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Dessin Fournir A publication of the Greater Topeka

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									A publication of the
Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

                                                                    B U S I N E S S

 May 2007
 Vo l u m e 4 2
                         Renowned Kansas Entrepreneur
 No. 5                   To Keynote Awards Breakfast
                                  Chuck Comeau, known nationally for his luxury
                                  furniture designs and regionally for his renovation
                                                                                          May EVENTS
                                                                                          Small Business Networking Breakfast
                                  of Hays’ historic downtown, will keynote the 27th       Wednesday, May 9, 2007 • 7:30 a.m.
                                  annual Small Business Awards breakfast                  Ramada
                                  Wednesday, May 23, at 7:30 a.m. in the Washburn         $10.00 per person
                                  Room of the Washburn Memorial Union. The 2007           Business After Hours
                                                                                          Tuesday, May 15, 2007 • 5-7 p.m.
                                           Topeka/Shawnee County Small Businesses         John Hoffer Chrysler & Jeep, 3220 S Topeka Blvd
                                           of the Year will be announced and              No cost to attend
                                           honored during the event.                      Leadership Greater Topeka Graduation
                                             Comeau, born and raised in western           Wednesday, May 16, 2007 • 11:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
                                             Kansas, describes himself as “co-founder,    Ramada
                                                                                          $25.00 per person
                                             co-owner, CEO, CFO, creative and
                                                                                          Small Business Awards Breakfast
                                             marketing director of Dessin Fournir         Wednesday, May 23, 2007 • 7:30 a.m.
                                             Company Holdings, a holding company          Washburn Union
                                             based in Plainville, Kansas that owns and    $25.00 per person
                                             manages six renowned home furnishing,        Fast Forward Networking Social
                                                                                          Wednesday, May 23, 2007 • 5-7 p.m.
                                             design, and manufacturing firms for the      Senne & Company, 2001 NW Highway 24
                                             wholesale trade market.” Indeed, the word    No cost to attend
             • Chuck Comeau,CEO, CFO,                                                     Fast Forward is for young professionals, 20-40 years
               creative and marketing       “renowned” is no exaggeration. In 2005,       old, who work for Chamber member firms.
               director of Dessin Fournir House and Garden magazine named
                                                                                          Chamber Speed Marketing
               Company Holdings             Comeau a “new Tastemaker,” one of 50          Thursday, May 24, 2007 • 2:30 p.m.
                                            people to watch nationwide in the design      Jul’s Cocktails and Grill
                                            industry. Purchasers of his luxury pieces     $49.00 to attend
                                    include Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, and Bill Gates.    First Step FastTrac Graduation—Class #12
                                                                                          Thursday, May 31, 2007 • 6:30 p.m.
                                  Dessin Fournir Company Holdings also owns C.S.          Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
                                                                                          RSVP to Deborah Dawkins, 266-6107.
                                  Post & Co., a nationally recognized retail concept
                                  store located in the historic downtown of Hays.         Call the Chamber, 234-2644, or e-mail the Chamber
                                                                                          at, to make your
                                  With a passion for design, architecture, history, and
                                                                                          reservations for any of these Chamber events.
                                  his Northwest Kansas heritage, Comeau is president
                                                                   continued on page 2
                                                    Keynote Awards Breakfast                                               continued from page 1

                                                    and founder of Liberty Group, Inc., the            Comeau continues to live and build his
                                                    primary developer charged with the                 businesses in the small rural community of
                                                    renovation and management of over 20               Plainville, about 25 miles from Hays. Comeau
                                                    buildings in the Chestnut Street District of       explains: “My family and I have enjoyed the
                                                    Hays’ historic downtown.                           benefits of this community our entire lives,
                                                                                                       we were raised here and have chosen to
                                                    Comeau’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop
                                                                                                       raise our own families here so we feel we
                                                    there. He is also one of the founders and
                                                                                                       have an obligation to the community to help
                                                    owners of the Chestnut Street Food Group,
                                                                                                       rebuild the economy in any way we can.”
                                                    Comeau’s “first foray into another long-time
                                                    passion for food and entertainment.” He            Comeau, a graduate of Fort Hays State
                                                    describes his Gella’s Diner and Lb. Brewing        University, spent the first 15 years of his
                                                    Company in the Chestnut Street District as         professional life in projects ranging from oil
                                                    “nothing less than a remarkable dining and         to agriculture to financial services. In 1993
                                                    entertainment experience, known for its            Comeau decided it was time to do something
                                                    regionally inspired menu, its award-winning        he “truly enjoyed.”
                                                    handcrafted beer, its innovative interiors and
                                                                                                       Tickets for the Small Business Awards
                                                    its genuine, heartfelt commitment to
                                                                                                       breakfast are $25 per person and can
                                                    customer service.”
                                                                                                       be purchased by calling the Chamber
                                                                                                       at 234-2644.

                 Workforce Center Supports
                 Ex-offenders And Their Employers
                 This is the third of a series of articles about resources for employers at the Topeka Workforce Center.
                 Story by Sharon Boranyak

                 One part of the workforce population faces special
                 challenges -- individuals who have been
                 incarcerated and want to reenter the workforce.
                 Heartland Works and the Topeka Workforce Center
                 have partnered with the Kansas Department of
                 Corrections (KDOC) to help former offenders and to
                 connect employers to special incentives for hiring
                 “Returning offenders are an untapped resource for
                 our business community,” says Jim Chastain,
                 Offender Workforce Development Coordinator for
                 the Kansas Department of Corrections. “We have
                 developed a comprehensive strategy for teaching
                 workforce developers how to make solid               • Among the staff for the Department of Corrections involved in
                 connections that benefit both returning offenders and working with the Shawnee County Reentry Program are (left
                 the employers who hire them.”                          to right) Don Schwartz, Parole Supervisor; Terry Hund,
                                                                                     Director of Community Volunteer Resource Development; Tish
                 Successful Outcomes                                                 Turner, Site Coordinator for Freedom Education; and
                 “Offenders confront many barriers when they reenter                 Jonathan Ogletree, SCRP Program Director.
                 society,” says Jonathan Ogletree, program director,
                                                               continued on page 3
2.   Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007
Workforce Center                          continued from page 2

