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Bibliography by nfmauro


									   Title           Summery            Numbe Award/       Response to                  Classroom
                                       r of     Genre       Text                         Use
                                           Picture Books
Click, Clack,   This is a story      32       Farm life   I enjoyed being        In the classroom I
Moo: Cows       about cows who                and         introduced to this     would use this book
                think the barn is to          Animals.    book and wish          for a read-a-loud. In
                cold and ask the                          that I had read it     the story the words
                farmer for electric                       sooner. It is a nice   click clack moo repeat
                blankets on a                             little story with a    itself often and can be
                typewriter. When                          fun twist in the       made so that the
                the farmer refuses,                       end but also           children read that
                they go on strike                         shows the role of      part out loud together
 that Type      until they get their                      animals and life on    as the teacher reads
  Doreen        blankets. But in                          the farm as a small    the rest of the story
  Cronin        the end other                             child would see it.    and leads the students
                animals get the                                                  in discussion about
                typewriter and                                                   what the predict will
                also ask for things.                                             happen next in the
 The Wall       This is a story       32      History     This book has one      This book would be a
                about a father and            and War     of the most            perfect story to share
                son who go to visit                       powerful               when talking about
                the Vietnam War                           messages I have        the Vietnam War. A
                Memorial to find                          every received         lesson could be made
Eve Bunting     the name of their                         from a picture         to have all of the
                father and                                book. It can be        students write to a
                grandfather. The                          used in any grade      soldier fighting right
                book is very                              level and still        now thanking them
                moving and                                bring out emotion      and can be mailed out
                emotionally                               in anyone who          to lift the spirits of
                charged.                                  reads it.              those serving our
 The Inner      Inner City Mother 80          Poetry      I enjoyed reading      There are many
City Mother     Goose is not for                          these poems as a       classroom uses that
   Goose        younger readers.                          college senior.        can be applied when
                This book has a lot                       Some of the            reading this book
                of raw story telling                      material that was      with students in a
                about drugs and                           in this book           high school level
                other adult                               however I still        setting. The first
                content that needs                        thought was very       would be to show a
                to be closely                             strong for high        few examples and
                watched by the                            school level           have students write
    Eve         teacher. It does                          students.              poems about their
                have good poems                           Although I could       lives and things they
 Merriam      in the book though                 see uses for        are encountering as
              and is still a very                reading some of     teenagers. Secondly,
              strong tool to be                  these poems to      many of these poems
              used in high                       students.           have several meaning
              school level                                           behind what they are
              classrooms where                                       simply saying. The
              students are old                                       students can record
              enough to handle                                       what they feel the
              the language type                                      poems mean to them
              being used.                                            and what they read
                                                                     between the lines.
 The Magic   The magic school     40   Science   I have always       In the classroom I
School Bus:  bus collection has                  enjoyed reading     would read this book
Lost in the  great insight into                  the magic school    with the student and
   Solar     simplifying                         bus books as a      leave it for them to
  System     science lessons so                  child and was       read while learning
             that young readers                  happy to be able    about the solar
             can learn                           to reread this      system and space. A
             important                           book again now.     simply activity that
             material without                    There are still     the students can
Joanna Cole being over                           large amounts of    participate in is to do
             exposed to facts                    information in      research on one of the
             and information.                    these books even    planets and write a
             In this edition they                though they have    report like the ones
             travel across the                   been simplified for that are done in the
             solar system and                    young students.     story.
             learn about the
             planets, moons,
             and sun.
  We The     This story has the 32     Social    When I was in         This book would
 Kids: The   preamble to the           Studies   fourth grade I had    make for a great
Preamble to constitution but it                  to memorize the       reader’s theater for
     the     is portrayed                        preamble and I        the students to
Constitution through the eyes                    still can repeat it   perform in small
   of the    of children. They                   today from when I     groups. Each student
  United     are all friends on a                was younger. It       can view the book and
   States.   camping trip as                     was a chore and       act out the parts as
   David     they learn their                    almost                the pictures are
  Catrow     role and                            punishment to do      demonstrating. This
             responsibilities all                that when I was       will ensure the
             Americans have.                     young. This book      students learn the
                                                 was hilarious in      material and
                                                 drawings and          understand each part
                                                 much more             of the preamble
                                                 entertaining than     without being force to
                                                      memorizing it         simply learn the
                                                      from a piece of       words.
