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					                                                                                                                  Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                      LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

 Title/ Genre/            Summary               #of      Theme,       Personal Response                    Classroom Use
    Author/                                    Pages     Award           to the Book
Picture Books                           Primary general, Science or Social Studies focus
Mr. Lincoln’s      This is a true story about a 32     History     I thought that this was a       This book could be used in many
Whiskers           girl, Grace Bedell, who                         very interesting story.         different ways in the classroom. It
By Karen Winnick   sent President Lincoln a                        Knowing that it was a true      could be an opener to a lesson
1999               letter, advising him to                         story made, me very             about the different presidents of
                   change his appearance.                          amused by the fact that a       the United States. It could also be
                   This certain girl saw a                         little girl wrote a letter to   used to inspire research about the
                   picture of the president                        the president and got a         former presidents and have
                   and thought that he                             reaction out of it. I really    students choose one to do a
                   looked sad. She thought                         like the inside front cover     report on. It also could inspire a
                   he looked like he was                           of the book, because it         writing activity where students
                   always frowning. She                            has an actual picture of        could write to the current
                   then sent him a letter                          the letter that Grace           president and we could mail him
                   asking him to grow a                            wrote to Mr. Lincoln. If        letters from our class. The
                   beard because it would                          you notice it has some          students could say something they
                   make more people like                           splotches on it, probably       would want him to react on, that
                   him because he looked                           because she walked              is appropriate.
                   happier.                                        through the snow with it.
Roller Coaster     Twelve people set aside      32     Overcomin   I really enjoyed this book,     You could use this book for
By Marla Frazee    their fears and ride a              g a fear.   not only for the fun            multiple functions in the
2006               roller coaster, including                       words, and sounds the           classroom, especially related to
                   one who has never done              1995, the   author writes about but         science. This book could be an
                   so before. Afterwards,              author      also the great                  introduction to a science lesson
                   there is no holding back            won the     illustrations. I love the       about roller coasters, and how
                   from riding all the roller          Notable     expressions on the              they work. I would have the
                   coasters possible.                  Book        characters faces, and I         students create their own roller
                                                       Selection   feel like the students will     coasters with ping pong balls and
                                                                                                                   Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                       LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                                                      by the ALA   be able to relate to their      foam tubes.
                                                                   experiences, even if they
                                                                   have never ridden a roller
                                                                   coaster before.
Spiny Sea Star: A   This is a story about Spiny 26    Promote      I thought this story was        If I chose to incorporate this book
Tale of Seeing      the Sea Star. He always           self-        really rough to read. It        into my classroom, I would most
Stars               rushed through his day to         esteem       was kind of sporadic, and       likely have the rest of the series as
By Suzanne Tate     get food. The clams he            and          I did not enjoy the flow.       well. This author has written over
2002                was trying to catch always        environme The story had some real            30 books about sea creatures and
                    “clammed” up, because             ntal         facts about Starfish, but       made up little stories about each
                    Spiny wasn’t sneaky               awareness the pictures were like a           of them. Each student would get
                    enough. One day, he took                       cartoon and I was having        a story and I would have them go
                    his Grandma Gracie’s              Children's   trouble making the              through and pick out the facts
                    advice and snuck up on a          Choice       connections. This author        verses the fiction parts of the
                    clam. This was the same           Awards by    has written a series of         book. For example: Spiny Sea
                    day that Spiny enjoyed a          the          nature books, and I don’t       Star spoke (fiction), but it is
                    tasty treat, a clam. He                        know if I will read             factual that Starfish has thousands
                                                      l Reading
                    learned that, “If you take                     another. I felt as if this      of tube like feet.
                    more time, you can find           and          story was a little difficult,
                    many more treats in life.”        Children's   not in vocabulary, but in
                                                      Book         flow and content to read.
Wagons West!        This is a rowdy adventure    32   Adventure,    I was first drawn to this      I would read this book and talk
By Roy Gerrard      that the narrator, and her        comedy,       book after we discussed        about the early settlement of the
1996                parents and neighbors             and           authors who illustrate         westward expansion, and we
                    embark on a wild journey          realistic     their own books as well. I     could do an activity about moving
                    on the Oregon Trail.              fiction       thought that this book         west. We could use real resources
                    These characters are so           about the     was very descriptive, not      and students will understand
                    impressed with the idea           early         only with its creative         what, why, and how people
                    of endless opportunity            frontier.     rhyming sequence but the       moved west to better their lives.
                    and hoping to find green                        pictures are amazing as
                                                                                                             Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                 LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                  land out West to start         IRA-CBC       well. This story is a great
                  their lives. These hardy       Children's    way to introduce students
                  pioneers and their trusty      Choices       to the western frontier
                  leader Buckskin Dan, fight     Award         and why early settlers
                  off outlaws near Fort                        were so impressed by it.
