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ACE Capabilities Product Offering Summary

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									                                                         ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                              Northeast Region

PRODUCT                     CONTACT                                      PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
Regional Operations
                            Karen Sothern – Regional Executive Officer          Executive Leadership
                            Phone: (617) 737-8921                               General Management
                            Email:                   Business Development
                                                                                Multiple Line Submission Coordination
                            Kelly Ravanis – Corporate Risk Segment              Producer Management
                            Leader                                              Marketing
                            Phone: (617) 737-8947                               Recruiting and Staff Development
                            Cell: (617) 835-3073
                                                                                Planning and Control

                            Mark Loughlin – National Segment Leader
                            Phone: (617) 737-8965
                            Cell: (617) 449-8579

ACE Private Risk Services
Private Risk Services       Terri Atkinson, CT                            Targeting High Net Worth Households
                            Phone: (860) 828-7931                           - High value primary home, likely to have secondary homes
                            Email:              - Luxury class cars, often with more cars than drivers
                                                                            - Large Valuables schedule
                            Ellen Kroesen, Westchester and Upstate NY       - Umbrella: $1 million to $100 million
                            Direct: (914) 437 - 9495                      ACE Platinum Portfolio Package Policy – all on one policy, one bill.
                            Email:                - Home: Full replacement cost on home, replacement cost contents, cash
                                                                               settlement option, deductible waiver, identity fraud, kidnap & ransom,
                                                                               enhanced special limits.
                                                                             - Auto: agreed value, OEM parts, $10,000 loss of use on owned and non-
                                                                               owned vehicles, full glass coverage, lease GAP included.
                                                                             - Valuables: “All Risk” coverage protects against losses due to flooding
                                                                               and breakage of fragile items. Pays at least scheduled amount or, if
                                                                               higher, market value up to 150% of scheduled amount.
                                                                             - Umbrella – UM limits available
                                                                          Professional Risk Management Services – focus on loss prevention and
                                                                           family safety
                                                                          “White Glove” Claims Philosophy

                                                         ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                              Northeast Region
PRODUCT                      CONTACT                                 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                      Future Product Enhancements
                                                                             - E&S Capabilities                      - Family Security Coverage
                                                                             - Domestic Workers Comp                 - EPLI
                                                                             - Motorcycle/Recreational Vehicles      - Flood
                                                                             - Trusts and Family Offices             - Mechanical Breakdown
ACE Recreational Marine      Kelly Mahon                             Target Customers: Small Boats, Yachts, Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis), Water
Boats & Yachts               Phone (617) 737-8950                    Ski Boats, Sport Fishing Boats, Six-Pac Charter Vessels, High Performance
                             Email:         Boats, Mega-Yachts.