Shawnee County Reentry program, “barriers in the areas of         mission is to help ex-offenders find gainful employment
employment, education, finances, housing, too much                once former offenders reenter society. To better serve ex-
spare time, negative thinking, friends who are not                offenders and their employers, the specialists receive
interested in the ex-offender’s recovery, and family issues.”     specialized training and certifications.
Preparing offenders for their return to the workforce is a
                                                                  The Department of Corrections uses Offender Workforce
key to successful offender reentry, he adds. According to
                                                                  Development Specialist (OWDS) training, says Ogletree.
the U.S. Department of Justice, employment stability is
                                                                  The training, designed by the National Institute of Justice,
often the most important factor in offenders becoming
                                                                  is offered to people whose jobs involve workforce
law-abiding citizens.
                                                                  development and job preparedness. Participants are
The reentry program has gotten excellent results, Ogletree        trained in 12 competencies and receive instruction to train
says. The recidivism rate is less than 20% among                  other employment service providers in the field.
participants in the program; otherwise, the rate is 50% or                                                        continued on page 4
higher, he says.
Ogletree relayed two success stories of
Reentry Program participants:
• A long-time drug addict is now in
recovery and has stayed the course and has
remained clean for several years. When she
was released from the correctional facility,
she got a job at a local sandwich shop. She
is still at that shop and is now the manager.
Before participating in the program, she
never held a job more than 6 months and
had no contact with her family. Now, she’s
a grandmother and has reconnected, and is
very involved with, her family.
• Another former offender had been in
prison 15 years and found employment as
a graphic artist within the first week of his
release. One year later he is still working
for the company and is doing well in his
job. He is now buying his first home.
“Our mission is to contribute to public
safety,” says Kansas Secretary of Corrections
Roger Werholtz. “The experts tell us that
when offenders have stable jobs, they are
less likely to re-offend, so we need to work
with our community and agency partners to
make that happen.”
Trained Specialists                                     E.N.T Surgical Center and Medical Office Building
On the third floor of the Topeka Workforce      Dr. Michael Franklin (pictured above) led groundbreaking ceremonies April 12 for the
Center, 1430 SW Topeka, specialists from the    Excell E.N.T Surgical Center and Medical Office Building (pictured top) at the
Kansas Department of Corrections and other      northeast corner of 10th and Lane. Stormont-Vail HealthCare and Topeka Ear Nose
agencies support ex-offenders and their         Throat physicians have partnered to build the two-floor 24,000 square foot facility. The
employers. The specialists range from parole    facility, which features two procedure rooms for outpatient ear, nose and throat
                                                surgeries, was designed by HMN Architects of Overland Park. Ferrell Construction
officers and caseworkers, to coordinators       of Topeka, Inc. is the general contractor. The facility is expected to be complete in
who arrange for online courses toward a         late 2007. Topeka ENT was founded in 1997 and has grown to three physicians, two
high school diploma, to specialists whose       physician assistants, two audiologists, two speech pathologists, six nurses and 20
                                                additional staff members. A fourth physician will join the group later this year.

                                                                                                  Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007   3.
        Workforce Center                                     continued from page 3

        Reentry Program for “Higher-Risk” Offenders                     interested in,” Ogletree says. Offenders are also beginning
        Closely aligning with the OWDS training program is the          to use the JobFit system, which is becoming popular
        Shawnee County Reentry Program (SCRP) for the                   among Topeka-area employers (see the March Topeka
        “higher-risk” offenders. A research-based assessment            Business). Ogletree says the JobFit system will further
        received by all offenders in the KDOC determines the            increase the probability that ex-offenders will stick with,
        level of risk. Ogletree emphasizes that “higher-risk”           and succeed in, their jobs.
        identifies those who, based on this assessment, have a
                                                                        Tax Credits for Employers
        higher probability of returning to prison either from a
                                                                        Employers who hire the former offenders can earn up to
        violation of their parole or committing a new crime.
                                                                        $2,400 in Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTCs) for
        Through the efforts of the reentry program and the KDOC,
                                                                        each ex-offender they hire. To qualify for the incentive,
        they are looking at those risk areas and trying to reduce
                                                                        employers must hire the former offender within one year
        the risk through active case management efforts.
                                                                        of release from incarceration and the offender must have
        How the Program Works                                           worked at least 400 hours before the employer gets the
        SCRP participants are housed at Lansing (male) or Topeka        tax credit. The tax credit can be pro-rated if an ex-
        Correctional Facility (female) and plan to return to            offender ends up working less than 400 hours, Ogletree
        Shawnee County, Ogletree says. The SCRP assists                 says. He added that the Kansas Department of Commerce
        offenders beginning 14 months before they are to be             offers assistance to employers in completing the
        released and continues to assist well after offenders           paperwork. Related to the WOTC is the Welfare-to-Work
        reenter the community. Participants work with their             Tax Credit (WtWTC) for hiring long-term family
        communities, social support systems, and families to gain       assistance recipients.
        the necessary skills to transition into society and remain
                                                                        Free Bonding
        crime free.
                                                                        The Federal Fidelity Bonding Program covers theft,
        Staff-Volunteer Partnerships                                    forgery, larceny, and embezzlement, and is available free
        The SCRP has a paid staff of Case Manager Advocates             of charge to employers who hire ex-offenders. The
        (CMAs) who work with participants to determine their            bonding services also are available for any at-risk job
        risks and needs. SCRP also relies on volunteers to serve        applicant including ex-addicts, welfare recipients and other
        on an accountability panel, facilitate classes, and serve as    persons having poor credit, poor youth who lack a work
        mentors to program participants. Ogletree says the              history, individuals dishonorably discharged from the
        program is in need of more volunteers—especially                military and others. “Job bonding enables employers to
        mentors.                                                        obtain worker skills without taking the risk,” says
                                                                        Ogletree. Under the Federal Bonding Program, persons
        Benefits and Incentives for Employers Who Hire Ex-
                                                                        who had not been bondable before can ultimately become
                                                                        commercially bondable for life by demonstrating job
        Ogletree emphasizes that Offender Workforce
                                                                        honesty during the six months of bond coverage offered
        Development Specialist (OWDS) training and reentry
                                                                        under the program.
        (SCRP) programs provide employers monitoring and
                                                                                                                 continued on page 5
        assessment support from the trained specialists, as well as
        financial incentives from State and Federal sources.
        The Kansas Department of Corrections conducts routine
        urinalysis and drug screening for ex-offenders who reenter
        the workforce. The KDOC also tracks program
        participants’ progress and informs employers about issues
        should they arise, such as parole violations or drug use,
        Ogletree said.
        Job Assessments
        The Kansas Department of Corrections uses several
        assessment tools to match offenders with employment
        opportunities. Interest assessments are given to offenders
        prior to their release from prison to determine job
        interests. “They will be more stable in a job they are
4.   Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007
Workforce Center                                     continued from page 4
“The bonding program is employer-friendly,” says Ogletree.        ex-offenders. Tish Turner, Site Coordinator for Freedom
“There is virtually no paperwork or other administrative          Education, and other trained specialists, assist participants
burden, it’s free of charge, and there is no deductible in        who take the courses on computers on the third floor of
bond insurance amount if employee dishonesty occurs.”             the Workforce Center.
High School Diploma Completion                                    For more information about benefits to businesses that hire
Finally, employers benefit from the educational support           former offenders, or to volunteer for the Shawnee County
provided ex-offenders receive at the Topeka                       Reentry Program (SCRP), please contact Jonathan
Workforce Center. The Freedom Education program                   Ogletree at 291-3203.
is a high school diploma completion program for