                  Laramie, rescue a lost                       It is a great and informal
                  Indian boy, and raft down                    way to introduce North
                  the rocky Columbia River.                    American history to
                  They eventually find                         students. Aside from the
                  fertile soil in Willamette                   great rhyming scheme, I
                  Valley and settle down.                      liked the different settings
                                                               the book takes on as well,
                                                               mountains, deserts,
When Eric’s Mom   Eric’s mother has cancer, 32   Overcomin     I found this book very         I would use this book to talk about
Fought Cancer     and she has to have            g fear, and   comforting from a young        cancer. Cancer is a very serious
By Judith Vigna   surgery and goes through       living        child’s point of view. This    illness that has become prevalent
1993              chemotherapy. As Eric’s        through       book portrays cancer, as       in our society today. It is
                  mother is going through        life’s        something that happens         important for students to be
                  treatments his                 battles.      in life and that showing       aware of this disease. I would
                  Grandmother comes to                         someone that you love          incorporate this book into a lesson
                  take care of him because       YALSA         them is the most               about feelings, and how
                  his mother is always tired.    Award for     important thing you can        expressing our feelings helps us
                  To take Eric’s mind off of     Excellence    do in this hard time. I        overcome situations that are
                  things, he and his father      in            found it very influential,     difficult in our lives. I would
                  go skiing, something he        Nonfiction    and believe that a student     provide that students with
                  has always wanted to do.       Finalist      would find the same            different prompts, of things may
                  At the ski lodge, Eric buys                  feeling when they read it.     happen in our lives, and I would
                  his mother a pretty ski hat                  After you read the book it     have them write down their
                  that he gives her as a gift                  leaves the impression that     reactions and how they could
                  so she doesn’t have to                       the mother overcomes           possibly overcome these
                                                                                                               Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                   LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                   wear her turban. Eric’s                         cancer, but children         situations. We would then discuss
                   mother loves the hat, and                       should know this is not      proper ways to express ourselves,
                   hopes to wear it next                           always true.                 and how to overcome struggles in
                   winter when they all go                                                      life.
                   skiing together!
Traditional Literature                  Folk Tale, Myth, Epic, Multicultural Cinderella
I Wish I Were A    This is a story about a     32    Friendship,    This was an inspirational   I would use this book in the
Butterfly          cricket, who hates his            Self-          story, and a very           classroom when I am teaching
By James Howe      appearance because the            Acceptance,    eloquent piece of           about diversity and being unique.
1987               frog in the pond told him         Fiction        writing. I really enjoyed   It is important that students know
                   he was the ugliest                               the moral of the story:     we are all special in our own
                   creature that ever lived.                        accept yourself because     different ways. I would have
                   As the cricket is dragged                        you cannot change your      students write about something in
                   out of the hole by his                           appearance. This was a      their life that they are thankful
                   mother, he is forced to go                       great story because it      for. They could write about
                   about his day. As he                             showed that what is on      friends, family, and any other
                   comes in contact with                            the inside of a person is   things they can think of. Students
                   other insects throughout                         what counts, not their      would then share their thoughts
                   the day, he expresses that                       looks. This book also       with others. This would teach
                   he just wants to be a                            teaches students that       children that regardless of our
                   beautiful butterfly.                             believing everything        appearance on the outside, we all
                   Finally, the spider advises                      someone else tells you      have the same needs and desires
                   him to be who he is,                             is not a good idea.         that need to be fulfilled on the
                   because he will never                                                        inside.
                   change to a butterfly.
The Lady and the   With the help from the      32    Fiction/       This story reminded me      I will use this story hand in hand
Lion               sun moon, and the north           Fantasy        of beauty and the beast.    with the modern day beauty and
By Laurel Long     wind, a lady travels the                         The illustrations were      the beast story, which most
2003               world seeking to save her                        amazing in this story,      students have heard of. After
                   beloved from the evil                            and it made me feel like    reading both stories to the
                   enchantress who turned                           I stepped into a magical    students I would have them
                                                                                                               Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                   LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                  him first into a lion and                        land of fantasy, dragon      create a Venn diagram and fill out
                  then into a dove. The lion                       and all. Being a             the similarities and differences in
                  and the lady fall in love                        Brothers Grimm tale, it      the two stories.
                  and get married. Strength                        was very wordy and
                  and courage are shown                            romantic. Students will
                  throughout this story.                           enjoy the fantasy part
                                                                   of this story like I did.
Charlotte’s Web   A little girl named Fern   192   The Best        This is such a classic       One activity that the students can
By E.B. White     gets a little pig named          Selling         story of friendship, and     do after reading the book would
1952              Wilbur to keep as a pet.         Children’s      perseverance. I loved        be to write a poem. Students will
                  After living on Fern’s           Book of All     reading this book, and       write an acrostic poem about a
                  family’s farm for a few          time            hope to expose all of my     character in the book. Begin each
                  weeks, he is sold to her                         future students to such      line with a word that starts with
                  Uncle. Fern still visits         1984:           a great story. I also love   the letter on that line. Use words
                  Wilbur often, as Wilbur          Massachuset     E.B. White as an author,     that describe that character.
                  becomes friends with             ts Children’s   and Stuart Little is
                  other animals in his pen.        Book Award      another one of my
                  As Fern gets older, Wilbur       1953:           favorite books.
                  gets lonelier each day           Newberry
                  because she visits him           Honor Book
                  less. One day a grey             1970: Laura
                  spider named Charlotte           Ingalls
                  whispers to Wilbur that          Wilder
                  she will be his friend.          Medal
                  When a sheep tells Wilbur
                  he is going to be killed
                  and eaten for Christmas
                  dinner, he turns to
                  Charlotte for help.
