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					                                   The ATOD Coordinator’s Newsletter
                        The CESA 7 Safe & Healthy Schools presents . . .                                                       FYI
                                                                      New School Year Newsletter, 2008
A New School Year                                                       •    Tackling bullying behaviors throughout the school
The Safe and Healthy Schools and Communities Department                      community
at CESA 7 (that would be Amy Mittag and Chris Kleiman)                  • Reducing staff turnover and burnout.
welcome you back to a fun filled exciting new school year. As       (Excerpt taken from the book Just Schools? A Whole School
we look over the calendar for the year we are excited because       Approach to Restorative Justice; by Belinda Hopkins.)
there are many new opportunities to learn and grow in the
educational profession. New Share Shops, stronger                   On Second Base - Discovery Dating
partnerships with our local prevention coalitions and a new         October 2 and 3 is a two day intensive workshop to immerse you
round of state AODA grants bring forth new endeavors. We            in the Discovery Dating Curriculum developed by The Wise Women
hope to see you at a few of those endeavors and know that we        Gathering Place. This workshop will give you practice in the who,
aim to make your school year a good one.                            what, when and where the pieces of this curriculum can be
                                                                    implemented and used. It is not just for schools to use. Many
*A copy of this newsletter and further information on               community agencies and individuals use pieces of this curriculum.
workshops mentioned in this letter can be found at click on Department and Services then
click on Safe and Healthy Schools
                                                                    Playing at Third Base - School Counselor
                                                                    Program Share Shop
Who’s Up To Bat First?                                              This share shop is still in the making. We have had requests asking
(Can you tell I am a baseball fan?)                                 for a share shop to bring School Counselors together to share the
On September 19th at CESA 7 we will hold the first of four          hills and valleys of implementing the New Wisconsin School
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug School Coordinator                  Counselor Model. We have this share shop scheduled for October
meetings with afternoon Professional Development. These             8th. At this time we are looking for anyone who would like to share
meetings give districts time to share, network and receive          what they have been doing in any part of the School Counselor
updates from DPI and CESA 7 on prevention ideas,                    Model. Please contact Chris Kleiman or
workshops, and curriculums. There is a lunch and then a two         Amy Mittag if you would like to showcase
hour afternoon event. The Wise Women Gathering Place will           your program.
be presenting their Dating and Relationship Curriculum for
middle and high school students. There will be an opportunity
to purchase the curriculum. Testimonials and data have been
collected locally and have shown the effectiveness of the
program. The four meetings and afternoon PD are also offered
with a l credit option.

At First Base - Restorative Justice
On September 26th Kris Miner from the St.Croix Valley
Restorative Justice Council, will give us an introduction to what
Restorative Practices would look like when implemented in a
school setting. When a school integrates restorative principles
and practice into every policy, lesson, meeting and event in        Behind Home Plate - Bully Prevention Training
the school day, it creates a school community in which, when        and Curriculum formerly Sticks N Stones)
harmful behavior or conflicts occur, the emphasis is on             On October 10 there will be a training for bully prevention for
repairing the damage caused to relationships and on finding         teachers/school counselors grades 3-8. The morning is a well
mutually acceptable ways forward. Restorative Justice has the       rounded information time on bully prevention; the bully, victim,
potential to make significant contributions in:                     bystander, what a true bully prevention program should look like
     • Making schools safer, happier places                         and helpful resources. In the afternoon there will be an introduction
     • Reducing exclusion and the need for exclusion                to the DPI Bully Prevention Curriculum with time to try out a lesson
     • Creating a culture of inclusion and belonging                or two.
     • Raising morale and self-esteem
     • Raising attendance and reducing expulsions and               For the rest of this years lineup go to
Other Updates-Really Important Ones                                                   go to Grants are due to CESA
Suicide Prevention: This spring, a new Wisconsin law                                  7 October 10th , attention Christine Kleiman. Before you send the
governing school-based youth suicide prevention was passed                            grant email it to Chris Kleiman, she would be more then glad to do
by the legislature and signed by Governor Doyle. Wisconsin                            a pre-reading for last minute changes and technical assistance.
statue, s. 115.365, assistance to school for suicide prevention
programs, requires that, “Each school board and the governing                         Safe and Drug Free Schools, Title IV Monitoring: Those school
body of each private school annually shall inform their                               districts in the Safe and Drug Free Schools Title IV Consortium will
professional staff of the resources available from DPI and                            be monitored by DPI. About three years ago the consortium was
other sources regarding suicide prevention.” On March 12th                            monitored and found non-compliant in the area of budgets from
CESA 7 will be hosting a DPI Suicide Prevention Workshop,                             each school district for the refundable portion of the districts money.