                                   Traditional Literature
 American   This book              112     Tall      This book was          This book is meant for
 Tall Tales incorporates                   Tales     very good and          older students in
            several American                         exciting to read       middle school or late
            tall tales that have                     through. It was        elementary school.
            been told and                            broken up into the     For this book I would
            shared from                              different chapters     have students choice
            generation to                            of short stories       one of these stories to
            generation. This                         making it very         read and work in
   Adrien   book includes the                        easy to get            groups to draw a
Stoutenburg stories of Paul                          through in just a      picture about the
            Bunyan and                               few sittings. It       story. After they are
            Johnny Appleseed                         was also very nice     done, they will
            among others.                            to be able to read     present them to the
                                                     these stories          class and explain what
                                                     again. It has been     they have created and
                                                     a long time since I    why they have done it
                                                     have heard them.       in that matter.
  Fables      This book has      48        Fable/    This was a very        Many of the stories
              twenty fable                 1981      interesting book       from this book would
              stories in them.             Caldecot to read. All of the     make for good
              They are each only           t Medal, stories have a          reader’s theaters for
              a few pages long             Notable   deep meaning and       the students to
              and very easy to             Children' have to be read a      participate in with
              read through. All            s Books   few times to get a     small groups. They
              of the stories are           of 1980   full interpretation    can then present their
  Arnold      unique in the                          of the message         skit to the class and
  Lobel       lesson they talk                       behind them. The       can video tape them
              about and they                         pictures also          to view later on in the
              pictures that go                       added an               year.
              along with the                         awesome layer of
              stories.                               humor to the
    The       This is a version of 32      Cinderell I had mixed            This book makes for a
  Egyptian    Cinderella where a           a         emotions about         great read-a-loud for
 Cinderella   slave girl has                         this book. It was a    the students in the
              nothing but a pair                     good book but it       class. The teacher can
              of red slippers.                       was just not what I    lead the students and
              When a falcon                          was used to. I did     ask them leading
              takes one away                         enjoy the pictures     questions about what
              she is heart                           and story of this      they predict will
              broken. But in the                     book but I felt this   happen in the story
             end of the story                        story could have       and why certain
             the Pharaoh finds                       been made into         things have happened.
             the slipper and                         something
             makes the owner                         different and
             of it queen of                          better than a
             Egypt.                                  Cinderella story.
                                       Modern Fantasy
Angle and    This is a story of a 32       Fantasy   This was a very        For the class, I would
the Polar    girl who wakes up                       cute little book for   lead the students on
  Bear       from bed to find it                     children in            this trip in their
             is surrounded by                        kindergarten or        minds and have them
             water. She rows a                       first grade. It        create their own
             boat to the fridge                      shows the              imaginary friend
             where the water                         imagination that       animals. Then they
             freezes and a polar                     children have and      could draw a picture
             bear comes out.                         what they can          of them and share
  Marie-     She then melts the                      think about            what type of animal
Louise Gay   ice an washes the                       happening.             they are and what
             polar bear away                                                they would do with
             but he comes back.                                             the class.
             She discovers he is
             a happy bear and
             they become
Half Magic   Four friends find a 240       Fantasy   This was a very        For this lesson I
By: Edward   magical charm                           interesting book       would break the
             that grants wishes.                     to me. I               students up into small
             But it only grants                      remember reading       groups and have them
             half of the wish                        a story like this      make three wishes. I
             and messes up the                       when I was             would then make
             other parts. So                         younger called the     their wishes change
             they get placed on                      monkeys fist but it    and ask them to
             a wild trip in the                      was a lot shorter      problem solve to get
  Eager      past where the                          and not as far-        back to normal, just
             have to work                            fetched but along      like in the story.
             together to get                         the same ideas.
             back to their own                       This book was
             time.                                   very entertaining
                                                     and left you
                                                     wondering how
                                                     they were going to
                                                     correct their
                                                         throughout the
                                                         entire book.
