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                                                 July 13, 2010

                  SUBJECT:         Principal Political Activity Benefitting House and Senate Incumbents and


The President, Vice President, First Lady, Cabinet officers and senior staff have participated in 187
political events in the last 18 months, all with the intention of directly supporting candidates on the ballot in
2010 or building up the infrastructure of party committees. 40 more events are currently or tentatively
scheduled and dozens more will be organized in the next few months.

Below is a breakout by category – House and Senate incumbents and candidates, the DNC/OFA, the DSCC
and the DCCC.


The DNC is committing $50 million in support of races across the country for 2010. $30 million of this
will be dedicated to a program that includes OFA, new media, targeting, training, voter registration, paid
media, constituency mobilizing and research, and voter protection amongst other things. $20 million will
be spent in support of races with an equal third going to House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races.

Principals have attended 67 DNC or OFA events, eight more are scheduled and one is tentatively
scheduled. The events break down as follows:

         •    The President: Fourteen events

         •    The Vice President: Eighteen events

         •    Senior administration officials: More than 30 events


The President, Vice President and senior staff have participated in twelve events that benefited either the
DSCC, DCCC or both. The President is also scheduled for an August event.

         •    The President: Four events; one scheduled

         •    The Vice President: Two events

         •    Senior staff: Six events


The President, Vice President, members of the cabinet and the senior staff have participated in 40 events
benefitting Senate incumbents and candidates, seven more are scheduled and seven are tentatively
         •    The President: Ten events

         •    The Vice President: Sixteen events

         •    Senior administration officials: Fourteen events


The President, Vice President, members of the cabinet and senior staff have participated in 68 events
benefitting 77 House incumbents and candidates (some events raised for more than one candidate).

         •    The President: Four events (benefitting nine)

         •    The Vice President: 29 events (benefitting 36)

         •    Cabinet: More than 30 events

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