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					What is ASSOB?

ASSOB is Australia's largest unlisted securities platform that showcases investment opportunities in high
growth unlisted companies. Currently the combined value of companies listed on ASSOB (based on last
sale share prices) is in excess of $500M.
Not only can you access early stage investment opportunities through the ASSOB platform, but you can
buy and sell shares in other unlisted companies or buy and sell units in unlisted property trusts. ASSOB
provides investment opportunities available across a range of sectors including mining, energy,
education, entertainment, green technology, bio technology, ITC and more.
All companies listed on ASSOB are independently audited and subject to listing and disclosure rules that
ensure ongoing disclosure and communication with stakeholders.

Executive Equity: Registration Form

Being involved with high-growth companies at an early stage can be not only financially rewarding but
personally fulfilling as well. Many of the companies listed on ASSOB have positions open for experienced
directors, board members and specialists who can guide them through their development stage.
Executive Equity is designed to be a matching service in a similar vein to other well-known employment
matching websites.
The main difference is that professionals who advertise their services on Executive Equity are willing to
receive most (if not all) of their salaries or fees in equity or other non-cash payment. If you wish to offer
your expertise on this platform you can do so by completing this form. It is very important that you
provide as much detail as you can and that you are open to being paid in shares or some other form of
trade. There are four categories that you can list your services under, please check the appropriate

    Executive Director – ED prepared to work in the         Non-Executive Director – NED not working in the
 business day-to-day.                                    business day-to-day.

    Adviser - usually a professional or someone with         Endorser - someone with noteworthy or celebrity
 unique industry skills.                                 status that could add value to the company.

The Executive Equity board simply provides a listing of potential executive talent and as such ASSOB
does not get involved in negotiations between the parties. It is very important that both parties
undertake rigorous due-diligence and refer to their independent advisers and peers for advice prior to
entering any formal relationships.
Check List
   Equity Participation - Willingness to work for       Conflict of Interest - No known conflict of interest in
equity / script with ASSOB listed businesses        taking on NED or ED roles with current employment contract
dependant on the opportunity.                       or business arrangements.

   Due Diligence - Prepared to conduct necessary        Risks - Acknowledgement that equity-based
due diligence on the roles/opportunities that are   opportunities, working with start-up businesses can be high
presented via ASSOB.                                risk and not suited to everyone.

Full Name

Age (Optional)
                                                    If you do not want to disclose your age, please leave the
                                                    above field blank.

                                                    Example: Queensland

Sponsored By
                                                    This application is sponsored by the above mentioned party.

Brief Description

                                                    Example Text: Joe is an experienced Chairman, Executive and
                                                    Non Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer in a wide
                                                    range of companies. Joe brings Australasian experience and a
                                                    demonstrated aptitude for working within competitive, fast
                                                    paced environments. Bringing to the table extensive
                                                    corporate leadership experience in national & international
                                                    technology, property development, recruitment and
                                                    agricultural operations. Core skills include strategic and
                                                    operational development, acquisitions, and the management
                                                    of hundreds of employees. Joe is a highly regarded business
                                                    leader with a proven track record as a significant contributor
                                                    to company profits and increased market share. Providing
                                                    leadership, implementation of feasibility studies, operational
                                                    cash flows, strategic business and go-to-market plans, Joe
                                                    has a proven track record in start-ups, operational
                                                    turnarounds as well as steady-state businesses.
Core Strengths
                                                         Start-ups
                                                         Excellent communicator / negotiator
                                                         Entrepreneurship
                                                         Brand Strategist, Consumer & Retail
                                                         Proven Growth Capacity
                                                         Merger & Acquisition Experience

Previous Companies & Positions
                                                           CEO – XYZ
                                                           Executive Director – XYZ
                                                           Director - XYZ
                                                           Please note: company names can be anonymous –
                                                            please indicate on your form if you don’t wish the
                                                            company names to be disclosed.

What Do You Believe You Could Add to a
Developing Business?                            Example Text: Joe would add significant governance
                                                capability to the boards of companies engaged in property
                                                development, sales, manufacturing and logistics and to
                                                companies requiring significant changes in direction including
                                                full turnarounds in performance and or international
                                                expansion plans. Joe is especially adept at providing support
                                                and mentoring to CEO’s. Joe has sat on a significant number
                                                of private company boards, industry associations as well as
                                                community boards as part of his corporate leadership roles.
                                                Joe therefore brings with him senior experience in
                                                governance, guidance and advocacy as both a Board Member
                                                and as a result of his five previous Board Chairmanship roles.

What Are You Specifically Looking For (Or Not
Looking For)?                                   Example Text: Joe is seeking the opportunity to partner with
                                                start-ups seeking to tap into his experience and background;
                                                particularly interested in Green Technology and businesses
                                                wishing to expand internationally. Joe is seeking Advisory,
                                                Board and NED opportunities. Joe not interested in family
                                                businesses where the family members make up the
                                                executive team and board.

Email Corporate Picture / Invoice Details
                                                Email with your corporate
                                                picture to accompany your profile. Registration Fee is $450
                                                plus GST. Payment can be made online via PAYPAL by
                                                following this link.