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Summary of Fundraising Activities


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									                           Summary of Fundraising Activities
             June Jordan School for Equity and Small Schools for Equity

Categories of Fundraising covered in summary:

   1.   Grants, Private Foundations
   2.   Events
   3.   Individual Donors
   4.   Other [Government/SFUSD Contracts, Fiscal Sponsorship, Earned Income]

Breakdown of Revenue Streams

                                                                     Individual Donor

                                                                     Grants, Private


   A breakdown in revenue (based on FY 2009-2010) into categories of funding reveals a trend
   toward private foundation funding and governmental contracts. Thus, the majority of
   funding funds is restricted and typically supports personnel and programs.

   Events and individual donor campaigns, while seemingly not as lucrative in terms of direct
   fundraising, serve a dual purpose with respect to more intangible goals around base
   building, morale, and PR. Funds raised at events and from individual donors typically fall
   into the unrestricted category and have been used for a variety of purposes within SSE and

1. Grants

Since its founding, JJSE, with SSE as fiscal sponsor and manager of the grant process, has been
quite successful in securing funding from private foundations to support its various aspects of
the school, including:

       Seed money
       Extracurricular programming
       College access
       Professional development
       Service learning
       Performance assessment system

See Appendix A for a comprehensive portfolio of grants and Foundations pursued from 2003-
2010, along with relevant dates, figures, and areas of funding.

The grant researching, writing, and reporting processes have traditionally been shared between
SSE and JJSE staff members. JJSE staff involved in grant making has included Program
Coordinators/Directors, as well as the JJSE Co-Directors and teachers with an interest in a
specific program. SSE staff involved in the past has been typically the Executive Director and/or
other SSE staff.

Results: See Appendix A for results of grant seeking efforts from 2003-2010.


       Create thorough database for tracking the grant process from research to reporting
       More training for staff around the grant process
       Create Letter of Intent and Grant Proposal templates for program staff
       Internal deadlines are crucial, use them when asking for information from program staff
       Always schedule more time than you think you need to put together and submit
       Have updated electronic copies of all general proposal attachments
            o Tax-exempt letter
            o Organization budget
            o Program budget template (unless Foundation has specific one)
            o Board of Directors List
            o Audited Financial Statements
            o List of Major Funders
       At the beginning of each year, discuss evaluative procedures with program staff in order
        to ensure we have the data to complete reporting guidelines
       Spend the time at the beginning of each year to update school data (demographics,
        college statistics, test scores, etc)  know where to get data (SARC)

2. Events
SSE has relied on events to accomplish the following goals:

        Base Building
            o PR/Branding
            o Morale
        Fundraising
            o Unrestricted Funding for SSE
            o Intersession money and/or unrestricted funding to JJSE

SSE has utilized six main strategies in order to accomplish these goals:

    a)   Annual Gala
    b)   Guest Bartending Night
    c)   Shopping Night
    d)   Dine-Out Event
    e)   Silent Auction
    f)   Raffle

These strategies have provided SSE and JJSE with the time and space to raise money through a
one or a combination of the following means:

        Direct solicitation/Ask
        Incentive-Based
             o Raffle
             o Silent Auction
             o % of earnings and/or tips

Past attendees and donors have come from a diverse pool of supporters and their networks,

        SSE staff networks
        JJSE staff networks
        Past supporters and donors
        Community supporters
        JJSE families
        Miscellaneous groups

A summary of each event strategy is listed below, with details concerning a) history, b) cost, c)
work, d) results, e) recommendations for future events, and f) resources.

   a) Annual Gala

History: SSE coordinated three Annual Galas, two on the JJSE campus (05-06, 06-07) and one
off campus at a local venue (08-09). These events generated funds either for seed money (first
fundraiser) or for Intersession (other two fundraisers).

Cost: $3,000-$4,000: Included rental supplies, catering, invitations, decorations, and
miscellaneous supplies. In the last fundraiser, the budget also included space rental.

Work: ~100 hours. Those coordinating the event ranged from 1-4 SSE/JJSE employees, with 5-
15 volunteers the day of the event for set-up.


      05-06 Event = $15,000 from ~120 donors.
      06-07 Event = $15,000 from 110 donors.
      08-09 Event = $8,000 from 105 donors and 25 raffle winners.

Of Note: Difference in money raised each consecutive year most likely due to recession.


