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                 OVERSEAS” (RFO) OF BSNL’s GSM MOBILE

No. MOB-17/ RFO-2007                                                 Dated: 12-2-2008

       BSNL is currently operating its GSM mobile services across the whole of India except
in Delhi and Mumbai and has a subscriber base of 30 million approx. (about 87% Pre-paid).
There are 21 Licensed Service Areas (LSAs) and these are grouped in the following four
zones: -

          Sl      Zone                                LSAs
      1        North          Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, H.P, J&K, UP (East) &
                              UP (West) including Uttaranchal
      2        East           West Bengal including A&N, Bihar including
                              Jharkhand, Orissa, Kolkata TD, Assam & North East
      3        South          Tamil Nadu, Chennai TD, AP, Karnataka & Kerala
      4        West           Maharashtra, MP including Chhattisgarh & Gujarat

         BSNL invites proposal from willing eligible firms/ companies for provision of solution
facilitating BSNL GSM Mobile prepaid connections to get re-charged online from overseas
presumably by NRI‟s. The solution will be referred to as “Recharge from Overseas through
central NRI recharge server”. BSNL will allow integration of the central NRI Recharge
server, to be located in India, with its IN Systems, SMSCs, WAP & WEB portals, which are
working on zonal basis. The IN systems are located at:
         North Zone -       Ericsson & Nokia make at Chandigarh
         East Zone -        Ericsson make at Kolkata
         West Zone -        Alcatel make at Pune
         South Zone -       Siemens make at Hyderabad & Trichy; Ericsson make at

Similarly, details of   existing SMSCs are as given below:
       North Zone        -      Nokia & Comverse make at Chandigarh
       East Zone         -      TeleDNA make at Kolkata
       West Zone         -      TeleDNA make at Pune
       South Zone        -      Comverse make at Hyderabad & TeleDNA make make at
                                Madurai (Tamilnadu)


2.1    The Recharge from Overseas primarily envisages a solution, which will allow any
individual in foreign country or NRI using a overseas Point of Sale (POS) facility provided by
overseas franchisees to re-charge BSNL‟s GSM prepaid mobile connection. The solution is
intended for recharge/topup of airtime and not transfer of money.

2.2    The central NRI Recharge server will be provided and installed by one of the
successful bidders in one of the BSNL‟s premises in India and will remain under operational
& administrative control of BSNL. There will be an agreed rate of charge payable by BSNL
to such solution provider on per successful transaction recorded in the IN system (s).

2.3    The overseas franchising to distribute talk time in different countries through various
electronic means, passing via NRI Recharge server, will be offered to more than one bidder
on non-exclusive basis. The overseas franchisee will pay the discounted price along with
Taxes to BSNL. Charge per successful transaction to NRI Recharge Technical solution
provider will be paid separately by BSNL.

2.4    Bidders may bid either for NRI Recharge server part or for Overseas Franchisee
network part or for both. Bidders participating only for Overseas Franchisee network part are
expected to maintain remote server (s) to facilitate management of POS devices and
manage accounts between NRIs and itself. Such remote server (s) will have to be integrated
with the NRI Recharge server in India for further communication with the concerned IN
systems. Such franchisee (s) will have to establish connectivity with the NRI Recharge
server in India with required security arrangements like firewall etc. at its own cost. NRI
Recharge server provider shall share, free of cost, its APIs with designated overseas
franchisee s to facilitate integration of their server.

2.5    The overseas franchisee will be required to buy bulk airtime/ talktime from BSNL by
paying amount in Indian rupees. Consequently, the authorization of bulk airtime/talktime in
favour of such franchisee will be made in the central NRI Recharge server.

