Berrigan Elementary School Minutes February 4, 2008 2007-2008 School by mql13846


									                         Berrigan Elementary School
                          Minutes: February 4, 2008
                          2007-2008 School Council

Date: Monday February 4, 2008
Time: 6:30 – 8:00
Location: Berrigan Elementary School Library


Wayne Widenmaier, Principal
Anna Lyall, Vice Principal
Lea Varvaresos, Teacher Representative
Sheryl Foran, Co-Chair
Kerri Stewart, Co-Chair
Shelly Holmes, Secretary and Public Relations Representative
Susan Klimchuk, OCASC Representative
Barb Berry, Member at Large
Christina Thiele, Member at Large
Nichole Haighton, Member at Large
Sherri Towaij, Member at Large
Lynn Ogilvie, Member at Large
Christina Burley, Member at Large
Abraham Sudhakar, Member at Large
Kathy McCulloch, Member at Large
Pam Mosekjaer, Member at Large
Emi Henley, Member at Large

Others present: Marci Leblanc, Deanne Haslip, Geeta Muthakumarsamy

Meeting called to order at 6:34

Approval of Agenda, added item: letter of resignation
Approval of January minutes, corrections noted



   •   Last meeting Michael Clark did a presentation on budgets.
   •   2 motions were presented and voted on: 1) Glebe High School’s motion was to
       establish a lobbying group. This motion was defeated. 2) Rockcliffe Park Elementary
       School asked OCASC to write a letter to the Ministry of Education asking to mandate
       soft caps instead of the hard caps for primary classes. The results were 19 for, 2
       against and 11 abstentions.
   •   Changes regarding the information given for the phasing out of the LFI program; it will
       now be phased out in 5 years and not 6. Those students who are currently in grade 4
       will be eligible for the LFI program. This information will be included in a newsletter
       home to parents.


   •   Letter will be going home regarding the LFI program.
   •   LDHS construction has begun. There will be more meetings in the future. Mr.
       Widenmaier is hoping to have a good partnership with the school. Hopefully high
       school students will be able to volunteer at Berrigan.
   •   Thanked Lea Varvaresos for organizing the Ski & Snowboard trips.
   •   Lots of activities going on including primary floor hockey and volleyball for the grade’s
       4, 5 and 6’s.
   •   Lots of P.D day’s coming in February. Friday, February 8th and Family Day, Monday,
       February 18th.
   •   Report cards will be going home on March 17th. Interviews will be held March 27th &
   •   Anna has been busy organizing assemblies. The 67’s will be in the school Tuesday
       February 5th. So far over 200 tickets for the 67’s game on Feb.17th have been sold.
   •   A wish list item request for an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, preformed in French for
       French Immersion grade1-6 classes.
   •   Approx. 50 new JK students have registered for next year.
   •   A motion was put forth to approve the wish list item at a cost of $924.00. Council
       approved the asking amount of $534.00, with students to contribute the rest of the

Vice Principal

   •   Last Wednesday a workshop was held for parents with children in kindergarten and
       grade 1. The workshop was explaining the benefits of reading out loud to children.
   •   67’s ticket request cutoff date is Wednesday Feb.6th. Tickets will be distributed next
   •   April 30 Kali Dakos, author and poet will be in the school for grades 2 & 3.
   •   Author Tara Natter, is having a book ‘kick-off’ on Feb.24th at Ben Franklin Place. There
       will be sword fighting with knights in full armour, and renaissance dancing.


   •   Dr. Maggie Mamen is fully booked for this year. A 2 hour presentation is $500.00
       council will consider booking Dr.Mamen for next year. Dr. Mamen is having a
       presentation at St.Emily’s school on April 28th. Dr. Mamen is a clinical psychologist
       and the author of “The Pampered Child Syndrome” & “Understanding Nonverbal
       Learning Disabilities”.

   •   Amount owing to QSP is unknown; there is an earmarked amount of $10,000.00 for
       QSP. Leaving a total of $2177.00 with nothing else outstanding & everything has been
       paid up-to-date.
   •   Labrador water cooler contract has been terminated.


   •   Ski & Snowboard club went well. 3 days worked well, and the weather was great. On
       the last day of the trip, 8 other schools were present at the ski hill. Berrigan students
       were excellent and well behaved. Lea also thanked the parents who volunteered.
   •   Jr. Dance club takes place every Thursday afternoon.
   •   Grade 4’s is having a presentation put on by the Royal Bank.
   •   French public speaking is taking place on Feb.12th.
   •   There is still a possibility that choir will be taking place.


   •   Movie night raised $1175.00 with 299 in attendance. Next movie night will be Feb.
       29th. Grade 6’s sold candy and Mr.Widenmaier thanked the parents who helped clean
       up the gym.


   •   Grade 6 cover contest is underway. The committee is hoping to get a good response.
   •   Asked council if they would approve the purchase of a new camera for the school.
       Stella Val had picked out a specific camera. Council approved the purchase with Mr.
       Widenmaier asking that only adults have use of the camera and not the media club.

Berrigan Addition

   •   There was a meeting held last Thursday with about 20 people in attendance. Hoping
       to have construction underway in July.

High School Track

      A letter from Michael Carson, Superintendent of Facilities, replied to questions
presented by Berrigan parents at the Board meeting on January 29th.
1) Why is a track being added to the LDHS when a city track is a stone’s throw away? Mother
Teresa High School doesn’t have one- presumably they’re using the city track.
2) Other high schools have partnerships with the public facilities (as Barb Berry outlined for
us), so why is it not possible to the same with the city track and the LDHS?

Answers to 1 & 2:
The City of Ottawa and the OCDSB are in the process of negotiation a joint-use agreement.
During the course of these negotiations it has become clear that there would be heavy
demand on existing facilities and that it would be prudent for the school to have its own track.

3) How would Berrigan E.S be able to benefit from the presence of the track, when the high
school will have already 4 grades in place (7-10) its first year of operation, adding one more
each year after that, and all the while, more students are being added annually to each of the
6 grades? High schools have their own physical curriculums to fulfill, so how can an
elementary school expect to book time on such a facility? It seems that Berrigan is giving up
precious land for nothing in return.

Both schools will work closely to ensure students’ needs are met.

4) If there’s no stopping it, when will the track be built? Can it be modified or moved
elsewhere on the site?
5) Can the track be flipped or moved more to the west, while the other buildings on the plan
go elsewhere?

Answers to 4 & 5
Due to the constraints on the site, the location of the track can not be changed.

6) Can we please see the plans for the new high school?

Copies of the plans are available. I would ask that you contact Miro Vala, Supervisor of
Design and Construction, at 613-596-8764

7) What are the three rectangles, each made up of 6 boxes, which appear between the track
and the school building itself?

The dotted lines represent the possible location of a future portable.

Questions regarding the addition &LDHS from parents at the council meeting:

1) How will we know the property boundaries regarding Berrigan and the high school?

       There will be a fence around the perimeter and a fence around the track.

2) With the addition being built, where are the students going to play?

       Options are staggered recesses and lunches. The play structure will not be available
next year, as it will have to be moved due the construction.
Mr. Widenmaier will also look into the amount of square footage allotted per student. The
school will get the yard back, but there will still be cabins.

3) How long will construction of the addition take?
      1 full year. Hopefully it will be completed by Sept. 2009.

Council will be updated regarding the addition.

Other items

   •   Christina Thiele resigned her position on council. A copy of her resignation letter will
       be found in the official school council binder, held by the Chairpersons, once it has
       been received.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17

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