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					                       GRAND CENTRAL
                           Newsletter of Central Presbyterian Church                                            Sep
Oklahoma City, OK                                                                             Vol. CIV, No. 9

                                              A New Fall

Despite what the calendar may says fall really begins now. For several months we have been
getting ready for these days. Along with many of you I look forward to being back in the Sanctuary.
Worship in the Singleton Hall has been convenient, and has provided a sense of closeness –
especially as we sing, pray and greet one another. We will have to work a bit to maintain that
feeling of community in the larger more formal space of the Sanctuary, but we can do it if we will sit
closer together and more toward the front.

But is it not just the replacement of the air conditioning that we anticipated. Wednesday Night Live
returns on September 2. This year we are trying to begin the meal at 5:45 so we can have the better
part of an hour for the program. If you are unable to get to church until 6:00 or a little later there
will still be food. I look forward to this additional time of fellowship, and learning on a variety of
subjects. I hope you will join me.

Like many of you, I look forward to the return of the Choir. Their first rehearsal for the fall is
September 9. If you like to sing, choir is a great place to be on Wednesday after a good meal and a
brief program.

We are also having Christian Education kick off on Sunday, September 6. Come for refreshments at
9:30 and hear about the learning opportunities that are planned for all ages.

September 6 is also the day we are beginning our Active Prayer initiative. Almost sixty people have
signed up to pray for the congregation daily for the next thirteen weeks and nearly forty will be
sharing in Weekly Reflection groups. We have six reflection groups: three will meet on Sunday
morning during the 9:30 Sunday School hour, one Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., one Wednesday at 5:00
p.m. and one Thursday at 1:00 p.m. If you have not signed up you can still participate. Contact the
office, or any Transition Team member for assistance.

It is a new Fall. Will it bring new energy and life? Will we use this time as a time for restart (like
booting up the computer again)? Will we hear God’s voice, calling us to new action, and deeper
faith? Will we gain a clearer sense of our unique place in this community, and God’s mission for us?
Only time will answer those questions, but the more that we are involved the more likely we are to
find answers to our deep needs as followers of Christ.

See you soon. With Christ’s Peace, Leigh

                                         PARISH NEWS

WE REMEMBER IN OUR PRAYERS:                          Thank you
Those who serve in troubled areas of the             Dear Central,
world, and their families, and all who seek            Thank you for remembering the family of
healing.                                             Mignon Vrooman in your prayers and to all
                                                     the members who signed the care sheet. We
Dear Friends,                                        appreciate your thoughts and prayers so
   Thank you very much for the generous gift         much. Mignon loved all of you and her church,
we received from you in today’s mail. Thank          and she loved serving you all those years.
you for the kind and generous support you                               Sincerely,
have shown the boys of Goodland for so long.                           The Vrooman Family
We have many group activities and events
planned for the months to come, and gifts like
the ones we receive from your church make            Dear Central Friends,
possible the continuing operation of this most       Thank you so much for all of your prayers,
important ministry to disadvantaged boys.            calls, and cards sent during my recent illness.
                                                     Your concern is most appreciated.
        Your Servant in Christ,
               David L. Dearinger, CEO                                 --Virginia Burnside

                                      SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS

          9/1 -   Slonia Ihle                        9/21 -  Kathy Carter
          9/2 -   Icelone Boaz                       9/22 -  Nancy Lee
               Michael Mugo                          9/23 -  Bill Gwinn
          9/3 -   Brett Hawk                                 Lois Bible
          9/9 -   Sarah Loehrke                              Carolyn Hubbard
          9/10 - Sara Eddleman                       9/25 - Catherine McDaniel
          9/11 - Viriginia Morozuk                   9/27 - Laura Daniels
          9/16 - Ann Bornholdt                               Earl Tate
          9/17 - Sarah Hawk                                 Karen Twellman
          9/18 - Jeri Austin                         9/30 - Dale Boaz
          9/20 - Alyssa Thom                                 Sue Thom
                                                             Jim Tysor


Evelyn Neph has moved to Colorado Springs to be near her two daughters. Her new address for now is
with her daughter, Karen Ogle, during her recuperation from her fall: 15515 Storybrook Lane,
Colorado Springs, CO 80928.