2.6     For recharging a BSNL mobile number, NRI or any foreigner could approach or
contact the nearest POS maintained by the overseas franchisee or log on to website of such
franchisee. BSNL will facilitate a link on home page of its website with disclaimer to the
effect as defined in clause 3.14. The NRI/ foreigner will pay the required amount to the
franchisee in local currency of that country to buy airtime/ talktime for BSNL Mobile
connection in India. The mode of payment to the overseas franchisee could be in cash,
credit/ debit card, e-transfer or any other means mutually agreed upon between NRI /
foreigner and the franchisee. The Overseas franchisee will send request for recharge/ topup
through on-line secured electronic means to the central NRI Recharge server giving details
of BSNL mobile number to be recharged/ topped up, the amount of recharge/ topup,
secured identity of the franchisee etc. Domestic Recharge/ topup will continue with C-Topup
system and hence domestic recharge/ topup will not be allowed through NRI Recharge

2.7    The NRI Recharge server will deduct amount from the account of the franchisee and
send request to the concerned IN system, based on MSISDN of mobile number to be
recharged, for either recharge or topup, as per request. On receipt of successful response
from the IN system, NRI Recharge server will generate SMS for the mobile number
recharged/ topped up and also a confirmatory message to the franchisee‟s server, which
requested for such recharge/ topup. In case, recharge/ topup was not successful due to
reasons like „mobile number does not exist‟, „additional grace period expired‟, some fault in
the IN system or in the transmission link etc.‟, on receipt of message from the IN system or
on expiry of timeout period, the NRI Recharge server will roll back the account of the
overseas franchisee and send a regret message with reason to the server of the overseas


3.1    Provision of Hardware & Software for Central NRI Recharge system: The Company/
System provider shall be responsible for provisioning and commissioning of the required
components (complete Hardware/ software), co-located with one of the IN systems of BSNL
and for seamless integration of the system with the BSNL‟s other IN systems and network
elements like SMSC, Web/WAP portals, GGSN, Billing system, Customer Care system etc.
There will be redundancy of the server (s) with well defined back up & archiving policy so as
to overcome any crisis created due to possibility of system crash or unexpected fault.

3.2   The system should be scalable to work with satisfactory response time (excluding
response time from the IN system) as a single platform for mobile subscribers in all circles/
LSAs and scalable for future growth of subscriber base.

3.3    Extension of services for payment of bills pertaining to Mobile Postpaid, Fixed-line,
Wire Less in Local Loop (WLL), Internet Service Provider (ISP), Broadband & future VOIP
etc. subscribers of BSNL is desired.

3.4     The Central NRI Recharge system should be WEB enabled but highly secured with
restricted access rights (well-defined password management policy) for viewing reports by
pre-designated persons or BSNL/ overseas franchisee (s).

3.5    The franchisee network including remote server & POS with connectivity up to
Central NRI Recharge server in India will be provided by the respective overseas franchisee
with no cost implications to BSNL.

3.6    Hosting Infrastructure for NRI Recharge server: The solution provider shall be
responsible for provisioning of the requisite hosting of infrastructure including two hours
battery back up and also to provide technical & maintenance support. BSNL will provide free
of cost air-conditioned space and power supply.

3.7. BSNL will provide the Central NRI Recharge Solution Provider, the access and media
links free of cost to the appropriate network element(s) to facilitate the provisioning of the
services and the requisite Public IP addresses also, if required. Elements like Router, Hub,
Switch, firewall etc. at the end of NRI Recharge server will be provided by the Solution

3.8    Operation & Maintenance: The total operation and administration of the central NRI
Recharge system will have to be given to BSNL officials after required training, free of cost.
The System provider shall be responsible for Technical support & Maintenance of the
requisite service on 24x7 basis by a dedicated team on site. It shall include the regular
monitoring of performance, tuning of the system & updation of the services based on market
scenario /trends, as per customers‟ tastes & preferences and/or as desired by BSNL.

3.9    The necessary logs/Transaction Detailed Records (TDRs) with date & time stamp in
support of Online Recharge/ Topup service, in respect of each of IN systems shall be
provided to BSNL, as per format & frequency requested for by BSNL

3.10 Reports and Online enquires: The system should provide extensive reports for
transactions pertaining to different Franchisees, countries, IN systems, Circles, Time
Periods, Denominations of Recharge/ Topup, Re-conciliation related MIS etc. on all user
interfaces. MIS Reports should include:
a)     MIS Reports for Zonal Head in-charge of the IN system, Circle heads, & overseas
b)     Online enquiries for transactions and balances.
c)     Customer care enquiries/ complaints
       These are indicative only and not exhaustive

3.11 Marketing & Promotion: The facility is expected to prove win-win situation for NRI
Recharge Solution Provider, Overseas Franchisee (s) and also for BSNL. All parties will
undertake the Marketing, Advertising and promotion of these services. However, BSNL‟s
effort will be limited to advertisement through its website and other electronic means.
Overseas Franchisees will be responsible to market & promote this facility by various means
in the countries of their operation.

