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					Don’t help the company kill
our bill that will protect
workers and consumers if
Verizon sells its network or merges with
another company.
Instead, call to support the bill!
Verizon just sent out an e-mail to every employee warning that CWA’s bill in Albany
to strengthen consumer and worker protections in the event of a telecom merger or line
sale will “kill jobs” and “stop the FiOS build.”

Surprise, surprise. They’re lying. Creager’s message can mean only one thing: they
want to sell in New York. Our bill would prevent New York workers and consumers
from suffering what New England went through after Verizon sold its network in
Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to tiny FairPoint in 2008. Fifteen months after
the sale, Fairpoint went bankrupt, thousands of customers experienced major
service quality problems, and workers face severe cuts in future bargaining
because Fairpoint is a small company loaded up with debt.

Verizon tried to sell Upstate in 2005 – and they are selling 14 states to Frontier right
now. A sale of telephone access lines endangers our jobs and undermines good
service, including through a bankruptcy that prevents new infrastructure investment.

S.7263/A.2208, the “merger and line sale bill” (“S” is the Senate bill # and “A” is the
Assembly), passed the Assembly on July 1st 103-34, and could come to the Senate
floor for a vote any day. Day after day, Verizon has had over a dozen high-priced
lobbyists in Albany working furiously against it. If they’re working so hard against it,
you know it must be a good thing!

The bill requires the PSC to meet strengthened standards for worker and consumer
protection if Verizon or Rochester Tel sell their lines or merge. Contrary to
Verizon’s claims, if a sale occurs, this bill would help ensure infrastructure
investment such as the fiber build. Instead of padding corporate profits, this bill
helps protect our jobs and our customers.

                                PROTECT OUR JOBS! Call 518-
                               455-2800 Right Now. Urge Your
                              State Senator to Vote for S.7263
                               to protect workers and consumers.

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