Business Letter Project by katiealibrandi


									       Business Letter Project
• You will create a letterhead for your
  company in Microsoft Word.
• Then, you will type a business letter to the
  Mayor of New Iberia inviting her to attend
  your Grand Opening Celebration.
• You must use exact business letter format
  for this project.
               Business Letter
              Important Points
• This is a formal letter to a business
• The letter must use proper english language.
• Must have no spelling errors
• Communication must be clear and concise
• Must be organized and use exact business letter
• All parts must be “left justified” (lined up on the
  left side of the page)
              Parts of a Business Letter
                (Block Style Format)
In order from top to bottom:
• Return address – address of letter writer.First and last name,
   address, city, state and zip code.
• Today’s date
• Inside address – of recipient (who you are writing the letter to)
   First and last name, title, Company, address, city, state and zip code.
• Salutation / Greeting with a colon after it– Dear Mr. Smith:
• Body of Letter – this is the purpose of the letter. Should be clear
   and concise, with more than one paragraph.
• Closing with a comma after it – Sincerely, Best regards, Thank
• Space for a handwritten signature (tap enter 4 - 5 times)
• Typed name of writer
• Title of writer
Click the link below to view an
 example of a business letter

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