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					                             MINUTES OF CITY COUNCIL MEETING

                                  VALLEY GRANDE, ALABAMA

Regular Meeting                                                       May 4, 2009

Call to order by Mayor Tom Lee at 7:00 PM

Meeting held at Valley Grande City Hall

Minutes submitted by: Janet Frasier, City Clerk

Presiding: Mayor Tom Lee

Invocation by Patsy Moore.

In Attendance:
                       Tom Lee, Mayor             Present
                       Donna Downs                Present
                       Libby Ezelle               Present
                       Marie Middlebrooks         Present
                       Patsy Moore                Present
                       Steven Neighbors           Present

Quorum was made with all council members present.

The minutes of the April 20th regular meeting were read by Janet Frasier. Motion was made by Libby
Ezelle to accept the minutes as read. Marie Middlebrooks made the second. Motion carried by
unanimous consent of the council by a show of hands vote.

             SHOW OF HANDS VOTE                       YEA           NAY
Donna Downs                                            x
Libby Ezelle                                           x
Marie Middlebrooks                                     x
Patsy Moore                                            x
Steven Neighbors                                       x
Mayor Tom Lee                                          x

Reports of officers:

Boyd Pugh /Public Safety Director: No Report.

Steven Neighbors /Public Safety & Recreation Advisory Group: No Report.

Patsy Moore/Parks & Beautification Advisory Group: Reported that plans for the Founder’s Day
celebration are on schedule. The additional entrance to the walking trail from County Road 16 has been

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Libby Ezelle /Annexation & Zoning Advisory Group: Reported that she had attended an informational
meeting coordinated by the Alabama Tombigbee Regional Commission. Jim Maine, Finance director for
the State of Alabama spoke concerning distribution of funds from the Stimulus Package. She reported
that most of the funds from this package will be going to the State and not to the local level of
government. There is no stimulus money to be distributed directly to municipalities, city governments
or county governments. Money that is going to the State Department of Transportation will make its
way to the local level. Two hundred sixty five thousand dollars ($265,000) should be going to every
county for local projects through the Department of Transportation. An additional 9.7 million dollars is
to come to Dallas County for widening two lane roads. There was no specific information about which
projects would be included. There is money available for competitive grants that can be applied for by
City and local governments. This would need to be researched to find out if we are qualified and for
which grants we could apply.

Marie Middlebrooks / Public Relations & History Advisory Group: No Report.

Donna Downs / Business & Community Development Advisory Group: No Report.

Old Business:    There was no old business.

New Business: Lauren Barnes and Jordan Cruz addressed the council to express their interest in
starting a recycling program for Valley Grande. They volunteered to take the lead or to work with the
council to help create a program to conserve natural resources.

Mayor Lee recommended that the council appoint Lauren Barnes and Jordan Cruz as municipal
ambassadors to serve as recycling program liaisons to the schools.

Mayors Report:

Mayor Lee reported the application for the Highway 22 project is still active with the Department of
Transportation. Also, the plans to widen County Road 81, the continuation of County Road 16 and
Valley Creek Church Road have been submitted as projects to be considered with the Stimulus package.

The Valley Grande Water Extension has been deemed eligible for the 2009 Delta Regional Authority
Grant Program. This information will be forwarded to the Governor's office for his selection of projects
from the list of eligible pre-applications for DRA funding.

The bid invitations have been distributed and posted for the Summerfield Volunteer Fire Department #2
on Highway 14. The bid opening has been scheduled for Monday, May 11, 2009 at 4:00 pm.

Don Ingram, Dallas County High School principal, presented student year end test results to the council.
He reported that Dallas County had made improvements in the overall test results and would be starting
a new program in the fall that would prepare every student to attend college. He expressed his thanks
to the council for their past financial support of Dallas County High School and asked for their continued

There being no further business to come before the council, motion was made by Donna Downs to
adjourn and the motion was seconded by Libby Ezelle.

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The motion was carried by unanimous consent of the council.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.

                                                Approved: ____________________________
                                                                Tom Lee, Mayor

   Attested: _______________________________
               Janet Frasier, City Clerk

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