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									Polk-Burnett Leadership

A Summary Presentation
UW-Extension Community Resource Agents:
     Bob Kazmierski
     Mike Kornmann
Leadership Program-Background

   There are over 30 Leadership
    training programs across Wisconsin.
   Organized in urban areas, suburbs
    or county-wide.
   Often attempt to bring new leaders
    into forefront of citizen led
    community development or
Leadership Program-Why?

   More movement by area residents
   Less commitment to community
   A greater need for teamwork at
    work and in community
   A “decline” in civic organizations
   A need to tie people across
    geographic areas
Key Benefits

   Learn and practice leadership and
    problem solving skills
   Develop a network of local leaders
   Improve employment skills
   Build social capital of area
   Help others lead
   Learn about issues in rural WI

  A person very rarely gets the opportunity to be a
  member of a program that brings together so many
  resources, from the county and state level, to
  facilitate the process of learning about Green
  County, how it functions and what roles we might be
  able to play in its future.

– Seth Engen, Owner, Computer Know How
   Green County Leaders
Leadership Program Profiles
Polk-Burnett Leadership Academy
     Steering Committee
     9 sessions (September – May)
     Day time
     No Retreat-Class project
     Tuition $400
     Meet across the two counties
     Variety of training formats
     Team assignments
   Understanding yourself and others
      Colors-Generations
   What is leadership?
   Leadership styles
   Interpersonal Communication
   Local Government and finance
   Economic development
   Natural Resources
   Youth/Health Care/Cultural Issues
   Team Project
Team Assignments

   Issue Identification
   Develop potential projects
   Group orientated
   Analyze and research issue
   Develop proposal/work plan
   Present at graduation
How we are funded
   Organizational start up money
      Local UWEX grant

   Tuition funds program
      Businesses sponsor employees

      BCDA and UWEX provide scholarships

      Individuals pay out-of-pocket

     • Speaker travels expenses and
     • Tuition due by next session-10/13
Polk-Burnett Leadership Academy

   Policy on Absenteeism
   Policy on Tuition Reimbursement
   Policy on becoming a student
   Weather Policy
Policy on Absenteeism

   To still be considered a graduate of
    the program, only two misses are
   We are considering taping the
    classes for those who missed class?
Policy on Tuition Reimbursement

   Application states that if you miss
    two or more classes-tuition will not
    be reimbursed.
   If employer sponsored, employer
    may require report-accountability.
   If scholarship sponsored, you may
    be asked to pay for missed classes
Policy on becoming a student

   In application, several short answer
    questions and
   Adult, over 18
   16 student-class cap
Weather Policy

   Same weather policy for schools
    and athletic teams
   Listen to WXCE, WPCA, etc. for
   Calling tree

   You are the first class of Polk-
    Burnett Leadership Academy
   Please help us evaluate program
   Please let other know about the
    value of program
   Have fun!

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