Accident and Health
Accident & Health            James Walloga                                 Business travel accident-employer paid AD&D for business and personal
                             Phone: (212) 703-7197                          travel.
                             Email:             International Medical Protection-accident and medical sickness, AD&D and
                                                                            travel assistance.
                                                                           Special Risk events and activities-AD&D, medical coverage for participants
                                                                            of certain programs such as camps, day care centers, nursery schools, youth
                                                                            sports programs, etc.
                                                                           Personal Accident Insurance (voluntary AD&D) - coverage for employee or
                                                                            family, benefits include coma and rehabilitation, special education and
                                                                           Basic AD&D Dismemberment Carve Out-additional dismemberment
                                                                            schedule for employee.
                                                                           Independent Contractors Occupational Accident-coverage for independent
                                                                            contractors who are excluded from coverage under a WC policy. Benefits
                                                                            available include AD&D, accident medical and accidental disability.
                                                                           Blanket Occupational Accident Insurance- coverage fits for SIR’s, large
                                                                            deductible or retro loss WC programs. Pays employer for loss due to
                                                                            AD&D, accidental medical expense and accidental disability while
                                                                            employee is within scope of employment.
Casualty Risk
Custom Casualty Division     Jacqueline Lederer                           Primary GL Limits: $1Million occ/$2Million aggregate or option of 2
                             Phone: (617) 737-8746                         Million occ/$4 Million agg.
Primary Casualty- GL &       Email:        Primary Auto Limits: $1 Million CSL
Auto – Corporate Risk /                                                   Minimum GL Premium $50,000; Minimum GL Deductible $10,000;
Buffer Capacity GL and                                                     Minimum GL SIR $25,000; Minimum Auto Ded: GC
Auto Liability – Corporate                                                All Standard & Non-Standard Casualty Classes
                                                           ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                                Northeast Region
PRODUCT                        CONTACT                                 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
Risk & National Accounts                                                 Auto in conjunction with GL placement, < 200 vehicles, limited trucking
Legacy Liability – Primary                                               Buffer layers for AL and GL ($100K MP) attaching at $1mm – $5 Million
& Excess as related to M&A                                                capacity (anywhere within the first $5 Million of Excess)
Activity/Historic and Future                                             GL / Auto Desired Classes: Product Manufacturers of all types (Light to
Liability                                                                 Heavy); Premises and Service/Operational Risks; Distributors;
                                                                          Transportation/Trucking (Buffer Capacity only); Variety of Other
Foreign Products Liability-                                               Miscellaneous Casualty Classes (Non-construction related)
U.S.-based companies that                                                Only Restricted Classes: Pharmaceutical; Critical Aircraft/Auto; Nursing
purchase or distribute                                                    Homes; Invasive Medical; Tobacco
completed products/parts                                                 Admitted Paper (as well as Non-Admitted, if required)
from foreign suppliers                                                   $10 Million Lead Umbrella limits available to go over Ace Custom Primary
                                                                          GL/AL programs.
                                                                         Energy Business- Primary Auto , GL Lead Umbrella and Pollution Liability
                                                                          on a cross section of risks (Underwritten by a dedicated National Team)
Environmental                  Michael Henk                            Limits: $50 Million per occ/agg
                               Phone: (617) 737-8917                     Minimum Premium: $10,000 ($350 for UST/AST)
                               Email:           SIR: $25,000 (may do $10,000 on some risks)
                                                                         Term: Up to 10 years
                               Website:     Premises Pollution Liability: operational risk or property transfer,
                                                                          mold/asbestos/lead coverages available
                                                                         Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)-claims made or occurrence, practice or
                                                                          project specific, mold cover available
                                                                         Construction Wrap-Ups: 13 year term available, $10M in mold coverage,
                                                                          Commercial & Residential (concrete & steel towers)
                                                                         CPL E&O: Combined Pollution/Professional form for Contractors,
                                                                          Engineering/Consulting firms
                                                                         E-Business: Online products for UST/AST (TankSafe) and Contractors
                                                                          Pollution Liability (eCPL)
                                                                         Remediation Cost Cap
Pollution and Casualty: PaC Jacqueline Lederer                           Limits: $1M/2M/2M primary and $25M follow-form Umbrella.
Initiatives                    Phone: (617) 737-8746                     Minimum Premium for the ACE PaC Primary is $50,000; $75,000 Account
                               Email:      minimum.
ACE PaC – Combined GL                                                    Primary GL can be written occurrence or claims-made; guaranteed cost or
and Premises Pollution                                                    with an SIR.
Liability for fixed site risks                                           Target premium for ECO PaC is $20,000 – minimum insured revenues are
with environmental
                                                        ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                             Northeast Region
PRODUCT                      CONTACT                                  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
exposures.                                                               $10,000,000.
                                                                        ECO PaC GL and CPL can be written occurrence or claims-made.
ECO PaC – Combined GL,                                                  ECO PaC GL deductible is $1,500; minimum CPL/E&O SIR is $10,000.
Contractors Pollution and                                               Companion Auto for both policy forms for fleets less than 200 power units.
Professional Liability for
environmental contractors,
consultants and engineers.
Umbrella/Excess Casualty     Rick Fortin                                  
                                                                         Limits: $25 Million per occur/agg.
                             Phone: (617) 737-8912                        
                                                                         Minimum Premium: $10,000 (Corporate Risk, i.e. Middle Markets Business)
                             Email:           
                                                                         Minimum Premium: $50,000 (National Accounts, Energy & Construction)
                                                                         Minimum Attachment Points:
                             Peter Burns (National Accounts)                  GL- $1M occ/$2M agg/$2m prod. comp. ops
                             Phone: (212) 703-7055                            AL-$1M CSL $5M Trucking Risks
                             Email:                  EL- $1M occ/agg
                                                                        Specialty Classes-Energy: Mining, Oil Petroleum, Utilities, Petrochemicals
                                                                        Specialty Classes-Construction: Commercial contractors, OCIP’s, CCIP’s,
                                                                         Joint Ventures, Special Projects
                                                                       Undesirable Classes: Aviation & Asbestos products, Med Mal, Nursing
                                                                       homes/HPL, Pharmaceuticals, Invasive Medical Products, PL
Construction & Wrap Ups      Bob Sturtevant                             WC- Up to Statutory
                             Phone: (617) 737-8931                      GL-$2 Million occ/$4 Million agg/$4 Million Comp. Ops
                             Email:      AL-$2 Million occ/agg
                                                                        Retention: $250,000 or greater, large deductibles, captives/rent a captives,
                                                                        Target Markets- GC’s, Specialty Contractors, CM’s, Large Trade Groups
                                                                        Revenue Target- $100M contractors $50M Trade Groups
                                                                        Restricted Classes- Demolition and blasting, environmental & asbestos
                                                                         abatement, residential homebuilders
Public Entity                Barbara Funkhouser                       Individual Risk
                             Phone: (215) 640-1815                         School Districts with avg daily attendance of 7,500 or more.
                             Email:        Cities or towns with populations of 35,000 or more.
                                                                           Counties with populations of 100,000 or more.
                                                                           Liability self-insured retentions of $50,000 or more.
                                                                      Pools Risk
                                                                           Risk sharing/risk retaining
                                                                           Selective member acceptance and pricing criteria

