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					               OGE Energy Corp. and Subsidiaries
            Credit Information Sheet October 19, 2009
Year Established:         1902

State of Incorporation:   Oklahoma

Mailing Address:          PO Box 321 Oklahoma City, OK 73101

Billing Address:          OGE, OG&E or Enogex
                          PO Box 25230
                          Oklahoma City, OK. 73125-0230

Federal Tax ID:           OGE Energy Corp.       73-1481638
                          OG&E Utility           73-0382390
                          Enogex                 73-0704078

Dun & Bradstreet#:        007906662

Officers:                 Pete Delaney           COB, President & CEO
                          Danny Harris           Chief Operating Officer
                          Sean Trauschke         Chief Financial Officer
                          Carla Brockman         Corporate Secretary

Bank Information:         Bank of Oklahoma
                          201 Robert S. Kerr
                          Oklahoma City, OK. 73102
                          Tel. (405) 272-2096 Fax (405) 272-2116
                          Contact: Ms. Charlie Strader

Credit References:        HD Supply Utilities
                          PO Box 840123
                          Dallas, TX. 75267
                          (940) 270-7200

                          McJunkin Redman Corporation
                          Contact: Amy Rinner
                          Phone: (918) 461-5220
                          Fax: 866 871-5491

                          Siemens Energy Inc.
                          Cindy Smith – Fax: (919) 365-1156
                          Susan Beck - Fax: (919) 365-1353
                          Nicole Stehle – Fax: (919) 365-1334
                       Instructions for Supply Chain Requestor

Provide the Transactional Supplier Profile to the supplier to be added or whose
information is to be updated. Once the supplier has returned the completed profile
review it to assure all fields are answered. Those identified on the form with an * are
optional and may be left blank. All non-shaded fields must be answered. Follow up or
clarify with the supplier as necessary.

For changes or updates, the supplier or Supply Chain requestor are to enter the
company's legal name in the first field and only the changes in the applicable fields on
the form.

Complete all fields of the bottom portion of the form except for the supplier number &
date supplier number is assigned. Send the form in Microsoft Excel format via e-mail to
the Procurement Inbox. If an Excel version is not available, a PDF version of an
electronically completed profile may be submitted to the Procurement In-box. Once a
disposition is complete the Supply Chain requestor will be notified with a supplier
number or reason for rejection.

   For Competitive Payments, Rebates, Meter Base Reimbursements and Donations

Supply Chain requestors will complete the following fields in the profile:
Legal Name
Doing Business As (if known & is different than legal name of payee, otherwise
enter "Same")
Federal Tax ID Number
Purchasing Address & Remit To Name and Address (address will be the same for both)
Bottom section (note: classification will be either competitive payment/rebate,
payment terms will be pay immediately - ZB00, tax code is 03, no insurance is required)
After these items are complete the profile will be e-mailed to the Procurement In box.
A W-9 is not required for this category of supplier additions.

Supply Chain Requestor can be a Buyer, Commodity Specialist, Category Leader or
Subcontract Service Personnel.
For detailed instructions and guidance consult the Transactional Supplier Processing

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               Instructions for Supply Chain Requestor

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                                     Insurance Requirements

                                                                                         Coverage Amount
                   Insurance Type
Worker's Compensation & Employer's Liability (Must
include a Waiver of Subrogation against OGE Energy                                      $1,000,000
Corp and its subsidiaries)

Commercial General Liability
(Must include the addition of OGE Energy Corp and its                                   $1,000,000 per occurrence
subsidiaries as Additional Insureds. This insurance                                     $2,000,000 aggregate
shall be primary to any self-insurance or any insurance
held by OGE Energy Corp. and its subsidiaries)

Business Automobile Liability                                                           $1,000,000 each accident

Professional Liability (if providing professional services
such as engineering, archaelogical, etc.)                                               $1,000,000

Pollution Liability (if using or transporting chemicals)                                $1,000,000

              Additional Information

Certificate Holder is:
                  OGE Energy Corp. and its subsidiaries
                   Manager, Corporate Insurance
                   PO Box 321, M/C 502
                  Oklahoma City, OK 73101-0321

Thirty days written notice is to be provided to OGE Energy Corp. (certificate holder) prior to
cancellation or alteration of any of the above insurance coverage.

The Contractor agrees to and shall comply with the State Workers' Compensation laws and provisions
of the Federal and State Unemployment, Social Security and other laws in effect pertaining to the
relationship of employer and employee and will save, hold harmless an indemnify Owner for
and against the Contractor's failure to comply with such laws or provisions thereof.


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     Supplier Acknowledgement of Expected Ethical Conduct Standards

OGE Energy Corp. and all of its subsidiaries, (the Company) is committed to conducting
business with the highest regard for integrity and ethical standards. Through Company
policies on Ethics, Gifts and Business Entertainment, and Conflict of Interest, we have
provided guidance for members, who in their course of business may become involved in
direct business relationships with suppliers or customers.

As stated in the Company's Code of Ethics, "OGE's goal is to not only comply with the law,
but to avoid even the appearance of an impropriety." Likewise, the Company expects its
suppliers to conduct themselves in a like manner in all our business interaction.

It is recognized that the purpose of business entertainment and gifts in a commercial
setting is to create goodwill and sound working relationships, not for the Company to gain
unfair advantage with suppliers; or for suppliers to gain unfair business advantage in
dealings with the Company. Therefore, as a general rule, accepting or offering gifts and
entertainment that could place the Company or a member in a position of being obligated to
a person or an organization with which the Company does business should be avoided.