Washburn SBDC Hosts
International Business Fellow
Claudia Pompa Schaerer, a business professional from              Paraguay has 80,000 student participants and 2,000
Paraguay, has joined the Washburn University Small                volunteers, Pompa points out. The widely recognized Junior
Business Development Center (SBDC) and the                        Achievement logo is prominently displayed on Pompa’s
Chamber/GO Topeka staff for a six-week fellowship with            business card.
the Business Fellows Program. Pompa, who helped to
establish the first business incubator in Paraguay, is            The incubator Pompa manages has 30 clients, including
working with “Small Biz One-Stop” clients, staff, and             “physical and non-physical,” the physical businesses
                                 volunteers to gain new ideas     being housed at the incubator, and the non-physical
                                 for Paraguay’s small business    clients receiving services for business at other locations.
                                 development programs, as         Both types of clients pay a monthly fee that covers all
                                 well as share her expertise      services such as accounting, attorney’s fees, training
                                 with Washburn and the            seminars, and so on. Most of the incubator clients are
                                 Chamber/GO Topeka.               between the ages of 20 and 30, she adds.

                                The Business Fellows              Pompa says she is impressed with how the Washburn
                                Program was initiated by          SBDC, the Topeka Chamber, and SCORE volunteers at the
                                Partners of the Americas          One-Stop work together to provide business education,
                                with funds from the State         consulting, and access to funding, and how those services
                                Department. The program           are tailored to each individual or business. “You would
                                promotes greater                  have to pay consultants high fees” for the services offered
                                understanding of issues           free of charge at the One-Stop, she says. “Most impressive
 • Claudia Pompa Schaerer,                                        are how community-focused the programs are and how
 Paraguay, Washburn University related to international           well the services are tailored to the clients’ needs.”
 Small Business Development     business and economic
 Center                         growth and to forge and
strengthen long-term institutional linkages between the
private sectors of the U.S. and Latin America through the
exchange of technical resources and expertise.
Pompa is business incubator coordinator for Fundacion
Paraguaya, which runs three interconnected programs—a
micro-credit program that provides small-scale loans, typically
less than $1000, to 20,000 low-income entrepreneurs; a
self-sufficient organic farm school, the only self-sufficient
agricultural school known in the world; and Junior
Achievement, the international program that prepares
students from elementary school through high school and
beyond for the world of business. Junior Achievement in
                                                                                               Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007   5.
                                                              member Profile
           Copies-On-Time: The “Timely” Printing Experts
            Whether you need business forms, business
            cards, letterhead, brochures, newsletters,
            folding, binding, or mailing, “The ‘Timely’
            Printing Experts” is a tagline that Jeff Taylor
            takes very seriously for his business, Copies-
            on-Time, 2855 S Kansas Ave. “Timely” not
            only means getting copies to the customer on
            time, but keeping up with the fast-moving
            printing technology.

            Streamlining and Simplifying with
            “We’re literally changing how Topeka gets
            printing done,” says Taylor. “With the
            advancements in technology and the
            effectiveness of computers, successful print
            shops have evolved into print-on-demand
            centers and people are increasingly using the
            Internet to submit their printing projects. Our
            goal is to enable customers to do business         • Jeff Taylor (center), founder/president of Copies-On-Time, takes
            with us without ever leaving their desks.”           a moment to review the day's schedule with staff members Michael
                                                                 Rush (left), sales/delivery, and Matt Grove, graphics/production.
                                                                 Not pictured are Lois Taylor and Travis Linder.
            To help achieve this goal, Jeff and his wife Lois
            Taylor, have recently increased their staff and updated      Accommodating Each Customer
            their printing and computer equipment. “Because we           Businesses and individuals, who aren’t quite ready for
            are in a high-tech industry, equipment and computer          the cutting-edge way of submitting a print project via
            upgrades have almost become routine for us,” says            the World Wide Web, can always bring their jobs
            Taylor. They have a full-time Production Manager/            through the more common and traditional media.
            Graphic Designer on staff, and are in the process of         “We’ve even had customers bring in hand-written text
            hiring a Sales/Delivery person as well as a full-time        that we’ll key in for them,” says Taylor. “The needs of
            General Manager. Recent purchases of Konica Minolta          each business and individual are unique,” he added,
            high-speed and high-resolution color and black-and-          “and each project receives our commitment to
            white printers have propelled Copies-On-Time to new          individualized quality service.”
            levels of production capabilities. “These printers will
            revolutionize printing for businesses of all sizes in        Recognizing the unique needs of each customer,
            Topeka,” says Taylor.                                        Copies-On-Time offers graphic design services onsite.
                                                                         Travis Linder, who learned and tutored graphic design
            “We are within weeks of implementing a process that          at Washburn and Kansas State University, provides as
            will allow customers the convenience of clicking the         much professional design service as the customer
            Copies-on-Time “Power Button” on their computer and          needs. Many of the national chains have “exported”
            printing directly to our print center—no matter what         graphic design services outside of the United States,
            quantity. Our equipment will create a portable digital       Linder points out. This trend has “decreased
            file (.pdf) of the print job for the customers to quickly    personalization” for the customer. Linder says a
            preview before printing the job. Customers will not need     customer recently came into the store wanting business
            to purchase additional software to make all this happen.     cards made and asked for his “book” of business card
            In just a few hours, in many instances, the project can      designs. “She was pleasantly surprised she could get a
            be delivered right to your business or home.”                                                       continued on page 7