                                                        ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                             Northeast Region
PRODUCT                   CONTACT                                PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                     Clear pool operational strategy

                                                                 Combined Liability/Professional Liability Retained Limit and Follow Form
                                                                 Excess Coverages
                                                                      General Liability
                                                                      Automobile Liability
                                                                      Law Enforcement Liability
                                                                      Public Officials Liability or School Board Liability, including
                                                                         Employment Practices Liability.
                                                                      Employees Benefits Liability
                                                                      Miscellaneous Professional Liability
ACE Complete              Fred Innes                               Worker’s Compensation: Guaranteed Cost
                          Phone: (302) 476-6927                    Premium: $2,500 to $150,000
                          Email:           Experience MOD: .70 to 1.30
                                                                   Classes-broad range: service, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and
                                                                  Participating State- AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, ME, MD,
                                                                    MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA, VT
                                                                    20% DC
                                                                  Specific appointment required
Property & Specialty
Commercial Marine         Deborah Marulli                           Limits: $100 Million capacity, primary and quote share basis
                          Phone: (617) 737-8923                     Minimum Premium: various; Deductible: various
                          Email:       Coverage: worldwide cargo, air carrier legal liability/shippers interest,
                                                                     commercial hull and protection & indemnity including crew, marine
                                                                     liability-primary-excess-MGL-bumbershoot basis
                                                                  Target Customers: domestic/multinational companies engaged in frequent
                                                                     import/export activity, shipment of unusual or distinctive products, require
                                                                     specialized claims or loss control, inland and coastal commercial vessel
                                                                     operators including passenger, tug and barge, terminal operators, charter’s
                                                                     ship repairer’s, marine companies requiring high limits excess liability.
Marine Facilities Group   Colette Castiglioni-Brown              Coverage: Commercial Insurance Package – General Liability, Property,
                          Phone: (619) 563-2422                  Commercial Auto, Commercial Umbrella/Bumbershoot, Inland Marine, Boiler
                          Email: Colette.Castiglioni-            & Machinery, Crime & Fidelity, Liquor Liability, Business Interruption
                                     Marine Insurance Package; Yacht Club Package
                                                                 Target Customers: Boat Dealers, Yacht Clubs, Marinas, Boat Manufacturers

