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SANTOSH YOGA                                                     What to bring to class: The use of these
Learn alignment based                                                   accessories make the practice safer and
yoga with a variety of Asa-                                             easier.
na (posture), Pranayama                                                 • a yoga mat
(breath distribution), and                                              • a yoga strap (two if you have them)
Dhyana (meditation) with                                                • two yoga bricks (preferably wooden)
international yoga teacher                                              • two to three Mexican blankets or
Bryant Mascarenhas.                                                     equivalent

Bryant Mascarenhas has                                                  These specialized accessories are used
been teaching yoga since                                                for a variety of therapeutic and safety
1986 in India, United                                       measures in teaching alignment based yoga.
States, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. Bryant
is a senior alignment based yoga teacher interna-           Participants may purchase these from Santosh Yoga
tionally certified and recognized by YOGA ALLI-             (Bryant Mascarenhas) at the start of, or during the
ANCE, the national registry for yoga as an ERYT             program. Contact Bryant Mascarenhas at
(experienced yoga teacher having over 5000 hours  
of teaching prior to 2002). With Bryant you will            Code:       WEL113.201
learn the essence of yoga from its historical roots         Dates:      Mondays, April 12-May 24 (7 sessions)
of his native country India to its present context in       Time:       4:30-5:30 p.m.
your life. See his website at:          Fee:        $80
                                                            Early Bird Registration fee: $70 (Mar. 31or before)
Class Level- Absolute Beginner to Intermediate              Location: Room 84 in Bergstrom Hall, lower level
In this program you will learn a variety of Asana           Instructor: Bryant Mascarenhas
(posture) and its effects on your body, mind, and
nervous system. You will learn how to lower stress
and anxiety, free up lower back pain and more.               IMPORTANT:
How to quiet the mind, enhance productivity                  Please note that a confirmation of
and vitalize your entire being. The yoga we teach            registration will no longer be mailed. Your
is a holistic approach to health and well being–             confirmation will be available at the first class
strength, flexibility, endurance, nerve-muscle coor-         meeting. Please mark your calendar with the
dination, peace of mind.                                     dates, times and location of your class/
                                                             program at the time you register.


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Description: "Yoga," the word is from the Indian Sanskrit "yug" or "yuj" from its meaning as "consistent" "combined with" or "harmony." Yoga is a by enhancing awareness, help people realize their full potential in the philosophy and movement under the guidance system. The use of yoga postures is an old and easy to learn methods to improve people's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacities, is to the body, mind and spirit form a harmonious unity of the movement.