6.   Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007
                                    member Profile continued from page 6
logo custom-designed for her business as well as            received a degree in Business/Marketing from Emporia
receive professional consultation on corporate image        State University, has 20 years of experience in the
from a visual marketing standpoint.”                        printing industry. He says he started his own business
                                                            because of his passion for customer service and
Widening the Customer Base                                  consistent quality. “I had a vision for a better, faster
Taylor started the business “on a shoestring” seven years   print option for the Topeka area,” says Taylor. “That
ago as a commercial print shop at Southgate Industrial      vision is now coming true.”
Park, handling a few large commercial accounts. After a
couple years at that location, Taylor decided Topeka        And how did Jeff Taylor come up with the name for
was ready for Copies-on-Time to take a more “retail-        his business? “It has always been my opinion that if the
type” direction, opening up to businesses of all sizes as   computer tools and resources available in today’s print
well as the entire community. He chose the current          environment were merged with the talents and skills
location near 29th and Kansas (next to Radio Shack)         of people with a passion for excellence, then
because of its easy access “from almost any direction.”     individuals and businesses alike would demand their
Taylor, who grew up in the Shawnee Heights area and         ‘Copies-On-Time!’”

   During 2007, a Chamber member firm will be featured in Topeka Business each month. Company names
         will be drawn quarterly by the membership department from Chamber membership labels.
                Communications specialist Sharon Boranyak will write the company profiles.

Networking Breakfast Planned
                              Jolene Savage, owner of Social Graces, will give the keynote address for the
                              May 9 Small Business Networking Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the Ramada. Social
                              Graces provides developmental skills that enhance an individual’s personal
                              civility to achieve his or her personal and professional goals. Tickets are
                              $10.00; reservations and payment must be received by November 7. This
                              event is sponsored by the Chamber/GO Topeka and the Topeka/Shawnee
                              County Purchasing Roundtable.

                               • Jolene Savage, Social Graces

                                                                HAWKINS LEGACY JAZZ FESTIVAL

                                                                                               ALL PROCEEDS GO TO

                                                                   June 1, 2 and 3rd, at Topeka Harley Davidson, music lovers from all around
                                                                the region will visit the capital city of Kansas to enjoy “FREE”, live entertainment
                                                                all weekend long at the 12th Annual Coleman Hawkins Legacy Jazz Festival.
                                                                      Latin and classic jazz, as well as blues performers will take the stage
                                                                           beginning Friday night then culminating on Sunday evening.
                                                                    Headliners include Poncho Sanchez, Marcia Ball and Javon Jackson.
                                                                      For more information on vendor booths and the weekend’s lineup
                                                                                   please visit

                                                                                                  Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007         7.
                                    Remember to call the Chamber ... and let us know the date of your firm’s or organization’s next big event. The
                                    Chamber’s Community Calendar is a SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY, keeping track of major community events to
                                    avoid “double” scheduling. Call 234-2644 or visit the calendar at and send your
                                    event information by email.

        DeFries Elected Chair-Elect
        Lucky DeFries, attorney with Coffman DeFries Nothern PA, has been elected
        chairman-elect of the GO Topeka Board of Directors. DeFries has served as
        chairman and vice chair of government affairs for the Chamber of Commerce
        Board of Directors.

         Small Business Resource Directory Available                                                                           • Lucky DeFries,
                                                                                                                                 Coffman DeFries
         The Chamber, in cooperation with the Washburn Small Business Development Center, offers a Small                         Northern PA
         Business Resource Directory that is available free of charge to individuals interested in starting a new
         business in our community. If you or someone you know is considering starting a small business, stop
         by the Chamber office and pick up a directory. The directory is sponsored by PTMW, Inc. during 2007.

                                                                                        Penwell-Gabel Southwest Chapel
      The Penwell-Gabel Southwest Chapel officially opened April 13 at 37th and SW Wanamaker. The Newcomer family owns the Chapel
      which is designed to assist families in Topeka and offers state-of-the-art audio-visual systems and Internet technology. The 9,800 square
      foot facility cost about $1.4 million.
8.   Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007
Monthly Economic Indicators For The Topeka Area Economy
Topeka MSA (five counties)
Civilian Labor Force                         February         January
                                                 2007            2007
   Total                                       123,101         123,627
   Employed                                    116,298         117,214
   Unemployed                                    6,805           6,413
   Unemployment Rate                             5.5%            5.2%

Employment (In Thousands)                     February        January
Non Farm Wage and Salary                          2007           2007
  Natural Resources/Construction                    5.3            5.8
  Manufacturing                                     7.9            7.8
  Trade, Transportation, Warehouse, Utilities      20.3           20.3
  Information                                       2.5            2.5
  Finance Activities                                7.6            7.5
  Professional & Business Services                  8.4            8.5
  Education & Health Services                      17.4           17.0
  Leisure & Hospitality                             7.5            7.5
  Other Services                                    5.2            5.2                                                  SendOutCards
  Government                                       28.1           28.1          Jeff Lees, an independent distributor for SendOutCards, worked
                                                                                with his wife Tara to demonstrate how cards can easily be sent to
  Total                                           110.2          110.2          clients and prospects. Ribbon cutting ceremonies were March 30
                                                                                at 2930 SW Wanamaker Dr., Suite 6. SendOutCards is a way to
Footnote: These numbers reflect the five-county MSA. Comparing these            use personalized, hand-written cards as part of your marketing
                                                                                and sales efforts. Contact Jeff at 845-5416.
figures with 2004 and prior years is not advisable.

