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Why clean & dress plastic & trim?

Exterior plastics & trim should be regularly
cleaned to ensure that dirt and
contaminants do not become ingrained in
the surface. It's also important to dress
them after cleaning to prevent premature
fading which can occur from sunlight
exposure and from the weather in general.

It's important to keep your interior plastics &
trim clean for hygienic reasons. Dirt,
particles and odours sit on the surface and
if left uncleaned will build up in layers over
time providing the ideal environment for
undesirable germs and bacteria to form and
be transferred.

If your car has light coloured interior
plastics & trim even any small marks can
leave it looking grubby and unsightly.

Once clean, dressed interior trim will help to
restore an 'as new' look and also help to
protect it from harmful uv sun rays and from
anything else that might be spilt/deposited
on them accidently. Dressing your interior
trim will also make it much easier for you to
clean and restore next time.

How often should I clean & dress my
plastics & trim?

If your car has any exterior plastics & trim it
should be cleaned along with the rest of the
exterior every time it is washed. After an
initial thorough clean with either a
designated plastic cleaning product or a
diluted all purpose cleaner, a regular
shampoo product can be used to suitably
maintain them. Dressing/protecting your
exterior plastics & trim every time your car
is washed may not be required, however a
good time time to do it would be when you
are giving your paintwork a wax top up in
between polishing.

Interior plastics should initially be
thoroughly cleaned and properly protected,
then simply maintained and spot cleaned
whenever the rest of your interior is being
regularly cleaned. You should reapply a
dressing/protectant whenever the rest of
your interior has had a thorough clean or
simply when the finish begins to diminish.

What do I need to clean & dress my
plastics & trim?

Plastics & trim should initially be thoroughly
cleaned using either a designated
plastic/vinyl cleaning product or a diluted all
purpose cleaner. Cleaning products can be
worked into the grain if necessary with a
stiff bristled detailing or nail brush. Exterior
plastics can be followed up using a normal
shampoo product and wash mitt whilst
washing the rest of your car but interior
plastics & trim should be dried off with a
micro fibre towel.

Once clean, plastics & trim should be
dressed with a designated interior/exterior
dressing/protectant product, this should be
applied with a micro fibre applicator pad
and any excess product removed or buffed
over with a clean dry micro fibre towel.

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