                  Charlotte has a
                                                                                                                Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                    LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                  magnificent idea of
                  weaving beautiful words
                  in her web to draw
                  attention to her and take
                  it away from Wilbur.
                  They become a famous
                  duo around town.
Modern Fantasy                                (primary, intermediate, upper)
Harriet’s Had     One day Harriet, a young 32       Family          This book displays the      I would use this book to do a
Enough!           raccoon girl, and her                             reassurance of a            lesson on the genre of modern
By Elissa Haden   mother get into a big             Award:          families love for one       fantasy. I would teach the
Guest             fight! The fight starts           Oppenheim       another. I thought this     students all about this genre, and
2009              because Harriet’s mother          Toy Portfolio   was an especially cute      explain that fantasy books aren’t
                  asks her to help clean up         Gold Award      book because it             always the ones with witches, and
                  her toys, and Harriet             Winner, and     portrays a situation that   spells, and ghosts in them. This
                  doesn’t want to. After            Chicago         every child goes            book is has a realistic situation but
                  being carried to her room,        Library Best    through, but in the view    is in the fantasy genre because the
                  Harriet decides she is fed        of the Best     of a raccoon. The fact      main characters are animals who
                  up and packs her suitcase         Book (2009)     that the main               talk. I would have the students
                  and decides to run away.                          characters are raccoons     write their own stories with
                  Before she gets too far,                          makes it fun yet still      animals as the main characters.
                  Harriet is stopped by                             relatable for young         We will work on these stories for a
                  grandmother who wants                             children. The peaceful      few days, and read other fantasy
                  her help cleaning up the                          resolution that Harriet     books as well. The students will
                  garden. It is then that                           and her mother resolve      share their books that they’ve
                  Harriet expresses her                             to satisfies the reader,    written and illustrated with the
                  feelings to grandmother.                          and leaves a happy and      class at the end of the assignment
                  After she helps, she is on                        good feeling inside.        as well.
                  her way and is stopped by
                  her grandfather who tries
                  to get her to stay as well.
                                                                                                               Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                   LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                  Persistent, Harriet tries to
                  leave again and is stopped
                  by mother on the front
                  porch. They talk about
                  things and mother tells
                  Harriet that she loves her
                  no matter what.
                  Everyone is happy again.
Spaghetti Eddie   Eddie’s mother sent him      32   A funny boy    This book originally         This book can be a great
By Ryan           to the store to buy               and his        caught my eye because I      representation to children that
SanAngelo         frosting for the cake she         adventure to   am Italian and love          noodles from pasta cannot really
                  was making for his                the grocery    spaghetti! It turned out     “save the day”. I would inspire
2002              father’s surprise birthday        store.         to be very humorous          the students to do a writing
                  party. On the way to the                         and I thought that Eddie     activity after reading this book. I
                  store, Eddie runs into a                         was a very creative kid!     would prompt them to think
                  runner whose shoelace is                         I think that children of     about their favorite food, Eddie’s
                  broke, so he gives her a                         all ages will think this     being spaghetti, and make up a
                  piece of the spaghetti                           book is funny. As I read     situation where you could use this
                  noodle out of his bowl to                        the “about the author”       food to help someone else who
                  fix her shoelace. He also                        part of this book, it was    had a dilemma. This would
                  runs into a fisherman                            very interesting to me       definitely spark a creative side in
                  whose net has broken, so                         that Ryan SanAngelo          the students and be educational
                  Eddie makes him a net                            wrote this book as a         at the same time!
                  out of noodles. He runs                          project in his very own
                  into a few other people                          Children’s Literature
                  and solves their dilemmas                        class. I thought that this
                  with noodles. When he                            was very relevant to
                  finally reaches the grocery                      me!
                  store, he hears everyone
                  yelling as a robber has
                  just stolen all the money.
                                                                                                               Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                   LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                  Eddie didn’t have any
                  noodles left, but he threw
                  a meatball at him and
                  saved the day!
The Witches       A boy who goes on          208    Fantasy;        This book reminds me        Since this book would be read
By Roald Dahl     vacation to a hotel with                          of great childhood          over a period of time, there would
                  his grandmother is very           1983- New       memories. After             be many activities that would be
1983              frightened and intrigued          York Times      reading this story in       done. One of the activities I
                  when they get there.              Outstanding     fourth grade I fell in      would have the students do, at
                  Come to find out the              Books           love with not only it but   the end of the book would be to
                  “witches” are having their        Award,          Roald Dahl as well. This    write about different stereotypes.
                  annual conference at the          Federation      book opens the mind to      We would first discuss what
                  hotel this same week.             of Children's   a world that a young        stereotypes are. The students
                  The boy’s grandmother             Book Groups     child can only imagine.     would then write about the
                  tells him that the witches        Award,          The creative writing        stereotypes we have with withes,
                  go around turning                 World           style that Roald Dahl       little boys, and grandmothers.
                  children into mice, and           Fantasy         possesses can be an         They will also answer if the
                  tells him how to recognize        Convention      inspiration to young        characters in the book fit these
                  if he comes across a              Lifetime        writers everywhere.         stereotypes.
