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Eurotex Carpet Tretford Tretford Wall Carpet Contemporary by alo10240


Eurotex Carpet document sample

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Tretford Wall Carpet
Contemporary aesthetics Tretford, with its original ribbed texture, is a contemporary              Construction Specifications Tretford wall carpet
European surface informed by a centuries-old respect for light, space, and building forms.
It brings a disciplined architectural look to commercial, institutional, and special residential   Construction                               Fusion bonded
                                                                                                   Pile yarn                                  80% natural goat hair; 15% nylon; 5% viscose
Soft to the touch In a blend of natural fibers and nylon, Tretford has the inviting
                                                                                                   Total weight                               80 oz. per sq. yd.
tactile aesthetics of wool.
                                                                                                   Total height                               .250 in.
Heathered colorways The 52-color palette features naturals, a progression of
 deep ocean blues and greens, tinted accents, and a set of flavorful brights – lemon, lime,        Primary backing                            Polyvinyl chloride
raspberry ice. Every colorway is heathered naturally for a softer visual image.                    Secondary backing                          Jute
Personal choice, borders and insets Fusion bonded construction locks face fiber                    Width                                      2 meters (6’7”)
in place so that Tretford may be cut in any direction without raveling or fraying; good for
borders, original designs.
                                                                                                   Performance Specifications
Narrow width, easier to handle 2-meter width – 6’7” – makes rolls easier to
                                                                                                   Flame spread                  ASTM E84 – Class A
handle in elevators and corridors. Smaller rolls can reduce waste as much as 15% in many
installations.                                                                                     Smoke density                 ASTM E84 – Class A
                                                                                                   Critical radiant flux         ASTM E648 – 0.71 – Class A

                                                                                                   Acoustical ratings

                                                                                                   NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient                              ASTM C423-66 – .20
                                                                                                   One-third octave bands Center frequency Hz
                                                                                                   125         250         500        1000        2000          4000
                                                                                                   Absorption coefficients
                                                                                                   .03         .07         .10        .24        .46          .52

                                                                                                                                                                       165 West Ontario Street
                                                                                                                                                                       Philadelphia, PA 19140 USA
                                                                                                                                                                       Tel 800.523.0731
                                                                                                   Exploring surfaces                                                  Fax 215.423.0940
                                                                                                   Uncommon solutions for walls and vertical surfaces        

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