                                                       ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                            Northeast Region
PRODUCT                     CONTACT                              PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                  and a variety of other recreational marine facilities and businesses.
Global Property             Ken Spencer                            National Accounts: limits $50 Million “all risk” capacity, primary, quota
                            Phone: (617) 737-8968                   share, and excess.
                            Email:     Deductible: $100,000
                                                                   $100 mil possible limits with other ACE Property Units capacity
                                                                   $10M in CAT capacity
                                                                   Minimum Premium: $75,000 – Primary/Quota Share & $50,0000 –Excess
                                                                   Middle Market: limits $100 million for middle market
                                                                   Min premium for middle market- $50K
                                                                   Deductible: $10,000 Middle Market
                                                                   Target Markets: Fortune 2,000 and Middle Market manufacturing, services,
                                                                    light to moderate hazard manufacturing, high tech. electronic equipment
                                                                    manufacturing, food processing, and telecommunications.
Global Property Cash Flow   Bob Jacobs                            Captives and Deductible Funds – fully fronted programs
                            Phone: (302) 476-6429                 Minimum Fee: $100,000
                            Email:         Specialized Services: money movement, claims handling, loss reporting,
                                                                      electronic implementation
                            Ken Spencer                           Global, domestic only or international only property and marine programs
                            Phone: (617) 737-8968                     for US based multinationals
Property Engineering        Peter Cuffe                          Available on an unbundled basis:
Services                    Phone: (617) 737-8909                 Property and Machinery Risk Assessments
                            Email:       Jurisdictional Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections
                                                                  CAT Modeling, Data Collection and Analysis
                                                                  CAD Diagrams
                                                                  High Resolution Thermograph Surveys & Transformer Oil Analysis
                                                                  Sprinkler Plan Review Services
                                                                  Engineering Training and Inspection Data Management
Inland Marine               Mark Groenheide                      Inland Marine Products Available:
                            Phone: (617) 737-8999                     Contractors Equipment: Contractors, Municipalities, Ports
                            Mobile: (617) 999-4742                    Difference In Conditions: Earth movement, Flood, Wind
                            Email:        Electronic Data Processing: Higher Ed., Mobile Equipment
                                                                      Fine Arts: Higher Ed., Museums
                                                                      Floor Plan Policies: Owned goods offsite locations
                                                                      Inland Transit: Owned goods shipping domestically
                                                                      Motor Truck Cargo & Warehouse Legal Liability: Package or stand

                                                        ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                             Northeast Region
PRODUCT                     CONTACT                                PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                           alone products available. Minimum of 50 Power Unit Fleet
                                                                   Limits: Up To $50,000,000
                                                                   Minimum Premium: $25,000
Builder’s Risks             Mark Groenheide                        Primary, excess and full limit products.
Inland Marine               Phone: (617) 737-8999                  Limits range from $5,000,000 to $100,000,000
                            Mobile: (617) 999-4742                 Builders Risk Target Classes: Homebuilders, Owners, Commercial Builders,
                            Email:     Developers, including frame construction
                                                                   Type: Offices, Institutional, Industrial, Renovations, Apartments,
                                                                   Sports/Entertainment, Civil Works
                                                                   Coverage: Hard Costs, Soft Cost, Model Homes, Business Income /Loss of
                                                                   Rental Income, Soft Costs, Expediting Expenses.
Engineered Risks            Mike Giambra                           Target customers: Owners, Contractors, Operators
                            Phone: (215) 640-1729                  Type: Bridge, Toll Road, Tunnel, Dam
                            Email:    Coverage: Permanent structure, Business Income, Builders Risk, Delay in
                                                                   opening or start-up (Loss of Rent, Business Income, Soft Costs)
Aviation                    Stephen Dinsdale                        Airport Liability – commercial and general aviation airports
                            Phone: (504) 310-3601                   Hospital heliport / helipad liability and associated non-owned aircraft
                            Email:       liability
                                                                    Aircraft Hull and Liability for aircraft operated by Municipal /
                                                                       Governmental entities only (city, county, state)
                                                                    Special Risks - Airline service providers, ramp service, refueling, baggage
                                                                       and cargo handling
                                                                    Airshow /Air Meet Liability
Foreign Casualty
International Advantage     Patrick Healey                              Advantage Package policy: Minimum premium $2,500, targeting US based
                            Phone: (617) 737-8932                        companies with small to moderate operations abroad.
                            Email:               General Liability, Primary FVWC and EL including Medical
                            Website:                    Evacuation and Repatriation, Contingent Auto Liability, International
                                                                             Medical/AD&D, Commercial Property and Business Income, Kidnap &
                                                                             Extortion, Medical and AD&D for educational institutions.
                                                                            Two and Three Year Terms available on certain program structures
                                                                            International concierge services included with each policy
                                                                            Emergency Political Evacuation included with each policy

