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A revolutionary new product specially formulated to give you energy,
eliminate toxins and aid your body in absorbing necessary nutrients.

XZIO-CELL is a proprietary ionic formula that contains:

•	 A	broad	spectrum	of	major	and	trace	minerals	in	the	correct	amount		
   and form
•	 High	quality	Fulvic	and	Humic	Acids
•	 Trace	amounts	of	Amino	Acids
•	 Electrolytes
•	 Enzymes
•	 A	water-splitting	action	formula,	which	releases	beneficial	oxygen	

XZIO-CELL 	utilizes	a	unique	water-splitting	technology,	which	provides	

your body with an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system. The
nutrients contained in XZIO-CELL 	are	absorbed	quickly	and	efficiently	

by every cell in the body. XZIO-CELL’S 	unique	structure	oxygenates	and	

feeds the cells - cleaning and tuning up the body’s systems throughout the

It’s been said that all forms of illness can be traced to two basic causes:
too many toxins in the body and too few nutrients reaching the cells.
XZIO-CELL addresses these two vital health issues simultaneously and

with	remarkable	thoroughness.

How is XZio-CELL CrEaTEd?        TM

XZIO-CELL is created by a proprietary nine month process in which

these all-natural, nutrient-rich plant substances are held in a negatively-
charged suspension of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen). The result
is	a	remarkable	formulation	which	“dissociates”	or	splits	the	water	
molecules	within	the	body	by	weakening	the	bonding	electrons.

This newly-born oxygen, combined with an array of vital nutrients, is
carried to every cell in the body - cleaning, toning and building the cells
and tissues hour after hour, day after day. Since the body is over two-
thirds water, this oxygen and hydrogen source is virtually unlimited.

†These	statements	have	not	been	evaluated	by	the	Food	and	Drug	Administration.	This	product	is	not	intended	to	diagnose,	
treat, cure or prevent any disease.
           How does XZIO-CELL Work?                                                                          TM

XZIO-CELL’S proprietary water-splitting action begins before the first

drink	is	even	consumed.	You	first	mix	XZIO-CELL with water and it                TM

immediately starts splitting the oxygen and hydrogen atoms in your
drinking	water.	Once	you	drink	it,	the	revolutionary	process	continues	
within your body.

XZIO-CELL splits water molecules whenever and wherever oxygen

is needed. Once oxygen is no longer needed, no more molecules are
split. Along with this water-splitting action, XZIO-CELL’S essential                          TM

natural	minerals,	enzymes,	Fulvic	Acid	and	electrolytes	are	delivered	
throughout the body on the deepest cellular level.

XZIO-CELL is a miracle of electromagnetic design. Since it is

colloidal	and	negatively	charged	-	just	like	the	blood	and	
lymph fluid - there is a natural synchronicity between these fluids.

XZIO-CELL and its nutrients move through the cell walls easily and its

vital	nutrients	are	absorbed	and	assimilated	quickly	and	efficiently.

XZIO-CELL is a di-pole, di-base delivery system, delivering its

nutrients	to	the	cells	and	tissues	under	any	conditions.	(Di-pole	means	
XZIO-CELL is effective in any polarity range of the body; di-base

means	it’s	effective	in	any	pH	range	and	will	tend	to	normalize	the	
body’s acid/base balance). It increases cell-absorption by as much as
3-5 times.

Therefore, XZIO-CELL is exceptional as an overall delivery system,

not	just	for	its	own	nutrients,	but	also	for	other	nutrients	or	substances	
introduced into the body within the same 24-hour period. Notably,
there	is	no	known	toxicity	associated	with	XZIO-CELL .	For	best	                         TM

results it may be ingested 3 times per day.

Importantly, XZIO-CELL 	won’t	create	free	radical	damage.	Free	

radicals - believed to be a primary cause of aging and disease -
are positively charged ions of oxygen. Since XZIO-CELL’S released                                  TM

oxygen	molecules	are	negatively	charged,	they	seek	out	and	attract	
these	dangerous	free	radicals,	joining	with	them	to	form	stabilized	
†These	statements	have	not	been	evaluated	by	the	Food	and	Drug	Administration.	This	product	is	not	intended	to	
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Released Oxygen and its Benefits
 Oxygen is vital to the healthy functioning of our
 body - it fuels all bodily systems, fires chemical
 reactions and eliminates wastes and toxins.
 XZIO-CELL enhances the critical bio-availability of

 oxygen	within	your	body.	Through	its	unique	ability	
 to split water molecules within the body,
 XZIO-CELL is responsible for the release of an

 abundant amount of oxygen and hydrogen directly
 to the cells.