                  witch.                            Achievement

                                                    1986- Wins
Poetry Books                                 (primary, intermediate, upper)
Going on a        A brother and sister are   32     Fun loving,   The illustrations in this This story could be incorporated
Journey to the    journeying to the beach,          rhyming text. book are magnificent      into a lesson by talking about the
Sea               which they have never                           and vibrant with color. I setting at the beach. You could
By Jane Barclay   been to before. On their          2002- Top     really enjoyed how        have the students brainstorm all
                                                                                                                    Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                        LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                      way they take many                 Ten            every two sentences          the different features the beach
2002                  different modes of                 Children’s     that are following each      and shore have. You could then
                      transportation, including          Book of the    other rhyme as well.         talk about what each student
                      a train, a bus, and on             Year, Canada   This story is very           usually does at the beach, and the
                      bicycles. They finally             Toy Testing    cheerful, and is very        different beaches around our
                      reach the shore, where             Council        informative about what       area. You could also extend and
                      they play in the sand,                            the beach is like. It is a   compare the beach setting to a
                      swim in the water, and             2004-          little unrealistic though,   desert setting, etc.
                      act like sea animals all           Canadian       because the children
                      day.                               Children’s     venture to the beach on
                                                         Book Centre    their own without any
                                                         Our Choice     adult supervision.
Dirt on My Shirt      A collaboration of short     32    Realistic     I thought this book was       I would love to use this in my
By Jeff Foxworthy     poems, about children              rhyming text. absolutely hilarious, and     classroom, and after reading it to
2008                  and the daily things that                        I know that children will     my students, have them write
                      go on in their lives. Some         Grammy        too. I loved how the          their own rhyming poems. This
                      poems are about friends,           Award         author incorporated           book is a great representation
                      some are about family,             nominee,      things that happen to         about the fun we can have with
                      and all are about being            Jeff          kids in their everyday        writing. I would also let the
                      kids and having fun.               Foxworthy     lives, giving students an     children illustrate their poems and
                                                                       opportunity to directly       possibly put together a classroom
                                                                       relate to the poetry in       poetry book.
                                                                       this book.
Where the             A classic book that is a     176   Comedy and I grew up on Shel                I would choose enough poems out
Sidewalk Ends         collaboration of poems             Humor,        Silverstein books, and        of this book, and make a
By Shel Silverstein   and short stories. The             Imagination   think that he has             photocopy on an index card for
1974                  poems mainly address                             amazing talent. His           each student in my class to have
                      common childhood                   ALA Notable poems in this book and          one. I will then ask the students
                      concerns, and all are              Children’s    The Attic as well are         to read the poem and illustrate it,
                      imaginary scenarios and            Book, Book    absolutely hilarious. I       as literally as they read it. This
                                                                                                                      Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                          LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                    stories. Shel Silverstein             of the Year,    think that this book is a   would provoke imagination and
                    also illustrates his poems            Golden          must have in a              thought into the meaning of
                    as well. A boy who turns              Archer          classroom library           Silverstein’s fascinating writing.
                    into a television set, and a          Award,          because it can open a
                    girl who eats a whale are             Children’s      door of possibilities to
                    just a few of the obscure             Book            students, with reading
                    characters.                           Recognition     and writing activities.
                                                          of Merit

Realistic Fiction                                  (primary, intermediate, upper)
I’m Going to        A little girl who is going to 32      Family          This book is written in a   With this book I the students will
Grandma’s           her Grandparents house                                poetry fashion, with        do an activity incorporating
By Mary Ann         for the night is very                 2003 Award      every other sentence        rhyming patterns. Their prompt
Hoberman            excited! The girl is having           for             rhyming. The                will be to write a rhyming short
                    so much fun with her                  Excellence in   illustrations are very      paragraph about going to visit
2007                grandparents as they tell             Poetry for      vibrant, and have a very    someone, whether it is their
                    jokes, eat cookies, and               Children        environmental feel. I       grandparents, or going
                    drink tea. Grandpa and                given by the    found the nature of this    somewhere that’s not their home
                    the girl play music and               National        book over all very          and staying overnight. For
                    sing songs, while grandma             Council for     comforting, and is a        example, “My grandma lives far
                    and she play dress-up all             Teachers of     great resource to use       away, when I visit her I stay for
                    night. Right when its bed             English         about students who          more than a day!”
                    time the little girl gets                             travel a lot.
                    homesick, so she puts on
                    her favorite pair of
                    pajamas and
                    grandmother reads her a
                    bedtime story. The story
                    is about her great-great-
                    grandmother, who made
                                                                                                                 Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                     LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                   a quilt for the little girl’s
                   grandmother. This is
                   comforting and reminds
                   her of her mother and she
                   falls to sleep.