      Know expectations of school staff members in fundraising
      Choose date/time considerately (more events in fall rather than in spring)
      Better organization, planning, and execution around Table Captain Strategy
      Rethink free events in lieu of selling tickets (free food doesn’t = more donations)
      Know who’s in the room and who’s going to donate more
      More online presence: Facebook, email templates, websites, news press
      More community support in the form of flyers/advertising in local businesses
      More time on outreach vs details

Resources: Women’s Building, location of 08-09 Event. The Mosaic Project, ideas for Table
Captain strategy.

   b) Guest Bartending Nights
History: SSE organized three Guest Bartending Nights as part of the Eat. Drink. Change.
fundraising campaign for the 2009-2010 school year. The events were held at two San
Francisco bars, Tonic in Russian Hill (October 29th, 2009 and April 8th, 2010) and The Lone Palm
in the Mission (January 21st, 2010), and focused on engaging JJSE/SSE supporters in a casual
atmosphere. 100% of tips over a three hour time frame went to JJSE/SSE.

Cost: $0 (excluding in-school printing and copying)

Work: Minimal investment of time in planning and execution. Secured venue and date six
weeks prior. Promoted event two weeks prior. 3-4 volunteers day of event to bartend,
promote JJSE/SSE, and sell raffle tickets.


      October 29th, 2009 (Tonic)- $450.
      January 21st, 2010 (The Lone Palm)- $450
      April 8th, 2010 (Tonic) - $200

Recommendations: In sum, this fundraising strategy proved successful as an easy, incentive-
based approach to engaging current networks and supporters. However, as the results
indicate, the event can lose novelty when using same networks. Hence:

      Choose specific dates
      Rotate bartenders to bring in different networks
      Friday nights are helpful
      Switch venues and neighborhoods
      Outreach for new guest bartenders
      Two maximum, one fall and one spring
      Another means of fundraising beyond % of tips
      Branding the event and having materials to market our name


      Tonic Bar, Russian Hill. Contact Duncan Ley.
      The Lone Palm, Mission. Contact Jane Seabrook, Olive Mitra (JJSE teacher connection).

   c) Shopping Night
History: SSE organized one Shopping Night at the Sports Basement on Bryant Street during the
2009-2010 school year. Sports Basement has a history of supporting local nonprofits and
schools by allowing them to receive up to 20% of profits during an allotted time (2 hours). SSE
hosted the event on the evening of April 29th, 2010. Sports Basement generously provides a
space for setting up materials, as well as food and beverages free of charge during the hours of
the event.

Cost: $0 (excluding printing materials at school)

Work: Minimal investment of time in planning and execution. Secure venue five weeks prior.
Promote event two weeks prior. 3 SSE staff worked the evening of the event.

Results: $800; included in that were ‘improper’ solicitations to non-JJSE affiliated shoppers.


      Strategically plan event around Intersession or winter season (when people buy skiing
       gear and/or passes).
      Recruit sports training teams within personal networks
      Provide own stamp and remind people to say it’s for JJSE at the cash register
      Strategic location at front of store

Resources: Contact Greg Stock, Marketing at Sports Basement (former JJSE employee)

   d) Dine-Out Event
History: 2009-2010 was the first year JJSE/SSE coordinated a Dine-Out Event as the main event
for the Eat. Drink. Change fundraising campaign. SSE used JJSE staff connections to secure two
restaurants, Mochica and Piqueo’s, who agreed to donate 25% of the night’s earnings to JJSE.
SSE used event to promote a raffle.


       Banner: $50
       Posters (and design): $60 ($60) = $120

Work: 50 hours; drafted solicitation letters, solicited businesses; promotion of event through
various channels; worked event all night, 5:30-10 PM.

Results: Unknown currently.


       Continue doing event at same scale (same 2 restaurants)
       Better job promoting raffle (if applicable)
       Continue engaging staff through incentives (in this case, raffle tickets)
       Flyer earlier in neighborhoods where restaurants are
       Put raffle donors on flyer and hang flyers in businesses
       Utilize social media, networking, food blog, and/or other websites
       Same flyer, different date

Resources: Josh Steinmetz, Renzo Roco (contacts at Mochica and Piqueo’s); Art Avila at Mission

   e) Silent Auction
History: 2009 was the 1st year SSE coordinated a Silent Auction to accompany the Annual Gala.
Staff cold called or dropped by local businesses to solicit goods and services. The majority of
secured donations came from local businesses and individuals. The Silent Auction was offered
only during two hours of the 2009 Annual Gala.