Construction Permit Information             February          January          YTD      February           YTD         Thinking Of Adding
City of Topeka                                   2007            2007          2007          2006          2006        Employees Or
   New Residential Permits                          13             na             31            28            59       Expanding Your
   New Multi-Family Residential Permits              0             na              2             1             2       Facility?
   Value, New Residential Units             $2,315,000             na     $8,744,560    $5,301,500   $11,075,500
                                                                                                                       There may be $$$ available to
   New Commercial Units                              1             na              4             4            13       you in the form of tax incentives,
   Value, New Commercial Units                 500,000             na     $5,180,000    $3,928,000   $14,733,100       small business microloans, or
   New, Commercial Alterations                      20             na             59            39            68       employee on-the-job training
   Value, Commercial Alterations            $2,748,740             na    $10,535,148    $4,130,093    $6,157,669
                                                                                                                       Call GO Topeka at YOUR Greater
Construction Permit Information             February          January          YTD      February           YTD         Topeka Chamber of Commerce for
Unincorporated Shawnee County                    2007            2007          2007          2006          2006        more details —   234-2644.
   New Residential Permits                          17              10            27            20            41       • Kathy Moellenberndt -
   Value, New Residential Units             $4,220,400      $1,824,000    $6,044,400    $4,465,950    $8,451,549         Vice President/Director
   New Commercial Buildings                          0               0             0             0             0         Economic Development
   Value, New Commercial Buildings                  $0              $0            $0             0            $0       • Jo Beilman - Manager,
   New, Commercial Alterations                       1               1             2             1             1         Business Development
   Value, Commercial Alterations           $11,090,000       $150,000    $11,240,000       $50,000       $50,000       • Thomas Officer - Loan Manager
                                                                                                                       • Dan Schemm - Manager,
                               Estimated Taxable Sales - Topeka/Shawnee County                                           Business Retention & Expansion
         November                      YTD               November                  YTD
               2006                    2006                   2005                 2005
        $196,290,514          $2,189,748,858           $187,192,807       $2,111,039,989
Source: Kansas Department of Revenue
                                                                                                            Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007   9.
       The Big Read Gets Topeka/Shawnee
       County “Fired Up” About Reading
       The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library invites                  To Become a Partner
       you to “set fire to your passion for reading” with more than a        Book discussion kits are available. The ready-to-use kits
       dozen community events in May and June built around                   include 10 copies of the book, reading guides, and taped
       Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury’s classic novel that explores            interviews with Bradbury biographer, Sam Weller. Also
       issues of censorship, independent                                                                available are opportunities for
       thought, and free speech. These                                                                  businesses and organizations to
       events are part of The Big Read,                                                                 become community partners in
       an initiative in partnership with                                                                The Big Read.
       the National Endowment for the
       Arts that encourages literary                                                                   “Any business and organization is
       reading by asking communities                                                                   welcome to become a partner,”
       to come together to read and                                                                    says Marie Pyko, public services
       discuss one book.                                                                               manager, adult and youth services
                                                                                                       at TSCPL. “We are open to getting
       The Topeka and Shawnee                                                                          as many community partners as
       County Public Library (TSCPL)                                                                   possible. Last year’s Big Read was
       was one of only 10 communities                                                                  a phenomenal success with over
       chosen last year to spearhead                                                                   90 community partners. We’re
       The Big Read as a pilot program.                                                                building on that success this year.”
       This year, Topeka is one of 100 communities chosen
       nationwide to receive grants to promote and implement four-           Among the partners in this year’s Big Read are the Topeka
       to-six-week community-based programs to encourage reading             Chamber, WIBW Channel 13, Topeka Capital-Journal, State
       by youth and adults.                                                  Library of Kansas, and the communities of Syracuse, Junction
                                                                             City/Fort Riley, Wichita, and Hiawatha.
       Community events include librarian-led book discussions and
       multimedia presentations for youth and adults. The events             For more information about getting involved in The Big
       culminate in a live interview with Ray Bradbury, author of            Read, contact Marie Pyko at 785-580-4560 or at
       Fahrenheit 451, on Sunday, June 17, 3:00 p.m. at Marvin     
       Auditorium at the library. (For a complete schedule of Big
       Read events, please go to or
       call 580-4555.)
       About the Book
       Written in 1953, Fahrenheit 451’s central character Guy
       Montag, a fireman whose job is to burn books to keep the
       written word and critical thinking from intruding on people’s
       daily lives. Montag discovers that society places no value on
       the life of the individual, the intellectual, or the inquisitive.
       When his family, his job, and ultimately his life are
       endangered, he finds he must choose a new path.

       Lyn Weichert and Jennifer Lutz-Michael, co-owners of Creative Art
       Photography & Gallery, 307 S. Kansas, assisted by Topeka Mayor
       Bill Bunten, cut the ribbon for their new gallery April 6. Creative
       Art Photography & Gallery is a photo studio that covers the changes
       in an individual’s or families’ life. Lyn and Julie specialize in
       photography of children, families, mothers-to-be, and
       graduations.                                                              Creative Art Photography & Gallery
10.   Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007
                                                                        Congresswoman Nancy Boyda
Chamber/GO Topeka President & CEO Doug Kinsinger presented Congresswoman Nancy Boyda a photograph by Dave Mathias of the
Topeka skyline at a Chamber Federal Forum April 12. FHLBank Topeka sponsored the forum.

                                                                                     The Jewelry Box & Gifts
                                                     Cheri Rowe, owner of The Jewelry Box & Gifts, 2900 SW Oakley, Suite N,
                                                     gave tours of her shop following ribbon cutting ceremonies April 10. The shop
                                                     has beads and jewelry items and offers workshops for those that enjoy beading.
                                                     Local artists sell their products, the owners will make special orders, or help
                                                     customers with special “wants” for jewelry items. The shop also carries a wide
                                                     variety of homemade fudge.