3.12 The successful bidder (s) shall have to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), as
integral part of agreement with the BSNL.

3.13 The Central NRI Recharge solution should have an extensive on-line or near on-line
fraud detection & prevention mechanism. If any fraudulent activity is proven to be due to in-
action on the part of Solution Provider, damages to be decided by BSNL, not exceeding t he
amount of loss caused, shall be recoverable from the charges payable to the Solution

3.14 BSNL shall not be responsible for any fraudulent event between the franchisee &
NRI/ foreigner. Any charge back expenses or disputes raised by NRIs shall be borne/ dealt
by the concerned overseas franchisee.

3.15 Security of data flow between NRI Recharge server & Franchisee server, through
Firewalls will have to be ensured by both parties. For this, both the concerned parties will
have to enter into agreement defining responsibility matrix, NDA and indemnification of
BSNL apart from other provisions on procedures and will submit its copy with BSNL before
getting clearance from BSNL to integrate the servers & launch the application/ facility.

3.16 The reports needed by BSNL for reconciliation and monitoring purpose will have to
be developed by both parties and will be validated by BSNL‟s team.

4.0     ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS: The eligibility criteria for qualifying companies to submit
their proposals are as under:

4.1     The Company bidding for NRI Recharge server solution should be a registered &
incorporated company in India under the Companies Act, 1956. The Company bidding for
Overseas Franchiseeship should be a registered & incorporated company in India under the
Companies Act, 1956 or an overseas company registered in that country under the Law of
the Land. The Company can have agreement with any other technology/ consortium
partner, which could even be a foreign company to support it in providing technical solution/
distribution of talk time.
4.2   The company or its partner company, bidding for NRI Recharge solution, should have
successfully implemented Recharge/ Topup technical solution for at least any two mobile
Service Providers. The company or its partner company, bidding for overseas
Franchiseeship for talk time (Recharge/ Topup) distribution in other countries, should have
POS network in any two countries consisting of at least 100 POS in each country.

4.3   The C-Top Up solution providers and CellOne Bill Pay solution providers, who have
already signed agreement with the BSNL, are automatically eligible to participate for NRI
Recharge solution part.

4.4    The Company, whether bidding for NRI Recharge solution or Overseas Franchisee
ship or both, should have a minimum annual turnover (audited) of Rupees Three Crores
Indian rupees or its equivalent in foreign currency, during the last financial year.

4.5    The Solution Provider should not have any equity stake, or vice versa, in and of any
Basic Services/ Cellular Telephony Services/ Internet Services/ UASL/ NLD/ ILD Services
operating companies in India or their promoters.

4.6   The Solution Provider should not be a Licensed Service Provider to provide Basic
Services/ Cellular Telephony Services/ Internet Services/ UASL/ NLD/ ILD Services any
where in India.


5.1   For NRI Recharge Technical Solution Providers:

5.1.1 Proposed solution architecture along with details of various components forming part
      of the solution, process flow, requirement of space, power & Air-conditioning etc, Key
      Performance Indicators with limits specified for each, and details on parameters,
      specified at para 8 of this document for the purpose of evaluation in a tabular form for
      the purpose of NRI Recharge solution.

5.1.2 Time frame for project implementation including integration with BSNL‟s network
      elements like B&CCS, WAP, WEB & SMSC in all zones & also with required
      validation by BSNL team conforming to the scope of work defined in this document.

5.1.3 Details of Online Recharge/Topup or any other similar services provided by the
      company or its partner for Telecom Service Providers along with proof / certification
      from the concerned operator etc., which shall also include the comments about
      performance of the service.

5.1.4 Details of additional service (s) that can be provided exploiting the above planned
      architecture/ network.

5.1.5 Details of existing/ proposed support network/ office in India, especially to take care
      of maintenance/ complaints etc.

5.1.6 Details of additional requirements from BSNL, if any.
5.2   For Overseas Franchiseeship:

5.2.1 The details on parameters, specified at para 8 of this document for the purpose of
      evaluation, in a tabular form, for the purpose of overseas franchiseeship.

