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									Sterling Ridge Village Association Annual Meeting and Executive
Committee Meeting
August 24, 2009
Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Phillip Givens, President.
Board Members Present – Kevin Casey, Robin Lynch, Tiffany Gross, Phillip
Givens, Nick Norris, Angela Scott, Angela Francis, Sue Bell, Todd Bloomfield,
and John Nanninga.
The Woodlands Association Liaison - Anthony Fasone
The Community Association Liaison – Anne Spaulding

   (1) Meeting Called to Order
   (2) Approval of 7/27 Minutes – Kevin Casey motion to approve. Approved.
   (3) Police Report
          A. Bank Robbery – July 31st, same suspect. Also robberies in Sugarland
              and in Houston.
          B. Robberies in surrounding area and in the Woodlands
          C. Purse stolen at the mall – used force to hit victim
          D. Robbery at Rosewood Cleaners outside of the Woodlands
          E. Identified subject that was vandalizing Regan Mead and surrounding
              area. Word of mouth in the area is what directed police to the person.
          F. Discussion on home burglaries targeted Indian families. They are
              targeting jewelry and cash. The police are following up on the issue.
              They have information that it may be a blue Honda and they have a
              description of the actors. They are also hitting Harris County. They
              are coming through the back door or window. Two black males or
              possibly Hispanic.
          G. Anthony noted that comments on traffic should be now.
          H. Comment from resident about signs for school zones. There is a sign
              misplaced by Coulson Tough. Deputy Fitzgerald explains school
              zones and signage. Resident complains that people are parking on
              street to pick up kids and in some cases making a u turn by the cross
              walk where children are crossing.
          I. Question from Kerri Steen on parking the wrong way? Call
              Sherriff’s Office.
          J. Question from Phillip Givens on what is WTO – Woodlands Targeted
          K. September 1st there will be new signs for no cell phones in a school
          L. Question from a resident about his wife being run off the road on her
              bike. Can it be called in as a hit and run? Deputy Fitzgerald explains
              that unless they were hit they can not do anything about it. If
              someone gets hurt.
          M. New cell phone law – does it include texting? Deputy Fitzgerald is not
   (4) Larry Faith – Flea Market
          A. Saturday, October 3rd
          B. Allow residents to sell used household goods
          C. Provides a fundraiser to all Village Associations – funds distributed
              by number of volunteers. For a full share a village needs 16
              volunteers, 11 of which need to be the early shift.
          D. First shift is from 4:30 – 8. Early traffic shift from 3-6:30am
          E. Sale is from 7-10am
          F. 2nd shift is 8-11:30 am.
          G. Vendors will be lined up on Lake Robbins and moving into the garage
             by 5am.
          H. Sellers pay a fee for a space. $50 for a resident (2 spaces). $75 for non
             resident. $100 a booth for commercial vendors.
          I. Orientation meeting on Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm on ground
             level of parking garage.
          J. Tickets to sellers will be on sale Sept 12th by Randalls 8:30 – 12 in
             Panther Creek.
  (5) Public Comments
  (6) President’s Report – Phillip Givens
          A. ByLaws Meeting – when and who should be involved. Decided the
             full Board will meet an hour before next meeting and the entire Board
             should be involved. Motion to have Rhonda come up with proposed
             changes and present to the Board.
          B. Township Budget - 29 cents was original proposed tax rate. Now it is
             32.8. I am opposed to tax rate because it is not what was proposed
             and with this economy it should not be raised or various luxury items
             should be postponed. There was a consensus among the Villages to
             oppose. Anthony talks about the tax rate and assessment. He says it’s
             really a .8 increase from last year. Tom Campbell discusses meeting
             that we requested more sheriffs. With that every 1.1 million increase
             in the budget is a penny on the tax rate. I agree it would be great to
             get it down to 30 cents. The assessor has said we will not get the
             assessment we want. The Oakridge and Shenandoah line items will be
             cut. They have been scrubbing the budget. They have delayed 1.5
             million. The July meeting it came out that we wanted more Sherriff’s
             coverage. Discussion on different line items and some opinions of the
             Board and residents. We will have 82 new patrolmen instead of 55.
  (7) Treasurer’s Report – Angela Francis
          A. Interest income .93.
          B. Deposits of $88 for Astros tickets.
          C. Wrote checks for 260.43.
          D. Storage Unit 804. Renew web site.
          E. Kevin moved to approve. 2nd, approved.
          F. Web site statistics have been accessed (669 hits in the last 7 days).
             Needs to be a list of neighborhoods in Sterling Ridge on the web site.
          G. Discuss investing our money in a CD.
          H. Discussion on bank robberies. Woodforest has not been targeted.
             Discussion on ingress and egress.
  (8) Committee Reports
      A. Finance (Fundraising & Audit/Review) – Angela Francis
      B. By Laws (Review & Propose changes) – Rhonda Borne
      C. Parks & Recreation (Park Liaison) – Nick Norris
      D. Public Relations (Communications, PTO Liaison) – Todd Bloomfield
(9) RDRC Report – John Nanninga – make an application for increasing width of
      the driveway. Question from Mike Bass on who sets rules for the builders.
      The builders are not setting up any protection for trees when building and
      they are dying. The Development Company sets the standard for builders.
(10) Events Chair Report – Sue Young
          A. Astros are sold out except for 3 tickets. Bus will pick up people by
             4:30 at Kroger in Sterling Ridge. The game starts at 6:05.
            B. BBQ Challenge and Kids Fest – Sept 19th. The parks and rec, fire
               department and sheriffs department will have teams. It does not cost
               to register a team. Awards for best beans, chicken, ribs, brisket and
               presidents award. Rules are on the web site. There will bounce
               houses, pony rides, face painting, and the swimming pool is open for
               free that day. Vendor tables are $75. So far we have Carmeline,
               Degas Park, Abram Woods, Garnet Bend, and Ledgestone.
            C. Looking for helpers to go around to businesses to put signs out or
               solicit door prizes
            D. T shirt design – we need tshirts for cooks and for Board members.
            E. Suggestion to have vegetarian options
 (11)   TWA Report – Anthony Fasone – a stop sign will be put up at Scribewood
        and Branch Crossing.
 (12)   Village Liaison Report – Anne Spaulding
 (13)   Other Matters & Announcements
            A. Player Trail – most people are maintaining the areas normally. Is
               there a way to get common areas maintained? A – The development
               company will landscape after all houses are built. The neighbors have
               to maintain the
 (14)   Adjourn

Next Meeting: Next SRVA meeting will be Monday, September 28th at 7:00pm
at the Mitchell Library.

Meeting Minutes Submitted by: Robin Lynch

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