Cost: $0

Work: 24 hours; following up with contacted businesses; coordinating pick up of donations;
creating write-ups of items up for bid; setting up bidding tables and system.

Results: $2,000 ($800 below estimated value of items/services)


       Get a variety of goods and services
       Open up online Silent Auction before event

      Better system for tracking prizes and following up with winners
      This strategy works best at a larger scale event with adequate space and people.

Resources: See Appendix B for full list of Silent Auction donors for 2009.

   f) Raffle
History: SSE coordinated the first raffle in the 2009-2010 school year. This raffle accompanied
our Eat. Drink. Change. Campaign from April – June 2010, with tickets made available online
through JustGive.org as well as at two events during this time. Descriptions of all prizes were
made available online. Many of the businesses solicited were businesses that in the previous
year donated to the Silent Auction. Estimated value of goods was $1,300.

Cost: $0

Work: 25 hours; drafting solicitation letters, soliciting donations; following up with each donor;
updating blog; checking JustGive; tracking ticket sales; selling tickets.

Results: Unknown currently.


      Use previous connections to businesses
      Consider expanding raffle to include JJSE artwork and gear
      Consider expanding time frame of raffle ticket sales (across more events)
      Events are key to selling raffle tickets
      Have point people at each event selling raffle tickets (ie Amanda “Ham” Vigil)
      Consider enrolling staff to solicit donations next year?

Resources: see Appendix C for full list of donors for raffle

3. Individual Donors

   a) Fall Solicitation Letter (2009):
History: We sent out a fall solicitation letter to all donors that have given in the past and asked
them to give again. The donor list is based on addresses that have been compiled from past
annual galas. Some of the names were outdated and not correct.

Cost: [2009-2010] approx $66 in postage

Work: [2009-2010] 16 hours; drafting letter, mail merging, compiling elements of letter and
sending it out.

Results: $1,000


       Continue to solicit via mail (esp. since we do not have a number of our contacts e-mail
       Think of a better system or sending letters (send out survey check with donors to see if
        they would rather be contacted by phone or e-mail)

   b) Spring Parent Solicitation (2010):
History: First time JJSE has ever written a donor letter geared toward JJSE parents. The letter
was short and focused on budget cuts. We were able to compose the letter in Spanish.

Cost: $110 in stamps

Work: 2 days (same as donor letter)

Results: n/a


       Come up with a different approach to soliciting parents (this one was unsuccessful)
       Consider sending out the letter earlier in the year when parents are not as stressed?
       Build up parent communications with parents before we ask them to donate
       Consider having the letter be written from a different person other than the co-
        directors (a student or staff)

*Of Note
In 2007-2008 school year, SSE and JJSE didn’t run a formal event. $7,750 was solicited through
a letter writing campaign.

In the past, other means of raising funds outside of events has included donations received in
response to past thank you letters and/or event invitations.

4. Other
This category of fundraising includes the following:

   a) Fiscal sponsorship

        b) Contracts with SFUSD
        c) Earned Income strategy

        a) Fiscal Sponsorship
        b) Contacts with SFUSD
   SSE has secured K Resolution contracts with San Francisco United School District, in particular
   for JJSE personnel positions and for the ExCEL After School Program.

        c) Earned Income Strategy

   Appendix A: Grant Seeking 2003-2010

   Secured Grants and Foundation Relationships
Foundation          Time Period           Amount                   Notes
Evelyn and Walter   May 2004- Present     $50,000 (Sept 04)        PD and technical support, inquiry and Perf. Assess.
Haas Jr.                                                           system
                                          $50,000 (Aug 05)         Inquiry and PD, advisory system, College Access
                                          $110,000 (Aug 06, Sept   PD, Bayview/Vis valley student support, Small
                                          07)                      Schools by Design intermediary
                                                                   College prep culture, parent advocacy, program
                                          $55,000 (Aug 08)         models

