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									Top 50 Property-Casualty
Annually, Ward Group analyzes the financial           top performers maintain a staff to manage-
performance of over 3,000 property-casualty           ment ratio of 6.8 to 1, compared to 5.3 to 1,
insurance companies domiciled in the United           on average. A flatter organization produces a
States and identifies the top performing              more efficient operation and also reduces
companies. This group is called the Ward’s            company wide staffing costs. The difference
                                                                                                           2006 Ward’s 50
50 for the year. Each Ward’s 50 company               in staff to management translates into a             Property-Casualty Companies
has passed all safety and consistency                 savings of nearly $2,200 per employee, on            (listed alphabetically)
screens and achieved superior performance             average.                                             Accident Fund
over the five years analyzed. The Ward’s 50                                                                Acuity
property-casualty insurance companies                 Customer Focus                                       Allstate Insurance Company
produced a 14.1% return on average equity                                                                  American Modern Insurance Group
from 2001-2005 compared to 6.3% for the                With increasing demands by consumers, it            Amerisure Companies
property-casualty industry overall.                    is easy to get lost in the myriad of requests
                                                                                                           Automobile Club of Southern California
                                                       and even lose focus on your customers.
                                                                                                           Auto-Owners Insurance Group *
The insurance industry today faces tremen-             Customer service has expanded to include
                                                                                                           California State Automobile Association
dous challenges including market pressures,            more than just servicing the policyholder.          Canal Insurance Group *
expense management, technology, rising                 Insurers recognize they have many custom-           Central Mutual of Ohio Group
claim costs, compliance, legislation and               ers to support, both external and internal.         Chubb Group
more. Top performing companies take these              Top performers consciously service all              Church Mutual Insurance Company
challenges in stride. The best companies               customers, including policyholders, agents,         Cincinnati Insurance Group *
often do things differently in order to set            employees and outside service partners.             Columbia Insurance Group
themselves apart from the                                                Superior customer service         The Commerce Group, Inc.
competition. In particular,                Property-Casualty             and ease of doing business        Donegal Insurance Group
these companies maintain              Return on Average Equity           significantly improve             Farm Bureau of Michigan Group
efficient operating models,                    (2001-2005)               customer loyalty and              Federated Mutual Group
meet the needs of customers          15%
                                             14.1%                       retention.                        Frankenmuth Financial Group
and successfully execute their                                                                             GEICO *
                                                                                                           Germania Insurance Group
strategy. Results from the           12%                                 Strategic Execution
                                                                                                           Grange Mutual Casualty Group
Ward Group Benchmarking
                                                                                                           Grinnell Mutual Group
Programs confirm these                                                   In order to remain competi-
                                      9%                                                                   The Hartford Fire Group
findings and identify best                                               tive, companies must clearly      Hastings Mutual Insurance Company
practices that set the top                               6.3%            understand their core             IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company
performing companies apart            6%                                 competencies to develop           Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
from the rest of the industry.                                           and execute corporate             Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company
                                      3%                                 strategy. Top performing          Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co.
Operational Efficiency                                                   companies achieve superior        Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation
                                                                         results through combina-          Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company
Due to technological advances 0%
                                                                         tions of effective distribution   Markel Corporation Group
and changing market                         Ward’s Total
                                                                         channels, technology,             Mercury Casualty Group
conditions, companies must                     50     Industry
                                                                         product focus and strong          Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insur. Co.
now manage significant                                                                                     North Star Mutual Insurance Company
                                                                         market knowledge within
changes in workloads and workflow that                                                                     Old Republic Insurance Group
                                                       their geographic territories. Companies that
affect all areas of the organization. Top                                                                  Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insur. Co.
                                                       capitalize quickly on these strengths gain a
performing companies have 19% fewer                                                                        Philadelphia Insurance Companies
                                                       tremendous competitive edge.
employees when measured to premiums                                                                        Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
written. Web-based technology, predictive                                                                  Protective Insurance Group
modeling and enterprise content manage-                                                                    RLI Insurance Group *
ment have significantly influenced operating                                                               SECURA Insurance Companies
models. The ability to adapt to new technol-                  Jeff Rieder                                  Selective Insurance Company of America
ogy provides significant expense savings and                                                               Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. *
                                                                 President                                 United Fire & Casualty Group
a more efficient workforce. For example,
                                                                                                           USAA Group *
imaging and automated workflow enable
                                                                                                           West Bend Mutual
companies to centralize back office
                                                                                                           Western National Mutual Insurance Group
operations while keeping the customer-facing                                                               Western World Group
activities in the field. They also tend to do                                                              * 16-year recipient (1991-2006)
many of the little things right. For example,   

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