Rhyme Time         Ruby can hardly wait for      32    Holiday-      I thought this book was      I would use this book in my
Valentine          Valentine’s Day. Her                Valentine’s   especially cute and          classroom on Valentine’s Day. I
By Nancy Poydar    valentines are ready, and           Day           cheerful because of its      would have previously talked
                   each one has a special                            special twist. Younger       about rhyming words with my
2003               rhyme. She is sure that                           students will love this      students, and then they would
                   this Valentine’s Day will                         story because in the end     create their own rhyming
                   be the best ever. But the                         Ruby’s valentines reach      valentines. I would brainstorm
                   big day brings snow,                              all the people in the        with the students possible words
                   wind, and- oh no- a big                           city, and brighten their     that are about valentines day, and
                   gust that whooshes away                           days. I also liked this      have the list written on the board
                   Ruby’s bag of valentines!                         story because it had         so they can gather some ideas for
                                                                     instructions in the back     their writing.
                                                                     about how to make
                                                                     your own valentines
How to Eat Fried   Billy accepts a bet that he   128   Comedy and    After reading this book I    The class will be working on a
Worms              can eat fifteen worms in            Humor         realized that there was      lesson regarding peer pressure.
By Thomas          fifteen days. Billy had a                         really funny movie that      After reading this book, the
Rockwell           very uncomfortable                  Mark Twain    goes along with it as        students will write a summary of
1973               feeling about this. After           Award,        well. The humor in this      what they would have done in
                   checking with the doctor,           California    book is kid friendly and     that situation. Afterwards, they
                   Billy’s parents are alright         Young         the suspense keeps you       will get into groups of 4-5
                   with him doing this task.           Reader        reading because you’re       students and discuss their
                   At first Billy’s problem is         Medal,        not sure if Billy is going   personal experiences and story of
                   whether or not he can               Sequoyah      to win or lose the bet.      peer pressure. The group will
                   stomach eating a worm,              Award         Then his parents get         vote which member has the best
                                                                                                                    Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                        LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                     but is allowed to prepare                          involved, it makes it        story and each nominee will stand
                     them any way he likes.                             even more interesting.       and share their story with the
                     Billy’s mother cooks a                             The overall principal of     class.
                     worm for him and he                                the book is really about
                     garnishes them with                                placing bets and even        There is also a lot of higher level
                     peanut butter and                                  about rekindling             vocabulary words in this book,
                     horseradish. With new                              friendships with others.     and each time we read we could
                     twists and turns each day,                                                      have vocabulary words of the day
                     the fifteen days passed,                                                        as an activity too.
                     and the outcome of the
                     bet continually in doubt.
Historical Fiction                                (primary, intermediate, upper)
George               From battling toothaches 40         Humor,         I came across this book      After reading this book to the
Washington’s         while fighting the British,         History        after I read the book        students, we would lead into an a
Teeth                to having rotten teeth                             Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers       discussion about the first
By Deborah           removed by his dentists,            ALA Notable    which I put in the first     president of our country, George
Chandra              the Father of His Country           Children’s     section of this project. I   Washington. This would also lead
2007                 suffered all his life with          Book, 2007-    think it’s really great      into a Webquest that students
                     tooth problems. Yet,                Best           how both of these            could do about George
                     contrary to popular belief,         Children’s     authors incorporate          Washington. We will also talk
                     he never had a set of               book of the    factual information and      about this time period in the
                     wooden teeth. Starting at           year,          stories about these          United States. Students could
                     the age of 24, Washington           Notable        previous presidents and      research about Washington’s life,
                     lost on average a tooth a           Trade Book     turn them into               and make a timeline about it.
                     year, and by the time he            in the Field   children’s stories. I
                     was elected president, he           of Social      loved the humor and
                     had only two teeth left!            Studies,       history that this story
                     Based on letters, diaries,          Publisher’s    portrayed. Great
                     and other historical                Weekly Best    illustrations too!
                     records, this is the tale of        Children’s
                     how George Washington               Books of the
                                                                                                                 Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                     LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                  got his ivory made teeth!        Year
So Far from the   Laura Iwasaki and her      32    Asian-           This is a very powerfully     This would be a great book that
Sea               family are paying what           Americans,       written story by the          would assist in bringing up the
By Eve Bunting    may be their last visit to       Prejudices,      amazing Eve Bunting. It       Pearl Harbor incident. It would
                  Laura's grandfather's            and              portrays a very               also bring about discussion of
2009              grave. The grave is at           Patriotism       multicultural incident        Japanese culture, and the
                  Manzanar, where                                   that is rarely taught in      relationships we had with them as
                  thousands of Americans           Eve Buntings     our schools today. I          Americans. This is an important
                  of Japanese heritage were        numerous         think that although this      part of our countries history. I
                  interned during World            awards:          was a shameful incident       would have the students interview
                  War 2. Among those               Golden Kite      that happened in our          a family member that remembers
                                                   Award from
                  taken to the internment                           country’s past, it is still   this time period, possibly a
                                                   the Society of
                  camp were Laura's father,                         important to expose our       grandparent, and have them write
                  then a small boy, and her        Book Writers,    students to it so it never    a summary about it. The students
                  grandparents. Now Laura          the PEN Los      happens again.                could also do some research on
                  says goodbye to                  Angeles                                        this incident on their own, and
                  Grandfather in her own           Center                                         write a paragraph about it and
                  special way, with a              Literary                                       their opinion and read it to the
                  gesture that crosses             Award for                                      class.
                  generational lines and           Special
                  bears witness to the             Achievement
                  patriotism that survived a       in Children's
                  shameful episode in
                                                   and many
                  America's history.
