-1922) //

                                                                                                          Updated April 2010

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