 This abundant release of oxygen throughout your
 body aids in:

 •	 Heightening	concentration,		
    alertness and memory
 •	 Boosting	energy	levels
 •	 Strengthening	your	immune		
    system, which promotes
 •	 Countering	the	effects	
    of aging
 •	 Strengthening	organs,		 	
    including the heart
 •	 Improving	digestion
 •	 Relieving	muscle	stiffness
 •	 Relieving	pain	from		      	
    headaches, migraines and
 •	 Better	sleep	and	lessening		
†These	statements	have	not	been	evaluated	by	the	Food	and	Drug	Administration.	
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Major MinEraLs and TraCE MinEraLs
Minerals,	whether	a	trace	mineral	or	a	major	mineral	are	necessary	for	proper	
bodily function, insufficient amounts of these minerals can seriously impair your
health. Many of these minerals are found within foods but many are also found
within water.

Raindrops	descend	as	miniature	capacitors,	holding	and	carrying	some	of	the	
electrical	charge	of	a	fully-charged	cloud.	Science	has	discovered	that	upon	striking	
most soils a measurable charge is dispersed by the droplets for up to a nine foot
radius. This discharge amounts to an information transfer which affects plants, seeds
                                                                                                                  THE Major MinEraLs
and the water soluble crystals which can grow on all of the earth’s elements.
                                                                                                                  and TraCE MinEraLs
These crystals are able to retain this discharge of information (minerals). And where                             found in XZio-CELL       TM

water may have a short-term memory, crystals can have a long-term memory. Plants                                       inCLudE:
in turn draw up this form of water-soluble crystal into the plant stem under pressure
(and	the	influence	of	Fulvic	Acid)	where	millions	of	bits	of	information	are	fed	into	                              Actinium           Neon
these crystals.                                                                                                     Antimony          Nickel	
                                                                                                                       Argon         Niobium
These crystal minerals in turn become ultra-miniature capacitors able to hold and                                    Astatine       Nitrogen
release information through electrical discharge.                                                                     Barium	        Osmium
                                                                                                                    Berylium	        Oxygen
                                                                                                                     Bismuth	       Palladium
                                                                                                                       Boron	     Phosphorous
It	is	beneficial	to	have	minerals,	but	our	bodily	make-up	calls	for	fully	informed	                                  Bromine	        Platinum
minerals as nature intended - in the correct amount and form. What you must                                          Calcium        Polonium
remember	is	that	the	RDA	system	was	set	up	while	using	minerals	that	are	mostly	                                     Carbon         Potassium
                                                                                                                     Cerium      Praseodymium
unuseable by the body. So, lots of minerals had to be recommended in order to get
                                                                                                                     Cesium       Promethium
a little absorbed.
                                                                                                                   Chromium          Rhenium	
                                                                                                                      Cobalt         Rhodium	
Common	thinking	at	the	time	was	that	the	only	elements	available	outside	of	                                         Copper         Rubidium	
food	were	“complex”	elements.		When	using	complex	elements	it	is	estimated	                                       Dysprosium	      Ruthenium	
that	the	human	body	will	only	be	able	to	break	down	and	absorb	1-5%.	Doctor’s	                                        Erbium       Samarium
recommendations are usually based on these complex elements. When using mono-                                       Europium        Selenium
atomic	minerals	in	the	correct	form,	correct	amount	and	making	them	water	soluble;	                                  Fluorine	         Silica
the	RDA	recommendation	nears	100%	absorbable	minerals.	These	minerals	require	                                    Gadolinium          Silicon
no	digestion	or	enzyme	action	and	can	be	absorbed	through	tissue	as	well.		These	                                    Gallium          Silver
are	the	types	of	minerals	plants	will	easily	pick	up	and	use	from	the	soil	because	                               Germanium          Sodium
they are in crystalline form.                                                                                           Gold          Sulfur
                                                                                                                    Hafnium	        Tantalum
                                                                                                                      Helium	      Technetium
                                                                                                                    Holmium	        Tellurium
XZIO-CELL’STM minerals are in the correct form, correct amount and most
                                                                                                                   Hydrogen	         Terbium
importantly,	they	are	fully-informed.	They	are	truly	unique	and	in	a	formula	that	
                                                                                                                      Indium         Thallium
releases a treasure-trove of hydrogen and oxygen at a cellular level.                                                  Iodine        Thorium
                                                                                                                      Iridium           Tin
Also, the minerals that we refer to as harmful are all inorganic in nature. The                                         Iron         Titanium
minerals in XZIO-CELLTM are all rendered as organic. Why is this important?                                          Krypton        Tungsten
Because	the	body	can	handle	organic	minerals	of	any	kind	and	they	will	not	stick	in	                               Lanthanum       Vanadium
the	body’s	tissues.	Remember,	when	minerals	are	in	the	correct	form,	correct	amount	                                 Lutetium         Xenon
and	rendered	organic	the	body	will	recognize	the	ones	it	needs	and	use	them	as	                                   Magnesium         Ytterbium	
food. And the ones the body does not need it will eliminate.                                                      Manganese             Zinc
†These	statements	have	not	been	evaluated	by	the	Food	and	Drug	Administration.	This	product	is	not	intended	to	   Molybdenum        Zirconium
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.                                                                     Neodymium
              Other Ingredients
EnZyMEs (METaboLiC and food)
Metabolic	Enzymes	are	produced	by	the	liver,	pancreas	and	gallbladder	and	are	
responsible for the structuring, repair and remodeling of cells. They operate in every
cell,	organ	and	tissue	and	need	constant	replenishment.	Metabolic	Enzymes	speed	
up chemical reactions within cells for detoxification and energy production. They
enable us to see, hear, feel and move.