Fever 1793        In August 1793,            252   Maturation                                     I would use this book in my
By Laurie Halse   Philadelphia was the             of a young                                     classroom at an upper elementary
Anderson          largest city in the very         female and                                     age. The students could parallel
                  new United States of             the struggle                                   the book with American History
2000              America.                         through                                        and learn about the early times in
                  Young Mattie Cook works          tough times.                                   the United States. This post-
                  in her family's                                                                 revolutionary war book can teach
                                                                                                              Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                  LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

              Coffeehouse and often                Award:                                      students about the hardships the
              tries to avoid the chores            Lifetime                                    early people of our country
              her strict mother asks of            Achievement                                 endured, and use it to see how
              her. Mattie soon realizes            in Literature                               fortunate we are to have the
              that she really does not             for Young                                   medical care and technology we
              have such a bad life                                                             do today. I would also do an
              because the city will soon                                                       activity about mosquito
              be ravaged by a yellow                                                           protection, being that we live in a
              fever epidemic. The                                                              highly mosquito population area.
              reader becomes Mattie as
              she faces challenges she
              has never even dreamed
Non Fiction                                (primary, intermediate, upper)
Eating Well   This book provides a brief, 32       Health and      I really like how this      This book is a great resource for
By Melanie    but informational guide to           Nutrition       book is an easy read for    students to refer to about healthy
Mitchell      healthy eating. It covers                            students. There are so      eating habits. I would use this in a
              all the five food groups,                            many good things about      discussion about the food
2006          and introduces the food                              this book, including the    pyramid, and a health lesson. This
              pyramid. It also is tells                            glossary with key terms     book gives healthy alternatives for
              how each food group                                  and definitions for         snacks and all the different
              nourishes the body and                               students to refer too.      portions of the food groups that
              how to know just the                                 There is also a section     our bodies need each day. I
              right amount to eat.                                 called “did you know…”,     would provide students with
              Colorful photos present                              which provides facts        magazines, and have them go
              each food group, and                                 about nutrition for kids.   through cutting out pictures of
              show lots of pictures of                             My main interest is how     foods. I would also provide them
              different types of food.                             not only will students      with a paper plate, and they
                                                                   learn so much from the      would glue the foods they would
                                                                   information provided,       eat that are nutritious on the
                                                                   but all the pictures are    plate.
                                                                                                                   Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                       LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                                                                       real and there are lots
                                                                       of real kids in the book.
                                                                       The children in the book
                                                                       are modeling healthy
                                                                       eating for the children
                                                                       who will be reading the
                                                                       book! This is a definite
                                                                       must have in my future
Tale of a Tadpole   The growth and                32   Life Cycle,     I actually own this book,    I would use this book when we
By Karen Wallace    development cycle of a             Environment     and will no doubt put it     were learning about the lifecycle
                    frog from egg to tadpole                           into my classroom            of a tadpole to a frog. I would
1998                to mature adult is what                            library. The pictures are    have the students create a flip
                    this book is about. This                           real and give students a     book of each of the phases of they
                    book is heavily illustrated                        great idea of the            journey of a tadpole to a frog.
                    with real life                                     lifecycle of a frog.         They would get a piece of paper,
                    photographs, and is full of                        Students love books          fold it “hotdog style”, cut four
                    great descriptions for                             that they can relate too,    even slits in it, only to the fold.
                    each picture. Parts of the                         and I am sure almost         This would allow them to illustrate
                    frog are labeled, and the                          every student has either     the phase on the top part and
                    photos correlate very                              seen or even held a frog     then when they lift up the fold
                    nicely with the text.                              before. Although this        they will write information
                                                                       book is for a beginning      underneath. This will also give
                                                                       reader you can use it in     them a resource to look back on in
                                                                       any age classroom as a       the future.
                                                                       resource for students!
Teammates           This is the story about       32   Biography/      A motivational story         I would use this book in my
By Peter            how Jackie Robinson                Multicultural   that relays the message      classroom as an introduction to
Golenbock           became the first black                             of standing up for what      biographies. I would model a
                    player on a major league           “One of the     you believe is right.        biography on Jackie Robinson
1990                baseball team. This is             ten-best        This story portrays racial   using this book. I would then
                                                                                                                    Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                        LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                  also a story about how on              children's    prejudice at its prime        have students choose a famous
                  a fateful day in Cincinnati,           books of      and how major league          person that impacted the world
                  PeeWee Reese took a                    1990” by      baseball has developed        and do a biography presentation
                  stand and declared Jackie              Redbook       into what we know it as       on their lives.