                                                                                              Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007   11.
 Thanks to those Chamber member firms and organizations that have renewed their commitment to the growth and development of the Greater
 Topeka community through Chamber membership.
     Advantage Print Source            Gizmo Pictures                     National Bank of Kansas City      Studio Furniture
     American Heart Association/       Goering Family Optometry           Nationwide Learning Inc           TBS Electronics, Inc.
        Heartland Affiliate            Brian Green Agency Inc             OFG Financial                     Teamsters Local Union #696
     American Pre-Sort, Inc.           Hall Publications, Inc.            Paper Stock Dealers               Topeka Blueprint & Supply Co.
     AmeriSuites                       Drs. Hamilton & Wilson, D.D.S.     Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home        The Topeka Capital-Journal
     Arab Shriners                     Hanover Pancake House              Perkins Restaurant & Bakery       Topeka Collegiate School
     Asay’s Sportsman's Store          HDB Construction, Inc.             Pinegar, Smith & Associates Inc.  Topeka Country Club
     Associated General Contractors    Heart of America Food              A Place in Time                   Topeka Imaging,LLC Open MRI
        of Kansas                         Service L.L.C.                  Porterfield’s Flowers & Gifts     Topeka Spine & Rehab Center,
     Bank Barber Shop                  Hesse Financial Services           Positive Steps, Inc.                 LLC
     Chuck Banks                       Highland Homes Of Topeka, Inc. Prairie Trading Company               Topeka Transfer & Storage, Inc.
     BCS Consulting                    Hilco Mortgage Corp.               Professional Records              Topeka Youth for Christ
     The Boat House & RV Center        Hillmer’s Luggage,                    Management                     Victory Sand Mining &
     Budget Blinds of Topeka              Leather & Gifts                 Pulmonary & Sleep Associates         Dredging LLC
     Busy Bee Cleaning &               Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.         Restoration & Waterproofing       Walmart Supercenter
        Janitorial Service                Subsidiary Colgate-Palmolive       Contractors, Inc.              Walt’s Auto Body Carstar, Inc.
     Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.        INTRUST Bank                       The Robb Company                  Western Associates, Inc.
     Capital City Bank                 Iron Workers Local Union No. 10 Schwerdt Contract Interiors, Inc. Wheatland Property Management
     Capital City Oil, Inc.            Glenn Jagodzinske - NY Life        Scotch Fabric Care Services       Whelan’s, Inc.
     Capital City RV Park              Jayhawk File Express, LLC          Sertoma Great Topeka Duck Race YWCA
     Cardinal, a division of           Jersey Mike’s Subs - Downtown      Shawnee County Medical            Yingling Auto Electric
        BG Service Solutions           Johnson Controls, Inc.                Society, Inc.
     Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe     Jeanette Johnson-Prudential First, Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office
     Carpet One                           REALTORS Real Estate            SOS Staffing Services
     The Center for Manual Medicine KTMJ-TV/FOX 43 Television             Spirit/Spark of the Game
     Christian Book & Gift Co.         Kansas Electric Supply Co., Inc.   Spirit Lake, LLC
     City of Character Council         Kansas Public Radio                Stacey Ink - Writing &
     Columbian Bank                    Kaw Valley Bank                       Marketing Consultation
     Community Action, Inc.            Kenny’s Painting
     Credit Union 1 of Kansas          Kensinger & Associates
     Credit Unions United              Key Staffing
     Curves Southeast F.R.O.G., Inc.   KTPK FM Radio - Country           reinstatements
     Denison State Bank                   Legends 106.9                            Aviva
        Topeka Branch                  La Casa Grande Apts.                        Chic a Dee Café
     Designed Business Interiors, Inc. Lee’s Truck Inc.                            ILC of Topeka & Lawrence, LLC
                                                                                   Jefferson County Farms, LLC
     Discover! Strategies              Linweld, Inc.                               Topeka Metropolitan Transit
     Doorstep Inc.                     Lowe’s                                         Authority
     J.E. Dunn Construction Co.        March of Dimes
     E C Enterprises                   Marketing Support Group,
     Enterprise Rent-A-Car                Inc., dba Stephen               welcome
     EPIC Supply - Environmental          Smith Images
        Products & Industrial Chemical Midas Auto Service Experts                   Trent Brown
     Farview Farms Meat Company        Midland Care Connection,                       Collection Bureau of Kansas, Inc.
     Florence Crittenton Services         Inc.
     Friends Of The Topeka Zoo,Inc. MRI Center of Kansas                            Christian Morgan
     Gilmore Crane Corp.               R.J. “Chip” Munk Insurance                     Kansas Republican Party
     Girl Scouts of Kaw Valley            State Farm Agent
                                                                                    Eileen Schartz
        Council, Inc.                  Museum of the Kansas
                                                                                      St. Francis Health Center
                                          National Guard

12.   Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007
Please join the Chamber staff in welcoming these firms and organizations to Chamber membership and support them by buying from your
Chamber colleagues! The following members joined in March 2007 and were approved for membership at the April 2007 Board
of Directors meeting.
Creative Art Photography &         Sherwood Animal Clinic
Gallery                            Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
Photography Studio/Gallery         Matt Zupka, DVM Ph.D., President
Lyn Weichert, Co-owner             2025 SW Urish Road
307 S Kansas Ave                   Topeka, KS 66614
Topeka, KS 66603                   785-273-4700
785-354-8780 • Fax: 785-354-8780   Sold by: Risa Flanders,
Sold by: Risa Flanders,            Chamber staff
Chamber staff
Envy Salon                         Information Technology Staffing &
Beauty/Barber                      Services
Taylor Kern, Owner                 Darrick Reed, Account Manager
2601 SW 17th St.                   7285 W 132nd St., ste 140
Topeka, KS 66604                   Overland Park, KS 66213
785-233-5577                       913-664-0100 • Fax: 913-338-2435
Sold by: Risa Flanders,            Sold by: Sue Buckley, Dynamic
Chamber staff                      Computer Solutions; Risa Flanders,
                                   Chamber staff
5th Street Pub
Lounge/Pub                         Waddell & Reed
Patrick Armour, Owner              Financial Services
435 S Kansas Ave                   Garrett Keen, Financial Advisor
Topeka, KS 66603                   534 S Kansas Ave, Ste 1300                  Cabinetry & Millwork Concepts
785-232-5100                       Topeka, KS 66603                     Ribbon cutting ceremonies for Cabinetry & Millwork Concepts,
Sold by: Risa Flanders,            785-233-6400                         3433 NW 18th St., celebrated the completion of a new addition to the
Chamber staff                      Fax: 785-233-8711                    business. Ralph Gutierrez, Jr. is the co-owner and Chamber member.
                                   Sold by: Risa Flanders & Adrianne
                                   Evans, Chamber staff

                                                                                                       Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007   13.
 business NOTATIONS
      What qualifies for Business Notations? Tell your Chamber colleagues
      about your expansions, new locations, awards and honors, or new
      products and services. Sorry, personnel changes or announcements are
      not included. Notation information should be e-mailed to Marsha
      Sheahan at