5.2.2 The details of existing distribution network in different countries and Plan for
      expansion in next six months.

5.2.3 Details of its distribution network in different countries along with proof/certification
      from the concerned operator etc., which shall also include the comments about
      performance of the service.

5.2.4 The company should provide the details of existing/ proposed support network/ office
      in India, especially to take care of coordination & complaint etc.

5.3   Common documents to be submitted by all Bidders: The bidder shall furnish, as
      part of his bid documents establishing the bidder's eligibility, all the following
      documents or whichever is required as per terms and conditions of this EOI
      a)    Certificate of incorporation under the Law of Land.
      b)    Articles and Memorandum of Association.
      c)    Partnership agreement between the bidding company and its partner clearly
            highlighting the scope of work/ responsibility of each.
      d)    Latest Annual Audited Report
      e)    List of Directors on the Board of the company with their address (es), Contact
            Telephone Numbers etc. duly certified by the Company Secretary. Director
            Identification Number (DIN) & Company Index Number (CIN) or its equivalent,
            needs to be provided for each of the Directors on board and the Company.
      f)    Board resolution in favor of the Authorized Signatory including attestation of
            the signatures of the Authorized Signatory by the company‟s bankers
      g)    Turnover Certificate from the Company‟s Auditors/CA mentioning the turnover
            as required by the eligibility criteria.
      h)    Certificate showing the experience as required under the eligibility criteria
      i)    Certificate by the authorized signatory to the effect that eligibility conditions
            mentioned at 4.5 & 4.6 above are fulfilled by them.

6.0    SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS: The Proposal should be submitted in two covers.
The first cover marked as “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL for Recharge from Overseas” on the
top of the cover, shall contain the all the required documents and technical details, Part-I:
for NRI Recharge Server Solution and Part-II: for Overseas Franchiseeship. The Second
cover marked, as “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL for Recharge from Overseas” on the top of
cover shall contain financial proposal only as per format at Annexure-I for NRI Recharge
Server Solution and/ or Annexure-II for Overseas Franchiseeship.

6.1   Both the covers should be sealed separately and placed in the common envelope.
The proposals from the interested eligible companies shall be accepted at the following
address upto 1500 Hours on 5th March 2008:

      ADG (CME), BSNL Corporate Office
      Room No. 114, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,
      H.C. Mathur Lane, Janpath, New Delhi-1

6.2    All the envelopes should bear “EOI for Recharge from Overseas” and the words
„DO NOT       OPEN     BEFORE 1530 hours on 5th March 2008. The inner and outer
envelopes shall indicate the name and address of the Firms to enable the Proposal to return
unopened in case it is declared „late‟ or rejected. The Proposal may be sent by registered
post or delivered in person on above-mentioned address. Any Proposal received by the
BSNL after the prescribed deadline for submission of Proposals shall be rejected and
returned unopened to the Firm.

1530 hours on 5th March 2008 at Meeting room, 1 st Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, HC
Mathur Lane, New Delhi-1 in the presence of authorized representatives from participating
firms, who chose to attend.


8.1     The proposals will initially be screened based on the eligibility criteria and will be
grouped for NRI Recharge Server Solution and Overseas Franchiseeship. The firm
participating for both will be considered for NRI Recharge Server Solution and for
Franchiseeship separately.

8.2    The technical proposals for NRI Recharge solution received from the eligible
companies shall then be screened/ rated on the basis of technical requirements like Type of
system architecture, system capability in terms of Transactions per second (TPS) with
scalability, data security arrangement & fraud management tool, experience of integration
with different make IN systems, time required to implement the solution, Redundancy &
uptime commitment, capability to provide additional Services etc. The Companies may also
be asked to give the presentations in respect of the technical evaluation. If a company
provides/ submits incomplete/ mis-leading/ ambiguous information on any of the factors, it
shall be awarded lowest possible score against that factor for the evaluation purpose.

8.3    The proposals for overseas franchisee ship will be screened/ rated on the basis of
their experience & presence in different countries, number of existing POS locations & plans
to spread within next six months, different mode of sales like POS, Web, Credit/ Debit cards,
Marketing/ Promotional strategies, etc. If a company provides/ submits incomplete/ mis-
leading/ ambiguous information on any of the factors, it shall be awarded lowest possible
score against that factor for the evaluation purpose.