                  Robinson his teammate.                 Magazine      today. This story made
                  After joining the Brooklyn                           me realize that teaching
                  Dodgers, this story                                  children about morals
                  depicts the acceptance of                            and historical events
                  Jackie Robinson into                                 can be interesting, fun,
                  baseball as we know it                               and educational. It is
                  today.                                               also interesting to know
                                                                       that Golenbock actually
                                                                       interviewed Jackie
                                                                       Robinson’s widow
                                                                       before writing this
Diverse Populations                              (primary, intermediate, upper)
Quinito’s         Quinito not only knows    23           Culture-      This book is a great          I would incorporate this book into
Neighborhood      everyone in his                        Hispanic/     display of a vibrant          my classroom during a lesson on
By Ina Cumpiano   neighborhood, he also                  Latino        ethnic culture that           cultures. I would have the
                  knows that each person in                            many of my students           students depict parts of the book,
2005              his community has a                    2006-         are sure to be a part of.     for instance the dress, foods, and
                  different and important                Skipping      I really love how this        talk of music that pertain to the
                  occupation. This book is               Stones        story is written in           Hispanic culture. The book also
                  about family, and                      Honor         English and in Spanish,       provides English and Spanish
                  community all playing a                Award,        thus it can relate to         words and we could do a
                  part in the success of a               bilingual     different types of            matching activity with them.
                  town.                                  book          readers. I really like this
                                                                       story because it
                                                         2006- Texas   embraces the
                                                         2x2 Reading   importance of family
                                                                                                               Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                   LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                                                    List            and community values.
                                                    Texas Library

One Hen          This book is about how       32    An adult        I really loved the          I would have students mirror the
By Katie Smith   changes happen in the              topic about     colorful illustrations      moral of this story through a
Milway           world, on person, one              lending, and    that this story had. It     writing prompt. I would first have
                 family, and one                    turning it      was also very easy to       them use a graphic organizer to
2008             community at a time.               into a          read and understand.        start with something that they
                 Kojo is a young boy who            children’s      This book could be          own in the middle and then
                 lies in a small town in            story.          inspirational to all ages   branch out creating ideas of what
                 Ghana, west Africa.                                of children, and            someone else could do with this
                                                    2009-           encourage them that         item if they loaned it to them.
                                                    Children’s      they have the power to      This would give the students an
                                                    Africana        change their lives. After   idea of what their essay is going to
                                                    Book Award      writing this book, the      be about. Pre-writing is very
                                                                    author actually started a   important. The students will then
                                                                    non-profit organization     write a 5 paragraph essay about
                                                                    called One Hen Inc.         the difference they could make if
                                                                    instilling a “can do” and   they loaned one of their valuable
                                                                    “compassion” in kids        items to someone in need.
                                                                    using interactive.
                                                                    Encouraging kids to
                                                                    become global citizens
                                                                    and philanthropist in
                                                                    the world.
Funny in Farsi   This is a true story about   209   Memoir          This was an amazing         We all come from a different
By Firoozeh      the author, Firoozeh               about           book, and above all an      background and family history.
Dumas            Dumas, moving to                   growing up      unforgettable story of      America is better known as the
2003             America when she was               Iranian in      identity, discovery, and    “great melting pot” of the world.
                                                                                                            Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                seven years old. Her             America         the power of family love    Students today may wonder why
                father went to grad                              and connection. I really    our country is known as this. As a
                school in America, and           2005- Audie     enjoyed reading this        class we would read this story,
                wanted his family to have        Award for       book, and plan to           and talk about different cultures
                a better life, so they           best            introduce my future         around the world, and how they
                moved to southern                recording of    students to it for many     are similar and different from
                California. Shortly after        a memoir,       different reasons.          what we know in America. All
                her immediate family             finalist                                    countries have norms, and I will
                arrived, the rest of the                                                     have students research back to
                clan started to follow,          2008- Spirit                                what their heritage is and when
                aunts, uncles, and               of America                                  they came to America. The
                cousins. The fascination         Award                                       students will put together a poster
                to Americanized gadgets          (National                                   board about their heritage and
                intrigued all that joined        Council of                                  present it to the class.
                them. This story is              Social
                compiled up of excerpts          Studies)
                from her and the families        Winner
                new lives in America
                learning traditions,             Thurber Prize
                English, and cultural            for American
                norms to fit in with             Humor,
                society.                         finalist
My Choice
Danny and the   One day Danny goes to       64   Fiction,        This book was first         Students will begin by identifying
Dinosaur        the museum, and a very           Friendship      passed down to me           the beginning, middle, and end
By Syd Hoff     friendly and curious                             when I was a young          parts of the story. They will then
                dinosaur agrees to play          New York        reader, because it was      use a story map to organize the
1958            with him. So off they go         Times           my mother’s favorite        story elements.
                through the town, having         Outstanding     childhood story. I will
                lots of fun, and playing         Book of the     use this book for ages to
                hide and seek with the           Year (1958)     come and enjoy the
                                                                                                                   Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                       LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                    neighborhood children.                            vibrant colors, and the
                    When it gets about dinner                         friendly characters.
                    town, and the sun is
                    about to set, the Dinosaur
                    must get back to the
                    museum before it closes.

