For-Profit Reimbursement Letter (Portland VA Medical Center) by ammaalder


									                               Portland VA Medical Center
                            Research and Development Service
                           3710 SW U.S. Veterans Hospital Road
                                   Portland, OR 97239

Dear       :

Attached is       reimbursement request to attend the       . As a VA employee traveling on
authorized absence,       may not accept reimbursement directly from your organization.
       must send the reimbursement check in U.S. dollars to the VA, and      will be
reimbursed from the VA as a deposit into        personal bank account.

Make this check payable to: Portland VA Medical Center

Send this check to:         Portland VA Medical Center
                            Research Service (R&D)
                            3710 SW US Veterans Hospital Rd.
                            Portland, OR 97239
                            You must attach a note indicating reimbursement to be
                            deposited in the account of the requesting investigator.

Please reply via email ( or phone (503-220-8262 x56623) when the check
is sent to the Portland VA Medical Center. Thank you for your assistance.

Jake Fenner, Travel Coordinator
Portland VA Medical Center
Research & Development Service
503-220-8262 x56623

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