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									“The scarlet letter was her passport into
regions where other women dared not
tread. Shame, Despair, Solitude! These
had been her teachers - stern and wild
ones - and they had made her strong, but
taught her much amiss”
      The Scarlet Letter
                 intended The
                 Scarlet Letter to
                 be a short story
                 but expanded it at
                 the suggestion of
                 his publisher.
Original Cover
The novel was written by Nathaniel
Hawthorne in 1850.

The story starts off with the Custom
House narrated by a clerk who
introduces the legend of The Scarlet
Letter by finding an embroidered
piece of cloth with the letter “A” on it.
The Scarlet Letter
is peopled with
characters who
are meant to be
the embodiments
of moral traits,
rather than
realistic, living
        The Scarlet Letter
                      The Scarlet Letter
                      displays Hawthorne
                      lifelong preoccupation
                      with the themes of
                      secrecy and guilt, the
                      conflict between
                      intellectual and moral
                      pride, and the lingering
                      effects of Puritanism.
Original title page
          The Scarlet Letter
The year is 1642.
The place is Boston,
a small Puritan
settlement. Before
the town jail, a
group of somber
people wait with
stern expressions.
You will not know it
yet. But even this
early, Hawthorne has
marked the thematic
boundaries of his
 – law and nature
 – repression and
        The Scarlet Letter
This is Puritan
Boston, where
wrongdoing is
1. Hester is turned into a living
   sermon by the Puritan society.
2. Who is introduced to portray
3. Why does Chillingworth want
   his identity kept a secret?
Sin, Knowledge, and the Human Condition

The Nature of Evil
Identity and Society
Civilization versus the Wilderness
Night versus Day
Much of the text was taken from Barron’s
Notes on the Scarlet Letter.

The graphics were scanned from an Illustrated
Comic of the Scarlet Letter, screen shots from
School Discovery.com, and the Hawthorne
 Garnet Mayo & Katie Hillesheim

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