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					                                                     In tune with fiscal needs                                                                                             Suite
                                                       Adviser hangs up dancing shoes to tango with cost-conscious clients                                                Escape
                                                                                                BY BETH FITZGERALD                                                         My last meal would
                                                               DAVID GRAY STARTED out teaching ballet dancers how to manage their precarious finances.                          include:
                                                               Now, after spending a decade running ballet and theater companies, he’s gone back to finan-
                                                                                                      cial planning, where his clients include conventional work-         Mark Juliano
                                                                                                      ing people facing something like artist’s angst: zero job             CEO, Trump
                                                                                                      security and wages that fluctuate.                                   Entertainment
                                                                        Gray left his post as executive director of the New Brunswick Cultural Center — opera-              Resorts Inc.
                                                                  tor of the State Theatre and George Street Playhouse — and launched Finance Arts, in
                                                                   Princeton. He lives in the town with his wife, ballerina Kyra Nichols — who retired in 2007         A great bowl of pasta,
                                                                   after 33 years at New York City Ballet — and their sons, Joe, 13, and Cameron, 8.                   Dover sole and a glass
                                                                         Striking out solo to launch a new business during a recession was a calculated risk:            of ‘82 Haut Brion.
                                                                    Gray predicts rising demand for objective financial advice. People have lost money in
                                                                                                                   the market, watched home values plummet
                                                                                                                                                                                               Richard Kennedy
                                                                   Gray at a glance                                and don’t know if they’ll need to change
                                                                                                                   jobs — or even careers — a few times before                                 Metro New York area
                                                                    DAVID GRAY, 50, was executive di-              the day they retire, assuming that day ever                                 chief operating officer,
                                                                   rector from 2004 to 2009 of the New             comes. Gray is a fee-only financial adviser                                        Skanska
                                                                   Brunswick Cultural Center, home of              affiliated with the national Garrett Planning                                   With any luck,
                                                                    George Street Playhouse, the State             Network, whose members aren’t paid com-                                         I won’t know.
                                                                     Theatre and Crossroads, and was               missions for steering clients to a financial
                                                                     executive director of the American            institution’s products.
                                                                     Repertory Ballet from 2001 to 2004.                  “A lot of financial planning literature is        Gil Medina
                                                                     He has given nancial advice to                geared to people with secure, lifetime jobs and       Executive managing
                                                                     dancers and other performing art-             a pension,” Gray said — a world that’s disap-         director, Cushman &
                                                                     ists, worked in book publishing and           pearing. “I would argue that in every profes-        Wakefield of New Jersey
                                                                  has ghostwritten a children’s book.              sion, people are going to be outsourced and
                                                                                                                                                                            Rice and beans.
                                                                   His new book, on nonpro t cash                  freelanced and hired on a project-by-project
                                                              ow, will be published in the fall.                   basis.”
                                                                  “The fun part of the job is really                      He advises people to manage their
                                                              nancial education — giving people the                money with an eye to the likelihood of peaks
                                                            skills to do things for themselves. I’ve               and valleys in their earning power. “We can
                                                            been working in and around the nonprof-                still be consumers, but
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Description: A great bowl of pasta, Dover sole and a glass of '82 Haut Brion.
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