City of Light, This is a story of a 192      Comic/      I am a very big        In the classroom I
City of Dark mystical power                  Fantasy,    comic book fan         would use this book
               that is set in real           Pw          and have been for      as a demonstration of
               time New York                 selection   a long time. This      a different kind of
               City. The special             for best    greatly appealed       novel that can be used
               powers are passed             book of     to me and was an       in the classroom. for
               down from                     the year    easy read for me       a final project for this
               generation and                in 1993     to get through.        lesson I would have
     Avi       now are with a                            This is one of my      the students make a
               young girl. She                           favorite genres        story board or comic
               goes through                              and this book was      strip of their own,
               hardships with the                        excellent for me. I    fully done in color and
               power and people                          would recommend        poster board size to
               around her                                it because it takes    share with the class.
               suffering but in                          fantasy and puts it
               the end finds a                           into a real life
               loving family and                         setting and place.
               learns her true
                                          Poetry Books
 Black is     This story is a     40         Social      This story was a       For this book I would
 Brown is     rhyming book                   Issues      very well written      read it in front of the
   Tan        about all different            Poetry/     poem and carried       class. Then I would
              races and genders.             Harper      a large amount of      have the students
              It describes them              Trophy      deep issues with       write their own
              all in detail and                          it. I think that       poems about
              compares them to                           many students in       themselves and what
              other items and                            younger grades         makes them special.
              materials. The                             will not               They will then share
              overall message is                         understand the         them with the class.
  Arnold      that we are all the                        true impact of this
   Adoff      same no matter                             book until they are
              what color skin we                         older.
 Revolting    These are poems     32         Poetry      This was a very        With this story, I
  Rhymes      that take some                             fun book to read.      would have the
              older classical                            All of the classical   students get into
              stories and change                         poems I learned as     small groups. They
              them up a tiny bit.                        a kid were             will then take their
              Some of the main                           changed into           own poems and
              changes include                            comical poems          change them into
              incorporating                              with strange           something else with a
              snow white and                             twists and             comical new twist. It
              gambling together                            endings. Most of       can be anything, real
              and Jack and the                             them made me           or imaginary that
              beanstalk with                               actually laugh to      happens, just to make
              good hygiene.                                myself while           the story lighter
              This book is filled                          reading and I          hearted.
              with clever poems                            know middle
              that middle school                           school children
Ronald Dahl   children will love.                          will have the same
 You Hear     In this book, there 107          Social      When I first           In the classroom, the
Me? Poems     are strong                       Issues,     started reading        teacher needs to be
and Writing   messages about                   Poetry      this book I was        careful of the grade
by Teenage    sex, drugs, women,                           instantly hooked       level and the material
              and many other                               and blew through       that is in this book.
              topics that many                             the entire thing.      For a lesson, I would
              people do not                                All of the stories     have the students
              normally know                                are so real and        write a poem about
              about or see in                              gripping they just     their lives and any
              their everyday                               pull you in and do     hardships that they
              lives. All of the                            not let you stop.      have been apart of or
              poems are put                                They let you see       scene in their families.
              together in a great                          into their real
              form and have a                              lives.
 By: Betsy
              certain flow. This
              is not for younger
                                          Realistic Fiction
  By the    This story is about     32         Social      This was a very        In the classroom, I
Dawns Early an African                         Issues/     nice book about        will read the story out
   Light    American family.                   Fiction     the hardships that     loud for the students
            The children live                              families face when     to listen to and to
            with their                                     there is only a        discuss in the class. I
            grandmother at                                 single parent          will then set up
            nighttime because                              raising children.      pictures for a
            their mother must                              The love and           storyboard and have
            go off to work in a                            devotion shown in      the students put the
   Karen    factory during the                             this book is a great   story back together in
 Ackerman night.                                           story for young        the correct order.
                                                           students and one
                                                           they can relate to.
