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					                                       Children’s Literature
Newsletter Date
Volume 1, Issue 1

           Special Interest
           Articles:                  A. Datum Corporation (708) 555-0101

           • Reading Rocket
             helps struggling
             readers                  To the Parents and Staff
           • Reading with song or     The purpose of this               child academically. A lot of
             rhyme helps with         newsletter is to provide          the websites are very
             fluency and              information on ways to            helpful and I believe that it
             comprehension.           help your child or student        can be very beneficial to
                                      with reading. In closed in        you!
           • Games for tutors or      this newsletter is some
             parents to play with     book that either you can
             the child to help with   read to or with your child
             practice word
                                      or student. Not only that
             recognition, spelling
                                      but we will be reading
             patterns, and letter-
             sound knowledge.         some of these books in
                                      class as well and working
                                      on projects with them. As
                                      well as some insightful
                                      website you can look on to
                                      help tutor or help your
          Individual Highlights:

            Book Review      2

            Resources        3        Book Review
            Websites         4               th
                                      The 13 Clue by Ann Jonas          follow the clues and be very     prediction about what’s going
            Workcited        5                                          excited about it.                to happen next. Also I like
                                                                                                         how it states the moral of the
            About the Author6                                           Pete the Cat: I Love My          story. It teaches students the
                                                                        White Shoes by Eric Litwin       meaning of the story.

                                                                                                         Mud by Mary Lyn Ray

                                      A girl who thinks that her
                                      parents and friends have
                                      forgotten about her birthday                                       Winter goes to summer and
                                      till she follows some clues                                        once spring finally showed
                                      that lead to a surprise. It’s a                                    up the kids can play in the
                                      very cute book with very cool     Pete the cat loves his white     mud. I really like the pictures
                                      clues. The surprise at the        shoes, but every time he         and the way that it shows
                                      end of the book I had no idea     steps into something they        you’re the difference of
                                      that it was coming. This is a     turn a different color and yet   winter to spring. A way that it
                                      good book for kids. Even          he still loves his shoes. What   can be used in a class room
                                      though there isn’t many           I love about the book is that    is by showing students the
                                      words the students can            students can make a              difference between winter
                                                                                                         and spring.
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                            Book Review
                            Achoo: Good Manners Can                                              life using easy text and pretty
                            Be Contagious by Mij Kelly                                           pictures. I like how it is easy
                            and Mary McQuillan                                                   and fun to read keeping
                                                                                                 students engaged the whole
                                                                                                 time. It helps see other
                                                                                                 students disabilities and how
                                                                                                 it helped them through
                                                              A squirrel hides acorns then
                            Suzy Sue sneezes and all                                             Beware, Take Care by Lilian
                                                              forgets where he puts them,
                            the animals think that Suzy                                          Moore
                                                              but then in the end finds an
                            Sue has no manners. So the
                                                              alternative to the acorn. I
                            animals teach Suzy Sue
                                                              think this story is pretty funny
                            some manners but in the
                                                              even though it doesn’t have
                            mean time they teach
                                                              many words. The pictures
                            themselves. I thought this
                                                              are amazing because its
                            book was cute and I loved
                                                              cartoon mixed with actual
                            how the text is in a different
                                                              pictures. The story is silly
                            font throughout the book as
                                                              and teaches students not to
“Parents don’t need to      well as in different direction.
                                                              forget things.
know how to teach reading   The story teaches the moral
— just how to evaluate      “do unto the others as you
                                                              The Foggy Foggy Forest by          Fun spooky poems. The
the approach used and to    would have them to unto
                                                              Nick Sharratt                      pictures are fun and the
identify whether it is      you.”
                                                                                                 poems are not very scary. I
working for their child.”                                                                        would use this during the
                            Tops and Bottoms by Janet
                                                                                                 month of October to help
                                                                                                 them with the concept of

                                                                                                 Frida by Jonah Winter

                                                              What can be in the foggy
                                                              foggy forest? While reading
                                                              this story I loved how the
                                                              pictures start of as a shadow
                            Bear has everything money,        bur once you turn the page it
                                                              has color and its sort of
                            wealth, and land. Hare has
                            nothing and tricks Bear into      transparent. The story
                            giving him the harvest. I think   teaches kids how to make
                                                              predictions.                       The life behind the painter
                            its fun that the book doesn’t
                                                                                                 Magdalena Carmen Frida
                            face the way it usually does
                                                              A Picture Book of Helen            Kahlo. I think it’s a good book
                            and is read a different way.
                                                              Keller by David A. Adler           full of color and a good look
                            The story has a good moral
                                                                                                 at a different culture. I would
                            and I would use this story to
                                                                                                 teach this in an art class or
                            teach different culture
                                                                                                 as a show of different culture
                                                                                                 throughout the world.
                            Acorns Everywhere by Kevin

                                                              The story of Helen Keller’s
 Page 3 of 6                                    Newsletter Title

Here are some great tips for     “The more that you read,
parents or for other staff       The more things you will know.
members. This quote came         The more that you learn,
from                             The more places you'll go.”      I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!
ert_hall.pdf                     (1978) Dr. Seuss

      Explicit instruction in
       phonemic awareness
       (PA) improves a
       child’s reading and         Some other best
       spelling skills.            practices to support
      Systematic phonics          young readers is to read
       instruction                 to them, motivate them,
       significantly improves      make it fun. The best
       reading and spelling        places to practice it is at
       skills of kindergarten      home, in the classroom
       — 6th grade students,       or at school.
       especially those who
       struggle in reading.        The best teacher a child
                                   will ever have is their
“Evidence suggests                 parents.
strongly that educators can
foster reading development
by providing kindergarten
children with instruction
that develops print
concepts, familiarity with
the purposes of reading
and writing, age-
appropriate vocabulary and
language comprehension
skills, and familiarity with
the language structure.”
Says Lyon, G. R.
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Here are some Great websites to use to
use to help your child or students.
This website has some good articles on
practices for gifted students.
There are some amazing articles in this
website as well as some videos about
This is the site that I found how to play
some games to help with phonic
awareness. This can be used in a class
room as a center. Parents can use this
as a fun activity to play with your child
after dinner.
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Work Cited
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! (1978) Dr. Seuss
Lyon, G. R. (January/February 2000). Why reading is not a
natural process. LDA Newsbriefs. Learning Disabilities
Association of America.
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