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									Nation‟s Leading Tax Resolution Firm Defends Taxpayer Rights in IRS

As the IRS enforcement budget reaches unprecedented levels, more
Americans than ever will be audited. And taxpayers threatened by IRS
audits will need to know how to increase their chances of qualifying for
tax relief.

Encino, CA, July 15, 2010 -- In fiscal-year 2009, nearly 1.4 million
Americans were audited, which equates to just over 1% of all tax returns
filed. The IRS also collected $48.9 billion in back taxes and penalties
through collection, examination and document-matching efforts.

“The audit rate today is 100% higher than in 2000,” said Rozbruch,
founder and CEO of Tax Resolution Services, Co. (TRS), a company that
provides affordable solutions to people with tax problems. “Just because
a taxing authority has decided to audit you, does not mean you have to
roll over and die or be pushed around by the IRS. Every taxpayer has the
fundamental rights of due process, fairness and representation- even if
the auditor does not explain this to you.”

According to Rozbruch, an incorrect assessment by an IRS auditor can end
up costing you thousands of dollars, and taxpayers who seek professional
tax attorney and tax resolution services have a better chance of
successfully negotiating a tax settlement than those who try to deal with
an IRS audit on their own. That is why once taxpayers retain TRS,
Rozbruch and his specialized team of tax relief professionals take over
all communication with the IRS.

“We called Tax Resolution Services after being contacted by the IRS
telling us we had two days to respond back to them. Immediately after
calling, Erez my case manager, contacted the IRS on our behalf and got an
extension of time to respond,” said Dan G., a TRS client from Colorado
Springs, CO. “At one point an IRS field agent wanted to meet with us in
person and Erez refused that request. Thank goodness. We were stressed
enough as it was and it really helped to have someone speaking on our
behalf. The bottom line is that Erez negotiated a „no-change‟ letter in
connection with our 2007 audit which could have resulted in an additional
assessment in the hundreds of dollars.”

Tax Resolution Services, Co. is dedicated to providing affordable
solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in
trouble with the IRS. Their expert team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and
Certified Tax Resolution Specialists has a success rate of 90% - second
to none in the industry - and an Offer in Compromise Settlement Rate of
$0.11 on the dollar. For more information or to receive a FREE tax relief
consultation, visit or call 866-IRS-PROBLEMS.

Debbie Edwards
Tax Resolution Services, Co.
Encino, CA

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