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									        accudraft TITAN
                                                  Booth Specifications

Cabin Features                                                              Air Make Up Features

Dimensions:                                                                 Intake:
         14' wide x 27'8" long x 9'2" high ID
         14' 4 1/2” wide x 28' long x 11’6" high OD                                    Double Wall Insulated
         Optional 2' and 4' Length Extensions                                          Vinyl Coated Externally
                                                                                       20,000 cfm
Pits:                                                                                  ADH double inlet, silent, belt driven
            46" wide x 22'11 3/4” long single row, Standard                            blower
            92 3/4" wide x 22' 11 3/4” long Three Row, Optional                        15 HP 3 Phase TEFC motor
            Raised Metal Base with Ramps, Optional                                     1,500,000 Btu (capable) stainless steel
                                                                                       burner with 30:1 turn down for accurate modulation
Construction:                                                                          Full Recirculation on Bake 80% / 20%
           Double Skin 20 Ga. insulated steel walls,                                   Incoming and recirculation Filtration
           reinforced internally                                                       Totally enclosed mechanicals for safety
           Wall Panels 2" Thick                                                        Burner pre-installed, pre-wired, and
           Vinyl Coated Externally, White Internally                                   electronically tested
           Self Sealing Interlocking Walls                                             ETL Listed
           Reinforced Ceiling Fame Beams for rigidity
           Powder Coated White, Ceiling Filter Grates for                   Command Panel:
           Dustless performance
           Full Ceiling Filtration for even Air Flow Distribution                      I-Pad Intelligent Touch Pad Controls with Digital
Main Doors:                                                                            Fully automatic Energy Saver Mode, Paint, Flash Off,
         3' wide x 8’11" high                                                          Bake, and Cooling cycles
         Double Wall Insulated Vinyl Coated                                            Intellcure Super Fast Baking System included
         3 of the swing out type, 4" thick with glass                                  Digital Readout, Programmable Temperature
         Hung by adjustable hinges to a box steel frame                                Controller with auto tuning (AT) for maximum
         for durability- One service door embodied.                                    temperature control
         Side Service Door for access to personnel                                     Programmable 15 / 15 HP motor sequence
         36" wide x 7' 6" high with observation window                                 start up timer
                                                                                       Programmable Flash Off Timer
Filters:                                                                               Programmable Cooling Timer
            2 - 36" x 24" Pre Filter Cubes                                             Ignition Switch
            14 - Pre cut (10 micron) ceiling filters compression                       Lights Switch
            sealed to knife ceiling frame edge 41.5" x 44"                             Burner On/Off Switch
            7 - Pre cut (10 micron) ceiling filters compression                        Emergency all operations Cut Off Switch
            sealed to knife ceiling frame edge 44" x 53"                               Cabin Pressure Gauge
            1 - 45" wide x 23' long Fiberglass Pit Exhaust                             Hour Meter
            6 - 15" x 24" x 20" Exhaust Cubes                                          accuHz Variable Frequency Drives – Fully Automatic
                                                                                       Dual Modes for Water Based and Solvent Paints
                                                                                       ETL Listed
            4' Daylight Corrected Light Bulbs                               Exhaust:
            10 Upper Gable Four Lamp Fixtures
            13 Lower Vertical Four Lamp Fixtures                                       Vinyl Coated externally to match the cabin
            ETL Listed                                                                 20,000 cfm to match intake
                                                                                       RDH reversed blade, non-loading, non-ferrous,
Options:                                                                               self cleaning, belt driven heavy duty turbo fan
            Indirect Heating Systems (Oil or Gas)                                      15 HP 3 Phase TEFC motor
            Single Phase Electronics                                                   Bake Cycle pneumatically controlled damper
            Drive Through                                                              Post Filtration Loaded
            Four Door Front
            Side Loader                                                     Note:
            Outdoor Installation Package
            Roof Mounted Mechanicals                                                   SAIMA USA reserves the right to modify or change any
            Observation Windows for Training Purposes                                  of the dimensions or features without notification.

            Two year on all moving and electrical parts
            Five years on Structure of Cabin

                         h                              ,
             SAIMA of Nort America, Inc. 961 Route 10 East Suite 2k; Randolph, New Jersey 07869 Phone: 973-927-6232 Fax: 973-927-6235

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