       See what Topeka has to offer! The               Jayhawk File Express is
       Topeka Tourism Alliance has scheduled           pleased to announce that
       their annual Topeka Tourism Expo May            they now offer O’Neil
       15, 2007 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the        Software’s RSWeb®.NET.
       Great Overland Station, 701 N Kansas            Customizable data entry
       Avenue. The Expo, designed to promote           screens, instant reporting
       tourism in Topeka, will showcase over 40        and even more powerful
       area attractions, arts, retail merchandisers,   queries are at customer’s
       and restaurants. "Enjoy delicious food          fingertips. Customers can
       from Topeka restaurants, become aware of        quickly and easily query
       the well known and not so well known            the Jayhawk File database;
       Topeka historical and fun attractions,          order services and supplies;
       delight in some of the most unique and          schedule pickups and
       exceptional art in the Midwest, and             deliveries; add new or edit                                       Fast Forward
       discover one-of-a-kind merchandisers.           existing inventory              Suki Willison (left), manager of Uncle Bo’s at the
                                                                                       Ramada, assisted Fast Forward chairman Kim Hinkly
       Come and see what Topeka has to offer,"         information; generate
                                                                                       (right), Merry Maids, with door prizes during the April
       says Bette Allen, Alliance Co-chair. The        reports; even monitor the       Networking Social for young professionals employed by
       event is free and open to the public.              status of orders. And        Chamber member firms.
                                                                                                          specializes in the publishing of niche-
                                                          because of the flexible Microsoft.NET
       Gina Millsap, executive director of                                                                market and association magazines, travel-
                                                                        architecture, Jayhawk File
       the Topeka and Shawnee                                                                             related guides, and other organizational
                                                                        Express can customize
       County Public Library,                                                                             directories and programs.
                                                                        language, access queries,
       was quoted and featured in
                                                                        and add/edit dialogues and
       the online Library Journal                                                                         Nos Vemos™ Greetings (“See you later”
                                                       reports that meet each customers specific
       in March (see She is                                                      Greetings) was featured in the April 6
                                                       needs. For information call 785-232-9443.
       quoted “I was looking for a library                                                                issue of Gift Shop—Fresh Ideas for
       organization that wanted to wow its             Peterson Publications, Inc. of Topeka              Retailing Success online newsletter.
       customers and make them proud.” The             has recently begun publication of a new            Nos Vemos, owned by Lena Hayden,
       article cites her involvement in the            magazine, titled Plastics Business, for the        has introduced a new generation of all
       community, adding more technology, and          Mid-America Plastics Partners (MAPP), an           occasion greeting cards that combines
       allowing her staff to show customers what       association located in Indianapolis,               Hispanic values with American aspirations.
       the library can mean to a community.            Indiana. The new publication covers the            Fresh and innovative, these greetings
                                                       business issues that affect small to               provide images that speak to the heart
       The Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy
                                                       medium-sized plastics processors located           with charm and simplicity. For more
       held ribbon cutting ceremonies April 14 to
                                                       throughout the United States and has a             information check out
       celebrate the completion of $2.78 million
                                                       nationwide circulation of over 10,000.   
       of renovations made to the Gage School
                                                       Plastics Business is the second national
       portion of the complex at 3028 SW 8th.                                                           St. Francis Health Center was presented
                                                       publication for a business association that
       The ceremonies involved donors, theatre                                                          the Kansas State Safety Award by
                                                       Peterson Publications has launched in the
       staff and board members, and Chamber                                                             Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Secretary
                                                       last 18 months. Peterson Publications
       Ambassadors.                                                                                     of Labor Jim Garner April 6. The award
                                                                                                                              continued on page 15
14.   Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007
continued from page 14
recognizes workplace safety and those            This year marks Kelly Services’ 30th             see how it can help your business. Jeff is
organizations that have achieved 100,000,        anniversary serving the Greater Topeka           always available to meet with you one
500,000 or 1,000,000 productive hours            community. Chamber Diplomat and Kelly            on one. Call Jeff Lees at 845-5416.
without a lost-time accident. St. Francis        District Manager, Christie Brewster, and         Say it better in a Card! Hurry! Offer
surpassed these goals with 3,000,000             her staff partner with customers to fulfill      is only good through May 31, 2007.
hours.                                           their staffing needs and help area residents
                                                 find employment opportunities. Kelly first       Buy a Kansas City Royals 20-Game
Philicia McKee, Keep America Beautiful,
                                                 opened its doors to the Greater Topeka           Voucher Package and save $140 off
was named a finalist in the Community
                                                 community in 1977, and since then has            regular game prices! The vouchers can
Enrichment category for the 2007 Northeast
                                                 placed thousands of skilled candidates           be redeemed for any game this season
Kansas Jefferson Awards. The awards are
                                                 with local businesses. The Kelly                          (excluding the Cardinals series).
sponsored by The Topeka Capital-Journal
                                                 office located at 400 Kansas Ave.,                        Packages are just $300 and are
and its Sixty Miles of Adventure partners;
                                                 Suite 215, offers temporary,                              perfect for entertaining clients,
the Chamber/GO Topeka is a 60-mile
                                                                temporary to hire, and                     employee outings or simply
sponsor. McKee is a
                                                                direct hire positions                      spending time with friends and
Chamber Ambassador.
                                                                that range from                            family. Because of its popularity,
Stormont-Vail HealthCare                                        receptionist and administrative   the offer has been extended...but only for
has been named in an                                            assistant to marketing and        a limited time! For more information
independent national research study as a         light industrial for a wide range of             please call Topeka's Royal Lancer Bill John
recipient of the 2007 Distinguished              industries. The branch also staffs call          at 785-633-6161.
Hospital Award for Patient Safety™,              center employees through KellyConnect,
according to Health Grades, the national’s       one of the company’s specialized business        The YMCA of Topeka is offering Chamber
leading health care ratings company. This        services. For more information, please call      members a special YMCA/Chamber Rate
distinction reflects Stormont-Vail’s             785-233-0644 or visit                            from now through September 1, 2007. You
performance among the top five percent                            can save $195.00 on the Single Rate
nationally for patient safety outcomes.                                                           ($38.00 per month) and you can save $267
Stormont-Vail is one of only 242 hospitals      special Member Benefits                           on the Family Rate ($53.00 per month)
out of nearly 5,000 to receive this                                                               with no joining fee. Benefits of
recognition. They are one of only four           The Team is offering              membership include: three convenient
hospitals in Kansas and the only hospital in     Chamber members $50.00 in postage                full-service locations and Camp Hammond,
Topeka to achieve this distinction this year.    and gift cards when you sign up to be a          three indoor swimming pools, three
                                                 sender of cards. Contact Jeff Lees today         complete wellness centers with Cardio
Stacey Herman, Stacey Ink, recently              for the specific details! Never forget a         Theater and FitLinxx, nine racquetball/
edited Retail Image Workbook: creating a         birthday again! Keep yourself directly in        handball courts, six gymnasiums, indoor
polished and professional look in your           front of your clients and customers. Use         running tracks, weights, and more.....PLUS
small retail shop. Authored by Miki Hicks,       the automated reminder system. Choose            the A.W.A.Y. Program--use of YMCA
previous owner of Freda and Maude’s Gifts        the send out date! That’s right; create a        facilities in other cities. Call one of the
and Gatherings in the Westboro Mart, the         card today to go out when you choose!            YMCA branches and indicate you are a
workbook is a how-to guide for                   This is NOT an e-card. This is mailed            Chamber member interested in the
developing a professional store image,           through the USPS. You type it; we print it,      Special Chamber Rate. Downtown Branch,
creating customer loyalty, marketing,            stuff it, seal it, stamp it and send it! Use     354-8591; Kuehne Branch, 233-9815; or
organizing, planning, and more. “This very       your own handwriting and signatures.             Southwest Branch, 271-7979. (This offer
cool workbook takes the guess work out           Great for small businesses, entrepreneurs        expires September 1, 2007.)
of how to set up a retail storefront,” says      and network marketers. Visit
Herman. To purchase an “eBook” or a     type
printed binder version of the workbook,          reachjeff in the username and
visit                     password for your FREE demonstration to
                                                 get in front of this service and product and
                                                                                                    Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, May 2007   15.
Randy Goldsmith, Membership
Gina Millsap, Marketing
Martha Bartlett-Piland, Leadership
Andy Jetter, Development/GO Topeka
James Davis, Government Relations
Council Vice Chairman
                                     Douglas S. Kinsinger, President & CEO
                                     David Kerr, Immediate Past Chairman
                                     Rick Wienckowski, Treasurer
                                     Carl Koupal, Chairman-Elect
                                     James W. Parrish, Chairman of the Board
                                     Chamber Officers
                                                                                                                                                     May 2007                                                  June 2007
                                                                                                                                                     1.....First Step FastTrac Orientation,                    1.....GO Topeka Board, 7:30 a.m., CBR
                                                                                                                                                           6-7:30 p.m., Topeka and Shawnee                     1.....Ambassadors, 12 noon, CBR
                                                                                                                                                           County Public Library                               7.....Fast Forward Committee, 12 noon, CBR
                                                                                                                                                     3.....Fast Forward Committee, 12 noon, CBR                11...Diplomats, 12 noon, CBR
                                                                                                                                                     4.....GO Topeka Board, 7:30 a.m., CBR                     12...DBE Advisory Council, 5:30 p.m., ECR
                                                                                                                                                     4.....Ambassadors, 12 noon, CBR                           12...First Step FastTrac Orientation, 6-7:30 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                                     8.....DBE Advisory Council, 5:30 p.m., ECR                      Hillcrest Community Center
                                                                                                                                                     9.....Small Business Networking Breakfast,                13...Chamber Power Breakfast, 7:30-8:30 a.m.,
                                                                                                                                                           7:30 a.m., Ramada                                         sponsored by Select Specialty Hospital of
                                                                               Topeka, Kansas 66603-3515
                                                                               120 SE 6th, Suite 110
                                                                               GREATER TOPEKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                                                                                                     11...Leadership Greater Topeka Session #7                       Topeka at St. Francis Health Center 2nd
                                                                                                                                                     14...Diplomats, 12 noon, CBR                                    Floor Auditorium
                                                                                                                                                     15...Business After Hours, 5-7 p.m.,                      14...Fast Forward Casual Social, 5-7 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                                           at John Hoffer Chrysler & Jeep                            El Mezcal, 5th and Topeka.
                                                                                                                                                     15...First Step FastTrac Orientation, 6-7:30 p.m.,        15...Chamber Board, 7:30 a.m., CBR
                                                                                                                                                            Silver Lake Senior Citizen Center                  19...Business After Hours, 5-7 p.m., at
                                                                                                                                                     16...GO Topeka Executive Committee,                             ClubHouse Inn
                                                                                                                                                           7:30 a.m., ECR                                      20...GO Topeka Executive Committee,
                                                                                                                                                     16...Power Breakfast Committee, 7:30 a.m., CBR                  7:30 a.m., ECR
                                                                                                                                                     16...Leadership Greater Topeka Graduation                 25...Diplomats, 12 noon, CBR
                                                                                                                                                           Celebration, 11:45 a.m., Ramada                     26...First Step FastTrac Orientation, 6-7:30 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                                     18...Chamber Board, 7:30 a.m., CBR                              Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
                                                                                                                                                     23...Small Business Awards Breakfast, 7:30 a.m.,
                                                                                                                                                           Washburn Union
                                                                                                                                                     23...Fast Forward Networking Social, 5-7 p.m.,            CBR: Chamber Board Room
                                                                                                                                                           Senne & Company, Inc.                               ECR: Executive Conference Room
                                                                                                                                                     24...Chamber Speed Marketing, 2:30 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                                           Jul’s Cocktails and Grill
                                                                                                                                                     28...Chamber Office Closed, Memorial Day
                                                                                                                                                     29...First Step FastTrac Orientation, 6-7:30 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                                           Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
                                                                                                                                                     29...Diplomats, 12 noon, CBR