Gregory the         Gregory is a young goat,      32   Health and     This is a powerful story      I would use this book in a reader’s
Terrible Eater      who only likes eating              Nutrition,     that portrays a powerful      theater activity in my classroom. I
By Mitchell         human food. His parents            Fiction        message about healthy         would take the book and break it
Sharmat             on the other hand think                           eating. I believe that it     down into parts (narrator,
                    that something is wrong            IRA/CBC        is important to instill in    Gregory, mother goat, father goat,
1980                with their son because he          Children's     students at a young age       and doctor ram). I would have the
                    doesn’t want to eat                Choices        that eating healthy           students read from a script and
                    shoelaces, car parts, and                         food, appropriate             act out the parts of the story. We
                    tin cans. They take their          Reading        portions, and exercising      would then do a lesson on healthy
                    son to the doctor and get          Rainbow        regularly will lead to a      eating and use the food guide
                    him checked out by Dr.             Book           long and healthy life. I      pyramid to discuss the different
                    Ram. Mother and Father                            am interested in health       food groups. Students would then
                    Goat try mixing human                             and nutrition, and with       create a one day eating and
                    food with goat food, to                           this book I believe that      exercising plan that they could
                    satisfy Gregory’s picky                           students will get the         refer later.
                    eating.                                           idea that eating fruits
                                                                      and vegetables are
                                                                      beneficial to our bodies.
The Giving Tree     This book is a tail about a   64   The gift of    This is an all time classic   I could read this story to my
By Shel Silverstein young boy and his                  giving, and    story, and I was so           students and link it with a writing
                    relationship with a tree in        the capacity   happy to read it again        activity. I could have the students
1964, 1992          the forest. The tree is            of love.       during this course. This      write about a time when they
                    always there to provide                           book was first                needed something. I could also
                                                                                                                  Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                      LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

                   the boy with what he                               introduced to me by my       have them write about a time
                   wants: branches to swing                           first grade teacher, and     when they did something to help
                   on, shade in which to sit,                         this was the first           someone else. This activity will
                   apples to eat and sell, and                        opportunity I have had       help students recognize ways to
                   branches to build a home.                          to read it again on my       be a better person.
                   As the boy gets older he                           own. As a person in the
                   asks more and more of                              field of education, I can
                   the tree, until there is no                        take so much away from
                   more left to give but a                            this amazing story and
                   stump for the boy, now                             pass it on to my future
                   an old man, to sit and rest                        students. This story
                   on.                                                portrays good morals,
                                                                      which teaches people to
                                                                      value each other, and
The Kissing Hand   Chester Raccoon would         32   Love and        This is a great story that   I would read this book to my
By Audrey Penn     rather stay at home than           reassurance     can relate to children of    students during the first week of
                   go to school. Mrs.                 can go a long   any age. The message         school. I would incorporate an
2007               Raccoon tells her son              way.            that is portrayed can        activity that made the students
                   that, “I know a wonderful                          give students the            think of a text to world
                   secret that will make your                         courage and self-            connection. I would have them
                   nights at school seem as                           esteem to take on new        write about a time when they
                   warm and cozy as your                              challenges. I would          built up the courage to push aside
                   days at home.” She then                            assure my students that      their fears and do something they
                   kisses his palm and                                I am always there for        did not want to initially do.
                   Chester feels the kiss rush                        them, and they are
                   from his hand all the way                          strong enough to
                   up to his heart. Whenever                          overcome tough
                   Chester gets lonely, his                           situations.
                   mother advises him to
                   press his hand against his
                                         Stephanie Sanzica
                             LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

check and “that very kiss
will jump to your face and
fill you with toasty warm
thoughts.” The secret
works for Chester
                                                                                                                      Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                          LAE 4416- Children’s Literature


This Annotated Bibliography was put together with a lot of time and critical thought. Each book was hand selected, read, and
further on applied to being used in the classroom. Reading is a fundamental part of learning and succeeding in the world as we
know it today. With books, students can mentally leave the classroom and venture into worlds they could have never even
imagined. To me, single handedly reading all of these books was more beneficial than I could have imagined. I choose books that
were on recommended reading lists and sat in the public library for hours, with them. This experience will better me as a teacher in
my own classroom, because I will have a great resource to look back on and utilize the time and effort spent reading and analyzing
these thirty books.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of these books. This project will greatly benefit my knowledge as a future
teacher, because I have an established list of books to refer back too. I also learned a lot about the different genres of books. Over
each week we studied each different genre that books can fit into. I was most surprised about the “fantasy” genre. When I
previously thought of fantasy books I thought of witches, and ghosts, and vampires. Come to find out a book with an animal as the
main character can be under the fantasy genre as well.

This project has also provided me with a few new “favorites” that I can add to a quickly developing list. I really loved the book The
Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. This book will most definitely be used in my future classroom. I believe that this can be an
inspirational story for children of all ages. Another great book that I came across in putting this bibliography together is I Wish I
Were a Butterfly by James Howe. This book can be used in the classroom to remind students that no matter who we are on the
outside, we all hold something special and unique on the inside. This is a motivational story about self-esteem, and loving yourself
for who you are, not who you would rather be. I believe that this book would instill an important value in young children that we
should accept ourselves and strive to be the best human being we can be.

With the creation of this annotated bibliography, I have expanded my knowledge to a more broad variety of different types of
literature. Each book has a unique feature that will be beneficial in my future classroom. I plan to reflect back on this project for
ideas, book titles, and author references when I become a teacher. Overall, this project opened my eyes to the different genres that
                                                                                                                       Stephanie Sanzica
                                                                                                           LAE 4416- Children’s Literature

books can be categorized in, and because of this I have a better understanding of children’s literature. I have really enjoyed this

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