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 Recently I attended a community meeting at __________________________ school. The meeting was about school
 financing and, frankly, I thought I might come away feeling somewhat discouraged, as I have in the past. After all, for
 years we have been hearing about school funding problems and as a parent, I didn’t think I could make much of an
 impact. This time, I was wrong. The time is really ripe for positive change. What I learned was that our schools don’t need
 fixing as much as our broken system for funding them does.

 I learned that school funding isn’t based on how much it actually costs to educate our kids to a high standard, but on
 fluctuating state revenues, complex and changing state funding formulas, and political priorities that change every year.
 The way it is now, schools have their hands tied when it comes to creating and implementing programs that will actually
 benefit their own students.

 Governor Schwarzenegger has called for 2008 to be “The Year of Education” and our lawmakers are beginning to
 understand that we can’t provide the best education for our kids if we continue to under-fund our schools.

 This year, I am not going to sit back and accept a system that holds back our kids, our teachers and our communities.
 By improving and simplifying our school finance system we can make schools more accountable, more responsive and
 more of what our kids deserve. I am going to let lawmakers know how I feel and encourage my friends and family to do
 the same. Please join me in asking state lawmakers to give California schools the tools they need for our students to
 succeed, by basing school funding on the actual cost of a high standard of education, and giving our local schools the
 flexibility to meet our students’ needs.

 For more information about contacting your legislators, visit or

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