 Shark Bait   This story is about   160        Realistic   This book was one      During this novel
              a boy who is                     Fiction     of the novels that     story, I would have
              caught in turmoil.                           did not fully          the students keep a
              His father who is                            interest me as I       small journal of things
              also the chief of                            was reading. I felt    that are happening to
             police gives him a                            it was very slow      them on a day or
             strict curfew, but                            starting and did      weekly basis in the
             his friend wants                              not involve           theme of peer
             his help to settle a                          enough action.        pressure. They would
             score with him in                             This would be a       not have to share it
             the middle of a                               standard book for     with the class or even
             town that is very                             students to read      some parts with me.
             chaotic.                                      that would            The will need to turn
                                                           entertain most but    in something to show
                                                           not all students.     they had been
                                                                                 completing the work
                                                                                 as assigned.
 Tangerine   The main           320            Realistic   This was a            While the students
             character of this                 Fiction     summer reading        are working on this
             story is blind. He                            book I was            novel, we will be
             moves with his                                supposed to read      discussing challenges
             family to                                     going into seventh    that all students face
             Tangerine Florida                             grade but I never     as teenagers moving
             where he soon                                 did it back then.     to a new school and
             discovers that he                             Now that I have       home. There will be
  Edward     actually can see                              read it, I wish I     class discussions on
   Bloor     the world better                              took the time to      people that have
             than everyone else                            back then. This is    moved to new schools
             can. He gets the                              a great, up lifting   and what it was like
             chance to                                     story that is         for them in
             understand the                                disappointing         transitioning.
             lies his family is                            there is not more
             living and make                               when it is over.
             something of
                                          Historical Fiction
Down on the This is a picture   32             Historica This was a good         I would use this book
   Farm     book that has a                    l Fiction children’s book for     as a read aloud for the
            recurring sentence                            what life is like on   students and have
            of down on the                                the farm and what      them repeat the
            farm. The book                                animals they           words down on the
            has many animals                              would encounter        farm when they came
            in it and what they                           there. They can        up in the story. I
            do on their farm                              read along in parts    would also have them
  Merrily   including the                                 and learn what         make the animal
  Kutner    sounds they make.                             sounds the             sounds as they come
                                                          animals’ make.         up.
   The       This story             112        Historica I read this book        In the classroom I
 Whipping    revolves around                   l Fiction/ back when I was        would like to do some
   Boy       two characters, a                 Newbery in elementary             role reversal for a
                prince and his               Award       school but forgot        couple of days where
                whipping boy.                            about it till I saw it   if someone gets into
                The prince wants                         in the library and       trouble, several other
                to run away and                          reread the story.        students get blamed
                the whipping boy                         It was a very            for it. After everyone
                is forced to follow.                     interesting book         has been placed in the
                When they are out                        and suspenseful          blame category, we
    Sid         in the world they                        when action starts       will discuss how he or
Fleischman      get into trouble                         to happen in the         she felt about getting
                with a group of                          story.                   in trouble for
                thieves who mix                                                   something they could
                the boys up and                                                   not control.
                the prince now
                finds out how it
                feels to be the
                whipping boy.
 The Crazy      This is a story      214     Farm life   This story               During this book I
   Man          about a family in            fiction/    reminded me a lot        would like for
                distress. After an           Geoffrey    of a book that I         students to talk about
                accident leaving             Bilson      read in high school      farm life and if they
                the main character           Award       called Of Mice and       know anyone that
                hurt, the father             for         Men. This book           owns a farm. For
                leaves the mother            Historica   was a very easy          stores like these I
                and daughter to              l Fiction   read and very            would like to try to
                tend to the farm             for         enjoyable to get         get out to a farm so
  Pamela        by themselves.               Young       through. There           the students can see
  Porter        They enlist the              People      were amazing             what that life is truly
                help of a strong                         themes to this           like for a day.
                man who is in a                          book and it shows
                mental hospital.                         you 3cannot
                The man turns out                        always judge a
                to be perfect for                        book by its cover.