8.4   The financial proposals shall be evaluated & rated subsequent to the technical
evaluation, separately for NRI Recharge Solution and Franchiseeship.

8.5    Company for NRI Recharge Server solution shall then be short-listed on the overall
rating based on the technical & the financial evaluation, which will have a weightage of 70 &
30 percent respectively. The overall best solution provider may be called for negotiations, if
need be and the financially lowest bidder shall have no right to claim for the orders.

8.6    The companies for Franchiseeship shall be shortlisted based on the overall rating
based on the technical & the financial evaluation, which will have a weightage of 70 & 30
percent respectively. The overall best franchisee may be called for negotiations, if need be.
The rate per successful transaction agreed with the overall best solution provider, may be
counter-offered to other eligible bidders. In case, the quoted discount rate of any of such
franchisee happens to be lower than that of the overall best franchisee, the quoted discou nt
rate shall prevail for him.

8.7    Agreement will be signed with the finally short-listed companies). The NRI Recharge
Solution Provider (SP) & Overseas Franchisees so identified will have the initial term of
three years, which could later be extended on mutually agreed basis.


9.1    BSNL reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal or annul the EOI process
and reject all proposals, at any time prior to finalization of the solution provider (s) without
assigning any reason, whatsoever and without thereby assigning any liability to the affected
EOI participants on the ground of BSNL‟s action (s).

9.2  BSNL reserves the right to black list- a bidder for suitable period (as deemed fit by
BSNL), in case it fails to honor its proposal in totality.

9.3    BSNL reserves the right to discontinue the commercial provisioning of the services
any time in future depending upon its network conditions or market scenario or directives
from the regulator/ licensor or due to change in its own license conditions or upon directions
from the competent government authorities.

9.4    The main bidder shall submit an irrevocable undertaking duly signed by it and its
technology/ consortium partner stating that both of them i.e. the front bidder and its
technology/ consortium partners shall be liable for due performance of the contract jointly
and severally, failing which both of them shall be liable to be barred from having business
dealing with BSNL for a period of 3 years.


                        Financial offer for NRI Recharge Solution

      I/ We/ M/s………………………………………………………………………………offer
Rs……………(Rupees……………Paise………..…..) per successful transaction seen at
BSNL‟s IN point. The rate is inclusive of all statutory levies, duties and taxes but excluding
Service Tax, as may be applicable during period of contract.

(Signature of Authorised Signatory)

Official Seal

Note: 1. The rate should be limited to 2 decimal points only.
      2. In case of variation between rate mentioned in figures & words, the amount in
      words shall prevail.


         Financial offer for Overseas Franchiseeship for distributing Talk time

       I/ We/ M/s………………………………………………………………………………offer to
pay the consideration for bulk Re-charge/Topup after deducting discount of ……………% (in
words……………Percentage) of face value of bulk Recharge/ Topup. All statutory levies,
duties, taxes like Service Tax etc. will be payable by me/us to BSNL in addition to the
consideration, as applicable.

(Signature of Authorised Signatory)

Official Seal

Note: 1. The rate should be limited to 2 decimal points only.
      2. In case of variation between rate mentioned in figures & words, the amount in
      words shall prevail.


Recharge                             - Enhancement of talk-time as well as Validity or
                                       Validity alone of GSM Prepaid mobile subscriber

Topup                                - Enhancement of talk-time without changing

Successful Transaction at IN Point   - The request from NRI Recharge Server is able to
                                     effect satisfactory Recharge or topup, as per
                                     request from Overseas Franchisee device, of the
                                     concerned GSM Mobile prepaid subscriber in the
                                     respective IN system and the NRI Recharge server
                                     is able to recognize the response, such request will
                                     be treated Successful Transaction at IN point.

NRI                                  - Any individual in foreign country intending to
                                     recharge/     topup     BSNL‟s     Cellular    Mobile

POS                                  - Point of Sale for Recharge/ Topup including
                                     physical distribution locations, retail chains, Corner-
                                     shops, Electronic distribution locations like Web-
                                     pops etc.


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