Defense Base Act (D.B.A.)   Patrick O’Connor                            Defense Based Act Coverage: WC coverage for prime contractors and
Workers Compensation        Phone: (617) 737-8943                        subcontractors performing work overseas under contracts authorized,
                            Email: Patrick.O’         approved or financed by the U.S. Government or any agency thereof.
                                                         ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                              Northeast Region
PRODUCT                       CONTACT                                PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                         Limits: DBA-statutory, Liability up to $10M
                                                                         Coverages included: Workers Compensation and Employers Liability,
                                                                            Repatriation, AD&D, Kidnap& Extortion options.
                                                                       Target Customers: Engineers, Project Managers, Consultants, Facilities
                                                                         support management, logistical support services, information technology,
                                                                         educational institutions.
Foreign Casualty Controlled   Patrick O’Connor                         Limits: $10,000,000 per occ/agg
Master Programs               Phone: (617) 737-8943                    Minimum Premium: $25,000.
                              Email: Patrick.O’     Coverage: US based multi-national companies with large international
                                                                         operations abroad. Guaranteed Cost, Self-Insured Retention, and High
                                                                         Deductible casualty programs for FVC, EL, GL, AL, and local WC.
Foreign Casualty Cash Flow    Patrick O’Connor                        Captives, Paid and Incurred Loss Retros, High and Matching Deductibles
                              Phone: (617) 737-8943                     and Deductible Funds – with or without risk transfer
                              Email: Patrick.O’    GL, PL, AL, APD, FVC, local WC, EL
                                                                      Limits: up to $10,000,000
                                                                      Minimum Fee – National Accounts: $100,000
                                                                      Minimum Fee – Corporate Risk Accounts: $50,000
                                                                      Specialized Services: money movement, claims handling, loss reporting,
                                                                        electronic implementation
                                                                      Specialized Coverages: DBA; Clinical Trials; UKEL
                                                                      International casualty programs for US based multinationals

Professional & Management
Commercial Surety         Miguel Ferreira                               Limits - $75 mm on a per account basis. Higher Limits available through
                          Phone: (617) 737-8977                          partially or fully secured obligations.
                          Email:         Specialization – Account business for commercial accounts needing any
                                                                         combination of the following obligations; Performance/ Performance &
                                                                         Payment, Customs, Supply/ Supply & Install, License and Permit, and Court
                                                                         (Appeal, Replevin, Supersedeas)
                                                                      Collateral – Ability to accept cash, letter of credit, and other liquid collateral
                                                                       Target Markets – Fortune and larger privately held companies. National and
                                                                        regional brokers with in-house surety expertise
Management Liability          Dave Huck                                   Limits: D&O/EPL/Fiduciary: $25 Million, Fidelity: $20 Million
(D&O)                         Phone: (646) 458-7073                       Minimum Premium: D&O/EPL/Fiduciary: $0 Fidelity: $1,000

                                                     ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                          Northeast Region
PRODUCT                  CONTACT                                 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                         Email:            Retentions: Non Profit/Private Companies EPL -$5,000 Non-Profits /
                                                                    $10,000 Private Companies. Public & IPO- no minimum retentions
                                                                   Excess and Primary basis, Admitted and Non-Admitted
                         Website:      Coverages: D&O for Public, Private and Non-Profit organizations,
                                                                    Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary/Pension Trust Liability,
                                                                    Fidelity/Employee Dishonesty, Insurance Company and Bankers D&O/E&O
                                                                   Target Markets -No Restrictions; Fidelity – No Armored Cars
                                                                   ESOP’s will be reviewed and considered if appropriate
                                                                   Ability to offer stand alone or shared structures
Kidnap and Extortion     Jean McDermott-Lucey                    Kidnap & Ransom (actual, alleged or threatened)
                         Phone: (212) 703-7190                        Extortion related: B.I., P.D., product adulteration, disclosure of
                         Email: jean.mcdermott-                           proprietary information (business or personal)
                                          Detention (holding a person without a ransom demand)
                                                                      Hijacking
                                                                 Program Parameters:
                                                                      Limits: Options from $250,000 to $25 million; Deductible: None
                                                                 Target Market: U.S. companies with international operations; U.S. companies
                                                                 whose employees travel overseas & U.S. domiciled business with no
                                                                 international exposure; High Net Worth Individuals
Professional Liability   Michael Tanenbaum                         Limits: $25 Million
(E&O)                    Phone: (646) 458-6888                     Minimum Premiums: Varies ($5 to $15K)
                         Email:     Retentions: $10,000 or greater
                                                                   Excess and Primary basis, Admitted and Non-Admitted
                                                                   Products- Contractors E&O, Misc. Professional, School Leaders, Architects
                         Website:       & Engineers, Logistics, Public Officials, Digital DNA, Media, Lawyers &
                                                                    Accountants (excess only), Employed Lawyers

