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									Mobile Chair Unit
For the first time, enjoying the operational
convenience of mobile tables with attached
seating does not require that your students
sacrifice proper back support. Midwest’s new
mobile tables with attached chairs provide
ergonomically correct seating for your
students. Chairs may be positioned facing the
table for dining or away from the table so that all
students may face the same direction during assembly.
Durable, injection-molded, reinforced polypropylene
plastic guarantees that our chair shells will always be up
to the task. Now there is no need to purchase and store
individual chairs to accommodate assembly seating.

Mobile Chair Unit
   Reduced operating costs
   Improved comfort
   Assembly seating capability

   Enamel         Chrome          Unit       No. of      Dimensions Folded      Dimensions Opened         Seat
    Legs           Legs         Wt. (lbs.)   Chairs         WxDxH                   LxDxH                Height
                                                                                Std: 12'1" x 59" x 29"     17"
 NCU1212        NCU1212C           234         12        59" x 381⁄2" x 80"
                                                                                Opt: 12'1" x 59" x 27"     15"

All Chair Units come furnished with 30" wide tops with vinyl bumper edge molding. 5⁄8" thick particleboard core is standard,
but 3⁄4" thick particleboard, plywood or MDF core tops are also available. Chairs support a maximum of 250 lbs.

Colors: for complete color selection request our Mobile Cafeteria Tables Catalog or
visit our web site:

Ergonomic chair shell                                       Easy and safe entrances
Built-in lumbar support reduces pressure                    Chairs swivel to allow easy access to
on the spine while the flexible design of                   the mobile chair unit. Obstacle-free
the back adjusts to accommodate both                        entrances are free of support members
upright and relaxed seating positions for                   running along the floor that could pose a
maximum comfort. The waterfall edge of                      tripping hazard or maintenance problem.
the seat reduces pressure on the back of
the legs.

Optional Perma-Tuff Edge                                    Lift-off casters                                                   Safe, compact storage
Polyurethane epoxy resin is chemically                      Non-marring swivel casters with 4" x 13⁄8"                         Torsion bar balance allows the mobile chair
bonded to the high pressure plastic                         wheels automatically lift from the floor                           unit to be folded, safely, quickly and easily
laminate, backing sheet and top core                        when units are opened for use, making                              into a compact upright position. Automatic
material to prevent bacterial formation.                    sure your Mobile Chair Units remain                                open and closed position locks secure the
                                                            stationary while in use for improved                               units in both positions.
                                                            organization and safety.

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                       CHICAGO, IL


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