Food	enzymes	are	introduced	to	the	body	through	raw	foods	and	enzyme	
supplements.	Raw	foods	naturally	contain	enzymes	which	start	our	food	digestion	
process.	However,	raw	food	contains	only	the	enzymes	required	to	digest	that	
particular food, not enough to be stored for later use. All body functions can be
enhanced	and	improved	by	supplemental	enzymes.                                                                     TraCE aMounTs of
                                                                                                                      aMino aCids:
Enzymes	are	extremely	sensitive	to	heat	and	are	destroyed	by	temperatures	above	
50°	Celsius	or	122°	Fahrenheit.	Because	we	often	cook	our	foods,	we	need	to	eat	
more	raw	vegetables	and	fruits	to	supplement	our	intake	of	enzymes.	                                                 Alanine        Methionine
                                                                                                                    Arginine       Phenylalanine
Types	of	enzymes:                                                                                                 Aspartic Acid        Proline
Hydrolases,	Carbohydrases:	Maltase,	Sucrase,	Emulsin.                                                                Cystine           Serine
Nucleases: Polynucleotidase, Nucleotidase.                                                                        Glutamic Acid      Threonine
Hydrases:	Fumarase,	Enolase.                                                                                         Glycine        Tryptophan
Peptidases:	Aminopolypeptidase,	Dipeptidase,	Prolinase.                                                             Histidine	        Tyrosine
Esterases: Lipase, Phosphotase, Sulfatase.                                                                         Isoleucine           Valin
Copper	Enzymes:	Tyrosinase,	Ascorbic	Acid,	Oxidase                                                                    Lysine
Iron	Enzymes:	Catalase,	Cytochrome	oxidase,	Peroxidase
Enzymes	containing	coenzymes	1	and/or	2:	Lactic	Dehydrogenase,	Robison	Ester,	
Dehydrogenase                                                                                                          ELECTroLyTEs
Enzymes	which	reduce	cytochrome:	Succinic	Dehydrogenase
Yellow	Enzymes:	Warburg’s	Old	Yellow	Enzymes,	Diaphorase,	Haas	Enzyme,	
                                                                                                                     Electrolytes support the
Cytochrome C reductase
                                                                                                                  healthy electrical integrity of
Amidase: Urease
                                                                                                                  the body’s natural colloidal
Mutases: Aldehyde Mutase, Glyoxalase
                                                                                                                      systems, including the
Desmolases:	Zymohexase,	Carboxylase
                                                                                                                   blood itself. They impart a
Phosphorylase,	Phosphohexisomerase,	Hexokinase,	Phosphoglumutase
                                                                                                                   negative charge to the red
                                                                                                                  blood cells, separating them
HuMiC and fuLviC aCids                                                                                              to restore their maximum
These two acids help carry nutrients into the cell and waste products away from it;
while	also	helping	to	neutralize	toxins,	invaders	and	heavy	metals.	This	means	these	                              Muscle tissue and neurons
acid	complexes	enhance	mineral	and	trace	element	uptake,	helping	us	to	maintain	                                       are also considered
mineral and trace element balances in our bodies without threat of toxicity.                                       electric tissues of the body.
                                                                                                                   Without sufficient levels of
Both	Humic	and	Fulvic	Acid	are	negatively	charged	metal-complexing	ligands.	This	                                    key	electrolytes,	muscle	
means	Humic	and	Fulvic	Acid	have	strong	bonds	to	hold	heavy	metals	that	are	toxic	                                 weakness	or	severe	muscle	
to	the	body	and	have	weak	bonds	with	minerals	the	body	can	use.	So,	they	both	                                       contractions can occur.
attract heavy metals, which in-turn allows necessary minerals to enter our cells.
                                                                                                                   XZIO-CELL™ contains the
Whenever	minerals	come	in	contact	with	Fulvic	Acid	in	a	water	medium,	they	are	                                     right	electrolytes	to	keep	
naturally	dissolved	into	ionic	form.	These	minerals	literally	become	part	of	the	Fulvic	                           your body’s electric tissues
Acid	itself.	Once	the	minerals	meld	into	the	Fulvic	Acid	complex,	they	are	now	bio-                                  and systems functioning
active, bio-available and organic.                                                                                           properly.
†These	statements	have	not	been	evaluated	by	the	Food	and	Drug	Administration.	This	product	is	not	intended	to	
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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