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The greatest tool we have is how we listen to what you truly need. We don't impose our views on you, instead we work with you to develop the best message for your audience.

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									The Blink Communications Approach
We do not start with the final set design, we do not start with the music selection, and we do not start with the lighting plan. At Blink Communications, we start with listening. We listen to what you feel your message is; to what has worked for you in the past; to what the make- up of your audience is, and much more. After a thorough assessment of your goals is taken, we begin the design phase of the production. Our producer works with our graphic artists to design speaker support graphics that best represent the theme and message you want to convey. We work with our set and lighting designers to plan the staging in a way that will maximize the budget, while having a creative impact. Our producer is handling the coordination between all elements of the production. We are working with the venue, the various crew department heads, and your ancillary service vendors. We plan and execute the logistical needs of the entire meeting. Blink Communications will create a detailed show book that includes all scripts, show flows, graphic printouts, schedules, and other logistical information. The crew and the production team to coordinate duties, technical needs, and confirm subject matter data use this book. Your guest and staff speakers are not left out of the program design process. We work with the speakers and panelists to ensure that they have the speaker support materials they need; that the design of the materials is consistent with the overall program design; that any special technical needs are met; and that they have a high level of comfort with their presentation. On site, we hold detailed and thorough rehearsals. Our production team first runs what we call technical rehearsals. During this phase all of the audio - visual elements are brought together to produce the program. Our stage director works with the technical crew to give all an understanding of what happens when and where. Everything from walk-in music to video roll cues is rehearsed. After the technical rehearsals, we hold the full rehearsals. This is the time when the guest speakers and other program participants walk through their stage directions, rehearse their speeches, and finalize their speaker support graphics and other materials. They will work with our TelePrompTer operator (who has had their speeches since before the

conference) to establish a comfort level with the process. In addition, during this rehearsal our stage manager and producer are working to ease the speakers’ natural nervousness associated with public speaking. In actuality, our rehearsal of your conference starts weeks before we all arrive on site. We run what we call a “paper tech” on every aspect of your program. The department heads, along with the rest of the production team walk through the entire show. Potential problems are anticipated, alternatives suggested, and show flow revisions made – all before we are in the ballroom. You, as our client, are included in this process. Prior to leaving for the conference, we run through every piece of music, every visual, and all speaker support materials for your approval. This same process holds true for your special events. We work with you to design exciting and appropriate entertainment events, from headline performers to local bands. These events are designed and executed with the point-of-view of the participants in mind. We work with you to understand the demographics of your audience so that the participants are able to relax, network, and just have fun. Working with Blink Communications allows you to concentrate on what you have to do before and during your event. We worry about the details. Best of all, your attendees are assured of a professional, memorable, and effective production.

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