                                          $20,000 (Aug 09)         College prep culture (LAST GRANT AWARDED)
Zellerbach Family   Dec 2004- Present     $50,000 (Mar 04)         JJSE Parent leadership program, home visits
Fund                                      $50,000 (Mar 05)         JJSE Parent organizing committee, parent leadership
                                                                   “ , parent connections to staff
                                          $50,000 (June 06)        SFC Family partnership in excellence
                                          $60,000 (March 07)       JJSE Parent leadership program
                                          $60,000 (June 07)        “
                                          $50,000 (June 08)         “
                                          $35,000 (June 09)
Louis R Lurie       June 2003- Jan 2006   $30,000 (Jan 2004)       Academic after-school program and service learning,
Foundation                                                         also $5,000 for community building
                                          $25,000 (Jan 2005)       Continued support for programs above
                                          $X request (Jan 2006)    *Request for funding denied for organization support
                                                                   (they wanted to only fund direct service)
San Francisco       May 04- Present       $50,000 (Jul 04)         JJSE Combined with Haas Snr., PD and Perf. Assess
Foundation                                                         system  “Technical Assistance Program”
                                          $50,000 (Jul 05)         JJSE College Access, student support, PD
                                          $20,000 (Jan 07)         SSE capacity for Small Schools by Design
                                          $15,000 (Jul 08)         JJSE Performance Assessment
                                          $20,000 (Oct 09)         PD for Performance Assessment
                                                                   *note: after three consecutive years of funding, must
                                                                   wait 12 months before re-applying.
                                                                   Submitted Renewal for PD
                                          $20,000 (Feb 10)
Flora Family        2003-2006             $25,000 (July 03)        General support of SSE

  Foundation                                         $15,000 (?)                 USP interns for service learning and afterschool
  Bill and Melinda                                                               *Through SF Alliance
  Gates Foundation
  Walter & Elise Haas     Sept 04- Present           $25,000 (Dec 04)            Youth leadership and School Change Project
  Fund                                               $75,000 (Jul 06)            Service Learning/Community Action
                                                     $75,000 (Jul 07)            “ (Second yr grant)
                                                     $150,000 (Nov 08-Nov 10)    Two-year Service Learning/Community Action

  Foundation for          Aug 07-Present             $10,000 (Aug 07)            Proposal
  California                                         $54,467 (May 08)            Operational for SF State step-to-college
  Community                                          $54,467 (Sept 08)           “
  Colleges (ECHS)                                    $54,467 (09-10)             “
  S.H. Cowell             March 06- Present          $455,000 ($125,000 in       Excelsior Learning Collaborative, Performance
  Foundation                                         06’, $125,000 in 07’, and   Assessment development and support
                                                     $205,000 in 08’)
                                                     $125,000 (Aug 09)           “
  SF Ed Foundation        2003-2005                  $7,000 (May 04)             Support of The Equity Launch
                                                                                 June Jordan Community Development Project
                                                     $ ? (June 05)
  Charles Carter          2009-Present               $5,000 (Dec 2009)           Intersession 2010
  State Farm              Feb 2004- Jan 2006         $10,000 (Sept 04)           Academic after school program and service learning
  Insurance                                                                      (along with Lurie F. request)
                                                     $13,500 (Dec 05)            Maintenance and expansion of previous program
  Wells Fargo Bank        2003                       $2,000 (Sept 03)            SFC PD + arts support
  Every Child Can         2004?                      ?                           Budget for supplies?
  Bothin Foundation       2004                       $10,000 (Oct 04)            Computer and office equipment, student computer
  Full Circle Fund        2004                       $17,500 (April 04)          Service Learning, marketing
  Local Opportunities     2005-2006                  $50,000                     Information not in file.

     Pending Grants, Foundations pursued FY 2009-2010
  Foundation                       Time Period                Amount              Notes
  Margoes Foundation               Proposal submitted         $25,000             College Access Program, Foundation interested but
                                   4/13                                           asked for more information about JJSE history
  David B Gold Foundation                                     $25,000             College Access Program, online submission
  Kimball Foundation               May 3 , 2010               $25,000             College Access Program, pending
  Langendorf Foundation            LOI Feb 1 , Proposal       $10,000             Arts Program, pending
                                   March 1 2010
  Gilmore Foundation               May 3 , short proposal     $10,000             Arts Program, pending
  Bernard Osher Foundation         LOI Feb 2010               $10,000             Arts Program, not asked to submit proposal
  GGS Foundation                   Jan 2010                   $20,000             Wellness Program, turned down
  Gamble Foundation                Feb 2010                   $20,000             Wellness Program, turned down?
  Clarence Heller Charitable       LOI rolling, before Fall                       Arts Program
  Foundation                       2010