                the job and also a
                great man in the
                                           Non Fiction
Follow That     This story is a     32       Map         I really enjoyed         For the class, I would
Map!: A First   simple picture               Skills/     looking and              make a very large
  Book of       book for young               The         reading this book.       map and put it on the
 Mapping        students to learn            Children'   I was a simply way       board and have the
   Skills       mapping skills. As           s           to learn to read         students fill it in as
                they go through              Literatur   maps and it went         the story progressed
                the book it teaches          e           through so many          to track where they
                them many                    Roundta     different kinds of       have been in the story
                symbols and                  bles of     maps at the same         and where they think
                important map                Canada      time. The story        they will be heading.
                concepts they will           Informat    was also not to
                need later on.               ion Book    bad in looking for
                They also explore            Award       their lost animals.
Scot Ritchie    through their
                house, town, city,
                and finally space
                and the solar
 Moonshot:      This story is about    48    The         The flight of     In the classroom I
the Flight of   the historic                 moon/       Apollo 11 is a    would have the
 Apollo 11      journey of the first         Robert F.                     students talk about
                                                         historical event for
                astronauts to land           Sibert      our country. This what they want to do
                on the moon and              Informat    book was a good   when they grow up
                walk on its                  ional       mixture of        and if they could be
                surface. The book            Book        pictures and      the first person to do
                takes you through            Medal,      information so it something, what
                everything that              Honor       was not to young  would it be. Then
Brian Floca     happened from                Medal       for readers but   they could draw a
                living in the ship                       was not stuffed   picture of it and tell it
                for a week to                            with facts.       to the class. It can
                being able to step                                         also be something
                foot on the moon.                                          that has already
                                                                           happened if they
                                                                           could go back in time.
Heart and       Florence               152   Biograph This story was a     During this book I
 Soul: The      Nightingale was a            y/        very good one to    would want to try to
  Story of      nurse that worked            Norma     read about. I did   give back to the
 Florence       through extreme              Fleck     not know who        community just like
Nightingale     opposition in                Award     Nightingale was,    she cared for the
                doing what she               for       except fro          community she was
                loved and helping            Canadia assuming she was living in. I would try
                people who were              n         a nurse. This book to organize a
                left in very bad             Children’ really showed me community service
                condition from               s Non-    how her life was    project for my class or
  Gena K.       war. She helped              Fiction   and all of the good school such as
  Gorrell       many people even                       things she did for  planting trees or
                though she was                         people.             other services that the
                stuck working in                                           entire school could
                poor conditions                                            participate in.
                and without the
                respect of some of
                her other peers.
                This book goes
                through her life.
                                      Diverse Populations
Happy to be     This is a short      32     African    I found this book     In the class I would
  Nappy         story about being           America    to be very good for   use this book as a
                happy with who              n          the classroom. It     read-a-loud and talk
                you are and loving          Heritage   showed how there      with the students
                each other. It                         are many layers to    about things that
                shows in the book                      things and just       make them special in
                that there is a                        because               their own way. They
Bell Hooks      large amount of                        something looks       will then draw a
                interaction time                       one way does not      picture of themselves
                when working on                        mean it can be        highlighting their
                hair and is a great                    something             favorite attribute of
                way to promote                         completely            themselves.
                self-acceptance                        different.
                and pride in the
  Mama’s        This is a story      32     Asian      This book was a       For this book I will
   Saris        about a young girl          Culture    nice read and a       have the students
                who wants to                           good insight into     reflect on a time
                dress up like her                      the lives of an       where they were able
                mother. She sees                       Asian American        to spend time with
                that her mother                        culture. It showed    their mother or father
                only wears the                         that older            and received a special
  Pooja         dresses on special                     generations wear      treat for doing
 Makhijani      occasions and                          the dress all the     something good or it
                today is her                           time while the        being a special
                birthday. So the                       mother only wears     occasion. They can
                mother lets her                        it on special         write their stories
                where the dress                        occasions.            down and read them
                and she is very                                              to the class.