Financial Report for July, 2009
By Roger Hornbrook, Treasurer                        Income

Pledged offerings            $ 9,914                   electrical repairs. The income amount was
Non-pledged                        2,485               increased substantially by the third quarterly
Loose offering                       291               payment of $4,000 from the funds in the
Other (rent + Auxier)            __4,630               Auxier bequest. This, of course, does not
Total                           $17,320                include the major air conditioning repair for
                                                       the sanctuary. Your thoughtful giving is
Expenses                                               appreciated.
Program (committees)            $ 3,003
Facilities                    5, 019
Administrative (ins., office)     2,108                             REVELATION COMING!
Utilities                           2,557
Staff (salaries, etc.)              9,258              If the mysteries of the Bible’s book of
Total                             $21,945              Revelation have ever intrigued you, now is
                                                       the time to sign up for a class on this book.
Net Revenue (Loss):          $(4,625)                  The class will begin September 13 and will be
                                                       taught by Jan McDaniel in room six. Jan will
                                                       provide further details September 6 at the
Expenses for facilities were quite high in July.       church school breakfast at 9:30 in Singleton
Of the amount listed, $3,176 was air                   Hall.
conditioning repairs and $1,239 went to


Southminster Presbyterian Church, 3415 S.              in the Parlor. On Sunday, October 18th, there
Western Ave in OKC, is holding an open house           will be a special service followed by food and
reception for all in celebration of 100 years of       fellowship. For more information please
faith, family, and fellowship. The open house          contact Tommy Jean Dover at 406-691-4861.
will be Saturday, October 17, 2:00 – 5:00 pm

                                LECTIONARY READINGS FOR AUGUST

Sept. 6 Prov. 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23;               Sept. 20 Prov 31:10-31; Ps. 1;
         Ps. 125; James 2:1-10 (11-13),                  James 3:13-4:3, 7-8a              14-17;
Mark 7:24-37                         Mark 9:30-37

Sept. 13 Prov. 1:20-33; Ps. 19; James 3:1-12       Sept. 27   Esth. 7:1-6, 9-10; 9:20-22
          Mark 8:27-38                                         Ps. 124, James 5:13-20;
                                                               Mark 9:38-50

                                            Owner’s Manual
                                     Intentional Interim Minister
                                               Chapter 3
        In the previous 2 Chapters (issues of our newsletter) we pointed out that an Intentional
Interim Minister is first of all a minister. We also identified the Interim as both the time between
installed pastors, and the person who comes to work with the congregation during the time. In this
chapter we turn our attention to the Intentional part of the Intentional Interim Minister.

        As is true for the “Interim” part of this title, Intentional has been applied both to the person
who is an “Intentional” Interim, and to the time of the Intentional Interim. First a few words about
the “person”.

        The “intentional” interim is not an ordinary interim. Since the early 1980s some interims
have had the additional “enhancement” of being intentional. Part of having an intentional interim is
the “self learning” and “improving” aspect. Persons engaged in Intentional Interim Ministry are
committed to continuing education and growth, as well as learning from others in the same and
related fields of work. Your Intentional Interim Minister is not only committed to continued
learning, but also to helping others learn about this ministry and its possibilities.

        We recommend that the “Intentional” nature of this interim ministry be thought of in
relation to the unique time the congregation is in. Intentional refers to the process being used as the
congregation enters into direction finding, self-study, spiritual development, leadership growth,
mission identification, goal formation, and vitality. Intentional implies deliberate – that is planned.
We have learned that certain things need to be addressed during a time of transition, in order to
ready the church for its future, and future leadership.

        While there is a general order, there is flexibility and variation in how and when particular
issues are addressed. Partly because of the need for that flexibility we recommend the formation of
a Transition Team to work with the person who is the Intentional Interim Minister, and oversee the
entire time. This team has been appointed and has excellent progress in their work. There is much
more to come.