Company members or suppliers who find themselves involved in situations that could result
in violation of this basic ethical principle should notify the appropriate Company Supervisor
and/or may contact the Company's Chief Ethics Officer by calling 1-877-TELL OGE
(1-877-835-5643). The circumstances will be reviewed by appropriate Company personnel
and a response provided promptly.

We also request full disclosure with regard to ownership of our suppliers. If an OGE
employee or relative of an employee has ownership interest in privately held companies that
are suppliers to the Company this information needs to be divulged at this time.

Indicate your firm's acknowledgement of this Company "Expected Ethical Conduct
Standard" by providing your firm's legal name and the electronic signature of an authorized
company representative below.

Legal Name of Company:

Electronic Signature of Authorized Representative:

Date of Acknowledgement:


                             OGE Supplier Ethical Conduct Statement Oct 19-09
               Instructions for Completing the Profile

                  Welcome to the OG&E Transactional Supplier Profile

Complete the Supplier Profile, answering each question and gathering the requested
information. All non-shaded fields must be answered. Do not complete the bottom
portion of the Supplier Profile at the end of the form; it is for OG&E use only. Click on
the Ethics Statement tab and review the statement. Enter the company name, name of
person reviewing the statement and date it was reviewed. This is acknowledgement of
receipt & review. The W-9, completed Ethics Statement & insurance certificate must
be returned along with this profile. If your company is providing a service and will
travel to provide this service consult the Insurance Requirements tab of this file.
Professional Liability Insurance may also be required if the service being provided is

If you are completing this profile to update your information, only enter the legal name
of the company in the first field and enter your changes in the appropriate field(s) in the

Upon completion, save this file and e-mail back to the OG&E person who sent this to
your company. Also send the requested documents. PROFILES COMPLETED BY

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                                                                 OGE Energy Corp Transactional Supplier Profile

Legal Name                                                                                                                      Public *                      Private *

   Doing                                                                                                                        Federal Tax Id                                            Provide
 Business As                                                                                                                       Number                                               company W-9.

NAICS Code(s)                                                                                       Company          Sole                                                               Not for
                                                                                                                                     Partnership       Inc.               LLC
      *                                                                                              Type *        Proprietor                                                           Profit
  Address to

 Sales Contact                                                                                                                         E-mail
                                                                      Phone                          Fax
     Name                                                                                                                             Address

  Entity Name
 and Address
 for Accounts
                            Will your company be providing:              Provide a brief                                                           If your company is providing a service will your
 What is Being
                                                                       description of what                                                         company representatives travel away from their
  Provided to
                    Materials/Goods       Services            Both      will be provided                                                           assigned work location to provide the service?
 OGE Energy
                                                                                                                                                   Yes                          No

                                                                                     OGE Energy Corp. Terms
                             OGE Energy Corp. default payment terms are 2%, 10, Net 45 Days. Enter exceptions to these terms in the comments field below. See the full
     Payment terms
                             OGE Energy Corp. Terms and Conditions on the OGE Energy Terms & Conditions tab in this Microsoft Excel file.

   Small Business or               No     Yes          Alaska Native Male Alaska Native        Asia/Pacific       Asia/Pacific         Black Male       Black Female Owned       Historically Black
 Minority Certification                                     Owned         Female Owned         Male Owned        Female Owned            Owned                  (07)             College/University
 (check all that apply)            (10)                       (07)             (07)                (07)               (01)                (07)                                       or Minority
  If your company is                                                                                                                                                                 Institution
certified in one of these                                                                                                                                                               (03)
   categories please
 provide the certificate
  when returning this
 Hispanic        Hispanic    Hubzone Small              Native American        Native     Male Owned               Female Owned     Veteran     Disabled Veteran                  Woman Owned
   Male          Female        Business                  Male Owned           American   Small Business            Small Business Owned Small Owned Small Business                  Business
 Owned           Owned           (04)                         (07)          Female Owned      (09)                      (02)       Business           (06)                         (not small)
   (07)            (07)                                                         (07)                                                 (05)                                             (08)


                                                     Section Below is for OGE Enterprise Supply Chain Use Only
   Enterprise Supply Chain personnel are to complete all items below except Purchasing Supplier Number and date assigned before submission to Procurement Inbox.

Requested by                                                                                                                                             Date

Phone Number                                                                                                                         Purchasing Group
                                                                                         Company Code                              Supplier                               Tax Code of
Reason for            Change to Existing                                                 Using Supplier                          Classification                             Supplier
                                                             New Supplier
Request                  Information                                                      (drop down)                            (drop down)                              (drop down)
                                                                                                                     Is Insurance   Is This a    Reason for Green Flag
Agreed to                   Default - 2%, 10, Net 45                                                                  Required?    Green Flag?       (drop down)
                                                                 Other (specify terms)                              Yes        No Yes
Payment Terms                        (Z102)                                                                                                   No

                                                                                                                                                                  Auto Fax         Auto Fax to:
Certification/                                                                                                                                                  Yes       No     E-mail       Fax
                     Rejected                   RFQ                   Transactional/Approved               Preferred            Strategic Alliance
Status Level

Supplier Number

                                                * THESE FIELDS ARE OPTIONAL

                                                THE NON-SHADED FIELDS MUST BE COMPLETED ALONG WITH THE W-9 & ETHICS STATEMENT.


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