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					    JJSE Interviewing Criteria: After School Program Coordinator
 Candidate Name: _________________________                                             Date:
 Your Name:                  ________________________
 Rate each candidate on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 is demonstrating a low capacity in this area, 5 is high)

1. Introduction: What do you know about JJSE? What draws you to this school?
   Rating: 1      2       3      4       5

2. Theory of Action: What interests you about the After School Program position? What is your vision for the After
   School Program and our student population? What would the primary student outcomes be?
   Rating: 1      2       3        4       5

3. Mission: As a school, there are three main parts to our mission: community, social justice, and independent thinkers.
   How might your vision for the afterschool program reflect that?
   Rating: 1       2       3         4      5

4. Field Experience in Program Management: The After School program involves supervising 10-15 possible
   consultants from different community organizations around the city, as well as 3-5 core program staff. What
   supervisory experience do you have? What areas of strength do you have, what are areas that need development?
   Rating: 1       2        3      4       5

5. Connection with academics: Afterschool can sometimes feel disjointed from what happens with the students
       during the regular school day. Do you have any ideas on how to help create a coherent experience between the
       academic program and the afterschool program?
       Rating: 1        2        3      4       5

   6. Program Evaluation & Reporting: Our ASP comes through a 21st Century grant managed by SFUSD. As a district
      program there are significant reporting requirements and often bureaucratic hurdles. What is your experience with
      navigating bureaucracy and what strategies might you have for doing so? Also, in addition to what the district or grant
      may require in terms of reporting, how would you plan to evaluate the success of your program?
      Rating: 1        2        3       4        5

   7. Work Style: As a program director, you will be responsible for the vision and growth of the program over the year.
      How do you usually plan your work? How do you keep yourself on track?
      Rating: 1      2        3       4       5

   8. What are your professional plans? How long would you want to commit to being here?
      Rating: 1       2       3        4      5

*Would you recommend this candidate for our school?                               Yes             No
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