       So what can you do to help the process?
    1. Pray regularly for the Transition Team, and the Intentional Interim Ministry.
    2. Participate regularly in worship and educational activities.
    3. Be a part of the special Active Prayer by praying daily using the special materials and
       signing up to be in a weekly reflection group.
    4. Be part of the special events: small groups, self-study interviews when conducted, and other
       special after church luncheons & discussions or seminars.
    5. Engage in faithful stewardship of time, talent and resources.
    6. Volunteer to serve on a committee, task force or work group.
    7. Ask questions when you need information.
    8. Live a life of faith and love.

        Doing those things, as well as the other suggestions from previous editions will help you
        and your congregation get the most out of this Intentional Interim Ministry.

    Tom Brokaw, best-selling author and award-winning newscaster for NBC, described people who
lived during the Great Depression and World War II as The Greatest Generation. People from

various backgrounds found themselves pulled together during that time in our history, and our
2009 Life Member is a part of The Greatest Generation.

   This year's honoree grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from Jones High School. Her father was
a Baptist Pastor and her mother a housewife. She worked at Tinker Air Force Base where she met
her future husband. They married, and a few years later were blessed with the birth of their son.
During their marriage they were active in Second Presbyterian Church. He served as an Elder and
she served much as she serves now, doing ANYTHING THAT WAS NEEDED in her quiet way.
However, over the years the membership at Second Church grew up and grew old. Eventually, the
church was used as a mission center in the neighborhood.

    Thereafter, the family tried several churches, but finally decided upon the friendly church on the
corner, Central Presbyterian Church. And once again she did what she had always done: ANYTHING
THAT WAS NEEDED. When meals needed to be cooked, dishes needed to be washed or caretakers
were needed for Vacation Bible school, she was there. If Mobile Meals needed help, refreshments or
meals were needed for weddings, funerals or church meetings, she was there. If a friend needed
transportation or help in any way, she was there. Through it all she serves in a quiet way for the
church and people she loves.

   To some members in this 102 year old church she's the New Kid on the Block, but to those who
have had the privilege of serving with her she's better known as the “Deacon Who Really Cares."

        Presbyterian Women are honored and pleased to announce the 2009 Life Member:

                                              Vera Maryott


                Schwab Lectures Series Presents: “The Caring Community”

The Church of the Savior is hosting the 2009 Schwab Lectures Series, “The Caring Community” on
September 25, 26, & 27. The topics include “Minding Your Mercy Muscle…Five Qualities that Keep
Your Caring in Balance,” and “The Growth of Caring.” Guest speakers are Dr. Teresa Roberts and Dr.
Mark Minear, and the music is by Tom Tipton, a world-renowned singer of the “old hymns.” You are
welcome to attend – it is free! (There is a charge for a box lunch on Saturday, if you want it.) No
registration required. The schedule is: Friday, Sept. 25, 7 - 9:00 pm, Saturday, Sept. 26, 9:30 am –
3:00 pm, and Sunday, Sept. 27, 9:30 am - 10:50 am.

                            MOBILE MEALS FOR SEPTEMBER 2009
                        Co-Coordinators: Lou Davidson and Loy Riggs
              Planner-Buyers: Loy Riggs (1st and 2nd) and Lou Davidson (3rd and 4th)

                 DATE                   KITCHEN                    DELIVERY
                September 4             Hazel Horton               David and Nancy Landrum

               1st Friday                Arlene Harrington            Ray and Arlene Harrington

               September 11               Margaret Savage            Ralph and Eddith Hester
               2nd Friday                 Vivian McIntire            Roger and Lois Hornbrook

               September 18               Pat Huntress               Don Burnside
               3rd Friday                 Brenda Fench               Jack and Lou Davidson

               September 25               Vera Maryott               Marge Forehand
               4th friday                 Lou Davidson               Jack Huntress


                                       WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE

   Now is the time to “fall back” into the habit of spending Wednesday nights with your church
family and friends. This year there will be a NEW time to begin – 5:45 pm. This will allow plenty of
time for the meal, fellowship, program, and afterwards, choir practice (for those so gifted). As you
begin filling in your calendar for the new year of activities, please remember to mark Wednesday

  Reminder – WNL will be held in Singleton Hall. The 1st, 3rd, and occasional 5th Wednesdays of the
month will be potluck. Catered meals will be served on the 2nd and 4th and Wednesdays. The cost for
catered meals with be $7.50.