     Appendix B: 2009 Silent Auction Donation List
Business                Contact                       Donation                   Quantity/Value          Notes
Mission Pie             Krystin Rubin                 pie + coffee gift cards    10 cards; $60
De Young Museum                                       Family Membership          1: $95
Academy of              Elizabeth Keough              Admission tickets          4:$100
Curiosity Shoppe        Lauren Smith                  Gift certificate           $50                     Through personal contact so
                                                                                                         may not donate again
Foreign Cinema          Liz Meza                      Gift certificate           $125

      McSweeney’s           Juliet Litman, Angela      Subscription to             $150                       Personal contact of SSE
                            Petrella                   McSweeney’s,                                           employee Iz Conroy
                                                       Wholphin, The Believer
      Yoga Tree             Marisha Doan               Gift Certificate            $150 (11 class pass)
      Brent Designs         Brent Alpert               Design Consultation         1 day: ?                   Donation from teacher
      Brent Designs         Brent Alpert               Match table lamps           2: $150                    “
      Brent Designs         Brent Alpert               Fleur de Lys Lamp           1: $195                    “
      Brent Designs         Brent Alpert               Giclee print                1: $150
      Lynn’s Antiques       Lynn Ingham                Gift Certificate            $100                       Friend of teacher Brent
      Anonymous                                        Cute mug                    $15
      City Light Cruises    Donated by Leslie and      Gift certificates           $160                       Parents of JJSE staff member
                            Eugene Clements                                                                   Heather Clements
      Anonymous                                        Dale Terbush Print          ??
      Ryan Chahanovich                                 1 hour photo shoot          $125                       Personal contact of SSE
                                                                                                              employee Iz Conroy
      The Good Hotel        Ali Schlageter             2 hotel rooms               $410                       Contact of SSE employee
                                                                                                              Catherine Avendano
      Modern Times          Andrea Dongen              Membership                  2: $50
      Cole Hardware         Jennysen Cruz              Gift Card                   $25
      Fitwell Program       Julianna Carella           At-home personal            1 hr: $80                  Personal connection,
                                                       training                                               Julianna Carella was SSE
      Fitwell Program       Julianna Carella           Class pass                  4 1 hr classes at City     “
                                                                                   Dance; $44
      Regalito              Thomas Pena                Restaurant gift cards       4: $100
      Harmony Massage       Oswell Melton              Massage packages            2 packages (with 2         Personal connection with
      Services                                                                     massages each):            JJSE teacher Brett Olsson
      Merle Norman          Anonymous                  Make-up gift bags           5 bags: ?                  Contact through ED
                                                                                                              Catherine Avendano
      Rhythm Village        Laurie                     Drum                        1: $125
      Upper Playground      Amelia Vigil               Tshirts                     4: $100                    Personal contact through
                                                                                                              SSE employee Rachel Vigil
      Bella Trattoria       David                      Gift card                   $50                        Contract through Sharah

              Appendix C: 2010 Raffle Donation List
Business                     Contact                             Donation                    Quantity/Value            Notes
Yoga Tree                                                        Yoga classes                11 classes, $150 card     Repeat donor
La Cocina                    Leticia Landa                       Cooking classes             2, $130
Vino Con Brio                Kent Matson                         Wine                        ½ case of assorted        Repeat donor;
                                                                                             white and red wines       personal contact
Condo in Puerto Vallarta,    Danfeng Soto-Vigil Koon             Condo                       1 week stay for up to     Contact: former JJSE
Mexico                                                                                       4: ?                      teacher
Claudio Kussano              Camilla Ring                        Earrings                    $89                       Personal contact of Iz
Bi-Rite Market               sam@biritemarket.com                Gift card                   $50
Canyon Market                Richard Tarlov                      Gift card                   $50
Foreign Cinema               Liz Meza                            Gift card                   $120                      Repeat donor!
Destination Bakery           Joe                                 Gift card                   $25                       SSE frequents this
Mission Pie                  Kristin Reuben                      Gift cards                  5 coffee + pie            Repeat donor!
                                                                                             vouchers; 1 pie gift

McSweeneys               Juliet Litman   Subscriptions   Year subscriptions to   Personal contact of Iz
                                                         McSweeneys, the         Conroy
                                                         Believer, and the
Modern Times Bookstore                   Membership      $25                     Repeat donor


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