                                                                        Architects & Engineers- $15M in limit- $2,000 retention-min. prem. $1500
                                                                         available on practice basis
                                                                        Digital Technology & Prof. Liability- $20 Million limit- $15,000 min.
                                                                         premium (technology & internet E&O, electronic media, network security,
                                                                         cyber extortion, misc. prof.)
                                                                        Misc. Professional- $15 Million limit-$15,000 retention-$15,000
                                                                        Public Officials Prof. Liab.-$5 Million-$10,000 Management Liab.,
                                                                         $25,000 EPL-$15,000 min. prem.
                                                                        School Officials Liab.-$5 Million-$10,000 Management Liab., $25,000

                                                      ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                           Northeast Region
PRODUCT                    CONTACT                                 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                      EPL-$15,000 min. prem.
Risk Management: Primary
Primary Casualty/          Lou Capparelli                              
                                                                      Coverages: WC/GL/AL
Loss Sensitive             Phone: (617) 737-8929                       
                                                                      Loss Pick: no minimum
                           Email:        
                                                                      Retention: (WC): $100,000 minimum, deductible
                                                                      Guaranteed cost or lower retentions available on AL/GL
                                                                      Program Structures: Deductible, Retro, captive, Rent-a-captive, SIR
                                                                      Collateral: LOC, Cash, Trust, Pre-funded deductible, other customized
                                                                     Clash Retentions Available
Excess Worker’s            Jason Clark                               WC over large SIR to qualified self-insured’s
Compensation               Phone: (215) 640-4213                     Limits: Up to Statutory
                           Email:           Minimum Premium: $100,000; Retention: $250,000/occurrence or greater
                                                                     Structures-deductibles above SIR, Captive risk financing participants, split
                                                                      SIR’s, single policy programs for homogeneous groups, Texas non-subscrib.
Captive Solutions          Carol Frey                                Customized alternative structures utilizing: Captives, rent a captives, affinity
                           Phone: (802) 651-9735                      groups and chronological stabilization funding
                           Email:          Product Lines include- Aerospace, Auto Liability, Commercial Marine,
                                                                   Construction, D&O, Energy, Environmental, Global Programs, Healthcare,
                                                                   Medical Malpractice, Loss Portfolio Transfer, Power & Utilities, Professional
                                                                   Liability, Property, Terrorism, Reinsurance, Specialty Products, Weather,
                                                                   Worker’s Compensation
ACE Financial Solutions    John Marsden                              Loss Portfolio Transfers & Closeouts
                           Phone: (215) 640-4711                        Clients looking for alternatives to expensive or cash intensive collateral
                           Email:                 requirements
                                                                        Types of programs: Kemper Novations, Close out of ACE programs
                                                                            and WC Self-Insured Liabilities
                                                                        Merger/acquisitions/divestitures
                                                                     Collateral Replacement Product
                                                                        AFS assists ACE Risk Management on prospective casualty programs
                                                                            to reduce collateral requirements
                                                                        Provide Aggregate Limit Protection
                                                                     Structured Risk Products
                                                                        Prospective programs providing stable capacity over a multi-year period
                                                                            (three to five years typically), which can cover various types of