  WNL resumes September 2nd. Join with us as we begin another year together in close fellowship
with one another, praising God and enjoying the blessings that we share.

                      “All the believers continued together in close fellowship
                               With one another…they had their meals
                           Together…eating with glad and humble hearts,
                     Praising God and enjoying the good will of all the people…”
                                                                              -- Acts 2

          See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God;
                               and that is what we are. –1 John 3:1
Music and Liturgy
By Jan McDaniel, Choir Director/Organist

       We at Central Church are in the midst of evaluating what we are to do. Churches often go
through life cycles similar to people, and sometimes congregations can feel old, tired, and
unmotivated. Recently I ran across the story of a pastor who was in a similar situation. Have you
ever heard of Charles McCoy?

         McCoy was pastoring a Baptist church in Oyster Bay, New York, when at age seventy-two he
was mandated by his denomination to retire. A lifelong bachelor, he had cared for his mother for as
long as she lived. In his spare time he had earned seven university degrees, including two Ph.D.’s—
one from Dartmouth, the other from Columbia. But now, at age seventy-two, he was being forced to
retire from the ministry.

        He was depressed. “I just lay on my bed thinking that my life’s over,” he stated, “and I
haven’t really done anything yet. I’ve been pastor of this church for so many years and nobody
really wants me much—what have I done for Christ? I’ve spent an awful lot of time working for
degrees, but what does that count for? I haven’t won very many to the Lord.”

        A week later he met a Christian pastor from India, and on impulse asked him to preach in
his church. After the service the Indian brother asked him matter-of-factly to return the favor. Since
he had preached for McCoy, would McCoy come to India and preach for him? McCoy told him that
he was going to have to retire and move to a home for the elderly down in Florida. But the Indian
insisted, informing McCoy that where he came from, people respected a man when his hair turns
white. Would he come?

        McCoy thought and prayed about it and decided he would. The members of his church were
aghast. Dire predictions were made. The young chairman of his board of deacons summed up the
attitude of the congregation when he asked, “What if you die in India?” I love McCoy’s answer. He
told him he reckoned “it’s just as close to heaven from there as it is from here.” He sold most of his
belongings, put what was left in a trunk, and booked a one-way passage to India—his first trip ever
out of the United States.

        When he arrived in Bombay, he discovered to his horror that his trunk was lost. All he had
were the clothes on his back, his wallet, his passport, and the address of missionaries in Bombay he
had clipped from a missionary magazine when he left. He asked for directions, got on a streetcar
and headed for their house. When he got there, he discovered that while he was on the streetcar his
wallet and passport had been stolen. He went to the missionaries, who welcomed him in but told
him that the man who had invited him to come to India was still in the U.S.A. and would probably
remain there indefinitely.

       The missionaries asked him what he was going to do now. Unperturbed, McCoy told them
he had come to preach and that he would try to make an appointment with the mayor of Bombay.
They warned him that the mayor was very busy and important and that in all the years they had
been missionaries there, they had never succeeded in getting an appointment with him.