more information to come. In the mean time there are other                            Since then a form for the budget has been sent out each year and
resources; the School Crisis Preparedness Monthly Webcasts                            75% of the districts have faithfully returned them. This year expect
presents Youth Suicide Prevention for Schools Tuesday,                                that budget page again in the next couple of weeks. Christine
September 16, 2008 from 9:00-9:25. This is through DPI also.                          Kleiman must have those back by November 3 as part of the
To view the webcast:                                                                  monitoring report. Other things that we were falling short of are
                                                                                      parent involvement and parochial school communication of
Go to and click 2008 Events                         entitlement money. So be aware of how your district is doing in
in the left column, then click on Safe Schools: Youth Suicide                         these areas. More to come.
Prevention for Schools.
                                                                                      Parents Who Host Lose the Most: will become a statewide
Webcasts may be viewed for up to a year after their air date.                         initiative. This campaign was started in Ohio as a public awareness
To view archived webcasts, go to                                                      campaign to inform parents and other adults about the legal and click 2008 Events or                            ramifications and health and safety risks of serving alcohol to teens.
2007 Events in the left column, and then click on the desired                         Many of our local county prevention coalitions have started their
webcast.                                                                              campaigns. If you do not have a local prevention coalition but would
There is an organization in Wisconsin call HOPES (Helping                             like your school to be involved, know that there will be trainings and
Others Prevent and Educate about Suicide). They would be                              materials available to you this spring.
glad to come into your schools to do staff training. Contact                          Help is Down the Hall is a great resource if you have a Student
Mary Doemel at 920-339-8952, or go to                                Assistance Program. To download a copy go to
Student Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug/Alcohol Traffic                     
Safety Grants: These are $1,000 grants awarded to school                                                    Questions or concerns regarding the information,
buildings who’s students have come up with a need and a plan                                                                 please contact:
to help prevent and educate on alcohol and drugs. School                                                     Christine Kleiman (
Districts can apply for more then one grant but they should be                                                                or Amy Mittag
for different buildings. For more information and an application                                                       (

                           CESA 7 2008 Safe & Healthy Schools Dept.’s Calendar of Events
To Register for Adult Workshops- Please go to our website at click on “Depts. & Services” (at the top of screen). Click on Safe & Healthy
Schools. Then, go to the left side of the page (above the child’s picture) click on workshop offering. Find the one that you want and click on it. For Student Workshops
you may print the page, complete it and fax to: 920-492-5965 or mail to Amy Mittag, CESA 7, 595 Baeten Rd., Green Bay WI 54304. For all Adult Workshops you will
be directed from the above website to register directly on-line.
 Date                  Workshop                                         Facilitator            Grade       Location                             Registration Fees:
 Sept.  19th           ATOD Coordinators Meeting                        Christine Kleiman      Adult       CESA 7                               No Charge
 Sept. 19th            ATOD Coordinator Education & Networking          Christine Kleiman      Adult       CESA 7                               $125
 Sept. 19th            Discovery Dating Presentation                    Skenandore/Scow        Adult       CESA 7                               $35/40/50
 Sept. 26th            Restorative Justice                              Kris Miner             Adult       CESA 7                               $70/80/100
 Sept. 30th & Oct.     Peer Helper                                      Mike McGowan           MS          Generose Center – Manitowoc          $90
 Oct. 2nd & 3rd        Discovery Dating                                 Skenandore/Scow        Adult       Oneida Community Education           $375
 Oct. 7th & 8th        Peer Helper                                      Mike McGowan           HS          Generose Center – Manitowoc          $90
 Oct. 8th              WI School Counselor Comprehensive Model          Christine Kleiman      Adult       CESA 7                               $70/80/100
                       Share Shop
 Oct. 10th             Bully Prevention Training (Sticks N Stones)      Christine Kleiman      Adult       CESA 7                               $105/120/150
 Oct. 14th             Module 1& 2 Safe & Drug Free Schools Data        Christine Kleiman      Adult       CESA 7                               $115/130/165
 Oct. 15th             Peer Educator/Mentor                             Mike McGowan           MS          Generose Center – Manitowoc          $55