                                                         ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                              Northeast Region
PRODUCT                    CONTACT                                PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                       underlying exposures
                                                                      Target Customers: Companies that pay significant premiums relative to
                                                                       their loss history
Risk Management Services
ESIS Sales and Account     Tim Piersons: Sales                         Product and Service Offering- Account Management, Claims Management,
Management                 Phone: (617) 737-8901                        Recovery Services, Special Investigation (Fraud) Services, Medical Cost
                           Email:             Containment Services, Integrated Disability, Risk Advantage, Risk Control
                                                                        Services, Benchmarking & Loss Cost Reduction Consulting, Catastrophe &
                           Mark Bossi: Account Management               Crisis Management, Complex Claims Consulting Services
                           Phone: (617) 737-8991                       Claims/Losses-Manage over $2 Billion of customer losses, over 275,000 new
                           Email:                   claims annually
                                                                       Locations-18 claims offices through out the country
Hygienetics Services       Bill McBirney                                 Service Offering: Hazmat (Asbestos, Lead, Hazardous Materials)
                           Phone: (617) 737-8996                          Investigation, Design, Monitoring, Environmental Site Assessments, Indoor
                           Email:               Air Quality Assessments, Environmental Compliance Audits, SPCC Plan
                                                                          Development, Desktop Review of existing reports, Environmental
                                                                          Remediation and Site Characterization
Risk Control Services      Rich Afrikian                                 Risk Control consulting and servicing for OSHA Compliance, Life Safety,
                           Phone: (781) 246-0356                          Hazard Assessment, Best Practices and any specific needs at clients request
                           Email:              All lines consulting, audits and evaluation for hazards, exposures and
                                                                          controls: Workers Compensation, General Liability, Fleet, Products,
                                                                          Completed Operations, Inland Marine, Construction,
                                                                         Industrial Hygiene-Chemical Sampling, lab analysis and exposure/hazard
                                                                          assessment for controls
                                                                         All industries serviced
                                                                         Local, regional, national and international coverage via consultants and
                                                                          travel as needed and tailored to a clients specific needs
                           Pat Negro                                     Bundled and unbundled service plans for risk reduction, safety & health
                           Phone: (203) 389-1951                          enhancement
                           Email:                     Staff: 300+ credentialed safety professionals, 20+ years average experience,
                                                                          multiple disciplines
                           Bob Brodil: Construction Specialist
                                                                         Account Management: single point of contact for all services
                           Phone: (508) 584-2925
                           Email:                 Loss analysis to focus resources strategically
                                                                         Global service capabilities: US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia
                           Website:                         Safety & Health Consulting services: client program evaluation, risk
                                                                          assessments, loss reduction strategies, training including onsite customized
                                                    ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                         Northeast Region
PRODUCT                 CONTACT                               PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
                                                                Construction: job planning, loss control program audit, jobsite inspections
                                                                 and on-site training.
                                                                Fleet, Environmental, Property Engineering Risk Assessments/Sprinkler
                                                                Audit Practice: Management Systems, VPP, OHSAS 18000, Safety Culture
                                                                 & Perception Surveys
                                                                Ergonomics: production, repetitive motion, material handling, office
                                                                 ergonomics, training for management, engineers, ergonomics task team
                                                                Industrial Hygiene: Air monitoring, noise, mold, lab services, program
                                                                Claim defense, return-to-work assessments, occupational disease

Medical Risk
Facility Medical Risk   Annick Ducasse                             Limits: $20 Million excess capacity
                        Phone: (646) 458-6893                      Minimum Premium: - $25,000
                        Email:         Retention: $50,000 Hospitals- $10,000 or greater
                                                                   Products- Hospitals-LTC/Asst. Living, Physicians and managed care
                        Bret Spicer                                 exposures of covered under Facility program
                        Phone: (913) 491-2052                      Other-Home Healthcare, Lithotripsy, MRI’s, non-invasive medical facilities
                        Email:            Managed Care E&O
                                                                   Problematic Jurisdictions-MS, WV
Life Sciences           James Kregler                              Limits: Up to $10 Million primary & excess, world-wide coverage
                        Phone: (646) 458-6896                      Retention: $10,000 or greater
                        Email:          Products- Product and professional liability-biotechnology, specialty
                                                                    pharmaceuticals, non-implantable medical devices, human clinical trials,
                        Bret Spicer                                 CRO’s and SMO’s
                        Phone: (913) 491-2052                      Coverage Available for Foreign Clinical Trials
                        Email:            Undesirable Classes-Non FDA regulated products, nutriceuticals, vitamins,
                                                                    dietary supplements, herbals, or botanicals, cosmetic products and veterinary
                        Website:             products

                                                 ACE PRODUCT OFFERING
                                                      Northeast Region
PRODUCT               CONTACT                                  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
Medical Risk Middle   Phil Twietmeyer (Package)                PL and GL for Miscellaneous Facilities: Labs (Dental, Diagnostic, Ocular and
Market                Phone: (856) 755-6360                    X-ray);Imaging Facilities; Dialysis Centers; Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
                      Email:    Centers; Mental Health Counseling; Student Health Centers; Lithotripsy; Health
                                                               & Wellness Centers
                                                                      Deductibles: <$25K; Limits: $1M; Min Premium: $5,000
                      Website:          PL and GL for Home Healthcare/Staffing and Hospice
                                                                      Deductibles:<$25k Limits: $1M;Min Premium: $5,000
                                                               Package Policy Available for Long Term Care and Life Sciences:
                                                                      Deductibles: $1000 minimum Limits: $15M property, $1M GL &Auto


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