                                                                                                                                                     Promote your organization’s products and services in the upcoming
                                                                                                                                                     Chamber Mailings.
                                                                                                                                                     Chamber Connection                                                               Topeka Business
                                                                                                                                                     A quarterly mailing available to all Chamber Members                             (USPS 576520) is published
                                                                                                                                                         Third Quarter 2007                                                           monthly for $10.00 per year for
                                                                                                                                                         Deadline for pieces and $250 fee: Friday, July 20, 2007                      members of the Greater Topeka
                                                                                                                                                         Mailing Date: Friday, July 27, 2007
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chamber of Commerce, 120 SE
                                                                                                                                                     Community Happenings                                                             6th Avenue, Suite 110, Topeka,
                                                                                                                                                     A quarterly mailing available to all non-profit Chamber members.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Kansas 66603-3515,
                                                                                                                                                     The organization benefiting from the information on the piece
                                                                                                                                                     must be a Chamber member.                                                        785-234-2644. Periodical postage
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      is paid at Topeka, Kansas.
                                                                                                       Periodical postage paid at Topeka, Kansas

                                                                                                                                                         Second Quarter 2007
                                                                                                                                                         Deadline for pieces and $55 fee: May 18, 2007                                POSTMASTER: Send
                                                                                                                                                         Mailing Date: May 25, 2007                                                   address changes to Topeka
                                                                                                                                                         Third Quarter 2007                                                           Business, 120 SE 6th Avenue,
                                                                                                                                                         Deadline for pieces and $55 fee: August 17, 2007                             Suite 110, Topeka, Kansas
                                                                                                                                                         Mailing Date: August 24, 2007
                                                                                                                                                     Call Sherry at the Chamber office to reserve your place
                                                                                                                                                     in the mailing of your choice. Mailings are limited to the
                                                                                                                                                     first 12 organizations that reserve a place (234-2644).                          Editor: Marsha Sheahan

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