                                                                         (continued on next page)

        Nevertheless, McCoy set out for the mayor’s office the next day—and he got in! When the
mayor saw McCoy’s business card, listing all his degrees, he reasoned that McCoy must not be
merely a Christian pastor, but someone much more important. Not only did he get an appointment,
but the mayor held a tea in his honor, attended by all of the big officials in Bombay. Old Dr. McCoy
was able to preach to these leaders for half an hour. Among them was the director of India’s West
Point, the National Defense Academy at Poona. He was so impressed at what he heard that he
invited McCoy to preach there.
        Thus was launched, at age seventy-two, a brand new, sixteen-year ministry for Dr. Charles
McCoy. Until he died at age eighty-eight, this dauntless old man circled the globe preaching the
gospel. There is a church in Calcutta today because of his preaching and a thriving band of
Christians in Hong Kong because of his faithful ministry. He never had more than enough money to
get him to the next place he was to go. He died one afternoon at a hotel in Calcutta, resting for a
meeting at which he was to preach that evening. He had indeed found himself as close to heaven
there as he would have been at his church in Oyster Bay, New York, or in a retirement home in
Florida. It was incongruous—an old man, waiting to die at age seventy-two, leaving everything he
had ever known and preaching around the world. That’s funny! But funnier still was the surprise of
God’s grace, completing the incongruity of this old man. May we all know this quality of humor in
our lives as we wait upon God!


                                   ATTENTION CENTRAL WOMEN
                                   SEPTEMBER CIRCLE MEETING

Join us Tuesday, September 8th as we kick off our new year. Each month we have the wonderful
opportunity to meet together for food, fun, fellowship and faith and share what's happening in our
lives…to take time to remember those who cannot be with us in person but only in spirit… and to
count our blessings as one month ends and another begins. September is also the month that we
begin a new Bible Study. This year's study will be “Joshua, A Journey of Faith.” Bobbie Heimbach
will be our Bible study leader and the first lesson will be “Who Is the God of Joshua” (Joshua 1:1-9;
23). Join with us as we begin together our 'Journey of Faith.' Everyone is welcome!


                      10:00 AM Singleton Hall: Refreshments and Fellowship
                   10:30 AM Parlor:       Bible Study and Business Meeting

                           WE HAVE FUN so join us - See you Tuesday, September 8th!

                             WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH THE WOMEN

                         What a wonderful 'time together' we shared in July and August!

       Our July meeting began with a special guest, Pastor Leigh Earley, in attendance. It was a
pleasure for the PW group to welcome Leigh to Central Church and a comfort to know that he
would be available to help us in our work when needed. As we prepare to begin a new year and
continue our journey of Faith it's nice to add to our numbers.

        Loy Riggs presented a new outreach proposal to the group in July…Care Bags. She suggested
that we make up bags containing food, water, and health items that can be distributed to people
(homeless/jobless) on the roads requesting money. (Another church in the OKC area had started
this project and it had been successful for them.) The members felt this was a worthwhile project
and the PW Coordinating Team purchased, sorted, and bagged up the items for distribution. At each
circle meeting during the year there will be bags available for delivery. Thanks, Loy! *We can
always count on our members to continue searching for ways to serve God. Doris Kane reported on
the visit to Central by the Callisons (Missionaries). Twelve people from Central attended the
meeting and heard about their upcoming plans to move to the Middle East and continue their
        The August meeting is always a special time for our ladies. We began with a salad luncheon
on the second Tuesday of the month. We were pleased to have Leigh and Mary Elise join us at the
luncheon. This meeting gives us the opportunity to fellowship together, as well as preview our new
Bible Study for the year, and then name our new Life Member Honoree. This year's honoree was
Vera Maryott. Vera is one who became active her first day here and has
continued to show her love for the church and the people each day - Thank you, Vera.
        On Saturday, August 15th, four members drove to Norman and met with the Indian
Nation Presbytery PW. There were 82 women in attendance and we renewed our service to the
church worldwide. Speaking of numbers, we continue to stay around twenty (20) at each meeting.
Yes, it would be nice to add to that number, but no, we don't fret about that. The twenty active
ladies that meet each month are so dedicated and give so much of their time and talents that we, as
a group, truly feel blessed. However, if you feel the call to get involved with a great group of women,
you are welcome anytime!
        This is what's been happening with 20+ women during the past two months. If you missed
it, you missed a very meaningful time. But, the Good News is that you will have another
opportunity to “Join the Journey” on September 8th. Hope to see you then!
                                                                  Bobbie Heimbach

*Outreach report: June - $172.00 PUM Summer Spark Program
                   July - $135.00 Mother to Mother
                  August - $159.25 Goodland Academy

*These are love gifts over and above our budget giving.