The Curcuit:    In this story, you   128    Migrant    I greatly enjoyed     In the class, I would
 Stories of     learn about the life        Mexican    this book. It         have the students
the Life of a   and hardships of a          Family     involved a lot of     create a word wall in
  Migrant       family that moves                      teachers and          the front of the
   Child        from place to place                    people helping to     classroom. as they go
                looking for                            make sure that he     through the story,
                migrant work                           could succeed in      they will add words to
                while trying to                        school even           letters that have
                keep their                             though he was         nothing on them or to
                children in school.                    only there for a      a very important part
                The main                               limited amount of     of the story.
                character faces                        time and would
 Francisco      many hardships of                      most likely be in a
  Jimenez       leaving school                         new school the
              early to help the                            next year. They
              family with money                            allowed him to
              and finally in the                           publish these
              end is found to be                           books and now
              an illegal alien and                         have money for
              forced to leave                              his family.
                                            Teacher’s Choice
The Giving    The giving tree is      64         Picture   I am very mad that     In the classroom I
  Tree        the story of a boy                 Book      I have never read      would have the
              and a tree. The                              this book before       students read this
              tree gives the boy                           right now. I feel      book along with me
              and apple and                                like I should have     and then have them
              shade when he is a                           read this as a child   play games that
              child and is happy.                          and missed out big     worked on
              Throughout the                               time.                  cooperative work and
    Shel      entire boys life the                                                sharing such as
Silverstien   tree gives                                                          building with blocks
              everything he has                                                   and playing board
              to the boy till he is                                               games in the
              just a stump. As                                                    classroom.
              an old man, the
              tree can only give
              a seat and that’s
              all he wants and
              they are happy.
 Possum       This book is about      32         Picture   This was my            In the class I would
 Come A-      a possum that                      Book      favorite book          read this book aloud
 Knockin      knocks on the                                growing up and         with the students and
By: Nancy     door and every                               my parents read it     have them repeat the
Van Laan      time they open it,                           to me almost           phrase there’s a
              the possum hides.                            every night before     possum come a-
              They go through                              I went to bed or       knockin at my door
              the entire house                             just to read it to     when it comes up in
              asking every                                 me. I have the         the story. Then I will
              person who is                                hard copy signed       have them work in
              knocking at the                              by the author at       groups and make a
              door till they find                          my parents’ house      diagram of all the
              it is a possum.                              still.                 people in the house
                                                                                  who want to know
                                                                                  who is knocking at
                                                                                  their door.
Watchmen      This is the story       436        Graphic   This is one of my      In the class I will have
              about regular                      novel     favorite graphic       the students working
              people who fight                             novels that I have     with the social studies
               crime in the city of                read this year. I     lesson of the cold war
               New York. There                     greatly enjoy         and world war two
               is also one person                  comic books and       lessons. This novel
               who has almost an                   think they serve a    incorporates both in
               unlimited amount                    vital role in         that the dooms day
               of power. They                      helping children      clock was close to
               find out there is a                 learn to read along   starting a nuclear war
Alan Moore     plot to kill all of                 side picture and      until we came to a
               them and they                       other books. This     compromise. Also
               work to stop who                    can be used with      world war two ended
               is doing it but                     older students in a   due to the atomic
               come to find out                    high school level.    bomb but instead the
               that it is all for the                                    book tells of Dr.
               greater good of                                           Manhattan stopping
               the world.                                                the war due to his
                                                                         power. The students
                                                                         can do a venn diagram
                                                                         from the book and
  How the      The Grinch hated     64   Picture   I have seen the       I would read this book
Grinch Stole   whoville,                 Book      cartoon version of    to the children around
 Christmas     especially around                   the story and the     the holidays along
               Christmas time.                     Jim Carrey version    with other books for
               So he came up                       but I had never       other students. I
               with a plan to steal                read the book. I      would do this as a
               all of their                        was very happy        read-a-loud and have
               presents to make                    with the book and     the students predict
               them sad. But                       both of the videos    what was going to
               when they woke                      that go along with    happy next in the
               up Christmas day,                   them.                 story and discuss the
               they knew it was                                          true meaning of
 Dr. Suess
               about being with                                          Christmas.
               family and love,
               and not presents
               and the Grinch
               learned to love

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