David Troxel nationally known for his knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease and long-term care will
speak on “What’s Worth Knowing in Alzheimer’s” at the Express Center in downtown OKC
September 16. Registration and Exhibits open at 8:00 a.m The charge is $25.00 for family caregiver
and students prior to September 4, and $35.00 after September 4. For more information call the
Alzheimer’s Association at 405-319-0780 or 800-272-3900. There is a book signing with David
Troxel On Tuesday, September 15 from 5:30-7:30 pm at The Fountains at Canterbuy, 1400 NW 122
St., OKC. Mr. Troxel will speak about his personal experience as a family caregiver. Complimentary

wine and cheese will be served and “The Best Friend’s Approach to Alzheimer’s Care” will be
available for sale with all proceeds benefiting the Central Oklahoma Alzheimer’s Association.

                              SUNDAY SCHOOL (and more!) BLOG

      Jan McDaniel, our choir director and organist, has an online blog about spiritual
         things, particularly issues related to his Sunday school class. People from
        around the world have been reading and commenting on the blog. If you are
                                  interested, the website is:


          It is a forum for Bible study, spiritual living, and Christian approaches to
              problems in society. Please feel free to join the readers of the blog!

                                   PEACEMAKING OFFERING

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall
be called children of God,” Matthew 5:9.              The Peacemaking Offering will be received on
Peace is the wholeness and well-being that            Sunday, October 4, World Communion
God wills for all creation. God is continually        Sunday. A portion of the offering, 25% is
at work in the world offering healing,                designated for the Central Presbyterian
wholeness, mercy, justice and peace                   Church Mobile Meals program.             The
wherever there is brokenness – in individual          remaining offering is designated for
lives, families, congregations, communities,          peacemaking ministries in the Indian Nations
nations and creation.                                 Presbytery and the General Assembly.


Guitar virtuoso, Edgar Cruz, will present a FREE and OPEN to the public concert, Sunday, September
27th at 3:00 p.m. An offering will be taken to support the countywide MOBILE MEALS
program. Edgar and Danielle Cruz support this mission by delivering meals in Oklahoma City. A
special guest appearance will be made by Nashville's own--Antsy McClain. Come to Church of the
Servant United Methodist Church at 14343 N. MacArthur Blvd., Sept 27, and bring your family and

                                                      ELECTION TIME COMING
As we approach Fall, the Officer Nomination
Committee begins the process of finding                of faith whose lives demonstrate Christian
candidates for officers of several positions.          love and obedience in scripture. They are
We will need:                                          willing to put the work of the church above
                                                       personal politics. Elders lead by active
   1)   Three elders for three years.                  service and prayerful decision making.
   2)   One Elder for one year.
   3)   Three Deacons for three years.                 Deacons model Christ's compassion and
   4)   One Trustee for three years.                   ministry of healing and forgiveness as they
                                                       reach out to those in need, the sick, and any in
The committee invites your suggestions for             distress.
these positions. It is proper to suggest one's
self. As you listen and pray, you may find that        Trustees act as the church's representatives
you are being called to serve. If you know of          for the management of property and financial
someone else who may be suited to serve                oversight. They serve as good stewards for
please make a recommendation to the                    our resources.
                                                       Thank you for your assistance. Written
Elders seek to serve God and discern God’s             nominations may be turned into the church
will for the congregation. They are people             office, or discussed with any of the members
                                                       of the committee: Jim Austin, Earl Braaten,
                                                       Lou Davidson, Bobbie Heimbach, Pat Klein,
                                                       and Marcia Tuttle.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Bernice Greer has moved to a more secure facility in McKinney, Texas.
Her new address is:
       1601 West El Dorado
       McKinney, TX 75069


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